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Nvidia Shield Tablet K1| Modern Combat 5 multiplayer
Did the best I could with touch controls :) Will be switching to controller soon.
Views: 293 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield Tablet K1| Tomb Raider Gameplay | 1080p
Think I'm close to the end of the game.
Views: 2874 Nuck Chorris
DayZ | 1080p Max settings | FX 6300 - XFX R9 270X DD
Random recording while playing with friends. Not the best recording, but you can kinda get an idea of how it runs on this set-up.
Views: 1682 Nuck Chorris
Arma3 | Wasteland | FX6300-XFX R9 270X | Ultra 1080p
More fun with my buddies. Explicit language. FPS isn't the best while recording, but good enough to play :D
Views: 3105 Nuck Chorris
Arma3 | Wasteland | FX6300- XFX R9 270X DD
Playing a little Arma3 with some buddies. Explicit language.
Views: 472 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield Tablet K1| Dead Effect 2 Gameplay | 1080p
Decide to spend some money on this game to support the devs BC I enjoy the game and want them to make more games.
Views: 329 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 | Tomb Raider Gameplay.
First time trying game stream.
Views: 569 Nuck Chorris
Mobile Legends | Galaxy S7 edge | Gameplay
The comeback was real. Replay of a pretty fun match.
Views: 567 Nuck Chorris
Arma3 | Funny moment
Views: 73 Nuck Chorris
MW2 PC | Multiplayer
Sorry, first 12 seconds of video is black, will fix later.
Views: 75 Nuck Chorris
DayZ | FX6300- XFX R9 270X DD | 1080p
When tempers rise.....Explicit language.
Views: 105 Nuck Chorris
Spintires mod gameplay
Playing with the SID Jeep XJ mod.
Views: 49 Nuck Chorris
DayZ SA | 1080p | FX 6300-R9270X
Do you trust your buddies? Explicit language.
Views: 85 Nuck Chorris
Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes | 1080p PC
Rough start to my play-through of MGSV :D
Views: 30 Nuck Chorris
Arma3 MX LSW video test.
Full auto mag empty video test.
Views: 69 Nuck Chorris
CarXdrift racing Shield tablet K1
Trying to advance in the league. Lost my last race :/
Views: 20 Nuck Chorris
Tera Gunner
Views: 51 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield Tablet K1| Modern Combat 5 multiplayer
First game with the controller. Still trying to find the right sensitivity, but it's definitely an improvement over the touch controls.
Views: 970 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield Tablet K1| Vainglory
Co-op Gameplay.
Views: 253 Nuck Chorris
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge | Vainglory | gameplay
Catherine winter warrior skin and some aggressive supporting.
Views: 59 Nuck Chorris
Nvidia Shield K1 tablet CarX drift racing
Found out how to record in 1080p instead of 480p :P
Views: 109 Nuck Chorris
Alien Isolation | AMD FX 6300 - XFX R9 270X DD | 1080p ultra settings
Just messing with the alien and having a couple close call in the process!
Views: 108 Nuck Chorris

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