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GAME OF THRONES - Show Only: R+L=J Theory Scenes
For those who don't want to hear book spoilers, here is the most famous fan theory called R+L=J and the SHOW ONLY scenes that should illuminate it to those paying attention.
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The Unluckiest Suicide Bomber Ever - ArmA 2 (MilGO)
After a complete mess of a mission, we try to evac out and run into an enterprising Opfor player.
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BSG Starbuck - Legends Never Die
This is an OLD video I made a long time ago under the DarthRazorback account that was lost due to some weird YT reason. Anyway, ONE person requested I upload this again so I have. Understand, I made this before I knew much about editing. Also, this was a request by someone from the SyFy forums (he asked for the song and some scenes). So, I did the best I could. :)
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Bear McCreary - Prelude to War the Geek Furious Remix
This is my "remix" of Bear McCreary's playing of Prelude to War on the piano. I took the orchestral version and spliced it in at times. It isn't exactly what I wanted but I had to work around his time differences. You can find the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEhlAA85_tY
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This THE FORCE AWAKENS video is my homage to the 2005 REVENGE OF THE SITH Spectacular shown at Celebration 3. That video was never officially released to the public but a bootleg of the video is linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvKsG3W6178 Music used: "Final Battle" from Van Helsing & "Monfriez's Suicide" from Courage Under Fire. Brief appearance of "Devil's Slide" from Iron Will.
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Rainbow vs. Metallica: KILL THE KING (GeekFurious edit)
What happens when you put the original vs. the cover? Metallica goes toe-to-toe with Rainbow. Ronnie James Dio Rainbow Metallica
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New Mexico Standoff with Jester814
Thanks to Jester814 for inviting me to play with his boys. You can find his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jester814
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Don't Bring 5.56 to a 7.62 Fight
Originally aired live at http://www.twitch.tv/geekfurious | ArmA 3 is the game. MODS used noted below: CBA_A3; BlastCore_A3; JSRS2; mrb_a3_voicestop; outlw_magrepack; RH_M4_A3; rh_pdw_a3; rh_pistol_a3; sthud_a3; VTS_Ballistic; VTS_Gesture; VTS_WeaponResting
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ArmA 3: The Ballad of SERENITY
HOST: http://meatbags.org/ SECOND VIDEO SOURCE: http://www.twitch.tv/taecon SONGS: "The Ballad of Serenity" by Joss Whedon & "Vote With a Bullet" by Corrosion of Conformity
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I Broke Birgirpall
A bunch of Scandinavians went on a ride together in ArmA 2 land. Icelandic was spoken. BirgirPall was mentioned. Cars went flying. And some other weird stuff. MilitaryGaming.org public server 1.
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The forgotten vid. It will get 20 views... GUARANTEED!
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ARMA 3 - Freedom Ringing Shotgun Blasts
Quick game-play footage from 28 March, 2015 with a couple of buddies playing ARMA 3.
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ArmA 3 - Stupid AI Vs Stupid Humans
Hanging with Anthony and gang again.
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Insurgency II - ArmA 2 (MilGO) Blufor & Opfor Sides
From 16 April, 2013... things get a bit nutty. Map and server by http://militarygaming.org
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Geek Furious Tech Services - Disabling Remote Registry
Head Geek Furious demonstrates how to turn off Remote Registry in Windows 7.
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Minecraft - Lt. Dan Gets Legs Back in Vietnam
The Role of Lt. Dan played by CasualSloth. The Role of Daddy is played by GeekFurious. The game is Minecraft. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/geekfurious
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5 Simple Steps to Surviving an Ambush
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Kindle! Fire!
Footage from the OPFOR perspective, 14 December, 2013, via MilGO, MilitaryGaming.Org public server #1: Insurgency 2. All AI civilians set ablaze were harmed in the making of this video.
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Bear McCreary - "Roslin and Adama" the GeekFurious Remix
This is my second remix of Bear McCreary performing his own work on piano. This is made with all respect and reverence to the master.
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FOB Die Hard
Get some popcorn and enjoy the story of FOB Die Hard. Event TIMES NOTED BELOW. 00:15 arrive at future FOB 00:28 observe enemy & ambush 05:00 after action talk 10:38 FOB Cribs 13:57 ambushed 15:27 suicide bomber 17:18 new blood & murder 18:29 "friendlies" & base attacked 1 21:25 supply run & battle 25:00 in the light 27:25 legend of Olli 29:50 "firing range" 30:40 Olli returns 34:29 Olli's whore & priest 35:55 attacked 2 37:35 attacked 3 39:39 attacked 4 42:45 attacked 5 46:09 attacked 6 47:23 attacked 7 49:32 "welcome to FOB Die Hard" 49:50 "the bunny" 50:00 making a plan 50:37 attacked 8 (crazy) 52:12 attacked 9 54:33 attacked 10 57:23 trying to move out 57:57 attacked 11 1:00:00 "America!" 1:00:22 attacked 12 1:01:17 assault on town 1:02:35 friendly fire 1 1:03:02 friendly fire 2 1:03:32 contact 1:05:00 sweep & clear 1:08:22 BROKEN ARROW!
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RPG to the Face! (MilGO) ArmA 2
Gameplay from MilitaryGaming.Org public server #1, 10 November, 2012 - Army.
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ARMA 3 - Black Berets & the Technical!
We returned to the battlefield to suck it up once more. Also, CasualSloth gets shot down.
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ArmA 3 - Low Frame Rate Increase 10+ With No Changes
Specs: GA-970A-UD3, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T, EVGA GeForce GTX 560, Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz, Barracuda 7200RPM 2 TB SATA 6 GB/s 64 MB 2400 view distance. 1400 object draw distance. All settings at high.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Review Podcast (oops LOUD)
THIS LOUD PODCAST features GeekFurious & VladyGG reviewing GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Also talk Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Captain America Winter Soldier. Then give their top Marvel Studio movies and Marvel Universe movies.
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ArmA 3 - Everything Else is Arcade Mode
Anthony and GeekFurious got into some co-op play and saw action. This is just a blurb of much bigger action.
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Band of War - Use the Flute, Fifer
Magnifico and GeekFurious hear Obi-Wan while jamming with the boys.
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Textbook Littlebird Insertion
MilitiaryGaming.Org public server #1. Insurgency 2. TVT (all players human).
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Lauer is a Badass
MilitaryGaming.Org (MilGO) server 1. Lauer pilots his ass off at a hot LZ and saves the day.
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The Self Destruct Button
MilitaryGaming.Org hosted server. Playing OPFOR in Insurgency 2. All human players.
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Secret Password -- or how Anthony offended all my subscribers while playing War Thunder
War Thunder is a FREE TO PLAY game. The password hidden within this video is also free. (there is an audio screwup for a few seconds due to a cut in the video that accidentally got moved over instead of deleted... most people will not notice it but I do and it annoys me but I didn't feel like re-rendering the whole thing again).
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ArmA 3 - A New Way to Kill!
Anthony and friends discover new methods of dealing out death in ArmA 3 Alpha.
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GeekFurious Remix Hate Train Metallica
I created this to demonstrate how totally unnecessary it was for Metallica to toss in the "Fuel" riff that is in this song. Cut it out and you end up with a superior song.
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ArmA 3 (Patrol Ops) - 24 May, 2014
Playing ArmA 3 on http://meatbags.org/ server. Patrol Ops is the mission.
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Sudden End to a Conversation
We were arguing about griefers on the server when someone took it to an extreme.
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ArmA 3 - Saved By a Dead Teammate
About to die... teammates dropping around me, when...
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Band of War - aim 2 misbeehayv four lief
Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars is the game. No maturity included. If you get easily annoyed by people having fun, don't watch.
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Formation Flying - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
A-10 and a Chinook in formation going on a mission. Wait for it. ArmA 2. Armed Assault.
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Written, performed, shot, and edited by GeekFurious. A Films of Fury Ltd super short.
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Insurgency - Hardcore FPS Pr0n
21 June 2014: Insurgency with CasualSloth & Fartpants. Originally aired on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/geekfurious/
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The Master Plan
27 November, 2013, OPFOR came up with a plan to hold back BLUFOR. The following is the story of that battle. MilitaryGaming.org, public server #1. Insurgency 2. TVT.
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DayZ Standalone Ep. 2: 144 Virgins
Apeles & GeekFurious continue their adventure in DayZ land. And this time they find the No-Name Town. Apparently this got views so now I will make at least one more. ;)
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The Australian Badass Part 2: Heavy Firepower - ArmA2 (MilGO)
Check below for event times (for those who don't like watching everything): Opening until 8:00 - Lots of base silliness 8:01 until 9:30 - Getting to assault point 9:31 until 11:20 - Receiving orders 11:21 until 24:45 - Assault team executes orders under cover fire 24:46 until End - Return to base silliness
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Alderman's Bang Bus & Thornhill's Morons (MilGO)
Alderman takes his group of nutbags on a fun ride through town. Then Thornhill shows us noobs how it's done. MilitaryGaming.Org public & event server gameplay. ArmA 2 - Insurgency 2 ArmA 2 - MSO Armed Assault
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Instant Karma - Glock vs. AK
MilGO Insurgency 2 - TVT (all players human). Sudden action. Quick results. militarygaming.org public server.
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Sole Survivor
Surrounded. No hope of survival. Take some of them with us. MilGO. MilitaryGaming.org public server #1. Insurgency 2.
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Black Hawk Down of Minecraft
7 insane minutes of complete stupidity by CasualSloth and GeekFurious. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/geekfurious
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28 Problems
MeatBags http://meatbags.org/ 17 May, 2014 gameplay. Game is ArmA 3 aka Armed Assault III.
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MilitaryGaming.Org server. Insurgency 2. 30 August, 2013.
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"Ahhhhhhh! How Copy?" RPG Edition
I kill some BLUFOR with an RPG. It's super exciting. Game is ArmA 2 (Armed Assault 2) on the MilGO public server #1, Insurgency 2. PVP/TVT.
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"Sniper God" vs the Idiots (MilGO)
This is essentially reverse story telling. BLUFOR and OPFOR perspectives.
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