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Easy Veteran Trial-worthy (37k+) dps WITHOUT weaving or cancelling! - Clockwork City
Rotation: Daedric Prey - swap - Volatile Familiar - Liquid Lightning - Blockade of Storms - swap - Heavy Attack - Heavy Attack - repeat all Blue (damage) CP: Elemental Expert 56 Spell Erosion 46 Elfborn 28 Staff Expert 19 Thaumaturge 81 Green (recovery) CP: Tenacity 76 Arcanist 64 All other CP down to personal preference. *No vMA staff? Use 2x Shadowdancer staves. You should still be able to get 35k dps!*
MagSorc (pet) full build for Summerset! 46k+ dps live
SKILLS: Front Bar: Daedric Prey, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Matriarch, Elemental Weapons, Bound Aegis, Thunderous Rage Back Bar: Blockade of Storms, Liquid Lightning, Twilight Matriarch, EleDrain/Empowered Ward/CritSurge, Volatile Familiar, Greater Storm Atronach ROTATION: Prey - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - EleWeap - EleWeap - Prey - EleWeap - EleWeap - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - Prey - EleWeap x5 -- Repeat all from beginning. GEAR: 5 Spinner, 5 Necropotence, 2 Monster (situational, Zaan in video) Big pieces infused, small pieces divines. Monster set - 1 heavy infused head, 1 medium divines shoulders - Zaan for raw single target damage, Grothdarr for heavy AoE, Maw of the Infernal or Ilambris for range. Jewellery - 1x Magicka Recovery glyph, 2x Spell Damage glyphs. All Arcane for now, but worth experimenting with Bloodthirsty. Front Bar staff - Spinner's Lightning Staff, infused, shock damage glyph Back Bar staff - The Maelstrom's Lightning Staff, infused, spell damage glyph CHAMPION POINTS: Blue: Elfborn 28, Elemental Expert 49, Spell Erosion 47, Staff Expert 11, Master at Arms 40, Thaumaturge 75 Red: I prefer 81 in Bastion, but the rest are flexible depending on the situation. When attributing points, keep in mind that most sources of damage at endgame are spell damage. Green: 76 Arcanist, 56 Tenacity, the rest is up to your playstyle and the situation. MISCELLANY: Drink: Witchmother's Potent Brew Mundus: The Mage Potions: Magicka/Major Sorcery/Major Prophecy Vampire not necessary
ESO Fang Lair HM - tank POV - final boss
Man, this was painful. Why doesn't ZoS make some more 4-man trials instead of these ridiculous HMs that 99% of people will never complete, and 99% of those who do will only do it once for the achievement? I hope they make some new dungeons like CoAII, DCII and such, which PUGs can complete and are fun for everybody.
Full PetSorc build for Wolfhunter! - 45.5k dps - alternative morphs
FULL WRITTEN BUILD: Overview: This build probably has the biggest AoE cleave of anything in the game right now. If you re-morph your Twilight to the Matriarch, you can also provide a very powerful off-heal which will carry you through vMA and keep your group alive if the healer goes down. You will also be applying maximum off-balance uptimes and 80%+ minor vulnerability uptimes passively, increasing dps for other group members. The built-in execute also provides a substantial increase in dps during execute phases, where it is often most urgently needed. Skill Bars: Front Bar: Daedric Prey, Unstable Familiar, Twilight Tormentor (I used this morph for max dps but I strongly advise the Matriarch for 4-player or solo content), Elemental Weapons, Bound Aegis (use Inner Light if you are using dropped potions), Thunderous Rage (use this ulti for maximum burst and AoE) Back Bar: Unstable Wall of Storms, Lightning Flood, Twilight Tormentor, Empowered Ward (Elemental Drain is only for parsing), Unstable Familiar, Greater Storm Atronach (use this ulti for maximum sustained single-target dps and an extra synergy). Rotation: You MUST light attack between each skill to get the most out of this build. Replace 1x Heavy Attack with 2x Elemental Weapons if you have plenty of resources and want to push dps. If parsing solo, apply Elemental Drain as required in place of 1x Elemental Weapons. Always make sure your heavy attacks complete and light attack weave before the next Prey. Your staff should jerk back and you should hear two cracks in quick succession if you are doing it right. Prey / Familiar / swap / Unstable / Flood / swap / Heavy Attack / Prey / Elemental / swap / Unstable / Flood / swap / Familiar / Elemental / Prey / Elemental / Unstable / Flood / swap / Heavy Attack / REPEAT ALL Gear: Armour: 5x Necropotence, 2x Zaan (or Valkyn Skoria if you require range or health) 1 medium, 1 heavy, infused Head, Chest and Legs, the rest divines. All max magicka glyphs. Jewellery: 3x Undaunted Infiltrator transmuted to Bloodthirsty. All spell damage glyphs. Weapons: front bar Lightning Staff of the Undaunted Infiltrator, infused shock glyph, back bar Maelstrom's Lightning Staff, infused spell damage glyph CP: Apprentice: 37 Elfborn, 49 Elemental Expert, 24 Spell Erosion Atronach: 35 Staff Expert, 40 Master-at-Arms Ritual: 75 Thaumaturge I have 76 in Tenacity and 76 in Arcanist, the rest of your CP in the green and red trees are up to you depending on your situation but make no difference to DPS. Miscellany: Mage Mundus, Witchmother's Potent Brew, Sorcery/Prophecy/Magicka potions, 64 attributes in Magicka, vampire if you want but not required
ESO Scalecaller Peak - full guide - no death safe tactics
This was the second no death run for Lilith and me, hence no achievement pops. For irrefutable proof we didn't die to the ads, listen to Wolf's yawp at the end ^^ Hope this vid helps you get your achievements! Any questions, ask in comments.
PetSorc 43k dps, Infinite Sustain - Clockwork City - Build Revisions
Same sets, skills and rotation as my previous CwC PetSorc sustain build; new weapon traits, enchantments and CP allocation consistently yielding 1k+ improvement to dps output. Rotation: (I will assume a Light Attack weave before each skill so as not to clog things up with "LA"s.) Daedric Prey / Volatile Familiar / Swap / Blockade of Storms / Liquid Lightning / Swap / Heavy Attack / Daedric Prey / Heavy Attack / Volatile Familiar / Swap / Blockade of Storms / Liquid Lightning / Swap / Daedric Prey / Heavy Attack / Heavy Attack -- repeat from beginning.
Melee MagPlar 42k+ DPS - Full Build - Antimeta for Summerset
If you are willing to fathom the idea that not all DD builds dogmatically expect a tank with Alkosh and Crusher to be following them around at all times, ignore the following: Apparently, people now want to see solo parses optimized for 12-man content with Alkosh/Torug's tanks where you have to have high mobility and do lots of dodge rolls. In other words, you want to see Magblade builds for vAS+2. If so, what are you doing watching a non-meta (see video title) melee Magplar video!? Use your brains, guys- this is just a (not THE ONLY) build and a dummy parse! Magplar DD is not top-tier big-numbers meta in any case, whatever the build. Take it for what it's worth, and use this as a template for you to create your own build that works in the situations you are playing in. Heck, I even wrote out the rotation for you! Moreover, some people (not necessarily you) like the idea of having a reasonably effective build that uses sets that have never been, and probably never will be meta because, you know... fun! See the full written build below! ROTATION: Ele Drain - Channeled Focus - (Swap) - Purifying Light - Vampire's Bane - (Swap) - Blockade of Flames - Blazing Spear - (Swap) - Puncturing Sweeps - Purifying Light - Solar Barrage - Vampire's Bane - (Swap) - Blockade of Flames - Blazing Spear - (Swap) - Purifying Light - Puncturing Sweeps - Solar Barrage ... ... repeat. If you want to get a bit more sophisticated, watch for the cooldown of Solar Barrage and swap it for Puncturing Sweeps throughout the fight as required. This will give it slightly higher uptimes and slightly overall damage output- slightly. When Ele Drain is applied for you, just leave it out of the rotation, the timings still work. GEAR: 5/1/1, big pieces infused, small pieces divines, all enchanted with max magicka. You might get .01% more dps with all divines, but the infused pieces give a larger ward and better sustain. Infused inferno staff both bars. 5 Spinner's, 5 Flame Blossom (incl. front bar staff with shock glyph), 2 Zaan, 1 vMA staff back bar with spell damage glyph (you can use my 1-bar vMA MagPlar guide if you need to farm the staff!) All jewellery glyphs spell damage. CHAMPION POINTS: Blue Trees: Elfborn 40, Elemental Expert 56, Spell Erosion 33, Staff Expert 25, Master-At-Arms 40, Thaumaturge 56 Red Trees: however you like them Green Trees: Arcanist 76+, the rest however you like them MISCELLANY: 64 Attributes into Magicka Witchmother's Potent Brew Apprentice Mundus Magicka/Sorcery/Prophecy potions Vampire if you want.
ESO PetSorc - INFINITE SUSTAIN BUILD - Clockwork City - 41.7k dps
Rotation: (I will assume a Light Attack weave before each skill so as not to clog things up with "LA"s.) Daedric Prey / Volatile Familiar / Swap / Blockade of Storms / Liquid Lightning / Heavy Attack / Daedric Prey / Heavy Attack / Volatile Familiar / Swap / Blockade of Storms / Liquid Lightning / Swap / Daedric Prey / Heavy Attack / Heavy Attack -- repeat from beginning. If you're not a fan of Maw of the Infernal, Grothdarr is a nice alternative.
ESO Vet Scalecaller Peak - Solo First Boss - Rinaerus & Orzum - PTS 3.3.0
This was good fun, highly recommended to solo junkies :) Interesting mechanics to keep you on your toes, but not too much unavoidable damage once you are confident with what is going on. The melee boss' heavy attack is REALLY slow, which killed me a few times by dodging too early. Bashing the skeever summoning causes the bosses to come together and get their disease auras, so I used Crushing Shock instead and it worked like a charm. Also, it seems like you have to be very close to the ice pillars to avoid the explosion, not just behind them- not sure if this is intended, but it's the way it is for now. The changes to Storm Atronach are brilliant, by the way - it scales off mag or stam, whichever is higher, instead of scaling off an average of max mag and max stam, which is why it hit like a wet noodle pre-DB. It will be my new go-to skill for sustained single target damage, especially when bosses are mobile.
ESO MagSorc - 38-40k dps - 1 Pet Trial Build for Dragon Bones
ROTATION: Light Attacks (LA) between all skills is assumed. Heavy Attacks (HA) are cancelled into Crushing Shock. Start with Destro Ult and use additional ults when ready. The rotation in the video may be slightly different because of applying Ele Drain. Always do at least 3 Crushing Shocks to proc Concentrated Force on the Asylum Staff (2 with Perfected). Curse - Swap - Reach - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - HA/Crushing - Crushing - Crushing - Crushing - Swap - Reach - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - Curse - HA/Crushing - Crushing - Crushing - Swap - Reach - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - HA/Crushing - Crushing - Crushing --- Repeat All *** The comments section of my videos is for constructive discussion. If you have any questions, ask and I will get back to you! ***
ESO Pet Sorcerer - Complete Beginner's Guide - 2018
Get started as a Pet Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online with this overview of key skills, helpful hints and important facts about the class and its role in the game! This is a class overview for beginners, not a build video. If you're looking for a build, browse my YouTube channel for a variety of builds to suit your PetSorc playstyle.
1-bar PetSorc vMA build - updated for Murkmire!
Apologies for the echo in the first few seconds. It goes away. Full 1-bar PetSorc build and vMA run for Murkmire. Shield nerfs? Not on my watch. I may update the description if required, but all the key build info is in the first 5 minutes of the video. Continue watching if you want to see the full run complete with helpful hints.
ESO Vet Bloodroot Forge - Last Boss non-HM Guide w/ Commentary
*** I forgot to mention - you need to aim the synergies as you activate them! The lava purging synergy must be aimed at the lava, and the interrupting synergy must be aimed at the feet of the boss you want to interrupt. Otherwise they will miss and do nothing.*** A note on Hard Mode: the closest thing to a tactic we discovered is positioning the bosses facing the drop at the entrance to the arena, tanking them just outside of the outer ring. This will cause most of the lava pools to group up around one wall at the beginning of the fight, leaving a good deal of space for running around in the inevitable chaos when all 3 bosses spawn and shoot their lava wherever-the-heck-they-like. Remember to pray to RNGesus, and you should get there eventually!
Struggling with vMA? Try this! Unique 1-bar petsorc build.
Super-easy build and walkthrough for vMA petsorc. One bar, no stress! STATS: Put everything into magicka! Enchant everything with max magicka! Magicka! GEAR: 5 Necropotence, 2 Grothdarr, 4 Shadowdancer, 5/1/1 weights. WEAPON: Infused lightning staff, shock enchantment. Sharpened is also fine. BLUE CP: 81 Thuamaturge (keep this for Dragon Bones on this build, despite the off-balance nerf), 56 Elemental Expert, 20 Elfborn, 35 Staff Expert, 45 Spell Erosion... or something to that effect. So long as it is in this general ballpark you are fine. RED CP: It's better not to take damage than to mitigate it- 81 in Bastion, the rest is up to you, and you can change them between rounds depending on whether the main sources of damage are physical or magical. BLUE CP: 76 in Tenacity, the rest is up to you. MUNDUS: The Lover gives you more penetration. Get it? :p SKILLS: Blockade of Storms, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Matriarch, Empowered Ward, Inner Light, (ult) Thunderous Rage HOW TO KILL STUFF LIKE IN THE VIDEO: Chase down the archers/casters and fight them in close range, allowing the melee ads to come to you. Learn where the portals spawn and put Blockade under them before the ads come out. Make sure you pet is always pulsing. Make sure your heavy attacks are 'fully charged'- they will 'pop' at the end for an extra burst of damage. Heavy attack priority targets to make sure your pets focus them down. Watch the video to know where to use your ultimate for strategic effect. And, for heaven's sake, KEEP YOUR WARD UP!!! ** The comments section of all my videos are for constructive discussion. Got a question about something you've seen? Ask, and I will answer! **
SOLO DOMIHAUS - vFH - Final Boss - ESO Summerset Live
My build, for those who are curious: GEAR: Sets - 5 Necropotence, 5 Spinner (dummy cheese with no real-world applications, apparently!), 2 Maw of the Infernal, vMA staff. Jewellery - 1 magicka recovery, 2 spell damage; 1 arcane, 2 bloodthirsty. Weapons - double infused lightning, Spinner with shock glyph front bar, vMA back bar. CHAMPION POINTS: Blue CP - Elemental Expert 56, Spell Erosion 42, Shattering Blows 37, Master-At-Arms 40, Thaumaturge 75 Red CP - Ironclad 72, Spell Shield 54, Thick Skin 28, Elemental Defender 56, Bastion 40 Green CP - Tumbling 100, Sprinter 11, Tenacity 64, Arcanist 75 MISCELLANY: Mage Mundus, Witchmother's Brew, non-Vampire, Sorcery/Prophecy/Magicka pots.
Frostvault HM Guide - Sorc Tank POV
Our first clear of Veteran Frostvault Hard Mode! For more info on sorc tanking, check out my complete guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5jewVcDc1I&t=596s
vMA 1-bar build for Magicka Templar! - Summerset
Build overview, followed by a full narrated run with sigil play and tactics for lower dps. I have virtually no experience on MagPlar, and my character is not even fully levelled, but it shows proof of concept. One death in round 9, argh! SKILLS: Puncturing Sweeps, Blockade of Storms, Reflective Light, Harness Magicka, Elemental Drain, Thunderous Rage 'ROTATION': I put this in quotations because this only applies in an ideal situation, of which there are few in vMA! Reflective Light - Blockade of Storms - 4x Puncturing Sweeps - repeat all, apply Elemental Drain as necessary on higher health enemies. GEAR: 2 Valkyn Skoria (1 heavy, 1 medium, divines), 5 Flame Blossom (use all divines, I had random traits in the video!), 5 Spinner's, including infused lightning staff. If you want a bit more raw power, swap out Flame Blossom- which I just used for fun- for Julianos. Soulshine and Spider Cultist would also make interesting choices! All armour enchanted with max magicka, jewellery with 1 magicka regen and 2 spell damage, staff with shock damage. CP: Blue: Elfborn 37, Elemental Expert 56, Spell Erosion 35, Staff Expert 25, Master-at-Arms 16, Thaumaturge 81 Red: Ironclad 66, Spell Shield 13, Thick Skinned 28, Hardy 27, Elemental Defender 43, Bastion 73 Green: Warlord 52, Sprinter 2, Arcanist 64, Tenacity 56, Tumbling 56, Shadow Ward 20 MISCELANY: Witchmother's Potent Brew dropped magicka potions (use magicka/health/sorcery or tri-pots if you can afford crafted potions) Apprentice mundus Vampire not recommended
MagSorc (pet) 49k dps - Summerset PTS preview
This is a PTS preview so I will wait to see if there are any major changes and give a full build guide when live drops. However I am fairly confident of the gear I will be using for 4-player content, so if you want to get farming or buying here's what to farm/buy: 5 necropotence body, small pieces divines big pieces infused, 5 spinner, 3 jewellery and infused lightning staff (front bar), 2 zaan (I also switch between Maw and Grothdarr depending on the situation), infused heavy head divines medium shoulders, 1 vMA lightning staff infused (back bar). In the video, I am using the mage mundus, which is already a really good choice; Witchmother's brew; bloodthirsty trait on jewellery. If you prefer to stick to a heavy attack build swap Witchmother's for bi-stat food and imbue weapons for inner light. With this setup I was pushing 45k dps.
Bow/Bow Stamblade Build - 45k DPS - Murkmire PTS
Build Overview: Following the nerfs to magicka survivability in the PTS patch notes, a lot of people might be looking for fresh new builds to weather the storm until ZOS comes to their senses. In this bow/bow stamblade build, I have been sure to incorporate a variety of survivability tools to compliment its viable - though obviously not top-tier - DPS. The advantage of a bow/bow build lies in its ability to continue dealing damage when mechanics prohibit melee play, or quick target switching makes melee unfavourable. This build will play to its full potential in melee, and fall short of the DPS potential of dual-wield builds in this context, but will surpass dual-wield builds in terms of survivability and when ranged play is required. Rotation: The bow/bow stamblade rotation can be thought of in terms of a hierarchy of priorities. Priority 1) Apply 3 key DOTs on cooldown: Caltrops, Hail of Arrows, Poison Injection; 2) Maintain 3 key buffs: Relentless Focus, Leeching Strikes, Channelled Accelleration; 3) Maximum Direct Damage: Incapacitating Strike, Spectral Bow Proc, Crushing Weapons / Killer's Blade depending on enemy health percentage. Gear: 5x Relequen body (non-perfected, because I don't cater for elites), all divines max stamina glyphs, 2x Velidreth medium divines max stamina glyphs, 3x Twice-fanged Snake jewellery robust with weapon damage glyphs, 1x Twice-fanger Snake bow infused with weapon damage glyph, 1x vMA bow infused with poison glyph. CP: See video for now, will update at a later date. Miscellany: Warrior Mundus Max health / stamina food where support allows, Dubious Camoran Throne where it doesn't. 64 attributes into stamina
ESO PetSorc - Clockwork City - 43.1k dps self-buffed
Graphical hiccups and all - watch from 0:30 for two brand new skills: Invisible Wall of Elements and Nothing Flood - Mistress' DPS is up nearly 1k from HotR. Our build is virtually the same as last patch. What has changed? The vMA staff got a nice buff for PvE - the spell damage enchantment, which procs every 6 seconds to add 452 spell damage to the player for 5 seconds, is significantly stronger than the old static spell damage boost tied to the staff. We lose out on a bit of staff damage from the Infused trait no longer affecting the vMA staff's set bonus, so this patch's extra blue CP were split over Elfborn and Staff Expert. I have also opted for the Twilight Matriarch, which is a loss of - at most! - 300 dps over the Tormentor over the duration of the parse. In my opinion, that amount of damage just isn't worth missing out on an emergency burst heal. Remember, Mistress' builds are intended to be optimized for solo play and 4-man content.
R.I.P. Mistress of Apocrypha
It was a good run, old friend. 6.7k damage shield does nothing, gone in 1 hit by random mobs. 150% nerf to a core defensive skill in one patch is a bit excessive, no? Sure, I used to be able to solo DLC dungeon bosses, but I still enjoyed running with a trinity group and being able to play as a DD sometimes instead of shield - scamp - shield - blockade - shield - liquid lightning. Now, as you can see, the rotation goes shield - shield - shield - shield - dead. People like building things that are OP in one specific context, it is human nature. I was happy being mediocre as a trials DD in exchange for my ability to play solo and duo in dungeons. Balance is the ability to fulfil a niche. Being sub-par across the board is not balance. R.I.P Mistress of Apocrypha, you will be missed.
MagSorc Non-Meta, Non-Pet Heavy Attack Build - 35.7k dps - Clockwork City
Rotation: Light Attack weave before all skills is assumed. HA = Heavy Attack, MA = Medium Attack Degeneration - Shock Clench - swap - Haunting Curse - Blockade of Storms - Liquid Lightning - swap - HA - HA - Shock Clench - swap - Blockade of Storms - Liquid Lightning - swap - Degeneration - swap - Haunting Curse - swap - HA - MA - Shock Clench - swap - Blockade of Storms - Liquid Lightning - swap - HA - MA Repeat all. Use destro ultimate only - Shooting Star is for max magicka boost and emergencies - during HA or MA slots.
PetSorc Tank - THE comprehensive guide
This guide collects virtually all my accumulated knowledge about skills, sets, attributes and everything else over my last 6 months of maining a petsorc tank. Please see below for time signatures: 0:00 … Video Overview 1:30 … 5-Piece Sets, Monster Sets 16:50 … Master Weapons, Staves, Glyphs 24:35 … Armour and Jewellery Traits 27:45 … Stats, Food, Vampirism 34:35 … Skills and Passives 54:25 … Potions and Poisons 56:55 … Champion Points 1:00:30 … Gameplay
PetSorc 44k+ Solo DPS - Full Build! - Dragon Bones
Full Build Description Below... Skills: Front Bar: Daedric Prey, Volatile Familiar, Twilight Matriarch, Force Pulse, Inner Light, Meteor Back Bar: Blockade of Storms, Liquid Lightning, Twilight Matriarch, Ele Drain/Crit Surge/Empowered Ward, Volatile Familiar, Greater Storm Atronach Rotation: Light Attack weave assumed between all skills... Prey - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - Pulse - Pulse - Prey - Pulse - Pulse - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Liquid - Swap - Prey - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse Repeat all from beginning. For solo parsing apply Ele Drain on cooldown in place of one Pulse, Heavy Attack x1 in place of Pulse x2 when low on magicka. Gear: 5x Necropotence, all divines 2x Zaan, 1 medium divines, 1 heavy divines- replace with Maw of the Infernal for ranged single target dps, Grothdarr for AoE-heavy fights 3x Willpower, 1 recovery enchantment, 2 spell damage enchantments 1 Asylum's inferno staff, infused, shock enchantment - front bar 1 Maelstrom's lightning staff, infused, spell damage enchantment- back bar Miscellany: Lover mundus, switch to Mage if playing with penetration support. Witchmother's Potent Brew Vampire stage 2+ recommended Magicka/SpellDamage/SpellCrit Potions Blue CP: Elfborn 28, Ele Expert 56, Spell Erosion 44, Staff Expert 3, Master at Arms 34, Thaumaturge 75 Green CP, 76 Arcanist, 56+ Tenacity, others as per preference Red CP as per preference
PetSorc 40k+dps - Daedric Menagerie - Dragon Bones
Here's a fun, more high-risk approach for experienced daedra-lovers... See my latest video for build revisions to increase your dps by 3k+ Rotation: Light attack weave between all skills is assumed. Prey - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Lightning - Swap - Pulse - Pulse - Prey - Pulse - Pulse - Familiar - Swap - Blockade - Lightning - Swap - Prey - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse - Pulse Repeat all from beginning. Replace 2x Pulse with 1x Heavy Attack if magicka runs low. Gear: 5x Necropotence, all divines 2x Maw of the Infernal, 1 heavy, 1 medium, divines - you can replace Maw for Grothdarr for AoE heavy fights, Zaan for tank n' spank, or Ilambris for ranged dps if the daedroth is getting in the way. 3x Willpower, 2 spell damage glyphs, 1 mag recovery glyph 1x Asylum's Lightning Staff, infused, shock glyph, front bar 1x Maelstrom's Lightning Staff, infused, spell damage glyph, back bar Miscellany: Witchmother's Potent Brew Lover / Mage Mundus Spell Damage / Spell Crit / Magicka potions CP: Watch the video!
ESO Velidreth Tanking Guide w/ Commentary
A note on Hard Mode: Velidreth will have more health, ground AoE's will fall from Velidreth's altar, and two doors will be locked in the catacombs instead of one. This makes it a bit harder on everyone, but your strategies as a tank will remain exactly the same. Advise your healer and dds to either sidestep the altar's AoE's or block if this is not possible. It is more important to stack up in HM so that everyone benefits from Healing Springs and DoT purges.
ESO PetSorc 45.9k dps self-buffed  - ULTIMATE CHEESE BUILD! - HotR
Mistress of Apocrypha says: "Greetings journeyman mages! Treat yourself to a hefty dose of Uncle Sheo's favourite food as you behold my Completely Unusable Ultimate Cheese Build (TM). Good for impressing your friends back at the mage's guild! Not so good against enemies that fight back and/or move. Use at your own risk... or not at all. Until next time, keep your shields up- and happy hunting!"
Scalecaller Peak HM - tank persepective - full build
Build starts at 5:05 Any questions, ask in comments!
vMA Pet Sorcerer - round 9 + final boss - 554k flawless
Blasting out 'Rokatanc' by Vox Vulgaris. Nothing like some hardcore medieval music to warm your blood in the morning :) Mistress of Apocrypha says: "Welcome back, journeyman mages! Beyond knowledge of the mechanics, success in veteran Maelstrom Arena involves the pracitice of three key skills: knowing how to sustain your resources, knowing your primary targets, and knowing how to burst them down when they appear. To those ends, I would suggest the following... Observe my simple technique to maximize both sustain and burst damage: keep Overload prepared on the back bar, and activate this ability between fights to cast Dark Exchange and apply a long-term buff, like Boundless Storm, to yourself. This allows me to fight full-tilt each round, and go into each subsequent round with maximum magicka. Neat! Throughout Maelstrom Arena, it is useful to lead with your Wall of Elements. The Destruction Expert passive ability will cause any enemy that dies to your Wall's effects to restore 3600 magicka to you! Your primary targets in vMA round nine should always be daedroths and archers. The damage from the daedroths' fiery breath remains active until they are dead, and the archers can activate their Taking Aim ability to kill you in a single shot. Yikes! I don't have to tell you to avoid the white ghosts and gather the gold ones, do I? Oh well, I just did! During part four of the round, be on the lookout for Dremora Nurkynaz, those sneaky walky guys who approach from the outer edge of the arena. If they reach the middle, they begin summoning a Bone Collossus that's REALLY REALLY hard to kill, and will probably kill you! See that big guy that takes up your entire screen, who spawns right after the daedroth is killed in part five of the round? Yeah, drop a thunderous rage on his head to kill him before he sends out nasty waves of fire that damage and stun you. By the time the final boss arrives, your Thunderous Rage should be ready again. Use it to nuke him down to 70% health before he teleports and spawns a daedroth. Watch my "Twilight's Delight" dps test video for build and rotation advice to help you get the damage to achieve this. With practice, you will learn to anticipate the boss' flying skull attacks. These should be blocked or dodged, or else they will knock you on your backside. Also remember that when he puts his staff into the air, you must interrupt him immediately- then back away to avoid his ground area attack! When the boss goes 'upstairs', I find it useful to travel counter-clockwise. This is because the floating walls that shield you from his knockback attack travel clockwise. You're bound to meet up with them using this technique, and you won't have to sprint after them as they speed up. By the time you get back down, your Thunderous Rage should be ready once again. Use it on the boss, and give him holy hell! Remember to keep watching for his staff ability, his flying skull, and his ground area attack! Get the gold ghosts, and Bob's your uncle. If at first you don't succeed, try again... and again... and again. I died over ONE THOUSAND times on my first attempt at veteran Maelstrom Arena. You heard me right: ONE THOUSAND TIMES! Don't lose heart. Soon, you'll be melting those bosses like butter. If you would like any more help or advice, please feel free to ask in the comment section- I will reply! Until next time, keep your shields up, and happy hunting!" All rights to the music go to the band Vox Vulgaris. (Which I didn't realise was recording along with the video! lol)
Veteran Falkreath Hold HM - Duo - No Tank
A cleaner run on HM, without any technical hitches! The first time took all night and some of the next morning; this run took about an hour. Still ghosting the ads, because Clobber sucks. But next time we plan to take them on and go for the no-death!
Veteran Cradle of Shadows duo two man run - HotR
Mistress of Apocrypha says: "Welcome to the Cradle of Shadows! Attempting this dungeon as a duo is really not as terrifying as it might first appear. As my video with Serene demonstrates, we made plenty of mistakes- but still pulled through! Things got a little dicey during the final confrontation with Velidreth, which meant I had to change my usual build and don a restoration staff in order to sustain my resources and heal through her Exsanguinate damage over time ability. After much consideration and many wipes, I discovered that you must dodge AWAY from Velidreth's Corpulence attack (as opposed to dodging to the side, or through her). Perhaps this is a new feature in the current era of Horns of the Reach, in which that particular attack was slowed down. Slow and steady won the race, in the end. No need to pile on the damage- just stay alive and place area of effect skills when you can. Bring plenty of Tri-Restoration Potions, and a few mugs of Red Frothgar. ... And whatever you do, don't get lost in the catacombs!"
ESO Pet Sorcerer - 42.2k dps self-buffed - "Twilight's Delight" - HotR
(Optimized for Horns of the Reach) MISTRESS OF APOCRYPHA says: "Greetings fellow journeyman mages: behold the fruits of my latest dwemero-alchemical researches! The version of my build you see in the video is optimized for adventuring in groups of four, being my usual mode of travel. Those wishing to fly solo would do well to transform their Twilight Tormentor into a Matriarch, and commit more champion pointillions into Spell Erosion. If you trial guild doesn't like you running two pets, find another guild that's more fun! Your Twilight will be delighted with your decision. They so hate being unsummoned. Until next time, keep your shields up- and happy hunting!"
SOLO Veteran Falkreath Hold - Fourth Boss - Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor
Mistress of Apocrypha says: "What are you waiting for, coward...?" Approximately three hundred wipes later, the Deathlord is dead! I am assuming this is a world-first? Please correct me if I'm wrong :) I plan to proceed to Domihaus in the near future, but first will take a well-earned break from Falkreath. I got him to 17% on a casual run-through, but can tell it will take numerous build modifications to stand a chance of surviving his enrage. Thanks go to my friends at Rich Mahogany for easing the pain of returning to the Deathlord several times to continue practicing. I have no intention of soloing the prior bosses more than once! In the video, my build is completely optimized for this one harrowing fight - champion points, glyphs, morphs, potions, you name it. It is probably only possible using a Sorcerer, since the Twilight seems to take most of the aggro from the archers, who deal 20k+ with their Taking Aim attacks, and having 50k stackable shields to (just about) soak up the corpse explosion. If you ever attempt this fight on PC/EU, please send me a whisper in-game at @petalpower. I'd love to hear how it's going and offer any tips I can. Thanks for watching!
2-MAN Asylum Sanctorium (normal) - St. Felms the Bold
Serene and I take on nAS! We quickly discovered that a full tank would be required to duo St. Felms the Bold, so I logged off Mistress and brought Darvah along for some fun. After doing so, we defeated him in about 10 attempts. Tank build: 5x Fortified Brass, 5x Werewolf Hide, 2x Bloodspawn. DD build: 5x Necropotence, 2x Infernal Guardian, 4x Shadowdancer. Strategy: the boss is not so bad in this fight- it is his ads that you've got to watch out for! They grow stronger over time, the longer they are allowed to live. Therefore, Serene must focus on attacking the ads- while keeping up her ward 100% of the time due to the unpredictability of teleporting, chaining and slowdown mechanics- while letting the boss die slowly to splash damage. Even in normal, their standard light attacks will 1-shot you if you are not a tank and blocking, and the huge range of their whirlwind attack forces you to keep your distance. For the tank, this 23 minute fight with no resource support is all about taking calculated risks. Allow your health to dip as low as you are comfortable with before hitting Green Dragon Blood to self-heal. Rotate ultimates and potions to keep magicka and stamina at manageable levels.
Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun - no death - HotR - chilled run with commentary
Zatzu...........................1:30 Mighty Chudan........... 8:20 Zal-Nur the Slaver.......18:30 Tree-Minder Nakesh... 30:40
ESO PTS - All About Outfit Stations - Dragon Bones - 3.3.0
** Apologies for the dip in narration volume at certain points! I would have re-recorded but the whole point was a day-1 PTS demo and it was getting late so I went ahead and published. Anyway, all you're missing is the odd word of my waffling, you can see everything that needs to be seen! ** 08/01/2018 - Dragon Bones PTS day 1. What do I think about the new outfit system so far? Overall, it is awesome! Some positives: - Huge flexibility and potential for unique looks! Combine light, heavy and medium armour pieces of multiple motif styles to customise your character. - Outfits do not change the appearance of your equipped gear, so you do not have to transmogrify several sets if you regularly change between sets for different situations. - Easily change appearances between normal gear, outfitted gear and collectible costumes using the collectibles menu. Some negatives: - Hide Helmet is not currently working. ZoS assures this will be fixed in the next PTS patch. - You cannot yet purchase additional costume slots from the crown store. - Outfitted and dyed weapons are currently very buggy, sometimes not showing the intended appearance, sometimes causing problems with weapon swaps.
ESO Veteran Falkreath Hold 2-man duo run - all boss fights
Mistress of Apocrypha says: "My good friend Serene approached me with the prospect of completing veteran Falkreath Hold as a duo. After much cheering, swearing and laughing, we came away victorious! This is not intended as a guide video, but I feel inclined to offer a few pointers for anyone attempting a similar feat... First Boss: Because the minotaur hits so hard, I thought it best to play it safe, wielding an ice staff and sword and shield, whilst letting Serene keep at a safe distance and deal damage. There's really not much to this one... 'tank and spank', as the saying goes! Second Boss: After learning first-hand that it takes a proper tank to withstand the Seige Mammoth's blows, I returned to my usual build- replacing Daedric Prey with a taunt- and kited him with dodge rolls. Remember to shield up and block before the mammoth stomps! Third Boss: This was a real corker, as you can see from the video! Mysterious powers were at work, which teleported and killed Serene using unknown magicks. Aside from these festive sprites, watch out for Tucielle's 1-shot, and the huge cleaving 1-shot from the Bone Collossus. After the Bone Collossus goes down the first time, stay at range if possible to avoid Tucielle and Erbogar's special attacks, which usually kill you if they connect. Fourth Boss: Bring a tank. Or dodge roll like a looney whilst dealing damage, healing yourself and cleansing corpses. Your call! The mechanics are quite simple, but become a nightmare when attempted with two. Serene, who is off-screen for most of the fight, was busy cleansing corpses and interrupting archers who can insta-kill you with their Taking Aim attacks. Final Boss: Surprisingly, Domihaus offered a bit of light relief after dealing with the Draugr Overlord. Co-ordinate your ultimates to kill his summoned ads, and follow the rhythm of the mechanics until he reaches 20% health. At this point, we discovered the best method was to drop two Thunderous Rages on his head simultaneously and ignore the ads, focussing all attacks on Domihaus. As you can see from the video, he was dead before my ultimate was ready again. Now it's time for a well-earned rest. See you on the battlefield, soldier!"
Stam DK DPS Full Build - 39.7k dps w/ Vigour - Clockwork City
ROTATION: LA between skills is assumed unless HA is specified. Buff with Molten Armaments and Blade Cloak... Endless Hail - Noxious Breath - Poison Injection - Swap - HA/Rearming Trap - HA/Venomous Claw - HA/Rending Slashes - HA/Razor Caltrops Refresh Deadly Cloak on cooldown instead of a HA. Refresh Molten Armaments between Poison Injection and Swap. Use Ultimates when ready instead of a HA.
More Radiant Radiant Raiment - Skyrim Mod Preview
Taking a break from ESO to explore the realms of Skyrim. I'm a big fan of Taarie and Endarie, and decided they might like to see their shop spruced up a little bit, so I made a really simple mod to make it look more like an actual shop, and less like a waiting room with a few clothes strewn about. I also made them look younger, because I plan to marry Taarie to make use of my dialogue mod for her, and it would look odd (to me) if she looked old enough to be my current Dragonborn's mother!
ESO - magsorc vs. zombies
Mistress of Apocrypha does glorious battle with Diseased Peasants near Phaer, in Auridon. Mistress of Apocrypha says: "Oh dear!"
#ProudToBeRP: The Mistress' 113 Sub Special!
Thank you all for taking the plunge with me! Share your thoughts in the comments section below :)
Sorcerer Healer - Dungeons - Fun and Flexible Builds!
I forgot to mention, I am using the Ritual Mundus. You could use Atronach if you want, but I find I have enough recovery without it. The rotation I do goes something like this, assuming nobody needs a significant amount of healing: Apply Ele Drain before drawing aggro, then... Empowered Ward - Combat Prayer - Healing Springs - Swap - Blockade - HA - Crushing Shock x3 - Swap // Repeat All. Reapply Ele Drain every 3rd Rotation. In a pinch, ditch the whole concept of a rotation and heal, heal, heal! :D

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