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Skyrim: Contract Kills 7
Hey everyone, another Contract Kills Video! In this installment, I develop an indepth plan to perfectly murdering a target... Sort of. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 6362 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Town Assassination 1
Hey all! Time for a new series. This one will be focusing on assassinating (or trying to assassinate) entire towns. This should be some good fun, so stay tuned for more :D
Views: 35790 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Archer Assassin Dungeon 2
Another dungeon video! This was a dungeon that I stumbled apon, rather then went to for a quest. This one was a lot of fun, with the patrols making it interesting and the final npc being harder than the rest :)
Views: 18941 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Archer Assassin Dungeon
Decided to Film one of the Dark Brotherhood Quests, and thought it turned out pretty well. Tried to make the run as clean as possible, with myself infiltrating the place, killing everyone, then getting out. Was impossible not to be caught a couple times with what I had, but I thought I did alright :) This video differs from my usual content, as this is over 20 seconds and isn't just one kill, but multiple. Be sure to check out my Perfect Assassination Series out aswell :)
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Skyrim Mods #2: Throwing Weapons
Mod Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=15294 An interesting mod that introduces a variety of throwing weapons into the game of Skyrim, including throwing knives, throwing axes, and javelins!
Views: 16409 MrRadiss
Skyrim Guide: Ancient Shrouded Armor
Hey everyone, since a few people asked in Town Assassination 1 on how to get the ancient shrouded armor I was showing, I decided I should make a guide to getting it! This video will tell you about the stats of the gear, aswell as where to get it. Hope you enjoy :D
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Skyrim Mods #3: Guns
A mod which introduces Guns into Skyrim! Link to Mod here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/26605
Views: 58865 MrRadiss
Skyrim Guide: How to get Dark Brotherhood Bow
Since a lot of people have been asking what kind of bow I use, how to get it and at what stage of the Dark Brotherhood quest line to get it, I decided to make a video about it! This should tell you everything you need to know!
Views: 45883 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Doing a Perfect Assassination
The first video in a series of three! This video will focus on beginner methods for beginner Assassinations. Please leave any feedback you may have in the comments, I'd love to hear it!
Views: 95717 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Slow Time Spell
This is a guide showing everyone how to slow time down in Skyrim. This is a fantastic spell, and mod, which I recommend under ALL circumstances!
Views: 11343 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Cut Throat 1
A new series! This one is similar to Town Assassination, though instead of it being stealthy and with me commentating, it's me rushing headfirst into combat, killing everything that moves. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 11213 MrRadiss
Skyrim Guides: Invisibility Power
Many, many people asked me how I turned invisible in my last couple of videos, so I'm going to tell you! While I couldn't provide footage, I hope this explanation is enough! Please enjoy the video :D
Views: 14635 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #14: Tropical Skyrim
A pretty crazy, and large, skyrim mod which completely changes Skyrim to a tropical feel. Pretty nice stuff, although rather taxing on your system and not entirely accurate as to where some of the trees are.
Views: 1151 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods: Lightsabers
A fun mod that allows the player to equip lightsabers and mow down their enemies with the unbridled ferocity and emotional torment associated only with the awesome and deadly powers of the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE.
Views: 1072 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 13
Back to a more traditional kill! Instead of multiple targets, there's just one, but this was from a fair distance away, so it' not all bad :P Definitely not my hardest shot, but not my easiest either.
Views: 66378 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Archer Assassin Dungeon 6
Half Dungeon gameplay, half me being an idiot when it comes to finding out where I need to go. Please don't judge me!
Views: 10549 MrRadiss
DARK: Stealth-Action Gameplay
A quick video which demonstrates some of the pretty cool stealth mechanics and abilities in the new Stealth-Action game, "DARK".
Views: 1307 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods: Cars
A neat little mod that drastically changes the horses in Skyrim to cars! Although, for whatever reason, I don't end up with the most idyllic circumstances...
Views: 3403 MrRadiss
Superspeed Skyrim Glitch
I encounter a bizarre bug in Skyrim, and I am confused. Hope you enjoy the video.
Views: 2683 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #6: Battle Claws
This Mod introduces "Battle Claws", stylish gloves which are designed to increase the usefulness of the previously not so useful unarmed combat experience. Enjoy the Video.
Views: 14576 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #8: Reaper of Souls Scythe
This mod introduces a massive scythe of awesome to Skyrim, resulting in much fun to be had! Enjoy the Video.
Views: 15390 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #12: Deaths Guise
A demon skull hood is added with this mod, potentially making yourself, or your follower in my case, look quite cool. Enjoy the Video.
Views: 1642 MrRadiss
Everything Wrong with DLC
An explanation of my feeling towards downloadable content, mostly negative, and confusing, but still passionate! If you like the video, please like and leave and comment, and subscribe if you haven't yet!
Views: 775 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #10: Temptress of Fire and Ice
Another Mods video which introduces three very skimpy costumes for the women of Skyrim. Enjoy the video
Views: 3702 MrRadiss
Brynjolf: He's got Important Things to do
You know Brynjolf, he's got important things to do.
Views: 7699 MrRadiss
Elder Scrolls Online: 1st VS 3rd Person Perspective
In this video, I look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of looking of both first and third person, and ultimately conclude what the best angles are for specific situations. Enjoy!
Views: 14966 MrRadiss
Grand Theft Auto V: Venice Beach
A brief look at one of the many, many locations in GTA V. Overall, the game looks really good graphically, and gameplay wise! It's called something else by the way, not Venice Beach!
Views: 13468 MrRadiss
Grand Theft Auto V: Being Drunk
A look at the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on the characters in GTA V! It's pretty hard to drive, but for some reason, tit all stops after only a minute or so.
Views: 466 MrRadiss
Elder Scrolls Online: Races and Factions
A relatively quick video looking at the races and factions, or alliances, you'll find in "Elder Scrolls Online", an MMO coming out for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.
Views: 2287 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Assassin Archer Guide
A lot of people have asked for it, so I made it! This covers the skill tree (perks) and how to pull off headshots like I do. Don't give up if you can't replicate it exactly, it takes time and patience! Please don't give me a hard time, this is the first time I've recorded my voice :D
Views: 126817 MrRadiss
Mists of Pandaria Beta: INSANE Leveling
This location is the Singing Marshes in Valley of the Four Winds. It's in the North Western Area. An amazing way to grind levels in the new world of warcraft expansion, "Mists of Pandaria". I'm most likely going to get my way up to level 90 using this method, as it is extremely effective, although, if you want to experience the questing, you probably don't want to do this :P
Views: 3864 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Kill Them All...
They all must die. Enjoy the Video.
Views: 1728 MrRadiss
Skyrim Guides: Choosing Perks
Hey all, another guide, this time on choosing the right perks for the assassin archer class, specifically looking at the two main trees, Stealth and Archery. If you have any feedback please leave it in the comments!
Views: 17804 MrRadiss
Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation
A look at the character creation options in the new MMO, the Elder Scrolls Online! Be warned, character inside may give nightmares.
Views: 718 MrRadiss
Grand Theft Auto V: Awesome Explosion Montage
I blow a lot of stuff up in this awesome video full of awesome things such as explosions! Hope you enjoy!
Views: 7748 MrRadiss
Skyrim Mods #11: Ivory Armor
Two mods, each adding a fair amount of content to the game. Mod 1 introduces one of the skimpiest outfits for females in Skyrim. Mod 2 gives light to a new armour and massive follower. Fun Times all around. Enjoy the video.
Views: 3801 MrRadiss
Mists of Pandaria: Launch Day
Just the experience I had on the day of release for Mists of Pandaria, the relatively new expansion for World of Warcraft. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 1299 MrRadiss
Skyrim Guide: Getting Blade of Woe
Sorry this isn't really an indepth video, couldn't really find a way for it to be one. This video is for the fans that still don't know how to get blade of woe. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 26956 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 11
This Video is a special thank you to all the people that have supported the channel. This is no normal edition of "Perfect Assassination". This is something else. I know a lot of you asked for larger assassinations, rather than the singular ones I normally do, so I provided! I really couldn't have done it without you all, you mean so much more than you will ever know. This isn't my channel, it's our channel.
Views: 122111 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 17
Hey all! Another group shot today! This time of some random farmers. The joy of killing them was high.
Views: 43573 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 10
Shooting a bandit off a MASSIVE bridge is very satisfying :) This is similiar to my very first shot, with the surrounding being familiar. This was a moderately hard kill, mainly trying not to over do it and get his attention :) Will be releasing an guide that focuses on the bow and sneak very soon, so stay tuned! Check Perfect Assassination 9, 8 ,7 ,6 ,5, 4, 3, 2, 1 if you haven't already :D Smichigan
Views: 101944 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 14
Back to two targets today, tried to make them chain kills, with them both dying relatively close to one another. Hope you enjoy!
Views: 40840 MrRadiss
Grand Theft Auto V: IT'S GROVE STREET!!!
Views: 708 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 19
There's a suprise at the end, so stay tuned for it :D This one was pretty fun, not my hardest, but not the easiest either. Please enjoy the video!
Views: 25395 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 16
Hey everyone, a simple one person assassination today, though I paticuarly liked the location of the shot and the resulting fall from my arrow :D
Views: 42072 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 24
Hey all! This one was a lot of fun to do, as it required accuracy for all the targets, paticuarly the last one. Really glad I could pull it off in the end :D Please enjoy!
Views: 20898 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 12
Another Group shot, very similar to Perfect Assassination 11. I paticuarly liked this one, as the setting was a very interesting one (a town environment.) Was a bit challenging trying to kill them all before they got to me, but I got it in the end!
Views: 85725 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 22
Hey all, another perfect assassination! This one might be my longest shot so far, not quite sure on that, but it was pretty far nonetheless! Please enjoy :D
Views: 15731 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Perfect Assassination 18
Perfect Assassination 18 is here! This one had some odd angles to it, with minimal room to hit the targets, but I think I pulled it off alright in the end! Please enjoy the video :)
Views: 27515 MrRadiss
Skyrim: Archer Assassin Dungeon 7
Hey all, this time we enter the extremely dangerous spider cave, with myself almost having an accident...
Views: 3069 MrRadiss

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