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Skyrim Mod: Forgotten Magic Redone

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Forgotten Magic Redone http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35339 Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (101)
joshua campbell (1 year ago)
Any spell mods that add good conjure spells not broken only ask cause i down loaded mihails storm golem for xbox one and its broken spell does nothing when u cast it
ivan bernardo (1 year ago)
Is this compatible with ordinator?
Mário Beracko (1 year ago)
Isnt It too overpowered?
Liam Kirkwood (1 year ago)
is this available using the bethesda site
DRoidzzz (1 year ago)
can this mod be on the special edition?(xbox one)because i've tried searching it up but nothing shows up and i really want this mod but i can't figure out how to get it for xbox one
Captain William (1 year ago)
This mod isn't for console is it? (Queue console peasant joke)
Mr. Soup (2 years ago)
anyone know any male oriented magic animation mod
SevenStringShredHead (2 years ago)
Graphiccore (2 years ago)
dat ending.. hillarious XD
just installed and made Solitude reallllyyy sooooolitude :p!
WF visagie (2 years ago)
I bursted out laughing when the guy danced😂
KleisterMeister (2 years ago)
Does this work with the perks from perkus maximus?
KleisterMeister (2 years ago)
+boogie3478 alright thanks
Tacomaholic (2 years ago)
I playing as a fire elementalist with PerMa and Forgotten Magic Redone, and the FMR spells get stronger with the destruction tree perks for flame spells from PerMa.
Jewelyn (3 years ago)
I'm sorry that I ask questions later years, after the modification release , but would like to know , it is possible to enhance the magic school will receive Points of improvements, but I up several skills to level 5 and did not get a single point, or the author has hide that abilities fo some spells?
Catzilla (2 years ago)
Yes. If you level up any single spell all the way, you will earn an 'Affinity Point' in your mod menu. You'll find it in the Forgotten Magic mod menu (from the game's main menu). You can then spend this point on any school of magic and it will make all spells from that school more effective.
ZurzangX (3 years ago)
I wish there was something like this for physical combat. Still downloading this though.
M. Cato (3 years ago)
this is amazing
DeSjeft (3 years ago)
Playing my mage just feels so much better with this mod. using certain spells now feels so rewarding now. One of my favorite mods so far!
Tutterkop (3 years ago)
I can't find the menu to "upgrade" the spells. Or to track the experience...
Dritto (3 years ago)
+Tutterkop Do you have SkyUI?
bgcorporation (4 years ago)
I love your videos and love how you introduce us to new things but I feel this review or introduction did not do it justice sadly. There is so much more that can be said about this mod and I feel it is so underrated.
Zakapturzona Istota (4 years ago)
Hi everyone! I have with fmrs mod configuration Menu: I go to the menu, I get  $FMR, $Devine, etc... 
Nic Joe (3 years ago)
Catzilla (4 years ago)
This is a great mod. With vanilla spells, you always end up with several lower level fire/frost/shock spells that clutter up your inventory, but having spells with perks that can be leveled up is a terrific idea. I think Phoenix Strike and Skyfall are my favorites.
Grym (6 months ago)
bam bam Ordinator is a gimmicky, cluttered mess.
dicker9 (1 year ago)
Thats why people use ordinator, it adds leveling spells depending on your skill.
adamantsea3 (4 years ago)
does this remove the vanilla spells?
adamantsea3 (4 years ago)
lol, k, thanks, i think
WyrdDarcnyzz (4 years ago)
I love that the giant at the end realized that the Dragonborn was stepping to him, and instead of responding to the challenge, just crushed him with his hammer, because he is a giant, and likely doesn't even know how to dance.
Janglesthemonke (7 months ago)
Been 4 years but yeah, I love you.
bifbuzz237 (4 years ago)
Anyone know the console code (cheat) to add xp and talent points? I'm testing something out and I dont want to spend hours of standing in one place raping the mouse buttons.
Jules (3 years ago)
+NEVER LUCKY dumbass
+NEVER LUCKY He didn't comment that,it was a diff person.
Paul (4 years ago)
it's still an old comment ... player.advskill 'skillname' 'exp points' for example player.advskill twohanded 100000 archery is marksman i dont know how to get perkpoints but you can try player.addskillpoint 1 player.modav skillpoint 1 player.forceav skillpoint 1
no (4 years ago)
"Anyone know the *console code (cheat) to add xp and talent points*? "
no (4 years ago)
+Nicolas Francis What are you talking about, you said you wanted a console command to get exp...
Judah Johansen (4 years ago)
I want to use this with SkyRe and Smart Cast... Seems like it will be possible. Anyone try using this with Requiem?
Monjasdecolor (4 years ago)
Best mod ever.
Psycho Insanity (4 years ago)
How your NPC Can dance ??
Ricky A (4 years ago)
+Steve Rejvold FNIS it should be on the nexus. read up on it, it can be confusing.
H H (4 years ago)
What do you mean im American
H H (4 years ago)
It's a dance mod
както гдето (5 years ago)
PaiThan M.E. (5 years ago)
Can someone tell if the spells are overpowered? I really don't like overpowered spells.
Death Request (4 years ago)
they grow along side your character so if you are high level and your normal spells are op then these spells are op
Woody Abram (5 years ago)
Ребят подскажите изволь будто именуется Мелодия(Ну либо Песня) Где в конце пляшет персонаж..Уж весьма понравилось на заблаговременно благодарю..
Ronnie Gullatt (5 years ago)
and the giant said I meant
Ronnie Gullatt (5 years ago)
in the end he was fliping and the said get out of here
Ronnie Gullatt (5 years ago)
He was looking around and the fire ball came strait above him
Gothqueen (5 years ago)
the configerate  spell when u level it up, is really op as hell, u can 1shot most npcs on master
Mathias (5 years ago)
How do I get this "Mod Menu"?
piemaster334 (5 years ago)
It's SkyUi, Look it up.
Green (5 years ago)
Anyone know if this is compatible with SkyRe?
Green (5 years ago)
+PaiThan M.E. Alright, cool, this may go in my load order. Definitely worth a shot.
PaiThan M.E. (5 years ago)
There is a SkyRe patch in the files. So i think it is.
Nords G (5 years ago)
Dam, I could listen to this guy for hours!
Derek J.R. (4 years ago)
+CamoDeFlage Only one guy speaks, though.
DIY Lobotomy (5 years ago)
Chris Nemitz (5 years ago)
kapxis (5 years ago)
Usually love these vids, but i don't think this mod was showcased as well as it actually could of been, I realize the mod has been updated since this vid was made, but things like stormgate, nether rift, versatility of doppelganger, pursuit feature in divine armour among so many others really make the mod shine, not to mention how all the spells directly compliment eachother in each element even before the updates. Since Forgotten Magic first came out I haven't had the need for any other spell mod, it's the best.
kapxis (5 years ago)
+Dayle Chambers lol, haven't seen it spelled that way before I like it. Don't worry, our last names are pretty different.
Green (5 years ago)
+Dayle Chambers Whoa man, that's weird!
Adam E (5 years ago)
I have a suggestion, not that I need this now as ive finally come to get to know the spells, but for people that are new to the mod they may be wondering what the spells are and do, perhaps you could do a video demonstrating and explaining the spells?
F2ID78gh (5 years ago)
lol had a good laught at the end there. what dance mod is that?
Riften Gaurd (5 years ago)
Please do more skyrim steam mods
Admiral Panda (5 years ago)
do the spells scale with skyrim redone perks?
Ωmega (5 years ago)
You probably don't have SKSE and SkyUI installed
Злой Дух (5 years ago)
I'm afraid you're looking in the wrong place. This mod's thread has never been locked.
Drezki (5 years ago)
I saw some poor spell mechanics, design/animations so I installed this mod. Now my Skyrim just crashes on the logo. He has locked his comment thread and doesn't have information on this problem in his page.
LeviaThanAvatar (5 years ago)
no you dont need it he changed his spellmods 2 time his first was "deadly dragon spells" than "Forgotten Magic" and now "Forgotten Magic Redone" i guess he whant to make complete new mods to implement new features
Alunage (5 years ago)
Don't wanna sound noob-ish but do i still need the original mod?
Hikari (5 years ago)
Yeah :D
Nemanja Kuzminac (5 years ago)
what enb are u using ?
Hikari (5 years ago)
... I see that. Who knows ?
malte roppel (5 years ago)
how do i get to the mod menu?
Joe Miller (5 years ago)
Do you think you could do an extensive showcase for this delightful mod? -A subscriber
Ahtinen (5 years ago)
You should do the Thanatos dragon mod! It changes Odahviing into an epic new dragon with new texture! I have tried it and its extremely epic . :D
Ok (5 years ago)
Lol Paladin's spells are exactly the same as World of Warcraft's
Ullanor Von Krieger (5 years ago)
Magic that levels with you? Sweet!!!
Orikon25 (5 years ago)
Alright,I'm done with it.Iv seen it in pictures,videos,and everything else. .... What in the name of Tamriel is the font used in the video? :P :P
Hikari (5 years ago)
There are a ton of mods to feature on the nexus Sometimes many people make videos on the ones that are good They don't need to steal ideas
Quaggz B (5 years ago)
apocalypse spell mod is the best one =) check it out if you havent already.
gowhop (5 years ago)
I wish the Skyrim legendary edition would include popular mods, but I can only dream, and sadly it's only a dream.
QuantumFrost (5 years ago)
You should review black sacrament ninja armour
Michael Gaga (5 years ago)
you guys should be proud of yourselves
Cronirios (5 years ago)
but most of these spells works really nice in skyrim
zebrapadskitta (5 years ago)
wow dat hammer of justice.. looks great!
Filip Petrovic (5 years ago)
so it add World of Warcraft spells in skyrim
Mark Quinn (5 years ago)
Wow. When insane0hflex and Brodual both do reviews of the same mod within two hours of each other, it's worth a look.
Matthew Eisenhour (5 years ago)
seems alot of mods being redone i love new mods but its also nice to see old mods be redone or updated
Brodual (5 years ago)
Nope, it's fully compatible with SkyRe. :)
GoBIGclan (5 years ago)
lol hey babe what are you doing on this video? You talkin to my girl??
Dinomide (5 years ago)
Woaw. Too bad i didn't choose to be a wizard :c
clay pierce (5 years ago)
TDAssassino (5 years ago)
Why are you asking here? You could have done it on the insane0flex's video you just commented lol
Jet The Lightning (5 years ago)
giant is not amused
skyrdix39 (5 years ago)
First comentary
EIAercle (5 years ago)

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