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Skyrim Mod: Warzones 2015 - Civil Unrest Reborn

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Warzones 2015 - Civil Unrest Reborn http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/9494/? Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (695)
ThatGuyRyan (2 months ago)
How big can these fights get? Large and epic or just small little skirmishes?
Don't subcribe to me (9 months ago)
One of the greatest and most realistic mods of all time.
Mister C F (11 months ago)
With Ultimate Deadly Encounters, this would be a super duper hyper mega mayhem, it would kill you IF you set it to Legendary!
can i fucking figure out how to install this the guide makes no sense
Jhonny (11 months ago)
It isn't a guide, it is a mod review.
James Blue (1 year ago)
Is this morning on Xbox one too ?
Rock Lee (1 year ago)
Forced to use SkyUI? Then I think I'll pass.
NIGHT hawk 3000 (1 year ago)
Xbox one?????
Martin Techl (1 year ago)
Holy sheet.. Look at that installation. Nah, I don't need it right now :D.
S_K_Gh (1 year ago)
Warzones + Immersive Patrols + Sands of Time UDT + OBIS + Populated Roads. FUCKING BLOODBATH
upplsuckimcool16 (1 year ago)
when does this mod kick in in game? I been tryign to figure this out Dx I think you have to fight the first dragon before it does.... but I don't want to do that Dx
Limitless Beast (1 year ago)
will this be on bethesda on pc anytime?
chris walls (1 year ago)
I used to love watching battles form afar and then riding my horse in and stripping everything off the dead. "LOADS OF MONEY".
Scrilla'd Rastaa (1 year ago)
how do u get this mod on ps4?
Ascended (1 year ago)
Scrilla'd Rastaa PC only.
Filip (1 year ago)
If you have massive mod collection, I advise you, never install this mod if you don't want to crash every fast travel.
Ansixi (1 year ago)
"Fast travel"
Brandon Dennis (1 year ago)
Can I run this with Immersive Patrols mod?
Pain (1 year ago)
I can't download because it says "WARZONES - Civil Unrest 2015 // A problem occurred during install: The execution has failed due to the bug in the SevenZipSharp" please help
Preston Polen (1 year ago)
this is actually the best skyrim mod
BattleMaster (1 year ago)
Can you have this mod without the weapon and armour changes?
Joel (2 years ago)
For those who can't run this mod with good FPS, try the Immersive Patrols mod. Though the battles are not as good as the mod in the video, all sides have their own Patrols and if they meet, the battle it out.
DarkOmegaMK2 (2 years ago)
When i installed this for the first time (with the custom armory disabled as i already have Immersive Armors anyway) i got to one oft he plains next to Whiterun to see if i stumbled across any war parties and the first war i ever saw consisted of the following: -Imperial Troops with commander -Stormcloak Troops with commander -a dragon from deadly dragons -a sizeable bandit patrol from OBIS Needless to say that the battle was a huge mess and it was very fun to watch (and later jump in)
how to break skyrim download : pupuleted lands paths pupuleted Towns cities villages expanded cities and Towns warzone immersive pattroles pattroles on horses civil war interesting NPC's incostuiln NPC's
DarkMatter2143 (2 years ago)
will you see Battle Mages in this mod?
Juan Sobral (2 years ago)
Does it work un conjuction with civil war overhaul?
Slim Jim (2 years ago)
if this came to console I would shit myself
Miguel Veluz (2 years ago)
Mount and blade skyrim version
SAINT ULTRA (2 years ago)
Does this work with Immersive Patrols on SSE?
Yargolocus (2 years ago)
it does
Rutenfish (2 years ago)
Walking around you will see more NPC's... which menas the game becomes more immersive.
Jayvee Amper (2 years ago)
is this comptible with obis
LEMME HOLLAR AT YA (2 years ago)
sooo this no longer breaks your game?? is this what were saying ?
MrExplosions (2 years ago)
Из за этого мода вылеты :(
Lvl58DeathKnight (2 years ago)
hope it comes to console
RPS :3 (2 years ago)
When the Consoles are powerful enough, then its possible, i think!
Leah Sutter (2 years ago)
Probably not as it is now only available, including SE, on Nexus.
KiNGstarNoah (2 years ago)
requires skse soooo i think not but idk know thou go ask the creator :P
who lit toph on fire? (2 years ago)
does patchus maximus automatically patch the armory?
who lit toph on fire? (2 years ago)
does patchus maximus automatically patch the armory?
ABDOU KH (2 years ago)
Whenever i come across one of the warzones, my game freeze lol...time to get a new cpu
1oAce (2 years ago)
How to break skyrim, install civil war mods.
Antanas Kiselis (2 years ago)
On top of adding a lot of potential for unstable game-run, constant everlasting bloodshed doesn't seem immersive either. Few decisive battles, but just punching each other like drunk rable in places... is abysmal.
messykiller007 (2 years ago)
+97Covenant he means the imperial armour and weapons are un-lore friendly and dont fit in.
messykiller007 (2 years ago)
+97Covenant he means the imperial armour and weapons are un-lore friendly and dont fit in.
SeafoodDifferently (2 years ago)
+Matthew Smith he means it can literally break your game. crashes etc
CITY FOX (2 years ago)
Matthew Smith He means that it can fuck up other mods.
DBG (2 years ago)
Immersive patrols with CWO is still the best combo.
jpi45 (2 years ago)
is this compatible with morrowloot ultimate?
Mark (2 years ago)
is this compatable with Epic Gameplay Overhaul
Martin Dresler (2 years ago)
Hi, i know this isn't the best place for this question, but how do I install this mod ? I am installing through Nexus mod manager but when I double click the rar file, nothing happens. Humanz, halp
The amount of shit you need to play this mod is disgusting in my opinion. I've done it, but it's fucking stupid.
Be Enlightened (2 years ago)
+Octavian Lol I agree, though I'm still grateful to the mod organisers for creating the mod - am just downloading it now... hope it will work. I'm modding for the first time and modding in general involves a seemingly endless proliferation of programs that need to be downloaded and the occasional .ini modification etc. So far I've got MO, LOOT, SKSE, ERB Booster (with ini changes), SKYUI, the unofficial patch, directx9, VRAMtester... and that's just to allow a stable modding experience... Bloody nightmare.
SlumPup (2 years ago)
will someone please tell me why thhis mod crashes my game? and sometimes my pc?
Squarebox64 (2 years ago)
it's performance heavy
Master Heskin (2 years ago)
is this mod compatible with Civil War overhaul
Tanishia Hendricks (2 years ago)
...i swear i never have the kinds of issues i hear other ppl getting from NMM... aside from my own user errors ....tho i will say it does not like skyrim being on a removable drive...
Vladimir Demidov (2 years ago)
The mod is incredible, but the installation is way too hard and long, and my game is already unstable enough :(
Martin Techl (1 year ago)
Mate... Read : http://warzones.skyrim.modunion.com//installing-warzones/ - That does not look like "simple installation".
KiNGstarNoah (2 years ago)
there is nothing hard about it. 1.download 2.extract the files 3.put into your skyrim directory 4.activate the esp 5.enjoy EDIT: you must have SKSE and SKYUI
Braulio Mendoza (2 years ago)
How do i install this i want to play it, can you give a guide on how to install, please and thank you.
moha glade (2 years ago)
Lasgoo00 (2 years ago)
is this Compatible with Deadly Mutilation ?
the flava bean (2 years ago)
Any way I can get this without adding the 6 billion new items it comes with? I don't want to clutter up my world any more than it already is.
PaigearieSmiles (2 years ago)
will this work with the civil war overhaul?
PaigearieSmiles (2 years ago)
nvm. It is.
Jake Spino Music (2 years ago)
Can someone provide some assistance? I'm currently having issues with installing the mod with NMM and I am getting "the execution has failed due to a bug in SevenZipSharp." I have followed all the site's directions and have no idea what's gone wrong. Help would be MUCH appreciated.
Ian Alton (2 years ago)
Easy fix: don't use NMM.
Lergen Stonesea (2 years ago)
Is this compatible with Immersive Patrols?
OhMyGoshItsALeg (2 years ago)
Yes. I use this mod along with Immersive Patrols, and a bunch of other mods that change or increase spawns and spawn variety.
EYE LMAO (2 years ago)
Is this compatible with Immersive Patrols?
Stultus (2 years ago)
It is, though unless you computer can handle it, it may crash :D
Lergen Stonesea (2 years ago)
I have the same question
knight king (2 years ago)
how did u make ur 1st person while riding a horse??
enhanced camera mod
knight king (2 years ago)
how can i declare war in warzone mod can anyone tell me please?? cz idk what to do
Katsarelas (2 years ago)
Awe man, I really wanted those armors, just spent an hour trying to find them else where
Foresh (3 years ago)
Used this mod, was cool for a while, but then my interest crashed. I know, bad joke, i'll go away...
Alex Curtis (2 years ago)
cheekysizzler (3 years ago)
Is this mod on steam
Åstral (3 years ago)
No man but get the Nexus its free to sighn up and easy to use with Nexus mod manager there are thousands of amazing mods and all the best mods are on there also they're really easy to install after you get it down
ElvenUnicorn (3 years ago)
Crashing, so much crashing, and lagging. It'd be good if it worked
Poki (2 years ago)
I know 600$ is still quite a bit, but from what I've heard, it's actually about the same price as the 980 which was also around 600! I know some people don't have money to throw around, but for those that can spare every expense it's a pretty decent deal.
Kylynn Jade (2 years ago)
the GTX 1080 is also 600$. Some people aren't rich fucks who have those fancy cards.
Lergen Stonesea (2 years ago)
You probably just have a really shitty computer mate. Time to upgrade eh? New GTX 1080 coming out will be able to run Skyrim with all your favourite mods at 100fps.
Soggy TNT (3 years ago)
oh ok thanks
Máximo Cozzetti (3 years ago)
wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww like and download
Soggy TNT (3 years ago)
is this mod on steam workshop? thanks!
EX0stasis (2 years ago)
You don't want to use the Steam Workshop anyway because it auto-updates mods, which can cause compatibility issues if a future update breaks compatibility with another mod that was previously compatible.
Fastmotion (3 years ago)
+Soggy TNT Sorry, but no. It's only on the Nexus.
jojo weber 18 (3 years ago)
This mod doesn't exist. I searched for it along with some other mods Brodual has reviewed and I can't find a single one.
66_greenrunner_77 (3 years ago)
That's weird
jojo weber 18 (3 years ago)
+Rembrandt I did now
Backwoods (3 years ago)
Did you look on nexus?
Matthew Kambick (3 years ago)
What location is 1:03? Or at least a place close to it I can fast travel to?
Haderzon (2 years ago)
+Matthew Kambick The only thing I know its near Winterhold
OnlyNeedJuan (3 years ago)
I have no idea how to install this apart from using the mod manager, and I am not sure that will work. Sadly all the tutorials are down for whatever reason. Trial and error, here we go.
EX0stasis (2 years ago)
Google for "STEP guide Skyrim" and follow every step very carefully. Then, when you're done 20 hours later, then you can install this mod.
Fenrir (3 years ago)
Just became a Skyrim modder. I give this mod 100/100 lol
David. Duarte. (3 years ago)
i love this channel
ClassyCarrot (3 years ago)
are the warzones in set areas? cause ive only found 1 battle so far
Archmage Nick (3 years ago)
2:50 am i the only one who noticed the floating shield?
Breeze Ark (3 years ago)
Why does your sword look like that?
Jango Fett (3 years ago)
ID like to combine this with Roman Empire - Nvm i have trouble to install this mod :( can somebody help me
EX0stasis (2 years ago)
Google the terms "STEP guide Skyrim" and follow that guide to setting up the preliminary baseline for a stable Skyrim game. It should take you about 20 hours. Then you're good to go with installing anything else you want like this mod.
49mozzer (3 years ago)
Great mod though it seems Skyrim can't handle it or atleast with the other mods I'm running such as Enhanced encounters, CWO, BLEED, OBIS and immersive patrols. Tried everything to make it more stable but nothing has worked and before you ask I can run Skyrim on ultra
The Atomic Cherry (3 years ago)
Use this with something like OBIS's Bandit Hell and Immersive Patrols. Ho-lee shit.
abbynady (3 years ago)
+The Atomic Cherry crash...
Steven Mathews (3 years ago)
+The Atomic Cherry Yeah and spawn every hour.
The Atomic Cherry (3 years ago)
+Steven Mathews May as well throw in Deadly Dragons' dragon assaults, as well.
Steven Mathews (3 years ago)
+The Atomic Cherry Throw in Sands of Time for a truly hardcore experience.
Indigo Julze (3 years ago)
I just got my Werewolf blood on my play through and I got outside and its a full moon and there as a sea of people fighting... In one night I maxed my werewolf perk tree....
Pabler Arav (3 years ago)
One thing I wish one of these mods would add- more varied army. It's nice that there bandits here or there, or something like Stormcloaks vs Whiterun guards, but I think it would be cool to see something like Stormcloaks with some Riften guards and giants helping out, versus Imperial Legion with some Markarth and Solitude guards helping out. Makes the alliances seem more pronounced and evident.
Gjergj Kastrioti (3 years ago)
Unfortunately it keeps crashing ... especially at the Battle for Whiterun ... i can't help it
GFXWTF (3 years ago)
+Gjergj Kastrioti Have you tried lowering the mod's textures?
kritonas dionysiou (3 years ago)
would this work with the civil war over haul?
ChickenPermission (3 years ago)
It is at this point that I regret buying Skyrim for Xbox
Viktus (3 years ago)
+Tizian Claus He only hangs with the rich.
Tizian Claus (3 years ago)
+Trent Wilson well, Santa hates poor kids.
ChickenPermission (3 years ago)
Tizian Claus (3 years ago)
+Trent Wilson kill him.
ChickenPermission (3 years ago)
+Tizian Claus I would but my brother owns the Steam account and wont let me install it. :(
Wynter Medic (3 years ago)
Did it say that war zones can happen in sovengarden cause unless you know how to get there again yea...
joyojimbo (3 years ago)
Anyone know what mod the weapons used by the player in this video are from? With the cool smokey and lightning effects.
ViskaDrake (3 years ago)
I have a similar mod in New Vegas. Glad there's a mod for Skyrim because there is a war going on yet in vanilla you'd only know by someone telling you.
Will Jones (2 years ago)
+EvokeDragon awesome, thanks so much
ViskaDrake (2 years ago)
+Will Jones It was called WARZONES just like this one. Yes, all caps.
Will Jones (2 years ago)
+EvokeDragon What was the new vegas mod called?
Mr. Alienjaggon (3 years ago)
How to download it ? I would like to download this Mod, but the Website with the Installation Guide is down :(
Perry Len Punsalan (3 years ago)
i downloaded this mod.. but i dont have the warzone menu in the mod config?
Åstral (3 years ago)
You possibly did it wrong try re downloading but look on the mod forums for requirements and guides
The Mufasa1g (3 years ago)
awesome mod guys works good!
Worvern Scar (3 years ago)
perhaps ill put this mod on my 'to try list.' SKSE was hard enough for me to understand on how to install properly ( had to follow a step by step video that despite being a few years old still applies very well), and this mod seems like it will conflict with some of my 70+ mods i have installed. lol
rat (3 years ago)
Cool how the imperials and stormcloaks actually take over the bandit fort or area they are raiding for a short time
Vuk Belcevic (3 years ago)
The mod is almost 1 gb now,fuck that.
Ettergreyyy (3 years ago)
I need help...mod seems to be running...but all the weapons and armor are all blue...why is that? i didnt put the low-high resolution packs inside the data folder because I dont know where to put it...can someone just tell me why the weapons and armor are blue...and where to put the necessary files go..
Raymond AndHisCat (3 years ago)
First person horse riding + Warzones mod = Mount and Blade Warband xD
CheetosHound (1 year ago)
Raymond AndHisCat its almost harvesting season
Führer des Benutzers (1 year ago)
+Raymond AndHisCat Away with you, vile beggar!
Lochlainn Healy (1 year ago)
Money or your life!
hayescamp (1 year ago)
Cory Barlass there is a mod for that
S'moreboi (1 year ago)
Cory Barlass Total War:Elder Scrolls would be much bettet
Jackson Teller (3 years ago)
what first person mod do you use?
Jackson Teller (3 years ago)
+Matt Hubert oh thanks:)
Matt Hubert (3 years ago)
+Elias Bjerselius I use a mod that is probably the same one, and if not, probably does the same thing. Its called Skyrim - Enhanced Camera. It lets you do everything in first person (Horses and such).
SkinnyCommie99 (3 years ago)
Something about MrGoodEye's mods sets them apart from the other. They look more polished on the Modpage due to the custom logos and images
Mrchivo33 (3 years ago)
Hey does anybody has any tip on avoiding CTDs? specially when using bigger battles like brodual is using (changing 1 to 2 in the MM). If it's about hardware mine is: 8gb ram, gtx 750ti 2gb, i5.
SylarSilent (3 years ago)
I am more interested in civil war mod where you have dynamic war between imperials and stormcloaks... unfortunately that mod is also obsolete...
hobo0087 (3 years ago)
good mod if you want your save games to reach over 100 mgb
Adam Reyna (4 years ago)
Hey brodual can i ask a question..... So i use wrybash too make this an esm file and i wanna make the champion of cyrodil What armor should.i use to make him
Calamorro III (4 years ago)
please, could you give me the link of the first person mod? I can't find it :(
Calamorro III (3 years ago)
+WestsideKidd 65 thanks!!! :D I'll try it
DAX Miner (4 years ago)
what is better this one or civil war overhaul, can i use them together? if i have finished the war will warzones still appear?
Fat Guy Plays (4 years ago)
so like civil war overhaul but waaaaay more laggggy but with a few new/missing features 
caleb zitting (4 years ago)
+Brodual is this mod compatible with the civil war mod you viewed awhile back?
WH WH (4 years ago)
dude... the way you read each sentence with the exact same vocal inflection is hilarious.
hawk eye (4 years ago)
hmm this mod is as awsome as it is hard to dowload it with no bug issues.. :( i rly messed it up and now i cnt play it :/

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