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Terraria Biomes -- Bioshpere [HQ]
A Biosphere and town and a little bit of multiplayer gameplay my friend and I made. We collected everything ourselves and everything was made from scratch. It took a lot of time but was really fun to make.
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Cincinnati Bengals 2012 Draft Class
Video Highlights of the Incoming Bengals Draft Picks of 2012 1 (17) Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama 1 (27) Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin 2 (53) Devon Still DT Penn St. 3 (83) Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers 3 (93) Brandon Thompson DT Clemson 4 (116) Orson Charles TE Georgia 5 (156) Shaun Prater CB Iowa 5 (166) Marvin Jones WR California 5 (167) George Iloka FS Boise St. 6 (191) Dan Herron RB Ohio St.
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Killing Witches and Gathering Their Heads in Skyrim
This is the Companions guild quest "Blood's Honor" where you have to clear out the cave of witches...
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Boethiah's Calling [HQ] (How to get Full Ebony Armor)
Here is a simple walkthrough for those who need help on how to do the Boethiah's quest. Important things to note: 1. Make sure to bring a companion you don't care about to be sacrificed. In order to trap them, talk to the and tell them you need them to do something and then touch the pillar. The rest is cake, just kill people. 2. And you don't have to kill the camp stealthily even though it says so. If you are unable to get the quest some people have said they were able to start it at "Gloombound mine"
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How to make an Infinite Water Source in Terraria [HQ]
Here is a tutorial on how to make an infinite waterfall in Terraria. I made this in version 1.06.1 and it still worked. Best is to use 8 blocks on the right and 11 on the left. You don't have to use glass but I really like it with it
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Skyrim Ice and Fire Mage Gameplay [HQ]-- Purity of Revenge
Purity of Revenge gameplay with my Fire and Frost mage doing one of the last quests for the companions guild
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Frost Troll in Skyrim is Trolling???
I Decided to try and freeze a frost troll with the "Ice Form" Shout and he started to bug out and fly everywhere.
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Terraria 1up Mushroom and Hellivator
This is my second part of my crated world in Terraria. I have been working on this for a few months off an on and have put a lot of time into it. If you have any questions on how I made anything let me know and I'll do my best to try help you.
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Gauldur Amulet - Forbidden Legend Skyrim
Video of me beating the 3 bosses in Skyrim for the Forbidden Legend quest. My reward was the Gauldur Amulet. Pretty nice buffs too. +30 to Stamina, Health and Magica. For those who have can't find the amulet fragment on the body use the code player.additem 000F1C17 "1" Song is called "Complicated" by Deadmau5 and I do not own the rights to the song.
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Don't hurt the Chickens in Skyrim...
Apparently the guards like to protect their chickens...
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Skyrim Glitched Falmer
I killed a Falmer and he glitched into some sort of walking animation. I guess it is to be expected from a Bethesda game..
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Fus Ro Dah!!! Fainting Goats
Fus Ro Dah!! - The goats used to be fine, but then they took an arrow to the knee. - I do not own the rights to the audio or video. I got the video from National Geographic and the audio from Skyrim.
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