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Dollie Ballet: Cute Girls Having Fun
These poor girls' parents never bought them any proper dollies, so the girls find fun where they can: Playing with garage dollies. They're pathetic. Becky Zed and I just hugged each other and cried. It's so sad.
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Future Strippers of America
A couple of girls having fun with some music, a camera, and on a bed, they are barely dressed mind you.
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Vibrator Boyfriend
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2 lesbian  having fun real fun
heres is 2 girls having real fun
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girls having fun
girls in a club in leeds
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Tribute To The Slashy Girls On Movies (Gay Themed)
This is a fan music video with scenes of girls that love watch boys that touch , kiss etc.. you get the idea meaning: slashy girls! Warning: Just in case the title Gay Themed isn't enough for you to form and idea of waht this video is about and the explanation above.. well if you don't like to watch men being affectioned with each other meaning is: Gay , Slash , Yaoi , homoerotic etc..mv then this defently isn't your cup of tea , all the rest who doesn't have a problem with that are most welcome! Don't claim to own any of the material used to make this music video . *Just having Fun* Hope you enjoy it! :)
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Girls Just wanna Have Fun
Two Girls having a blast tossig M&M's back and forth at each other... Too bad i couldnt join in.
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suck away joe
guys and girl having fun beating the crap out of each other
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sisters having fun
just me and my sister
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GiRls GoNe WiLd!
2 girls going to each otha just for fun
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Beautiful lesbi nude having fun
Rider licking girls babes weird drunk shaking seduced partying pyssy
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Two Lesbian College Girls
I bet you gonna be all crazed up when you see the lesbians touching and kissing each other.
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Boys & Girls: The Kiss
Amanda Detmer & Claire Forlani share a kiss in a scene from the underated Boys & Girls.
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All4tubekids Little Adventures In April (Girls Having Fun)
Brittany and Brianna are having fun with their little adventures in April. Here you will find many small video clips of All4tubekids adventures. We start at home and end up exploring the outdoors and the playground. Then we take a long ride to the ball field for a few baseball games. You never know what state our next ball game will be in. Please comment and rate our videos. All comments are screened by Brittany and Brianna's father before they are approved for public display. This is part of our procedures to help keep our channel clean and safe for all ages. To help keep our channel safe we screen all subscribers and remove them as needed on a daily basis. Please check your subscriptions and favorites to see if your channel is acceptable for children before subscribing to us or making friends requests with all4tubekids. Thank you for watching! © by All4tubekids. All rights reserved
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U GROW GIRL! is on the move! We are truly blessed and highly favored! Tea Thyme 2008 was an opportunity for autonomous groups of U GROW GIRL! women to come together and meet as oneE Pluribus Unum out of many one. In the beauty of a sunny Southern California Saturday afternoon, U GROW GIRL! leaders (aka Leading Ladies) gathered to declare and affirm the value and uniqueness of each woman in her group. Currently, there are U GROW GIRL! groups based in Los Angeles, Inglewood, Compton, and San Pedro. Afternoon tea proved to be the perfect setting for GIRLz from across the southland to meet and greet one another. The women ranged in age from 21 to 80 years young. There was no generational barrier! In fact, the opposite was true. Several mother-daughter duos were present and Marenda was joined by her mother and grandmother. Now thats an example of crossing the generational divide while living and leaving a legacy! In the tradition of afternoon tea, the women arrived wearing hats, gloves, and hearts prepared to be blessed. There was a selection of gloves provided for anyone who did not have gloves on hand. And yes, there were some GIRLz who had just gotten their coifs done and they wore hats in spirit. The collective spirit was absolutely tea-rific! The linen was crisp, the tea cups and china sparkled, cloth napkins and eclectic rings adorned each place setting, and food was in abundance. The assortment of teas, petite sandwiches, fruit, dips, nuts, and desserts was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Pinkies were extended as the beau-tea-ful women sipped tea. The decorating details included small elevated tea words (sorori-tea, uni-tea, guaran-tea) scattered throughout the setting. Background music included classical sounds such as Bolero. Leading Ladies Nikki Ace, Joyce Carroll, Aleta Schexnayder, and Marenda Hughes-Taylor stepped front and center to affirm and honor each of the women in her group. The Leading Ladies recognize the giftedness and value of every one of her women and that message was conveyed for all to hear. Each of the GIRLz was blessed and affirmed individually, by her leader and collectively by the other women. Each woman received a custom decorated Tea Bag (aka gift bag) with items to commemorate the afternoon. Guests who were present were affirmed and blessed and got a little taste of U GROW GIRL! love! The speaker for the afternoon was Rev. Theresa Francis-Smith. She shared from the heart and touched hearts for eterni-tea. Theresa encouraged the GIRLz to Be Still and Know That I Am God. Everyone present was able to take away words by which to g-r-o-w. Ms. Sharee Stephenson shared her gift of dance. Sharee blessed the group with liturgical dances to Stand and Let Go and Let God. She received plen-tea of love and a standing ovation as she ushered the GIRLz into the presence of the Holy One. Tea Thyme 2008 was a dream that came true! It would not have been possible without the collective efforts of the Leading Ladies and the GIRLz! Leading Ladies Nikki, Joyce, Aleta, and Marenda are absolutely tea-rific women who from their overflow of love, are able to pour into the lives of other women. They give unselfish leadership at monthly meetings and consistently explore ways to build up and enhance womens lives. I tip my hat and take off my gloves in their honor! If you are interested in growing and have a few friends who want to grow, U GROW GIRL! may be just what youve been looking for. Starting a group is simple. The growth is tremendous and the foundation is solid, which is the Bible. Its so much easier to do life successfully in connection with other like-minded women. Womens voices are heard; connections are made; growth is achieved, and all while having f-u-n. No cloning! Each group has its own dynamic and direction. The focus and flavor of each group reflects the goals and needs of those who meet. Whats your flavor? Now is the time to make plans to grow financially, spiritually, or relationally. I would love to meet with you and explore the possibilities! U GROW GIRL! http://www.ugrowgirl.com
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Samantha & Hailey playin in the kitchen
The girls having fun playing with each other and our cat Macki.
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Duel at the Mall
Road rage and class war escalate into a demolition derby at the local mall. Way too much testosterone!
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Dogs having fun
Our dog (Sydney the lab) play fights with Jackson the golden retriever. Sydney is the one making all the noise! And yes, trust me, this is all just innocent fun as they both love it and take turns chasing each other.
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Outrageous Fun
We got kinda thrown off by this Australian guy that worked at the boat rental place.
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twin fun  - One year old
The boys are loving life and loving each other. We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoy watching them.
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baby having fun
my daughter is very fun and she is an angel, she just amaze me all the time
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Racism Can Be Fun!
http://www.phillyd.tv Todays Stories And More Below ----------------------------------- Win $3k every week!: http://www.stumpmonk.com Dad uses stun gun on baby: http://www.phillyd.tv/?p=234 Women Slapping Each Other: http://www.phillyd.tv/?p=232 Hookers for Jesus: http://www.phillyd.tv/?p=229 All of the stories in today's video: http://www.phillyd.tv/?p=235 -------------------------- In advance to all the OMG YOURE A RACIST COMMENTS...its less of me being racist and more me having fun with blanket stereotypes.
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Adults & Play, Fun & Playtime not Just for Young Boy & Girls, Teens or Getting Drunk
Be My Friend http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth CLICK MORE INFO FOR RELATED VIDEOS Visit Radhia's Website at http://www.advancedhealthinstitute.com/ http://www.aimmd.com/ Adults & Play, Fun & Playtime not Just for Young Boy & Girls, Teens or Getting Drunk - The importance being silly and having fun and laughing to be happy. Related Video What Your Purpose in Life? Reason to Live, Psychology http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nKj4-t4Zxs Sexual & Intimate Relationships, Mental Health & Wellness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBjTR4D0nF4 Too Lazy To Live? Nutrition, Vitamins, Exercise, Wellness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hm9TCvDuHI What is Certified Clinical Nutritionist or CCN? Nutrition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMiBuAWvDB0 Diet Weight Loss Secret Healthy Tips - Clinical Nutrition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh875P71MLY Truth about Fat, Trans Fat, Saturated Fat & Nutrition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgjxPH_jaJk War Against Alternative Health Care & Nutrition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR3IuJ2CPyU Detox Toxic Substance from Your Body, Clinical Nutrition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfBgVStqdxI Don't Worry, Be Happy, The Secret to Life & Good Health http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4e1lupvCU8 Radhia Gleis is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, C.C.N. She is also a Certified BioNutritional Analyst. She has a Ph.D. in pastoral counseling and a M.Ed. in nutrition. She is a professional member of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, (I.A.A.C.N), and the American Naturopathic Medical Association (A.N.M.A.). This video was produced by Psychetruth http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://psychetruth.blogspot.com/ Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul http://www.tubemogul.com © Copyright 2008 AHI Productions. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus
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My KInd of Girls!
Family fun in the rain
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Having Fun
In the Girls Bathroom having a blast Me,Amanda,Ryan and MiMi
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Aiken Twin Babies Loving Each other
Twin Baby girls 8 months old in crib
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freak teenagers wrestling
Me and my friends at my girl friends house having fun wrestling each other.
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Why Girls Don't Fart...
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How to Throw a Slumber Party
Watch more How to Throw a Theme Party videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/28673-How-to-Throw-a-Slumber-Party Slumber parties can either be really cool or really lame. Make sure yours is the fun kind. Step 1: Plan the guest list Sit down with a parent several weeks in advance and discuss the guest list. Four to six girls is usually a good number. Tip Generally speaking, it’s more fun to have a few good friends spend the night than a lot of guests who may not get along. Step 2: Spread the word Invite people—by written invitation, email, or word-of-mouth—at least four weeks in advance. Tip Include in your invitation what the guests need to bring—their own pillow, a sleeping bag, a blanket, etc. Step 3: Make a list With your parent’s help, figure out everything you’ll need for the party, from snacks and beverages (pizza is always popular and easy) to paper goods and decorations to breakfast items for the next morning. Tip Buy a few inexpensive pillows and some extra toothbrushes to have on hand. Step 4: Plan some activities Think about fun things to do. Make jewelry? Experiment with makeup? Do each other’s hair? Play dress-up? Have a karaoke contest? Make prank calls? Hypnotize each other? Tip Consider having a theme for your slumber party, like a scary movie marathon, an indoor campout, or spa night. Step 5: Prepare for guests The day of the slumber party, clear and decorate a large area where you and your friends can party/sleep. Tip Put some nightlights around for middle-of-the-night bathroom visits. Step 6: Welcome guests as they arrive Now it’s time to see who can stay up the latest! Did You Know? Ninety-six percent of preteen and teenage girls have attended at least one slumber party.
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Rufus and Lily - All that I want
My first Lily/Rufus vid! It's xmas time and Rufus tells Lily he misses her, and they both think about how much they really want each other. I know it's not Xmas right now, but this song is sooo cute I couldn't resist! Please let me know what you think! I don't own any of the music or clips!! Just having fun with them!
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Tyra Banks - Girl on Girl Kissing
What are bisexuals? Straight girls kissing each other for fun. Based on the song "I kissed a girl" Tyra finds out to what a typical night out is for the ladies. Please subscribe♥
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Twin Toddler Meltdown
Twins are double the love, double the fun, and double the toddler meltdowns. I don't even know why they were crying in this video. I just thought it was funny that they were playing off of each other and crying because the other was crying.
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Too many girls, only three boys ep1
~ at the park~ Ashley: * holds nick`s hand* you know i`m having a good time nick *smiles* Nick: * blushes* well, since miley broke up with me i thought i could give you a chance. Ashely: * giggles* i`ll be there for you nick! better than miley, i`ll stay forever with you!! Nick: * looks over shoulder then turns quickly to ashely and kisses her* ashley: *blushes* Miley: * walks into park and sees nick and ashley* WHAT??????!!! Nick: * stops kissing ashley* Miley!! ashley: * snooty look* miley... Miley: * gives look back* ashley... Nick: Miley?? what are you doing here??!! Miley: * puts hand on hip* well, i was going to sy i`m sorry and i want to get back together but after i seen THIS??!! I DON`T THINK SO!! *storms off* Nick: Miley!!! * sighs* ashley, i better get home. seeya * walks out of park* Ashley: okay, * looks at sky* seeya! ( thinks: i wonder if he still has feelings for her??) ~ At Nick`s place~ Nick: * walks in door* hey i`m back! kevin: Hi nick. Joe: hey nick. selena: HI nick!!! Tasha: sup nick?? why you back so early from your date with ashley?? Nick: things...came up... i seen... Tasha and joe: you seen miley there??? Nick: ( mumbles and thinks: how do they know??!!) yea, i was kissing ashley and miley walked into the park and seen us. she came to say she wnated to get back together again.. then she changed her mind. Kevin: oohhh. selena: i see..... Nick: besides that, what are selena and tasha doing here? aren`t their parents gonna get worried?? Kevin: don`t worry i`m driving them home after. Joe: * turns t.v. on* i`m bored! lets watch t.v. tasha: * smiles and hugz joe* Okay! selena: sure! * t.v. turns on to the song pushing me away by the jonas brothers* Joe: Oh sweet!! our new song is on!! * grabs tasha* Kevin: yes!! * grabs selena* Nick; * sees ashley outside of window and goes brings her in* hi ashley! Ashley; hi, i came over to stay with you, is that ok?? nick: *smirks* sure! * grabs ashley* * nick dances with ashley* ~Later that night~ * nick,kevin,and joe are cleaning up after their mini party* Joe: * points to Tasha and selena* look they fell alseep! Kevin: * groans* better wake 'em up... Joe: no! * pushes kevin away* leave them! they`re in the middle of a sleep. Kevin: oh, alright! ~ in miley`s room~ Miley: i miss him!! i`ll phone hi mand tell him how much i miss him!! *dials nick`s number* * nick picks up and miley hesitates* Nick: Hello? who is this? Miley: * snaps out of it* Nick?? hi! its miley. Nick: i can tell its you just by that voice * laughs* Miley: *smiles* anyways.... nick....i still..... Nick; you still what?? Miley: i still like you!! Nick: you do???? why didn`t you tell me before?? Miley: I tried! * falls on her bed* but i saw you kissing ms. blondie OVER AT THE PARK! so i didn`t bother. Nick: oh, i see... look miley, if you wanna come over tommorow we can have a girlfriend debate. Miley: * sits up* a girl friend debate? whats that? Nick: dunno, something joe and kevin made up. they said its fun watching other girls pull on each others hair. anyways, i need to go. seeya tommorow! Miley: bye! *hangs up* Nick: *sighs and hangs up* tommorow`s gunna be rough! ~downstaris~ Ashley: * sees nick* oh hi nick!! Nick: hi.. ashley: * baby face* whats wrong?? Nick: its nuthin you can fix.. Ashley: not even a kiss can fix it? Nick; * sighs* no, not even a kiss ( ashley interrupts nick with a long kiss) can fix it. ashley: * smiles* so , ya all better now?? Nick: Yea, so what are you--( sees ashley fallen alseep on the couch) Nick: * tucks ashley in the covers on couch and kisses her forehead* goodnight, A baby. ~ THE END OF EPISODE ONE!!!~ plz rate and comment!!! Tasha and joe: did you see miley there??
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7Vince7 Clan Wars
Having fun at clan wars, 2 big teams against each other, btw i'm lvl 79 and i survived! Everyone involved is named at the end of vid.
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Laugh It Up Girls...
The other night, after I had filmed the previous video that I posted, I started to tickle both of the girls while making a strange noise. Well, both girls just started laughing like no other and luckily I was able to capture it on film. The only bad thing was I could not do the sound long enough because it started to hurt my throat.
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unexspected love ep5
READ HERE comment and rate ~there all just staring at eachother~ nick-is there a reason why you glaring at me? nat-*ingnores his comment* what are you doing here? rosalina-cooper said i could come nat-*still has his arm around patrice* remind me to deal with cooper later*takes his arm off of patrice and walks to the living room* patrice-im just gonna go...with nat*goes in and sits by nat* rosalina-alrite come on*rosalina sits on the other coach with nick* cooper-um we ready for practice? nat-yeah*kinda mad* patrice-what song? nat-i acurally have a new song ~nat sings "i indeed can see*...while he sings it he looks at rosalina constantly~ nat-so what do you think guys? cooper-deep david-yeah nick-i thought it was pretty lame nat-*gets mad* i didnt ask for your imput now did i! nick-you said guys! nat-"guys" as in my guys,MY BAND! nick-whats your problem dude!*stands up* nat-*gets in his face* your my problem!! patrice-*pulls nat away* nat calm down plz...i liked your song nat-*looking at nick* thanks rosalina-*just sits on the coach* nat-*see's her* so what your just gonna sit there! rosalina-huh? nat-your lill boyfriend just dissed my song and your just gonna sit there?!! nick-mebe she dont like it either! rosalina-i never said that! nat-what ever! patrice-nat i gotta go my mom wants me home by 5 nat-alrite ~nat walks her to the front door~ nat-thanks for comming*kisses her on the cheek* patrice-no problem,see you tomorrow*she leaves* rosalina-*saw them kiss and gets kind mad* nat-*goes back to the living room* now i think pretty boy should leave! nick-escuse me? nat-did i studder! rosalina-*stands in between them* nat thats enough! nat-o so now you speak up! rosalina-you cant talk to my boyfriend like that! nat-he dissed my song! rosalina-so!! nat-JUST GET OUT! rosalina-*surprised cuz he yelled in her face* fine... nick-*pushes nat on his way out* by twerp! nat-see you later pretty boy*slams the door and it kinda hit him in the butt* cooper-nat.. nat-i cant believe you did this! cooper-im so sorry man i thought you liked her.. nat-well you thought wrong! cooper-im sorry nat-forget it..*goes to his room* ~the next day at lunch period~ nat-*not having fun like that other guys who are goofing around* guys im just gonna go to class cooper-alrite by guy-bye dude ~nat goes to the hall way~ nat-*see's nick kissing some girl* having fun rosalina*they pull apart and it isnt rosalina* nick-do you mind twerp! nat-does rosalina know about this!? nick- no and i plan to keep it that way rite! nat-YOUR BASTARD*tackel nick to the ground and starts to beat him up* rosalina-*comes to the hallway and see's nat* NAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!*runs and helps nick* nat-defending you! rosalna-what? nick-he's lieing! nat-your lieing! he was makeing you with some girl just 2 secounds ago! rosalina-is that true? nick-no ofcorse not i love you..! rosalina-.... nat-your gonna believe him! rosalina-he's my boyfriend,and you were mad cuz he didnt like you song! nat-*punches the lockers* THIS IS BULLSHIT ROSALINA! rosalina-i dont know who's telling the truth nat-*thinks* I'VE GOT PROOF ~nat takes off running~ whats nats proof?? will rosalina dump nick?? stay tuned!
Views: 689 XXyyDeMoNXXyy
Move,by dream girls!!Have to watch
PLEASE READ,VERY IMPORTANT: Okay i no this is not good!But we were just having fun.So it was after we took competition pictures,then we went back to our dance studio and had a party and did each others dances!At the end we all got up and did our large group jazz!So i taped it!!!Don't give me bad comments,we were just having fun so don't be picky!!I hope you enjoy!And btw this is not me laughing and talking
Having Fun With The Monkees
My best friend Becky and I had a Monkees Marathon day on May 22. Instead of frying our brains out with continuous DVD watching, we took breaks in between episodes to goof off. But still the Monkees were the only thing on our minds!
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punching each other
Views: 3024 itsbethh
LIbby giving tina a lift!
just the girls having fun
Views: 1423 Tina S
The Girls using the Computer
Ally and Morgan using the computer and trying to navigate YouTube.com
Views: 2198 hlsasha
Too Good To Be True (JB love story) Ch.32
After everyone's Dedication-Fest, they'd sung Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, and any other songs that they liked. Maddy was so hurt, even mad a little, and decided to sing Girlfriend anyway, but she sang it with Olivia so that it looked like she was just having fun singing the song, and not as a message for Nick and Gabby. Other than that, everybody sang what they liked. Maddy discovered that she and Mikhayla shared a love for Jessica Simpson, so they sang With You together. Joe did many Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson songs. Briana joined in a few of them, imitating whoever they were singing. He had tried to do the Moon Walk during Beat It, but he had ended up tripping on the mic cords while going backwards. Frankie dragged Nick up on the stage so they could sing Higher Love together. (All of the girls had melted into nothing at that.) And so on. The girls even managed to make the boys sing one of their own songs, actually playing the instruments live. Briana was so happy and hyper since the song from Kevin, that she kept on saying, "This is the best night of my life!" Sometime during karaoke, Frankie had fallen asleep, and Kevin had volunteered to take him back to their room, and then come back for more singing. After they'd gotten out of the karaoke bar, they realized it was almost 11:30pm. That means they'd been singing for 5 to 6 hours straight. Wow. They'd been having so much fun they didn't notice. They walked over to their mini-cottages, and said goodbye to each other as the boys went into theirs and the girls went into theirs. "Nick, come over here," Joe said, closing the door behind him as Nick jumped face first onto the bed. Nick obeyed, getting up and walking over to his brother. "What is it?" "You IDIOT!" Joe yelled, smacking Nick on the head. "Ow!" Nick rubbed his head, confused. "What'd I do?" "You don't even realize that?" Joe asked back. "You really ARE an idiot!" When Nick's confused expression didn't fade away, Joe said, "Maddy, dude, Maddy. How could you sing that Timbaland song to her?" "Um," Nick said, carefully choosing his words. "It described how I felt?" "You IDIOT!" Joe yelled again, smacking Nick's head for the second time. Nick had said "Ow!" again, but Joe ignored it and just kept talking. "Dude don't you realize she REALLY likes you? And you totally like her back!" he said. "Forgive her already! When she, well, sort of used you, she was just a little star struck on the handsome Joe! Don't freaking blame her." Nick couldn't help cracking a smile. Even if they were in a mini-fight, at least his brother still had a sense of humor. Or maybe Joe was serious about the whole "handsome" thing? ...It was possible. "Joe has a point," Kevin joined in. "Just keep it down. Frankie's sleeping in the next room." "Thank you," Joe said, in a more small voice than before. "And how's it with you and Briana?" "Well, we're officially a couple." He announced proudly. "Yeah, we know that part." Nick said, happy that the conversation had moved on from him to Kevin. "Anything new?" When Kevin shrugged, Nick reached over and smacked Kevin on the head, shouting "You IDIOT!" imitating Joe. "Very true," Joe said, grinning, obviously trying not to start laughing. "But Nicholas Jerry Jonas, this does not mean you are off the hook, young man." Nick raised one eyebrow. "Just forgive her," Kevin said. "You like her, right?" "Well..." "Good. Great. Awesome." Joe said, cutting Nick off. "Now, my dear brother, you are starting to walk the road of Non-Stupid-ness." Nick and Kevin stared at him. "Dude, you DO know you make no sense, right?" Kevin asked. "Joe knows he be making no sense," Joe announced, yawning. Nick and Kevin looked at each other, making a face, and the three of them started laughing. They started getting ready for bed, and in about and hour time, they were ready to fall asleep. Except Nick. He was pretty much wide awake. "You know what?" He said. "I'm just gonna go for a quick walk outside. You guys go to bed." "'Kay," Joe and Kevin said together sleepily as each of them crawled into their beds.
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Shamu attacks and kills Pelican during show
I was at SeaWorld San Diego on the 20th Feb 08 and attended the Shamu Killer Whale "Believe" show. During this show, Shamu lived up to his Killer Whale name. During the show a Pelican landed on the water. This proved to be a big mistake for this unfortunate bird. To capture this video I guess I was in the right place at the right time...I wish I could say the same for the Pelican. Suddenly out of nowhere one of the whales lunged at it from underneath the water, caught it in it's jaws, and dragged the bird under the water, thus drowning it. The other whales in the pool, with the exception of the whale that was at the front of the pool with a girl from the audience, all disappeared under the water ignoring their trainers. You can clearly see the trainer in the forground use the intercom to tell the others to get the Pelican off the water or to distract the whales from going near it. Obviously this didn't work. As the whale gets the Pelican, you can see the trainer in the foreground put his hands to his head and yell at the trainers on the main stage. He then pushes the girl from the audience back away from the water and clear of any danger. At this point the show's music was still blaring out of the speakers, but it was obvious to the audience the show had not gone as planned. Some of the trainers tried to continue on as if nothing had happened and continued the dance moves. Meanwhile the whales still hadn't surfaced and had their catch at the bottom of the pool. Eventually one whale did surface, as did the limp body of the pelican. The whales then pushed it around the surface for a while and then tore it apart in front of the audience. Eventually the trainers got back the attention of the whales and managed to lure them backstage to the holding pen, leaving bits of pelican floating around in the pool. Once the trainers had the whales securely locked up, they then went about retrieving the Pelican parts from the pool. Since the show had been cut short, the bewildered audience responded with clapping and cheering as each part of the Pelican was retrieved from the pool. Upon leaving the pool and entering the back stage viewing area, I was amazed to see the behaviour of one of the whales who was regurgitating either parts of the recently killed pelican, or maybe it was fish, and it was feeding them to a group of birds near the pool. It almost seemed like it was trying to lure the birds closer and grab one of them. The trainers witnessed this too, and given what had just happened during the show, they distracted the whales from this area and held them at the other end of the pool until the audience had left the area. I guess what the audience witnessed during this show is that even though these animals appear to be domesticated in captivity, they are still wild animals and their "Killer Whale" instincts are still in tact. Having witnessed what I did, there is no way I'd get in the pool with them. Youtube will only let me upload 10 minutes of this footage but I have heaps more. Unfortunately the video as presented here on Youtube is very grainy. The origanal footage is much clearer as it was shot in High Definition and in 16:9 Wide Screen.
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Stripping fun
Sara and Sascha having fun
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Nate/Peyton with Blair and Chuck Part 2 #1
ok first off let me say how sorry it took me to finish this.My old computer kept shutting down and erasing my work :( but I got a new computer! So parts 3 and 4 won't take as long.I worked really hard on this so please let me know what you think.I just started using Sony Vegas and it kept freezing up so Im sorry for any mistakes. Also don't think to much into the ending...you never know it might turn around ;) and it has a shocking ending. NOTES IN CASE YOU GET CONFUSED. -Picks up where the last one ends.Peyton and Nate are trying to stay away from each other but they see/ think of each other all the time. -Theres a ball where a jealous nate(provoke by chuck who has his own intents.) attacks Peyton's date.Blair is confused at this and looks at Peyton who just looks back. -Peyton finds Nate and asks him what she can do to make everything go back to normal.She thinks about what they have been though (They started as friends but grow into something more.It ended when Nate tried to give P his grandmothers ring but Peyton realizes that they could never work because it was wrong.Nate gets mad leaves and Peyton lives the city.) -Blair confronts Nate about what happened at the ball. -Blair tells Peyton about masquerade the ball she is having.Peyton doesn't want to go but Blair convinces her. -Chuck sees Peyton and confess that hes been there for Blair when Nate wasn't and that hes in love with her.He wants peyton to help him get Blair. -Nate sees Peyton go into the restroom and when she gets out..confesses his feelings and kisses her.Peyton runs away. -Blair sees Nate kiss Peyton. PART 2 # 2 -Peyton visits her old favorite vacation house. The girl that lives there invites her in and shows her something from the past. -Blair was about to forgive Nate for kissing peyton until he confesses his past with her.Blair kicks him out. -Gossip Girl writes about whats been going on. -Blair confronts Peyton.She reads her a letter she found in Nate's room that he wrote to Peyton after she left.Peyton is speechless and Blair tells her she wants nothing more to do with her. -P,N,B,C think about the people they love and must all make a decision. -Chuck looks for Blair. *****I do not own any of the clips/music used in this video...this is strictly for fun!
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girls playing with water ballons part 4
4 girls throwing water ballons at each other with pins on hat
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Milly and Lacey - You're My Best Friend, And I Love You
I wanted to do a video that showed the relationship between Milly and Lacey. I wanted something a little more meaningful, but this song works really well too. No matter what, the girls are there for each other. They're each other's number 1's. Even when they're in relationships, the first person to go to is their sister. SONG: My Best Friend ARTIST: Weezer SPOILER WITH EXTRA EXPLANATION: Through graduation, and Lacey leaving for college, and Milly having a baby she has to raise by herself, and through all the break-ups, and their parents fighting, and through the fun times, Milly and Lacey are best friends--and they always will be.
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Tegan and Sara - Banter about the 90s/blossom hats (HQ)
Sara: Did that just happen? Did I hallucinate? The 90s. They're back with a fury(?). Did you hear it? Tegan: The whoop whoop whoop? Yeah. Sara: Is it gonna become cool again? Because Tegan and I are not cool so I feel I have to ask you guys, but, is it gonna become cool again to talk about 90s sitcoms, like, are you guys gonna start wearing those weird blossom hats? I mean, don't. Ok? Just don't. Even when it was happening... Tegan: There's kind of a blossom hat right here in the front row. Sara: That's not a blossom hat. Tegan: I think it's a cool hat and it keeps you warm. Sara: That is not a blossom hat. There was this girl in my high school who took the blossom hat way to far. Like, so far. Tegan: I see pictures of Ted taking the blossom hat to far. Sara: Did you used to wear a Dr Seuss hat in the 90s? You did so. Ted: I didn't! Sara: Did you wear overalls? You did. Get off the stage right now. Ugh. You need to learn a lesson right now and get off the stage. Um, I want met this girl and we were having fun at a party and drinking and we were talking about things we regretted in life, and um, it mostly just turned into what other people must regret in their lives as we didn't do that many things that we regretted, and somehow the blossom hat came up and I was like "oh man, wow, I wish that hadn't happened to that girl, like I feel like she never really lived that down and the person I was talking to was laughing really hard and was like I knew a girl with a blossom hat, like when, in junior high, in high school and she was like last year I was, this was just recently that we had this conversation, and she was like I was at this party and I can't tell you, I mean, I'll just tell you, I mean, I don't condone drug use but I feel guilty especially as we're in a church, and there's a lot of kids, so I apologise, it wasn't me on drugs, but anyways, my friend was on drugs and Tegan: who is this?! Sara: I don't wanna say. And she was on drugs and a girl at the party had the blossom hat and for whatever reason, my friend, lets just say her name was Jane, my friend Jane said she tried to avoid this girl all night long because like on drugs she became obsessed with this girls blossom hat, she was like oh my god the girl with the blossom hat! And every time she would go somewhere it would seem like the blossom hat was following her, like she would go to the bathroom and the blossom hat girl would come out of the bathroom, she'd go to the kitchen to get water and the blossom hat girl would be there in the kitchen or whatever anyone at one point she was I had to leave the house, I was just convinced that the girl knew and was like torturing me or taunting me with the blossom hat and of course as she went on she said the hat seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger... St. Matthews Church, Halifax - 17th October 2008
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