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NVidia Freestyle (Game Filter) spotlight and review
NVidia has released in Beta NVidia Freestyle for NVidia Experience. This was announced at CES2018. This is an overview and my impressions. Also note that I encountered no frame rate drop while using this feature. Link to the NVidia web-site: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2018/01/07/geforce-experience-freestyle-ansel-ces-2018/ List of supported games: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/freestyle-games/ Download link for NVidia Experience Beta: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/beta/ Compare the 2 and see which one is right for you Link to ENBDev: http://enbdev.com/index_en.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since this is the first time I have tried releasing a video with me actually speaking, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment and any suggestions (and yes, I was nervous and I realize I make some mistakes). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woohooo 4/13/18 broke 100 views :) Yep, I'm easy :|
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Creating a modded game shortcut in the Steam Launcher
This is a quick video tutorial on how to start a game managed thru Mod Organizer by using only the Steam Launcher. This is something I have always wanted to try and I viewed this as a technical challenge and something else to learn. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the Mods featured in the introduction sequence including their Mod-ID to help find them. Just use the base URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/[Mod-ID] NOTE: game was started via Steam Launcher and NOT directly from Mod Organizer: TKDodge: 15309 Open Cities 281 JK's Whiterun: 2259 Mortal Enemies SE: 4881 Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim: 1368 Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE: 11802 Diverse Dragons Collection SE (DDCse): 695 Immersive Hold Borders SE: 20474 Hold Border Banners: 1737 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloadable files: Document transcription: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HqAyRgqqJHX_ifWz4AxQLAQGM5Sm-tlLKXDnUmbTIgw Steam Image which can be used as Launcher shortcut: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QtzUm29YzZUT0yoPJvXp4FPlD0q35bbl/view?usp=sharing (corrected audio issues from previous video)
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Fallout4 - Widescreen - resolution - 2560x1080 test
FINALLY got rid of the Costco special 17" monitor (actually it finally gave up the ghost and died) - although I love the father-in-law for getting it for me. This was basically a test of the new monitor AOC G2460 running at 2560x1080 @ 144hrz. So FINALLY my flipping videos take the entire damn screen :) Live (and after a couple of fixes) - Fallout4 is a beautiful thing) :)
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3D Arcade - A video essay Part 1 (Mike's Place)
Welcome to part 1 of my video essay series on 3dArcade. In Part 1 of this 3-part series, I will be walking thru Mike's Place arcade. Here is the original site for 3dArcade 3dArcade site: http://www.mameworld.info/3darcade/ Here is the RetroJunk site which has media (TV commercials, title cards, commercials and full articles) talking about everything Retro from the 1950's thru each decade up to the 2000's. Perfect for that nostalgia itch http://www.retrojunk.com/ If you are into retro gaming, I highly recommend that you visit the following sites... The Internet Pinball Database: https://www.ipdb.org/search.pl The International Arcade Museum (Killer List of Video Games at Museum of the Game): https://www.arcade-museum.com/
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Fallout4 (part 10) - The Grand Tour
Mike heads to 'Dry Rock Gulch' amusement park section of Nuka World.
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Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt2
Live stream of 'Maize' Stream can be scene live at: https://go.twitch.tv/styx_dodo
Fallout4 (part 8) - The Grand Tour
Saving Nuka Galaxy from an 'alien' threat, or just collecting Star Cores. Mike takes on the scavenger hunt from hell and takes the fight to robots - lots of robots! Dedicating this episode to Vets everywhere. I am an Air Force vet myself and served in the late 80's and thru the 90's and honor my fellow veterans.
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Fallout4 (part 9) - The Grand Tour
After discovering that by installing enough Star Cores you can take over the bots in the park, Mike makes the tactical decision to NOT take out the Robots of the Galaxy Zone. Now he just needs to survive long enough to reach them. "Saving Private Gutsy" is an original image created by me for the sole purpose of this video (and basically for the fun of making it). This is based on 'Saving Private Ryan' promotional art.
Fallout4 - Companion Quest (Benign Intervention)
After leaving Gage temporarily in charge of Nuka World Mike, determined to help his friend, returns to the Commonwealth from Nuka-World in hopes of curing Cait of her addiction. With Cait by his side, they assault Vault 95, the one place in the Commonwealth where an addiction can be permanently cured.
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt7
♩♩ There was something in the air that night, ♬ ♪ The stars were bright, Fernando ♫ ♪ They were shining there for you and me, ♫ ♫ For liberty, Fernando.... ♬
Channel Trailer
Filler audio till I can either find or come up with something else.
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Fallout4 (part 15) - Discovering Vault 81
Mike and company discover a Vault. But not just any vault as this one is fully functional. Not one for subtly, Gage hides little about what he wants from this place. Will Mike find something deeper that just another place to pillage or will this place become just another 200 year old ruin at the hands of raiders and thieves? ----------------------------------------------- This is the continuing story of Mike. A man driven to the brink of madness. After helplessly watching the execution of his wife and kidnapping of his son. Only to be woken up 70-years later and given no choice but to kill his son by people claiming to be the saviors of this desolate waste. Mike seeks humanity in an inhumane world. Mike finally gives into his rage. Caring little for the inhabitants of this wasteland, he joins what he sees as a means to an end. A way to exact revenge on this world which has taken so much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is part 1 of a 3 part walk thru of Vault 81. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fallout4 (part 11) - The Grand Tour
After clearing out Dry Rock Gulch and giving it to the Disciples it's time to head to the next Nuka World attraction - Safari Adventures. Mike runs into a new problem and hears the strange tail of Cito. Leading to more questions than answers. Like how could multiple generations of Gorilla's survive in an enclosed building for over 200 years following a Nuclear war??
Fallout4 (part 14) - Just some harmless fun
Mike, Gage and Cait finish clearing out 'The World of Refreshment', assigning to one of the Nuka World gangs. Before placing any of the gangs at a further advantage, Mike decides to test who they are by taking a quest from the respective bosses. This time it's from Mason of The Pack. Will this spell the end of Mike's 'Home away from home'? Burning what little capital he has left in Diamond City he takes on Mason's challenge. What's an Overboss to do :) ----------------------------------------------------------------- A side-note. Since I am trying to tell the story of Mike I am trying to integrate more dialog between characters in an immersive and entertaining way. Looking for any and all feedback / ways to make it better. You're even welcome to tell me it sucks and I should stop. These 'conversations' can be found at the following timelines: 43:03 44:37 We get to know to know alittle more about Cait and her history with Diamond City: 44:39
Fallout4 (part 12) - The Grand Tour
Finishing the clearing of Safari Adventure of the strange Gatorclaws, Mike needs to decide who to give this section of the park too as well as decide what to do with his new 'friend' and his family.
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt1
Live stream of 'Maize' Stream can be scene live at: https://go.twitch.tv/styx_dodo
Fallout4 (part 7) - The Grand Tour
Kiddie Kingdom find new owners and after some much needed rest / inventory management the Grand Tour continues.
Fallout4 (part 3) - Conspirators unite - Nuka World is ripe for the taking
Mike get's an offer from Porter Gage that sounds too enticing to refuse Part 3
Fallout4 (part 4) - Let's go get some allies
Mike goes out to meet the neighbors...and get them to understand who's is charge!
Fallout4 (part 13) - The Grand Tour
'Winners don't use drugs' At least according to a thief and a wannabe raider??? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike and company enter the Nuka World's 'World of Refreshment". Gage pulls him aside after realizing they may be slightly in over their heads and convinces Mike to get some extra help.
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt8
Everyone out of the pool!! Play-thru of Maize continues
Match 2 - You got to know when to Hold'em
This is Match 2 of the Gwent Challenge. SPOILER ALERT...lost this one too :| But at least this time by not as much. Challenge rules: 0:25 Too skip the intro and go right to the match: 1:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chalkboard image used under Creative Commons license Original artwork created by Raindart Link to the original: https://raindart.deviantart.com/art/blackboard-chalk-309519870
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt5
Building a better mouse trap -- with Nuclear Power?? No 2 part upload today for this...sorry. After a full day of work / life -- only had the energy / time for this one session...barely :(. Part 6 will be uploaded next weekend.
Fallout4 (part 2) - The Gauntlet!! (Warrior needs Stimpak...badly)
Mike falls deeper into the dark side of the Commonwealth...and his 'list' get's longer. After watching his wife get killed right infront of him and having to kill his own son (after discovering Shawn had become psychotic in his pursuit to 'save the commonwealth') and everything else the waste had thrown at him. It's maybe time for some payback!! Non-Immersive: Around @22:00 (ish) had a pathing problem with Cait...was finally able to get her wear I wanted her @32:00 (so skip to 32 if you want)
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Fallout4 (part 1) - Welcome to Nuka World
For your own safety, please keep your hands and feet inside the Monorail at all times and enjoy the ride!!
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Fallout 4 - Assault of Fallon's Dept Store - Pt2
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/styx_dodo
Match 1 - This is how to lose the Gwent tutorial :)
This is match 1 of a completely blind playthru of Gwent inside of the Witcher 3 game. Things are NOT starting off well. Although I have watched other people play this game I only partially payed attention to the rules and forgot pretty much all of them. This game counts. Starting score: Me: 0 Game: 1
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Fallout4 (part 6) - The Grande Tour
The sad story story of Oswald the Outrageous. A man determined to defend his home, reminding Mike of his own humanity. This part of his adventure also teaches him that unlike what Maxson believes, not all ghoul's are mindless beasts to be slaughtered. Whether Cait like's it or not!!
Fallout4 (part 5) - The Grande Tour
General exploring of Nuka World's market and outside area, eventually winding up in Kiddie Kingdom
Fallout 4 - Assault of Fallon's Dept Store - Pt 1
On my way to the south east corner of the map looking for Anti-Freeze for the Prydwen, discover Fallon's -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/styx_dodo
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt4
Things get weirder as I make a new friend...think I'll call him 'Chucky' (Just need to remember to keep sharp objects to myself :) )
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt3
Weirdest welcoming committee EVER!!! Else I really need to quit drinkin before playing these games???
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Pinball Arcade Turbo-Glitch Windows 10
Just for the fun of it. Since I am using a 144hrz monitor and Windows 10 I found this glitch where if during a game you hit Escape mid game the game ... well.... just watch the video ^_^ I can reproduce this all the time, so I decided it would be fun to play this way. Also I apologize for a ad-hoc self-commentary, this is a raw transfer from Twitch... unedited.
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Skyrim - Orlasha (we're putting together a team)
After being exiled from Largashbur by Chief Yamarz and left to die in a cell in the abandoned prison, Orlasha frees herself and with nothing but rags and a dagger begins her journey to make her own way in the Skyrim wilderness. Her full story can be read here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GIXL-cJ6eHo8CbWdObDy1Qmo6eEkkCbC_LGRDc_jE7c Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/styx_dodo This is a playthough of the Death Mountain quest-mod
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Fallout4 (part 16) - Discovering Vault 81
Mike and company explore Vault 81. Meeting the people of this vault. A society seemingly untouched by the ravages of the wasteland. This vault hides a secret past which could change Mike's life, or further destroy it. ----------------------------------------------- This is the continuing story of Mike. A man driven to the brink of madness. After helplessly watching the execution of his wife and kidnapping of his son. Only to be woken up 70-years later and given no choice but to kill his son by people claiming to be the saviors of this desolate waste. Mike seeks humanity in an inhumane world. Mike finally gives into his rage. Caring little for the inhabitants of this wasteland, he joins what he sees as a means to an end. A way to exact revenge on this world which has taken so much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is part 2 of a 3 part walk thru of Vault 81 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Friday Afternoon Chill - Maize - Pt11 (Finale)
Here I Come to Save the DAAAYYYY!! Grande finale of this epic journey of a 'man' .. saving corn. Apple Music link to Maize soundtrack NOT played in this video thus violating ANYONE"S copyright!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/maize-original-soundtrack/1186947217
Fallout4 Combat Zone - Modded
Picked up Cait as a prelude to going to Nuka World (think she is ideal for that place). **Update: Your stuff is found in the chest by the lift going into the arena. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/styx_dodo
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