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Rapture dream simply terrifying
This is my first video I'm gonna begin a dream vlog so to speak due to the fact that I have received many many rapture dreams as well as apocalyptic dreams of urban warfare and attacks from extraterestrials and my ability to see into the spirit realm at random times
Tribulation dreams
I go through a few different dreams on this video here I usually have structure to my videos before I start making them but once I start filming I get nervous and jump all over the place and I apologize for that but I will get better it's only my third video and I have many more dreams to talk about And also if anyone feels they need to contact me or would like to talk to me more about anything you can always reach me at [email protected] Just remember to put YouTube in the subject line thank you and have a wonderful blessed day
Rapture Dreams and Confirmations
I just want to convey how important it is to ask for doing confirmations and receive them you need to know where your dreams are coming from the source of them I see many people post videos about Rapture dreams that just don't add up and they hang onto every word Then we'll post the video. Everyone that their dream is valid and solidified from Jesus but that's not always the case

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