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Skyrim: Fortune teller of skyrim
here is something we don't get to see everyday in our normal lives in skyrim....!! infact this is the only time i did talk to Olava normally like other NPCs... you can do this too by receiving a bonus from the dark brotherhood questline and then taking that token to Olava in whiterun... hope i showed you something new and you like it... :-)
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Skyrim: Safe stable for Frost and Shadowmere(verified in all platforms)
This is a totally new and unique concept(which surely you wouldn't find anywhere else) useful for such conditions when you want to switch to any other horse other than frost and shadowmere,,in which case they are generally lost or killed by bandits or dragons BUT if we store them here as shown in the video then they remain in that place and no dragon or bandit can ever attack that place.....!!! you need to keep them in that position as shown in the video before switching to the WHITERUN HORSE....!!! then you can switch to any other horse from the cities and frost and shadowmere will stay safe...!!! remember,, everytime you want to switch to other normal horses you HAVE TO keep frost and shadowmere in their proper place and then go to the whiterun stable and mount the whiterun horse... after you have done as shown in the video,,you wont loose them EVEN after fast travel.....hope it helps.... feel free to ask any questions,,i'll always be there to help.... PLEASE LIKE if it was useful and SUBSCRIBE for more... :-) and please comment for suggestions.... thank you all for watching... :-) Update :- As collected from the viewers(thanks to their generous sharing of relevant gaming experience) as well as personal gaming experience,, it has been confirmed that you will lose the horses if you keep them in the place as shown here before the Battle of Whiterun. So it is safer if you first complete the Battle of Whiterun first and ONLY then go on and do the quest to get Frost and buy the Whiterun Horse...You should NOT be the owner of those above stated horses before fighting that battle.....( I am sorry for those who followed this video and still lost Frost to the Whiterun Battle ). Happy Gaming...
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Skyrim: Killing Vittoria Vicci publicly without bounty but with bonus
here if you follow this you can get the bonus from astrid for killing vittoria when she is addressing the crowd....plus you wont have any bounty too...
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Skyrim: Ebony Warrior vs Mage in Legendary(720p)
Just a mage with only mage armor having zero armor rating in total and a true Dragonborn using the powers of his Thu'um to his advantage by the Marked For Death shout to weaken the life and armor forces and finally finishing off the Legendary Ebony Warrior in perfect Dovahkiin style with a fire breath...!!! hope you LIKE it... :-)
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Skyrim Freebies : Colovian Brandy
Normally during this quest you can get only one Colovian Brandy which you have to give to the drunk named Razelan in order to create a scene for you and you cannot drink it or take it home as a collectible after you complete this part of the quest....but if you do as shown in this video you can complete the quest as well as drink it or bring it home to store it if you like collecting unique items as i do,,and all these without using any console commands.... happy gaming....hope you liked it
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Fifa 13: Easy Skill moves for completion of accomplishments Part 1
here i have shown you how to easily complete the dribble by players using skill moves accomplishments very very easily without cheating...if i can do this even with a defender(full back) in semi-pro difficulty then with a midfielder or striker its even more easier for you guys... but since in this career i just started playing as a defender so i'm showing it in defender mode only....remember just one thing, the taller you are the easier it is to do this skill... here as you can see i dribble past 3 players using skill moves in a few seconds even with so low dribbling rating...it is as easy as that.... now the controls i have used are: {hold "pace control" by Caps} + {"left stick up or down" by Up or down arrows respectively} + {"right stick left or right" by 1 or 3 respectively} since i play in my laptop keyboard so i have changed them to suit my style... hope it was of some help.....!!!
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Skyrim: The Prophecy of Alduin's Wall
This video shows the complete meaning of the Alduin's Wall according to Esbern's knowledge...!! Hope you like it...
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NFS MW: Starting Cutscene
i just love to watch this video anytime i see....i'm so damn crazy about the way BMW is presented here.....woooh....!!!
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Skyrim: May be this is the shout Ulfric used to kill Torygg
i have always wondered which shout Ulfric might have used to kill high king Torryg....may be he killed him using a shout which is something like this...!!! what do you think guys....???
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Skyrim: Talking dragon Sahloknir
I bet most of you were just busy killing this dragon but if you didn't kill him so soon and just listened to what he and Alduin says before you kill him,,that would be much more fun..i intentionally survive the battle as long as he says everything he has to say....only after he has finished his talking is when i finally kill him...!! 0:11, 1:06, 1:31, 2:53, 3:51, 4:18, 4:53, 5:10, 5:25, 5:53, 6:23, 6:42, 7:05 these are the timings in the video where he talks...so those who are not too patient can check these timings...its a quick guide.....!!! And yes this is the first look of my new Nord character named Aragorn... i have played in expert mode here so that Delphine cannot do too much damage to Sahloknir and he can fly and continue talking until its time for him to die... Hope it was something new to you even though everyone has surely done this quest but not everyone will have seen this...hope you LIKE it...
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Skyrim : Mage Vs Expert Ice and Fire mages in Legendary
Well according to my viewer's suggestions here is my mage in progress.....Getting ready to take on The Mighty Ebony Warrior.... Do share your opinions on this.... Here he takes on 2 random expert level ice and fire mages in legendary difficulty.....
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Skyrim : Novice Mage gone crazy
This is just my new complete mage character named Arven Sorelli , a dark elf.... The small story behind this walkthrough was that this novice mage here just learned some new magic spells like Fury in the illusion class and Oakflesh in the alteration class of magic and was looking for test subjects without getting into too much trouble. . . He was leaving Riverwood and heading towards Whiterun to inform the Jarl about the dragon attack in Helgen as requested by Alvor the Smith. But as he crossed the bridge he saw a deer and decided to test his Fury spell on it by sneaking but the thought of the deer becoming hostile to him instead din't really cross his mind... . After sometime things were pretty bad with the antelope chasing him down... That is when he thought it to be a good idea to test the newly learned Oakflesh spell and see how it works... Then something really weird happened which i bet many wouldn't have seen while their skyrim walkthroughs.... . Hope you enjoyed.. Happy Gaming....
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Skyrim: Angi's Camp Location
This is a simple video showing how to get to Angi's camp from LakeView Manor near Falkreath....there in the camp you can actually train in archery...!!! I love this camp....but generally i go to this place pretty late coz i like to save time by levelling up the last 5 levels to reach level 100 in archery since the last levels take too much time to level up if we level up normally...!!
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Fifa 13: Curved Free kick for Virtual Pro
Even with so low free kick accuracy we can score free kicks without cheating...its shown right here how to do it...!!! You just need the proper curve ratings which you can get by crossing and finesse shots.... Then just aim as shown here in the video... Step 1: Keep roughly 2 players to your left keeping the goal bars as the frame of reference.... Step 2: Make sure the players running behind the wall are well away from the line of your shot so that they cannot block it Step 3: While hitting the ball dip and curve the ball to the down right so that it can make its way to the bottom corner of the net....!!! And remember use nearly 1 bar of power....!! after your free kick accuracy reaches about 70 then you can try with about 2 bars of power for 24 to 28yards range.... this is effective for positions when the ball is roughly in between the imaginary lines drawn from the goal bars to the centre circle and not more than 25 to 26 yards out.... i score around 70 to 80% times whenever the ball is in such positions.... any suggestions are welcome....!!! feel free to comment.....
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Skyrim: Thief's Cache & Easy Gold
This is where you find the thief's cache in Riften....contains some valuable items and gems which also helps in easy gold without any effort at all...hope this helps... plz remember to leave a LIKE... :-) Thanks for Watching...
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Skyrim: Honeymoon location
On my way to a casual walkthrough i suddenly discovered this place near Dawnstar....looks like some couple came here for their honeymoon...as you can here's an amulet of mara,with flowers all over the bed and wine... felt like sharing it with all... :-) :-D
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Skyrim: Fire breath alternate use
If you like alchemy the Luna Moth Wings are very useful as they make invisibility as well as regenerate heath potions which has a good value so go catch some Moth wings and be invisible.... :-) the recipe is :- 1) Luna Moth Wings 2) Chaurus Eggs or Vampire Dust or Wisp Wrappings 3) Garlic or Namira's Rot
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NFS MW: Final jump of BMW
within 25 seconds of opening that block i covered up that jump...hows that....!!!! :-)
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Skyrim: Master level dragon kill using ranged weapons
this is a master level ancient dragon kill using ranged weapons and just three shots of iron arrows....
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Skyrim:  Another Sad Story
This is the story of Narfi, a poor fellow living in Ivarsted.....i really don't understand why would someone even want to kill someone so harmless and innocent like him...he is one of the first 3 contracts to be executed in the Dark Brotherhood questline....so if you wanna do this quest complete it before taking the job from Nazir in the Dark Brotherhood... Thanks for watching...
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Fifa 14: A celebration not included in the list of 41 celebrations
i dunno what's the name of this celebration but it looks like hitting a six in a cricket match or swinging a golf stick or something like that... anyways,, i was trying out different celebrations and found it(0:09) was different so just shared it :-) hope you like it...
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Skyrim: Cloning Hawks without soul
why is it so that when i kill a hawk,i cant trap its soul although i used a charged deadric bow of souls...... :-(
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Fifa 13: Easy Skill moves accomplishment completion Part 2
this skill move is easier for short players as well as tall players...this one is called roulette...the previous one was easier only for tall ones.... in this way you can easily complete the skill moves accomplishment without any sort of cheating... hope you like it...
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Fifa 13: Free kick from 39 yards
That was freaking sick... I just aimed and just took the shot to give it a go...never thought i could actually score from there...all thanks to the goalkeeper that with 82 free kick accuracy, 87 curve and 80 shot power my winger pro scored and completed the 5th goal from atleast 30 yards... :-)
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FIFA 13:Capital One Cup Final in Arsenal Career mode
Its a 5-0 win for my favorite team arsenal....and of course the celebrations are shown here with the arsenal signature dance.....!!!
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Fifa 13 : Free kick compilation 1
i had to put a lot of effort to make this video... so i would love to have some feedbacks... thank you... :-)
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Skyrim: Unarmed Finishing Moves
i just love these kill cams...!!!
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Skyrim: How to get Goat horns for your house without buying
Just go kill some goats specially in the snowy areas...they have a greater probability of having horns. Good Luck.... :-)
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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: WTF situations in Skyrim
i dint even steal her clothes... :@ i was simply throwing them a little far away... :p ;-) i love being a little naughty in my favourite game... :) :D
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Fifa 13: Cutting through the net
Did you ever see a ball cut through the net....well its shown right here... when i saw this, at first i was confused whether it was a goal or not but then in the replay i was shocked...
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