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Chris Christy Ragtime Guitar
This kid is so talented! Only 21! Making his way from SoCal to Canada on a self-run tour, inspiring folks along the way :)
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Chris Christy Ragtime Guitar
Awesome , blessed Berkeley
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Peaceful wind chime music
Sunny windy day in Oakland
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Tash Sultana Notion Live CaliRoots Fest
Sorry for the quality but just for interest yes she is amazing live.... she is the whole reason for me going to this thing. I was swaying and dancing a little and just wanted to capture the moment, sharing despite the low quality. Catch her if you can!!!!
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You’ve Changed Eva Cassidy Piano Practice cold read session
Practice. COLD read. working with / rehabbing a strained voice. Strain is due to extreme stress, sickness, etc. this is NOT a performance. This is just to show some behind the scenes work. again this is a cold reading on the part of my new teacher, and a first run through this piece for both of us. Pardon the crotch shot I was more focused on looking at the music on the stand, following along, page turning, and singing.
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Alter Eco Tuk Tuk in Downtown Oakland
Heading from Fair Trade USA offices to the Eat Real Festival 2012 @ Jack London. Good times! :D
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Hooping - What a Wonderful World
hooping in Dolores park SF
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David Brower Center "Wild" Aerial Silk Art
"Wild" @ David Brower Center is one of the coolest events I've ever been to in my life :) amazing!!!!
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Tuk Tuk Mission: Get Gas
It was a gas! ;)
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Peter & Shadow
Never grow up
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Tuk Tuk in Downtown Oakland!
Alter Eco Tuk Tuk, foodtuk.com, got to go for a spin this morning ;) pretty epic once in a lifetime kind of experience! Well, twice counting Friday :) for the EAT REAL festival 2012
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I can only be me cover clip
I heard this first via my all time favorite? Eva Cassidy...not sure who's original it is... the meaning makes me feel better...about...stuff
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daddy lessons clip
I've been practicing ...and I've come a little ways since this...ill have to post an updated version ...my singing is about the same but I couldn't strum that Uke worth a damn then...I suck a little less now ;P just one of my favorite songs off her album here.
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ain't no way
again I'm sorry I was wasting away in a classroom for too many years trying to fulfill familial and societal obligations instead of actually living my dreams and being on the path I should've been already on years ago. If it were all up to me I wouldn't have done that. But you know. So now my voice has changed over the years, it's really flawed and imperfect and there are some missing pieces - kind of like me. If you don't like it you can ...not like it that's fine- I'm going to sing anyway.
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David Brower Center Wild Party Aerial Silk
Amazing Aerial Silk Performance
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That wasn't me clip
this song is by Brandi Carlile. she's a great singer songwriter. I also love her song "Have you Ever"
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rooting for you
messing around while cooking some pasta
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this is heaven to me
preparing food and singing to myself...was interrupted by someone with an irksome attitude :P (eye roll)
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Granny Drinks Hella Fresh Juice
She wasn't so sure because it was green. But she drank the whole thing and said in Granny style that it was, "Just Fine" (and dandy I'd like to think;)
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fuel for fire m ward
just effing around ... making a PB & J - this is an M Ward cover clip
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Tuk Tuk joy ride
Taking the Tuk Tuk to get gas in Oakland
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