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Skyrim: This is why I love ice mage :D
Just a random gameplay of me playing my subskill as ice mage. I love ice the most because it's so "cool", Haha! Get it??? Cool~~~ ... ... ... Nvm... :S Edit: The difficulty is Adept.
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Tribes Ascend: A series of suiciding people
The video tells it all. I didn't kill any of them. They kill themselves. *Literally*
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Geometry Dash Subzero - Press Start
Gameplay of the new released geometry dash. Anyone have any idea where the other two coins are?
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Tribes Ascend: Embarrassing suicide. Glorious capture.
I failed to kill the Jug and killed myself instead. Upon respawn, the enemy's flag is left nearby. Got a double turret kill without really killing anyone on my own.
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Tribes Ascend: Fatty Brute Flag Defend/Return and Flag Capture
Minding my own business, destroying generator. When suddenly my chance to capture appear. Followed by some sort of lucky Flag defend/return. o_o
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