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Cannabis questions: teens get answers

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With legalization on the way, many young Canadians are curious about marijuana. Two teens get answers on everything they want to know about pot. To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4751845 »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYWS Connect with CBC News Online: For breaking news, video, audio and in-depth coverage: http://bit.ly/1Z0m6iX Find CBC News on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1WjG36m Follow CBC News on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1sA5P9H For breaking news on Twitter: http://bit.ly/1WjDyks Follow CBC News on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Z0iE7O Download the CBC News app for iOS: http://apple.co/25mpsUz Download the CBC News app for Android: http://bit.ly/1XxuozZ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» For more than 75 years, CBC News has been the source Canadians turn to, to keep them informed about their communities, their country and their world. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews.ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally recognized team of award-winning journalists deliver the breaking stories, the issues, the analyses and the personalities that matter to Canadians.
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Text Comments (110)
Sensass (16 days ago)
If your kid eats raw weed don’t worry it wont do anything but if it was cooked or heated then u got a problem
PaulAlan Cornelius (17 days ago)
Cannabis is brilliant says The Buddha.
High Asf (27 days ago)
It’s way more dangerous to be drunk lmao what’s this cop on 🤡
High Asf (27 days ago)
And it’s fully impossible to OD
Cooper Hays (1 month ago)
Driving drunk way way worse
otw.oliver (1 month ago)
It is 10 times worse to drunk drive than high drive and He doesn't wanna admit that it is humanly impossible to OD on weed
ツᏩΛVΙN (1 month ago)
This cop doesn’t even know what he’s talking about
Rodrigo Cisneros (1 month ago)
facts have said it
AROK (2 months ago)
Why is a police officer educating these kids on the medical effects of marijuana? He barely knows what he’s talking about. They should have gotten an expert in the cannabis field (I.e an actual doctor?) A lot of what he said is false
Gavin Blakey (3 months ago)
Half of the stuff in this video is wrong.
Electo Bros™ (4 months ago)
Officer looks high
Grey *59 (3 months ago)
Electo Bros™ fr
Daniellian Gaming (4 months ago)
I don't do it, but these cops are just saying the first thing that comes to their mind. They stutter a lot and hesitate to answer.
Connor Carlson (5 months ago)
cop looks baked asf
Socialist Siren TV (5 months ago)
Just google these questions
buddinghappiness330 (5 months ago)
the first chick is gonna be real hot in a few years (just saying)
Annabel Rose (7 months ago)
You can’t get high if u eat weed smh
Bronson (9 months ago)
that cop is high lmao
CJ Russ (9 months ago)
The cop looks baked asf. 😂😂
Offical jordana (10 months ago)
Hes mad dumb
Mr. TAMW (11 months ago)
So now that that's over can we ask some real questions and get some answers not from a toralterian puppet
Tripp Nordhagen (11 months ago)
This video should have been made with the Prime Minister and his kids.
Elevated Emotions (11 months ago)
Pickles (11 months ago)
What exact medical treatment is used for someone who ate the weed?
Pickles (11 months ago)
Like what would the ambulance do for a kid that ate weed? Other then bring it pizza or a video game?
Pickles (11 months ago)
So you can't overdose on weed but you gonna call an ambulance if a kid eats a piece ? facts and logic
ASARADEL (11 months ago)
you have to be naive, yourselves, in order to believe that teenagers are this naive.
Mr. TAMW (11 months ago)
DJ SUTRA indeed
Traditionalist (11 months ago)
Those kids act high. They can’t even read. And to think those haughty Canadians think they are the best. Bunch of pot smoking socialists
Tyler (11 months ago)
What do you have on this cop?
Tripp Nordhagen (11 months ago)
This exactly why it shouldn't be legal. Because of our kids. Just sad for Canadas future. I am disappointed in our Government.
Jarrod Friday (11 months ago)
Don't believe this cop. He's misinformed.
_ Grundel _ (11 months ago)
Police are NOT health care professions and the information they share is biased. CBC should use MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS when dealing with this!
Simon Zaminer (11 months ago)
The cop is only very poorly informed...
F-zero91maru (11 months ago)
Simon Zaminer no the law enforcement communities are beyond out of shape they act really faggy too
Pickles (11 months ago)
Most are , like Doctors... They all get a pacific path to learn and can no alienate any information in the age of information that becomes a handicap.
yeeyoh (11 months ago)
Very interesting I like the "Tell the Truth part," one of the things about "weed" being prohibited for so long is that all these "mysteries," and "fantasies," build up around weed. It becomes the "cure all be all," to some and the "straight path to Hell," for others. Myself I'm an intelligent person and for myself was not very difficult to get the truth from the Internet, news sources, medical reports from a variety of studies. Neither do the people who know these things and see the time for "weeds" legality. The mention of THC percentage was such a good example of "mysteries and fantasies," Alcohol goes from about 5 percent in beer to 40% in Hard Liquor. THC levels are much lower and produce a stronger effect at much lower percentages than compared with Alcohol. So maybe the biggest problem we face with the legalization of "weed" are the "fantasies and mysteries," from the crime of it (weed) being illegal for so long.
Liam Watson (11 months ago)
I won’t take my chances.
Chas Stiles (11 months ago)
Mary Jane Warner
hello world (11 months ago)
Devil's lettuce
benito camelo (11 months ago)
almost imposible overdose? more like imposible
Tech tonik (11 months ago)
this guy looks baked lmao
Stu da gr8 (11 months ago)
I like the way you got the cop baked before this.... Nice
XGN RAZR (10 days ago)
Yeah ol buddys eyes are bloodshot😂
Pickles (11 months ago)
If not high on pot they probally high on their pills the school doctors prescribed them
Incredi Bear (11 months ago)
Great job on informing the public CBC, you chose a cop whose dumber than George Green. Good thing you didn't tell those kids any of the medicinal benefits and continue to demonize the plant as only a recreational drug along the lines of alcohol. What an absolute disgrace.
Frank Ribeiro (11 months ago)
They look miserable.What a future for the young kids of Canada?
Pickles (11 months ago)
What's with that shirt one is wearing.. Can not read it all but if I had to fill in the blanks its trashy
Outlier Genetix (11 months ago)
this is sad you can see the teen looking over for what cbd is called. these are not teens questions these are clickbait videos.
shazzzam79 (11 months ago)
Officer.... why are your eyes red?
Pickles (11 months ago)
Step out of the vehicle you coming down to the station
Kreepie11 (11 months ago)
These are all super valid questions. Why are people disliking the video? Because they don't agree with the legislation? Seriously though, if that's your issue.... Oh well?
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
Kreepie11 Could be from the amount of disinfo in the vid.
High Power Valley Living (11 months ago)
Cops eyes look glazey asf and with that red tint yo he on one right now
Did they find this guy on the streets or is he a real officer? BUTTON THAT TOP BUTTON, you're representing here!
Graham L (11 months ago)
No mention of mental health issues?
That Creepy Kid (11 months ago)
This is the most incorrect video I've seen. Okay, maybe not the most incorrect. But it does not explain some points correctly.
Home of The Brave (11 months ago)
Why doesn't CBC allow comments on any muslim terror attacks ? Why does CBC turn to taqiya ? Why do are our taxes pay for this treasonous 5th column globalist garbage ?
Mark from New York (11 months ago)
FAIL.. The CBC and the Cop in the video are GOOFS!
Masaharu Morimoto (11 months ago)
Brooks Palmer (11 months ago)
What is the total debt of the insolvent police pensions? How are insolvent corporations paying paychecks? Isn't this fraud in addition to the already existing failure of fiduciary duty? Are the insolvent corporations now selling drugs as a way out of insolvency? What's next? How were legal codes ever implemented by oath breaking criminals?
Bob G (11 months ago)
CBC wasting taxpayer money once again.
Lloyd Joslin (11 months ago)
Dumb cop sugarcoating it
Marcus Anonymous (11 months ago)
We are going down. We supposed to get better not getting worst. The corruptions if what made us a great is under attack. Our values, our morality are weaker.
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
And was it moral to throw someone in a cage for enjoying one of God's creations?
Mark from New York (11 months ago)
sounds extreme
Pickles (11 months ago)
Why are the cops the gatekeeper of a plant? Like what kind of planet is this
Mr. TAMW (11 months ago)
Haha I literally made a comment like this
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
Noy Tanks I know lol. Humans are ridiculous.
Pickles (11 months ago)
Can pharmacological properties in cannabis reduce tumor growth?
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
No. Only petrochemical derived toxins that have a patent and are approved by your government can.
shazzzam79 (11 months ago)
Shhhh... we only accept studies done by the pharmaceutical cartels as fact.
khazanys (11 months ago)
Noy Tanks great question!
drink15 (11 months ago)
Lots of pot head dislike facts. The driving one is a bit fishy.
306 Motovlogs (11 months ago)
Drive better stoned bro
p m (11 months ago)
those girls are in my class in school they smoke weed all the time
F-zero91maru (11 months ago)
l h is anyone at an school smokes weed before after class? any class cutting too for pot?
DrX_1030 (11 months ago)
Mark from New York (11 months ago)
Eric Klebold (11 months ago)
Hahaha, let's find the dumbest cop we can CBC.. good job guys..
Mark Smith (9 days ago)
Bas Sedda please stop mocking me it’s offensive 😭😢😤
Bas Sedda (1 month ago)
@Haha Hahahahahahadghssb #banMarinara
Bas Sedda #banMariwana
Bas Sedda (1 month ago)
@Haha Hahahahahahadghssb Hell yea.
Dan Burke (11 months ago)
Soon legal, why not inform the public.
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
Dan Burke Because it's disinformation. Not information.
Pickles (11 months ago)
This is crap with a capital C
jachtan crozomer (11 months ago)
Soooo which one of you waste yutes trying to buy some loud
Matthew Chouinard (11 months ago)
Ok... But a get a dam expert please CBC News...
Mike McGlock (11 months ago)
CBC should educate themselves on the Sharia law and Taqiyya... just sayin'.
Mike McGlock (11 months ago)
foggy lungz I'm not doing all the work for you morons. Maybe you should get off your basement and educate yourselves.
Mike McGlock please provide facts for your moronic statement. Please no Zionist propaganda from rebel or the sun.
Dogs out Who let the (11 months ago)
Mike McGlock ask your doctor next time Mike. I'm sure he's a Muslim.
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
No. Being impaired by alcohol vs cannabis is not the same. No matter how many times you say it. And no, it's not "almost impossible" to overdose on cannabis. It is impossible. Please cite one example where someone has overdosed. Thanks. I'm beginning to miss the good old days when it was illegal.
LittySquad (7 months ago)
@drink15 it is impossible to overdose you would need smoke like 1500 pounds of weed in 1 hour or sumthin close to that and if u ever smoked before u would know you'll be lucky to have even smoked 3 grams in 1 hour
David Mulder (11 months ago)
You can overdose on water (it's called water poisoning) and in addition when marijuana is consumed in edible form overdoses are not uncommon (due to the delayed onset). You are absolutely right though that impairment due to alcohol tends to have a FAR worse effect on driving skills than marijuana, so that was quite disingenuous of this video to claim it's the same.
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
Nancy Dee Well that's your opinion. Not all of us think in black and white. Alcohol impairment is much more deadly. The statistics don't lie.
drink15 (11 months ago)
p0llenp0ny just because it hasnt happened yet doesn’t mean it’s impossible
LulitaInPita (11 months ago)
p0llenp0ny ikr?
J.D Indica (11 months ago)
Great job!
Klipkultur (11 months ago)
Did you watch the whole thing?! You must be really high then.
InfinitePower (11 months ago)
Who do you think people would rather listen to about weed: -A professor who studies the psychoactive effects of THC and CBD, OR -A member of the police who used to arrest people in possession of weed (ie. enforce the laws)
LulitaInPita (11 months ago)
J.D Indica **facepalm** Dude, you need to sort out your priorities...
J.D Indica (11 months ago)
p0llenp0ny I was trying to be positive and also get first post with user name but I couldn’t agree with you more. All valid points and thanks for your reply. We do need proper education from the start and preferably by a person with full facts and knowledge.
p0llenp0ny (11 months ago)
J.D Indica Horrible job. You'd think they'd have an actual expert on the science of cannabis and its effects, but no. We get some cop who's job it is to enforce laws written by people who have no expertise in the matter whatsoever.

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