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Dennis Decker & Danny Bareng
My brother and first hubby singing Karaoke in Michigan :) Just love it!!! Maybe i'm a little prejudiced but I think they sound pretty durn amazing!
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Vic & Betty Decker - Jackson.wmv
This is my parents singing Jackson. They may be in heaven but their voice in song is still with me every day!
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Dennis C  Decker Devils Hwy
My brother Dennis just havin fun with music. Gone but never ever forgotten
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Sweet Baby Lisa Gone Tooo Soon
Lisa Dawn Decker, Sibley, Hebert. Forever in our hearts and minds. Gone Too Soon... :(
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Vic & Betty Decker - Once More.wmv
My Mom & Dad. Another song they sang that I was lucky enough that it recorded so that now I can share with all those that loved them and miss them.
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Dennis C. Decker Jammin Solo
Jammin Solo! Awesome!
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Dennis C. Decker - I Keep My Mind On My Horizon
My Awesome brother Dennis performing another song he wrote. Blast from the past! I fricken love it! :)
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Dennis Decker - Love Makes You Crazy.wmv
Just listening to some old music that my brother and his friends recorded back in the '90's in his friend Randy's basement studio. My brother wrote this song after a breakup which becomes obvious when you listen to the lyrics... of course she's really not deep in the sea lol. Dennis is singing and I believe it's Randy playing the drums. It's just fun to go back and listen to family singing and jammin and having fun. :) And of course all the pics i put in the slide show are of my lil brother :) Just thought i'd share.some good times.
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Danny Bareng
Singing Waimea Cowboy
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Lisa Dawn Decker Sibley Hebert
I love you sissy and I miss you already. I will miss you every minute of every day until we meet again...
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Betty Decker    You Ain't Woman Enough
From back in the early 70's I think. This is my mom singing. I love that I have this recording. When I'm missing my mom and dad... I've only got to play these files ;)
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Betty Lee Decker   Squalls on the Warpath
My Mom singing and my Dad on the guitar... What a blessing all this music was recorded and I can share it with my family. Keeps them alive for me. :) They are loved and missed forever and a day....
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Grandbabygirl Thinks Cane Is Mic
My little 2 yr old grandbabygirl thinks my cane is her personal mic. LOL
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Grandbabygirl singing ice cream song pt 2
She sings until I get my phone then stops. LOL.
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Grandbabygirl singing ice cream song pt 1
LOL she is such a funny child
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