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We are Parents
MK and Pate share the birth and first week of their twin girls.
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Our Biggest Surprise, Twins!
MK and Pate go to their first Doctors appointment and get a huge surprise. Twins!
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Dominating Online Dating: When to get a Phone Number. With Nanci from Profile Wingman
Nanci, from Profile Wingman, and Pate, from Positive Change USA, discuss the finer points of when and how to get phone numbers when online dating. Dating Profile Writing: http://www.profilewingman.com/ Dating Coaching: http://positivechangeusa.com/personal-development/dating/
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Manufacturing Motivation with Pate Smith
Pate Smith of Positive Change USA gives short talk on staying motivated through monotany. Questions??? Email: [email protected]
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Thomas Taylor PRO Paintball Coaching
Thomas Taylor, professional paintball player with Sacremento XSV and world champion announcing that he will be coaching with PositiveChangeUSA.com. The number of available clients Thomas can take is limited, so sign up now. Email: [email protected] for pricing and to sign up today.
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PC Katana Player Scott Coleson Thoughts on their Move to Pro
Pate has a podcast format style talk with up and coming pro player Scott Coleson from PC Katana on the teams of season changes, expectations and mindest going into the 2017 NXL pro season.
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Feeling good is for Losers. Preventing complacency
Pate Smith talking about recognizing complacency and the necessary steps to prevent it.
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Babies, Beerfest, and Pate's New Company (Episode 11)
Weekend with the Smith's
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Positive Change USA Win World Cup Paintball Package
Positive Change USA Win World Cup Paintball Package http://positivechangeusa.com/product/win-world-cup-super-package/ Email me: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/positivechangeusa
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Weekend with the Smiths: Home Owners Edition!
MK and Pate go shopping for the new house, visit friends, and walk through their new home all why Mk is super pregnant.
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Weekend with the Smiths (Episode 4)
Pate and MK go to a wedding, friendsgiving and other random weekend action.
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Weekend with the Smiths (Episode 2)
MK and Pate hang with friends, put up Christmas lights, play cards, and MK sings Beyonce. Bonus, our friend Bryan hangs decorations using an air powered cannon.
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Weekend with the Smiths (Episode 9): Make Believe Records
MK and Pate attend the grand opening of Make Believe Records.
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The Holidays with the Smiths
MK and Pate go back home to Alabama to visit family and friends. On the way down they stop and visit Dayton University's Mr. Sales for 2013, John Sullivan. In Alabama they go to two baby showers.
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Thanksgiving with the Smiths (Episode 3)
Birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving prep., Ultrasounds and more. Pate and MK ride in the car and we introduce a new friend!
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The Currency of Goal Achievement
Pate talks about what achieving is necessary to achieve your goals. Email: [email protected] for questions. Get personal coaching at http://positivechangeusa.com/product/6-months-personal-development-coaching-sessions/
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Dominating Online Dating: Coffee or Cocktails, Which is better?
Pate from Positive Change USA and Nanci from Profile Wingman sit down for a brief discussion on which is better for a first date. Coffee or Cocktails. http://positivechangeusa.com/personal-development/dating/ http://www.profilewingman.com/services/
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The Return to YouTube (also a guy calls Security on Pate)
The Smith family returns to YouTube after a 10 month hiatus. This video loosely Chronicles weekend and shows how far the twins have grown in 10 months. Also pate has a crazy man call security on him at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
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Expediting Goal Achievement
A short talk about expediting goal achievement by Pate Smith.
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Weekend with the Smith (Episode 5)
MK and Pate go with their friends the Bortols to Kansas City to see a chiefs game and battle horrible weather.
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Weekend Skiing in Breckenridge and Valentines
Pate goes skiing in Breckenridge and then comes home for a Valentines suprise for MK and the twins.
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A Weekend with the Smiths (episode 1)
MK and Pate have a fun weekend at 19 weeks pregnant.
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Positive Change USA Fall Free Tour
Register below at http://positivechangeusa.com/events/
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Positive Change USA Fall Free Tour Topics
Pate Smith of Positive Change USA goes over the topics for the 2015 Fall Free tour Register below at http://positivechangeusa.com/events/
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You Are Not Talented! How to Defeat an Attitude of Defeat
Pate Smith, of Positive Change USA, giving motivational talk on what mindset should be used to defeat an attitude of defeat.
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