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Rows to columns using Aggregator and expression
We can use pivot option, if source is realtional but in case flat file we will use expression + Aggregator
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How to create mapplet in informatica
How to create and use a mapplet in informatica
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How to import and export oracle tables using Toad
Export and import of dump file.
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Column to Rows Conversion using Normalizer Transformation
There are different ways to convert Columns to Rows , By using Normalizer transformation is one of the way. To know others way please watch my other videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3QQIZRS-C0
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How to load data from a file located in ftp server  to the target table in informatica.
How to load data from a file located in ftp server to the target table in informatica.
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How to use SCD Type-2 using flag approach
SCD-2 It maintains current as well as historial set of data
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How to use Java Transformation in informatica
my source having the records like 1,kamelsh,1 2,rajesh,2 3,sushma,3 4,sangeeta,4 and i want to load into target like kamlesh record 1 times,rajesh record 2 times, sushma record 3 times
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How to connect to database through  java property file
java database connectivity to database through property file
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How to perform Column to Rows Conversion using Java Transformation
How to convert columns to rows in informatica using Java transformation
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How to send half records to one target and half to another in informatica
Dividing the records in two equal halves .
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How to add 1000 to salary if salary is less than 10000
Secnario : Filter the records based on salary using iif condition
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How to export table in oracle
oracle export Latest version : https://youtu.be/_EglYln_ryc
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Target Load Plan Demonstration in Informatica
How to use target load plan in informatica
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How to add facebook comment box to Blogger
replace the old blogger comment box with your facebook comment box
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How to perform Concurrent Execution of Workflow
How to perform concurrent execution of workflow
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Load Every 4th record from source to tgt
Source Flat file
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import tables in oralce form .dmp file
import into oracle database Latest Version : https://youtu.be/_EglYln_ryc
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How to implement SCD Type-2 using effective date approach
Maintains Historical data
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How to insert or update values to properties file dynamically using java
change value of properties file during program execution
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How to Load different tables on session Runs
insert into different targets based on session runs
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How to remove header and multiple footers from file in informatica
Remove header and footer from informatica without unix
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Single source multiple target with different runs
There is a single source and three targets . we have to load data in such a way that when first time session runs the data get loaded to first target , in second run to second target and in third run to third target.
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Informatica 9.6 Installation on windows 10
How to install informatica powercenter tool version 9.6 (server and client ) tools on windows 10
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How to perform dense rank on flat files
when our source is a flat file we can't override the query and rank transformation is not the solution. So in this video we will learn how to perform dense rank operations for flat files.
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How to run sql commands in eclipse ide
Execute oracle sql queries in eclipse ide
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How to Sechdule a workflow to run at informatica level
Sechdule workflow in informatica
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Senario 7  - How to implement SCD Type-1 in Informatica
SCD-1: Maintains current data in target table
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How to load load data to target with some conditions based on session runs
Increment Records on every session runs
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Rows to columns using pivot table
When the source is relational and we have to perform rows to column conversion, we can use Pivot.
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How to implement SCD Type-3 in Informatica
SCD-3 Maintains Current & Previous changed data in separate columns
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How to delete a service in windows 10
After uninstalling software certain services entry are not removed , so this video demonstrate how to manually remove the services.
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How to perform Indirect load with different sturcutre
one target using a single mapping
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How to perform Incremental Load in informatica
CDC or Delta or Incremtal Load
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How to perform incremetal aggregation using control table
How to perform incremetal aggregation using control table
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Oracle Export import
How to import and export tables, schemas in oracle database using command line
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Transposing Columns to rows using Normalizer Transformation in informatica
Converting Columns to Rows in informatica
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How to  Perform Minus operation  on Flat File
How to perform minus operation on flat file
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