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RE5 - Wesker vs Chris & Sheva
Wesker is godlike. I'm glad he is in Marvel vs Capcom 3.
Views: 97828 STBALLA1990
RE5 - Jill & Wesker vs Chris & Sheva
this is why they put this version of Jill in Marvel vs Capcom 3 instead of the others.
Views: 30164 STBALLA1990
Street Fighter Alpha Generations - Akuma Theme ( Credits )
the credits theme from Street Fighter Alpha Generations movie. another Akuma theme. Enjoy :) download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/kkhzmu
Views: 30083 STBALLA1990
DOA4 - The Wind is Howling ( Hayate Theme )
my favorite theme from Dead or Alive 4
Views: 5447 STBALLA1990
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 - Fresh Nature (Type 2 extended)
my favorite track from DW Gundam 3. Enjoy All rights belong to Koei.
Views: 15859 STBALLA1990
Mass Effect 3 - Citadel DLC ( Grunt's funny story )
I found the DLC as a whole was humorous. This is one of the funny parts.... everyone's favorite tank-bred krogan, Grunt.
Views: 4203 STBALLA1990
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 - Fresh Nature (Type 1 extended)
my favorite track from DW Gundam 3. Enjoy All rights belong to Koei
Views: 22532 STBALLA1990
Skyrim - My House and Retired Armor and Weapons
my house in skyrim that I built, with some armor and weapons that I have retired. A lot of stories with those weapons lol
Views: 15657 STBALLA1990
Mega Man X Brainsick Metal OC Remix
This remix belongs to the Mega Man X. Its a mix of the Opening Stage and Storm Eagle Stage.
Views: 1941 STBALLA1990
Streets of Rage Remake - Go Straight (Beta Mix)
A nice remix for a theme from Streets of Rage 2. Go Straight Beta Mix
Views: 14466 STBALLA1990
Chun Li & Ryu(Unthinkable)
Chun-Li speaking her true fellings of Ryu - created at http://goanimate.com/
Views: 6687 STBALLA1990
Fighting Game Girls Tribute
A special thanks to all the girls in fighting games. Street Fighter, KOF, Tekken, DOA, etc..... Thank you for your hard work and beautiful looks. Fighting games couldn't be where it is without the females. ^_^
Views: 3194 STBALLA1990

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