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Age of Empires Real! The ULTIMATE Battle!
This hooligans video is just perfect for adding some Age of Empires! Red team vs Blue team in a large skirmish over the parking lands and the bridge. Who will win in the ultimate "real" Age of Empires? Hope you enjoy the "revitalised" hooligans video :) Rennie ♪ Thanks to Microsoft and Ensemble Studios for making the sounds and the music for Age of Empires
Views: 40886 Rennie Ash
Medivo Remix 2.09 Music Video! by Rennie Jazz Jackrabbit Soundtrack Remixes
Medivo 1 and 2 in the same song! Well, it is fairly remixed and is almost a new song in many ways ;) Included is a Medivo World video of sorts. I made it using Blender 3D; it could be better, however it was sitting idle for 2-3 years so I thought I'd upload it instead of leaving it on my HDD archives :p If you'd like an audio only version, please let me know! Rennie ♪
Views: 3291 Rennie Ash
Medivo Remix 1.04 by Rennie (Jazz Jackrabbit Soundtrack)
New Medivo remix that reflects how I imagined the medivo scene. It has been ages since I even played Jazz Rabbit, mostly I just listened to the music ;) I have another remix that I will upload later; it is version 2.09 and doesn't sound anything like this one. Enjoy :) Rennie ♪
Views: 2180 Rennie Ash
Empire Defense 2 Death Wheel Soldier and Comparison with Ghost Archers
Short video to inform you of the new Death Wheel soldier available in Empire Defense 2 version 1.3.3. Also shown is a comparison with Ghost Archers to show how effective the Ghost Archers can be for the same amount of battle coins. The Ghost Archer is only 180,000 crystals to unlock whereas the Death Wheel is 6000 arena gold!
Views: 24274 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict ◙ Spacial Scanner
Demonstration and information on the Spacial Scanner in Star Conflict. Note that it seems yellow is in fact a mixing of colours and/or a group of hostiles. The scanner will help you find blueprints and high value credits items inside the mysterious containers. And of course, avoiding aliens that may be hiding behind asteroids!
Views: 2568 Rennie Ash
Secret Ship Kraken First Game [Star Conflict]
First match with the Kraken was an odd one...but successful in terms of blowing stuff up XD
Views: 29889 Rennie Ash
S̱͔̙̬ta̖͓̘̳̞r̞̟ Conflict Dreadnoughts Construction Complete!
The Nemesis has been completed! I take a look at the (un)available fitment options and do yet another tour ;p note: Video recorded before "Dreadnought implementation update"
Views: 1821 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Dreadnoughts Part 01 Shipyard
An extended look at the Jericho Dreadnought Shipyard. Corp: Beasts of Jericho (BoJ)
Views: 1877 Rennie Ash
Special Ops ◙Destroyer◙ T5 [Star Conflict]
Possibly the tightest victory of the Destroyer T5 in Star Conflict Special Ops! A last second torp, a rogue coil mortar shot, a ship hull getting stuck? - all we know is that we killed it with one second remaining~!
Views: 1792 Rennie Ash
Ridiculous! Age of Empires Scenarios
A collection of silly and weird scenarios from Age of Empires... Enjoy! Rennie ♪
Views: 140665 Rennie Ash
Flying to the Roof of the map (Star Conflict)
I fly my ship up to the "map" camera. It only seems like it would work in a few maps.
Views: 109 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Dalek   Kraken' Heads!
Exterminate Exterminate!!!
Views: 533 Rennie Ash
Usain Bolt Drone Pooper Tackler Gameplay Star Conflict
The Rockler does its work. There are loads of 700m/s tacklers around these days, and just about all of those use both the Sentry Drone and Heavy Drone. They probably need them due to the reduced rotation and strafe of the cruise engine. I used the nVidia "Shadowplay" to record this video. Unfortunately Camtasia saved it in a frame rate 60fps. I will see if I can get a 60 fps uploaded some day XD.
Views: 311 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict - How to go FASTER than max speed!
He he I figured this out when I first started "drifting" LRF ships under EM Scatter. I never really thought much of it until I started noticing my interceptor appeared to pick up speed when trying the same thing, but with the intention of keeping adaptive shields up. So, I made some trail runs and it turns out that I was actually going faster!
Views: 393 Rennie Ash
Let's Play Empire Defense II (2014 / 07 / 09)
I whip out the game I used to play a lot to see if I've still got it ;-) Empire Defense II by GoodTeam Studio can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store (available on Apple and Android devices) ◙ Want to see more Empire Defense II videos? Post a suggestion in the comments and I will see if I can make it for you :-) I am using my PC to play this, you can download BlueStacks app player, sync your device with BlueStacks and it will allow you to play your Android games on the PC! You may want to note that some data may be stored only in the app so you should decide if your game progress is very important to you, as it may not be able to sync from your Phone to Computer and vice versa. It's cool for getting EDII on the big screen though!
Views: 9946 Rennie Ash
Empire Defense 2 Strategy - Boss Stun and Collect 9000 Coins!
Using the Axemen and minimal soldiers to stun the boss and make it take 10 minutes to kill him! This lets me collect 9000 coins from the Gold Miners on this particular boss - higher level bosses will take even longer = even more coins! Just before the boss came out I used my hero skill to kill all the other units, then I removed my Ghost Archer when the boss came out (since it is too good at killing things so I wouldn't have as much time to collect coins!)
Views: 10793 Rennie Ash
Release the Kraken! Secret Ship Star Conflict LRF
I think I have met my match.. He was singing, and undoing and undoing
Views: 578 Rennie Ash
"Smart Keys" Hack
After Google keeps spamming me with "KeySmart" ads I decided to make my own, then saw this cheap hex key set in the auto shop and retrofitted my keys into it! Songs in order (From YouTube Audio library): - The 126ers - The Bluest Star - ALBIS - New Land - Gunnar Olsen - Mountain Dub Suggestions for video quality/presentations welcomed ;p Rennie ♪
Views: 7567 Rennie Ash
I am Sworn to Carry your Burdens! Skyrim Housecarl Battle
Setting up an epic battle between a bandit leader and my housecarl...
Views: 477 Rennie Ash
=◙\\◙◙▬ Star Conflict Dreadnought Battle 2015.04.29
My first dreadnought battle :)
Views: 5575 Rennie Ash
Does the Boat Truck Actually Move? Mirror's Edge Glitches
So yeah if you are wondering if the delivery truck in "The Boat" chapter drives anywhere, here is what actually happens! Plus a few other fun glitches that occur ;p
Views: 263 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Bot Bonanza 111 Ships Destroyed Detonation!
111 ships in 8 minutes ;p Testing the limits.
Views: 368 Rennie Ash
-]I[- Sentinel 44 World's Smallest Air Raid Siren?
At just 44mm outside diameter, the Sentinel 44 8/12 port "air raid" siren has enough volume to at least be annoying and demonstrate the air pulsar effect. There possibly is a smaller one somewhere in the world but this is the smallest on YouTube afaik.
Views: 3446 Rennie Ash
Empire Defense 2 on PC! + Crutch Candy Gameplay
Playing Empire Defense 2 on the computer using BlueStacks app player. I also unlocked the Crutch Candy weapon so you will get to see how that works here. It is similar to one of Xiang Yu's shadows or a Monk's fireball with no direction limitation. It hits as many units that get in its path and has 512 range - you need an enemy within this range for it to fire, but it will travel across the entire map once fired. Unfortunately for the Crutch Candy it makes the game crash frequently past wave 37, often when it does critical hits. Possibly due to the fact that every unit it touches will get the critical hit = a lot! It even crashes on the computer so it seems like a bug within the game itself. Empire Defense 2 v1.3.2
Views: 15282 Rennie Ash
What Happens If? - Rubber Band Paper Dart (Hornet)
OK well I had to make one of these again - let's see how powerful it is...or isn't... The paper hornet launched by a rubber band - a typical classroom essential for schoolkids! Ranges from small rubber bands to massive ones that are actually too strong for their fingers to manage! The other common item is the pen-gun which ranges from launching the actual ink cartridge via the inbuilt spring to adding rubber bands and BB pellets. Want me to attempt making something else? Mention it to me ;)
Views: 2120 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Invasion Docking Bug
A troll bug in the "Invasion" sectors of Star Conflict. Is isn't really a game breaker as you have to move your ship to directly over the origin of the station and sit there. Others can ram you out of the way. I don't see this as being a problem unless it also happens at sector gates, in which case it could be exploited to stop pilots fleeing through the gate... **Update** I did some "research" and it does in fact block sector gates as well. Needs to be looked at ;-)
Views: 187 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict 10,000m/s Frigate!
Reverse Thruster outside the map in Invasion to gain the fastest forward speed possible!
Views: 235 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict : Thi'Lith Beam Gameplay
!st match, long range build does extra low dps only good for killing inties and harassment. @nd match is crit build, deadly to attacking inties and can kill fighters too. Still relatively low dps but near 100% hit rate on interceptors takes care of most of them if they get close.
Views: 766 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Defiler Mission - Matter Inverters!
This time our team managed to bring the Defiler to 90%, where a new and I say deadlier enemy spawned - the Matter Inverter. It deals heavy EM damage via pulsar over the entire map and it cannot be blocked by structures! The only way seems to be to kill it as fast as possible before everyone dies. And then a second one appears with loads of reinforcments....
Views: 750 Rennie Ash
Throne Rush Ice Dragon Ice Guardian Holiday Gifts Demolish City
After using gems to get all the artifacts and the Ice Guardian, I had loads of Ice Dragons, Santa Dwarves and Elves. Time to go and ruin some peoples' villages! The holiday event is now over, so I don't know if you'll be able to obtain this hero (Ice Guardian) another way or not. I had at one stage, 2700/360 army - a ridiculous amount that could destroy any city, but I only needed 5-10 dragons at a time.
Views: 1852 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict - Octopus with Adaptive Shield Gameplay
Trying out using adaptive shields on an engi...it's quite fun although my module slots aren't fully designed for use with adaptive shields - I have an energy issue due to no cap slot :)
Views: 574 Rennie Ash
Difference in Mirror's Edge Deaths
Miss the crunch sound? Here is a comparison of death sounds from Mirror's Edge and Mirror's Edge Catalyst along with some mixtures.
Views: 1502 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict - Free Container Bug
A lag bug that has people buying Containers because they think it is free when really the server hasn't updated them with a free container yet... btw my sound was off so I added some sound XD
Views: 973 Rennie Ash
I Get Killed by a CART in Skyrim!
It's the Death Cart; the Cart of Punishment! One stupid way to die in Skyrim
Views: 322 Rennie Ash
What Happens If? - Doritos Burn
Let's see if Doritos' "Burn" actually does what it says on the packet... Hi everyone! I'm going to start a new segment called "What Happens If?" As you may have guessed, it's basically a lot of un-scientific experiments to find out what happens when I...(do something random and silly) All for your entertainment. :) Got any suggestions? Ask me "What Happens If?" and insert your query! I will see if I can do it for you. Note that some things I may not be able to do due to safety/cost/equipment, etc. But feel free to suggest anything - I may find a way to do it :) The first round of videos is most likely going to be burning things, since I got a bit carried away with the Methylated Spirits... Enjoy! Rennie ♪
Views: 626 Rennie Ash
Woolooloo! Age of Empires Narrated by Acapela
Remember the Holy Man scenario? Now it comes narrated from the point of view of the priest! Well, until he dies that is...then a "Greek" Dimitris tells the rest of the story! You probably need to have played enough Age of Empires to understand some of the jokes in the narration but hopefully it is enjoyable nonetheless :) Rennie ♪ You can test out the Acapela demo text to speech box on their website: http://www.acapela-group.com/text-to-speech-interactive-demo.html • The narration: Oh great!, so here I am, all alone next to a river. You would think King, Hammurabi, wouldn't be such a cheapskate and give me a couple of men to protect me from these barbarians! Lucky for me, the developers of this game have given me a great POWER. All I need to do is wave my stick and chant WOOLOOLOO! And the enemy's clothes will change to the colour of my robes! Oh look, here is one now! The only problem is, all this WOOLOOLOO ing makes me short of breath! Ouch! Huhh, useless! Syncostrike! Don't you even think about it! You would think, that after their fellow comrads are slaughtered right outside their own training facility, they would have learned their lesson! But no, another one of these, club-swinging idiots, marches out to die at the hands of their traitorous tribesmen! Oi you there! Go and hammer me a villager factory, right there. Time to get these loyals to make me a grand city! These men are insistent on trying to fix something that will be destroyed! At least I won't have to go chasing them all around the country-side! Aha! Yellow shorts, come back here! A little kindness goes a long way... Why are these people stealing MY bushes? Off with their heads! Help! I've been am- hoogh! Well, it looks like old man river didn't have what it takes to become a grand leader of Babylon. I told him he should have practiced his sticksmanship! Now these guys are all alone in hostile lands... Those yellow shorts fiends just don't give up! After upgrading to the not so stupid age, they proceeded to hammer every yellow building until it was on fire. Yellow team is such a noob, trying to hide their villagers in the forest. At least put them on the side of the map where you can't see behind the trees! It seems the yellow barbarians have managed to construct a tower out of sticks and decided to start a fyer on the roof. Unfortunately the archer inside is too stupid to figure out how to light his arrows on fyer. You would think the easiest way to take down this tower would be to light it on fyer. But no. However, if you carry a dried elephants ear and fling pebbles using a piece of ripped shorts, you suddenly become strong against arrows. You don't even have to use the elephants ear as a shield! Just hold it be your side and you'll be fine. After destroying the yellow town, it seemed they still had something, somewhere on the map. After a little bit of looking around, we found their dock. The decided to build it right there, I mean, there isn't even any fish around here! Now we had to ruin all the red buildings because our people hadn't worked out that you can also paint buildings the same colour of your shorts! Nevermind, whacking the animal hide with enough bones eventually makes it catch on fire and burn to the ground...victory!, at last.
Views: 4744 Rennie Ash
Empire Defense 2 Gameplay Long Track Arena Strategy
Another Long Track strategy for Empire Defense 2 arena, using Xiang Yu as hero. I have him equipped with Regulus Sword, Dragon and Iron Man. The track is so long that I can use the hero skill at least once every wave! In the last wave I played I used it 3 times; as you can see it becomes less effective when enemies are spread out. X. Zhao Yun may be more effective in this regard.
Views: 9418 Rennie Ash
Vigilant Voyages - Star Conflict Destroyers
First flights of my new Vigilant!
Views: 274 Rennie Ash
Invasion! Unknown Alien System in Star Conflict
Stunning and mysterious alien system somewhere in uncharted space, it seems to only be accessible via a wormhole that affects one of our jump gates, in this case, the Jericho system gate from "Orange Giant" to "Ruined Station".
Views: 4377 Rennie Ash
Combat Recon - The NON Combat -Recon- way to Win! Star Conflict game
It's Combat Recon! Except sometimes you have to be a non-combat recon ;-) These situations don't usually come up, as the other team may have a recon as well or you may be in a ship that can be chased down.
Views: 57 Rennie Ash
Ultimate Fire Speaker Blow! - TCL TV Speaker Blow
Speakers burn and blow with fire and bass...dangerous at times! These speakers came out of a water damaged TCL TV and were not the best quality. I have too many crappy speakers lying around so they have to go! **Also - select higher quality if you get the crappy 144p at the start! ***Safety: *do NOT* pour too much accelerant on the speaker when you are playing heavy bass! You will spray it everywhere and could cause serious burns if you are not careful. I had to contend with a fireball and burning spirits on my hand; not good practice! It was silly on my part since I know better...*** On a similar note, never pour spirits or accelerants onto a fire - the fire will race up the falling liquid to your hand! Worst case is you can blow up the container causing serious burns, so don't do it. Aside from the obvious safety hazards, I hope you enjoy ;) Rennie ♪
Views: 5913 Rennie Ash
Age of Empires   Horse Die Mix *In Sync*
The original horse_die mix, but this time the horses are in sync with the sound ;)
Views: 739 Rennie Ash
Mirror's Edge THIS.  IS.  SPARTA!!!
I have faith in you.
Views: 174 Rennie Ash
Robocraft Easter Egg - Get Your Free Special Cubes before the promocode expires!
Note: This Promocode has obviously expired by now ;-) For Patch on 18 October 2014. You receive 2 Cosmetic Cubes if you enter the promo code upon login - **enter it exactly as it appears including hyphen and capital letters.** Yes, they are Cosmetic Cubes! They do not provide you with "good armour" or light weightedness :) To get back inside the Mothership you have to exit the game and log in again unless you find a way to glitch back inside. BREACH-288456 SERVGETWELLSOON-254677 ^^Free premium while servers are being fixed! (Oct 18 weekend) Robocraft/FreeJam states it is fine for us to create YouTube videos of Robocraft and to monetize them if we so desire as of 18 October 2014 when this video was uploaded. ;-) http://robocraftgame.com/robopedia/faq/
Views: 43932 Rennie Ash
Throne Rush ¤ Oversized Army Troll
|¤Nìğhţ ₣ůrý!
Views: 17 Rennie Ash
Special Ops ♦Destroyer♦ T3 [Star Conflict]
A new Special Ops mission included in Update 1.2. This one Involves killing a large alien ship that is running through a colony destroying everything. It is called "Destroyer".... We beat the T3 (rank 7-9) version. It still includes annoying singularity spheres, torps, homing orbs, multi-beams, disector beams and a gravity well!
Views: 4884 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict Anaconda M Adaptive Build
Flying in the Anaconda M with adaptive shields - you must keep afterburning while under attack or else you lose your resistances XD Problem ships are: Tacklers/gravibeamer - Implant 8 allows 5s immunity from engine inhibitors upon use of multipurpose module. ECMs - Implant 7 negates their energy drain if they shoot you. Implant 2 reduces duration of their effects. Command - mostly ion inhibitor missiles esp since this build uses heavy blaster. Recons - Can steal your shields and apply spy drones (reduces regen rates) though if you reach hull you can wait for their shield sucker to finish before using a shield repair mod. Smart ships that stay behind you although they will have a time trying to kill you.
Views: 794 Rennie Ash
A Long Tale of the Night Fury
A long video of a long range frigate ;p [Black Dragon] Star Conflict Music [Freeplaymusic.com] Youtube personal use: - Bring Back Love (instrumental version) - Times The - Down The Aisle - Hoedown - Southsea - Thunderization - Imitator - Above And Beyond
Views: 270 Rennie Ash
Star Conflict : Revenge on Destroyers
When you get sick of those pesky destroyers, now is a good time to get revenge! Even better that they are too busy trying to get their "Kill 3 Destroyers" mission ;p
Views: 103 Rennie Ash

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