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HOW TO ACT- Advanced Script Reading: Casablanca Final Scene
Watch this video and you might just learn some useful acting techniques you can use for script reading! Learn how to impress even the HOLIEST of men with these tips!
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Matt and Rob CELEBRATE!
We have a big announcement! and WOW! Me and Rob CAN'T FRICKING WAIT to tell you what's up!
Good Cop. Bad Cop. Ugly Cop.
READ THIS IDZIOTS: It possibly might be the dumbest cop skit you'll ever see BUT the entire skit was completely improvised by all actors and was filmed in one continous shot. I just had to edit it around so that it looked a little better and so that it wasnt ridiculously long (which it still is) Special Thanks to EARL for filming everything and doing a great job with the camera work! And also special thanks to julia clemens for letting us orbit her
The Consensual Sex Whistle™
Words are confusing and misleading. Get the Consensual Sex Whistle and skip the clumsy verbal foreplay.
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Paranormal DANCE Activity 4
There are ghosts in my house, bro. There are ghosts in my house BRO! THERE ARE GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE BRO! PS This video is not a joke. None of the footage you are about to see is staged. All of this really happened.
Rob interviews students about their content with the school's cafeteria, unfortunately .. he is possessed by several demons
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Christmas Carolling Part 2
Dont watch if you haven't watched the first part! Click here to see PART 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pINRMdL63g8 Ps you good guy, for being good friend and saving Rob. senk yew
Matt and Rob: Picture Day
It's picture day... deal with it
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Matt and Rob take you on a tour of their hood.
News Crew Part 5
Its time for the office party and Lisa is hoping to get her "flirt" on with Buick Bones in order to manipulate him to give the station a better rating. Will it work? Im not going to tell you, you have to watch the video yourself. Btw can this video try to have more than 3 comments this time?
Baby Come Back!
Matt and Rob discover a live baby in the middle of the halls. The only problem is they both want to keep it. Who will get to keep the baby? Its Matt and Rob's totally awesome project for Comm Tech.
Young Bocelli sings CON TE PARTIRO
Rob does a cover of Andrea Bocelli's 'Con te partiro' Rob has amazing talent. His voice is so pure and so gentle. PS. Andrea Bocelli is not blind. He can see the whole world through his soul. ~Matt PPS. Being a man-boy of Italian extraction, I recognize that Andrea Bocelli is a national treasure. I have no intention of making fun of or disrespecting Bocelli. I wish he were my dad because I would love the way he would teach me to sing and to be an incredible person. Love, Rob
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The most anticipated short film of all time is overdue, and Canada's new dictator is not helping the situation. Not at all.
Best Friend Game Part 2
IF YOU HAVENT SEEN PART 1 - click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-bWUmhQyEw This is part 2, ya numbskull
News Crew Part 3
This is part 3 of news crew, our school project for Communication Technology class. Enjoy idziots
Just in time for the holiday season :D :D
News Crew Part 8
This is the last part. I hope you enjoyed our school project film. We had to make the whole film really quickly. The teacher only gave us a short time to put this together and the limit was 20 minutes max. But our's was 45 minutes long XP Silly us
News Crew Part 2
This is part 2 of our school project movie, its the most boring part of the whole movie so don't worry it gets better. The whole movie is 8 parts in total
Matt and Rob's Best Video of All Time
The following are real testimonials: "Don't miss this treat, this true diamond in a rough." ~ John Dep "I don't even want to go to sleep anymore because I know even my wildest dreams won't compare to it." ~ Billy Crystals "Matt and Rob you are my bum pepper." ~ Jackie Chan "This video is full of gags and cries, I love love it." ~ Matt's uncle, Tommy Dungus
News Crew Part 1
This is our school project that we had to make for communication technology. We were given only a month to write the script, film and edit during this class. This was made back when we were in Grade 11. It was our first attempt at a film so be nice
Matt and Rob Go CLUBBING!
Matt and Rob decide to go clubbing, Night at the Roxbury style... kinda.
Matt and Rob: Perfume
It's a perfume commercial. Are u smart enough to see the genius? This is one of our skits from our "Matt and Rob Awesome Show". Its our very own Tim and Eric Awesome Show :D Great Job
Matt and Rob of LesIsMoreFilms answer 15 questions that reveal more than you would ever want to know. It is a tag video made for beauty gurus, but we dont care! We were tagged! Deal with it! We were tagged by: http://www.youtube.com/user/athTV?ob=0&feature=results_main We tag: http://www.youtube.com/user/PrimoProFilms/featured http://www.youtube.com/user/gangofbabies/featured http://www.youtube.com/user/giovannibear13?ob=0 Questions #1) What's a nickname only your family calls you? #2) Do you have any weird habits? #3) Do you have any weird phobias? #4) What's a song you secretly blast when you are alone? #5) What's one of your biggest pet peeves? #6) What's one of your nervous habits? #7) What side of the bed do you sleep on? #8) What was your first stuffed animal? #9) What drink do you always order at Starbucks? #10) What's a beauty rule you always preach? #11) What way do you always face in the shower? #12) Do you have any weird body skills? #13) What's your favorite comfort food? #14) What's a phase or expression you always say? #15) What do you wear to sleep?
News Crew Part 4
During the show Bob interviews a famous celebrity.....Billy Crystals! Prepared to be wowed And see what happens when Mindy takes one of her jokes too far. PS It says I HATE MYSELF on the arm that shakes Bob's hand, just for all those who are asking, even though no one asked yet
We Are Embarrassment (Best Friend Game Part 1)
This is Part 1 of our Mansterpiece. Two best friends take a break from their normal shenanigans and senseless slaughtering of the innocent to fortify their friendship with the ultimate team-building exercise.
News Crew Part 6
i shat myself
One More Week! Sorry!
We so sorry!
We promise never to film with an Ipod camera EVER AGAIN! We show you how to pull off the BEST FUCKING PRANK EVER! Do it to your Femiles, get caught doin it to your geeldends! You know you would have to be FUCKING BOSS to pull dis prank at schooll! Try switchin your memmers and peppers drinks! See how hard you will be beat! "Its time to get WET, SON!" J-lays for lyfe! PS Dont ever watch this video more than once.
This goose wanted to get inside this bank and open a checkings account sooooo bad. So I created a "safe space" for him. #Triggered