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SCB Skelemental Map 2
Updated. :P I do not own the song played in this video. 'Turn Up the Speakers' was created by Afrojack & Martin Garrix.
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Slime Cauldron - SCB Map Submission
This is what happens when I'm stuck by myself for 2 weeks with a laptop and no internet. I do not own the music played in this video. 'Feathers' was made by MUST D!E. The map, however, is owned by me, Duskhawk... but I give permission to the owners of Super Craft Brothers to use it as they please on their server.
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masterabeppv Hacking Evidence Video
I know! Let's spend $25 on VIP! I know! Let's hack, get banned and throw away the $25 we spent on VIP!
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c13chom Hacking Evidence Video
Another asshole to be banned. I'm sick of this.
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Marchiggins Hacking Evidence Video
Another idiot roaming a great server. ._.
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WoIfgang18 Hacking Evidence Video
I've never actually seen hacks this powerful... and never someone so dumb.
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Harry ZX Evidence Video
This video is purely evidence for a hacking accusation on Minecade. The reason as to why it is being uploaded to YouTube is because after 2 attempts of uploading it to the Minecade site and waiting for a whole hour, it hadn't even uploaded 1%
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Does AbortedGamer Hack?
What do you think? I'm fifty fifty on this one and I don't want to waste a mod's time.
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When the hackusater is the hacker.
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TheG33k ADAM  Hacking Evidence Video
Complete 5 year old or complete retard? That we will never know.
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theowner0 Hacking Evidence Video
This guy was such a bad hacker, we managed to get him down to one. Sayonara theowner0...
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Bimse909 Hacking Evidence Video
Bimse909, your local dumbass.
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SCB Skelemental Map Video
This is a little map I made for Super Craft Bros. It's nothing official, just an concept. Disclaimer: I do not own the song played in this video. 'Heat' was created by Vicetone.
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Mountasian Fly Hacks Evidence Video
This guy bet 50 gems on this duel... and of course, as soon as he starts losing, he turns on his fly hacks. Enjoy your ban, Mountasian.
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xavierat54 Hacking Evidence Video
Say goodbye to your $60 of perks... Hope your parents don't get pissed at you. =P
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