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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Lich Boss
Boss of the Forsaken Province; The Horrifying Lich or The Undead Executioner Personally my favorite boss out of this game, and one of my favorite out of my top 10. I found this old footage.
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Internets; It's a series of tubes Remix
Credit to rushnerd for his You Shall Not SaS video, Link Below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMnHv7mj7xs
Views: 4615 Icegod101
Slender Fortress Glubbable's Server
Major lag at first. Yes I sounded like a depressed mule in this one because I had a cold. Advertising this server is actually an activity because I love this server. This is usually what goes on in the server, meet slender and all the other characters even... Woody? Check out [EU] TF2 Outpost | Glubbable's Slender Fortress Server! IP: :3
Views: 6155 Icegod101
SM64 Star Road Final Bowser Battle (Read Description)
Credit to Skelux for making this music for the SM64 Mod; SM64 Star Road or the SM64 sequel that we never got. Link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Skelux
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Typical Pugna Gameplay
Aka how to not pay attention to pugna during teamfights
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Vinny's Best moment in his FF7 Playthrough
This is a highlight video. Content is not mine, comes from Vinny's FF7 Playthrough on the Fullsauce Channel "Sorry that was a laugh, mixed with a burp and cough" -Vinny 2015 A hundred YEARS MORTY!
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Low Quality Shitpost
Shitty Persona 5 memes
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Slender Fortress Bonus: Squiditons
This is the stupidest idea I've ever had with this servers physics.
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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Playthrough (Part 2)
Part 2 of the playthrough, this time we go to the Mountain Kingdom, the 2nd and last domain of the the main lobby of Sumner's Tower (SKIP FORWARD AROUND 31:15 TO 32:30 TO SKIP BACKTRACKING) I've adjusted a few audio settings, might have wanted to decrease mic audio and increase game audio but its close enough, hopefully I'll find an audio balance in the next part in time.
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Season 3 is that you?
Views: 11 Icegod101
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Playthrough (Part 1)
Been looking to do this play-through for a while now but was never able to due to youtube's verification thing, finally got off my lazy ass to do so. My voice was quiet for this part because it was late at night, so you might have to turn the volume up In this part, I do the entire first realm of the game; The Forsaken Province
Views: 27 Icegod101
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Playthrough (Part 3)
Welcome back to my GDL playthrough, this time we go through the realm of the Castle Stronghold, the 3rd domain of the game, first domain of the West Wing (SKIP FORWARD IF YOU WANT TO DUE TO A FEW LEVELS NEEDING BACKTRACKING) MIC MAY BE A BIT QUIET
Views: 7 Icegod101

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