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200 ans d'esclavage au Québec
Vidéo appartenant à Refus Global Now https://www.facebook.com/reglonow/ https://www.facebook.com/reglonow/videos/1773709889603886/UzpfSTE1MjExODM0MjgwOTM5MjQ6MjMxMjIzNjY4NTY1NTI1Nw/
Sexism in Penny Dreadful
This scene was such a good example of sexism that i just had to post it. I don't own the rights, blah blah blah. Fair use.
Manifestation pour le droit au logement
Manifestation de clôture de De villes en villages pour le droit au logement organisé par le FRAPRU
Ali Spagnola and Ally Hills know i exist
They mentioned me so i had to post it. P.S. Uploading takes for ever. 2 hours for such a small video.
My Thoughts on Google+ By Emmablackery
She said to reupload it and i'm also very frustrated with Google+ The original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTq8TrA3hb4
Rape Culture On Display
For all the people denying the existence of the rape culture. A song that casually contains lyrics and images about slipping pills in champagne and taking the unconscious girl to your car. That's what rape culture looks like. I don't own the copyrights, but this is fair use since it's a critic.