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66" R/C Nautilus Submarine

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Sorry if some of you saw this earlier, but it looks like the video was corrupted somehow. Trying again! This is the latest completed fully functional R/C Nautilus that I've done. Check out my site at www.rc-sub.com for lots more builds and information!
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That fog shot was AWESOME!! Now just imagine if you could get tiny people to fit in there, go sea walking and such in mini scuba gear accurately recreated from the movie?!? 🤩🤩🤩
Todd P. (4 months ago)
I have an 84" model by William Babbington, but it's not an RC sub (just for display only). Yours looks amazing! Mine also has the docking light for the longboat, but all of the lights have ceased to work now. :-(
Bob Weber (5 months ago)
Nice one! Thank you for sharing your skills with us.
ELKFILMZ (5 months ago)
What a beautiful piece, well done man.
camaro conv (6 months ago)
wow your an artiste, is it possible to see that sub under water !
Mick Carson (8 months ago)
Fuck you and your ads! Thumbs down.
Jan Vegenfeldt (11 months ago)
Love the video :) The music in the end who made that?
Cliff Christie (1 year ago)
66" or 36"?
party4lifedude (1 year ago)
Make a 1:12 scale. Lol
David MacNaughton (1 year ago)
thank you for posting, very handsum fit and finish, lots of hidden beautiful detail.
giggleherz (1 year ago)
the details are amazing like all the rivets etc.
Perfect ..
Val Stone (1 year ago)
sclogse1 (2 years ago)
Would like to see a bit on your surfacing of this.
Nic Parker (2 years ago)
real njce
slw59 (2 years ago)
Harper Goff also designed the Proteus submarine from 'Fantastic Voyage'.
mr toad (2 years ago)
reverse anchor switch!
Knapweed (2 years ago)
Beautiful job.
jeremie destouches (2 years ago)
freaky amazing
001GenLee (2 years ago)
I miss the ride at WDW. Would be cool to have one of those subs parked in the yard but I bet they've got a hefty price tag.
RC RC RC!!! (2 years ago)
Fantastic model and nice video! :-)
jorge Nelson felix (2 years ago)
Tom Servo (2 years ago)
Do RC signals have problems as far as penetrating water?
MrFang333333 (2 years ago)
Does this come complete with pipe organ or is that extra?
Perfect ! very nice job ! Congrats !
7:40 his voice cracked. . .signalling the end of innocence and the beginning of his adolescence.
Hunter Sanner (2 years ago)
beautiful job my friend
brianartillery (2 years ago)
That's a thing of great beauty. Immaculate.
Tom Vana (2 years ago)
You should be doing models for movie sets. That is amazing.
M.P.H. (2 years ago)
Absolutely superb.. i am speechless.. if you every want to sell it let me no..GREAT JOB
Paul Robin (3 years ago)
Damn that sub is the bomb saw that movie as a kid, guess I am older but wiser lol
Diabetic Alien (3 years ago)
Hey! This video came out on my 11th birthday!
yomosamy (3 years ago)
hello. this amazing.i am made plan .but i like submarin.i live in france city lorient.your submarine very good uboot and nautilus.i made a submarin.just you systeme pompe kit.vous avez un plan pour que je construise un bien.thank you.and look my video plan and superboat "super hawaii gopro"
Chris C Charles (3 years ago)
I don't have the sound on because im at work so I don't know if you covered why you dont show it submerging?. I was looking forward to that in your clip. Otherwise, awesome model, it really had the feel of being cast iron and brought back fond memories. thanks for the share.
David Pettigrew (3 years ago)
where can I buy one and how much it cost?
Peter Stegman (3 years ago)
I really do miss some footage at night, submerged with all the lights on.....
Mike Prell (3 years ago)
First saw 20 K in the early 50's with my Dad. Been a fan ever since. For my money, that boat was and still is, one of the most fantastic designs ever created for a feature film. Thanks for sharing!
jettscream (3 years ago)
Watched the whole video. Very diligent and skilful engineering with pretence. accurate without fawning over the concept. Clear, clean and simply well thought out and built. My respect and admiration to you. A pleasure to share Thanks from Geoff in Norwich England
Odee Dillon (3 years ago)
FANDAMNEDTASTIC model, of my favorite sub! Thanks for sharing with us all.
RC Hunter (3 years ago)
LordAtomiskck (3 years ago)
SERIOUSLY TAKE MY MONEY. My childhood would be complete with this.
Paul Gruendler (3 years ago)
Goosebumps! Magnificent!
2019 DE (4 years ago)
There's no way that's 66" long. That's 5.5 feet. Unless we measure it different in the UK.  Great model however none the less.
2019 DE (3 years ago)
Can I ask how you created the over all iron is is? look with paint, is there perhaps a site running through it? Cheers.
Frank Ruffolo (3 years ago)
+RCSubGuy good grief, what a monster. lovely build, squire.
RCSubGuy (3 years ago)
+Frank Ruffolo Actually, that photo is of a kit put out by Stan Sanders that ends up being closer to 7ft when completed. this build was based off of a Custom Replicas 66.5" kit.
Frank Ruffolo (3 years ago)
+Sten43 Since 1977 i thought the very same 'til i saw this pic while i googled the length of said sub :D http://www.rc-sub.com/files/projects/pictures/ee906fa9-1c1f-87ab-3c41-a9d0bf611be6.jpg
2019 DE (4 years ago)
No problem. It looks like you've put a great deal of work into it, or should I say 'Her'. ;)
speedy counihan (4 years ago)
Can the lifeboat be removed from its storage area on the stern?
RCSubGuy (4 years ago)
@speedy counihan If memory serves, this particular build had a fixed skiff. Making it removable is exceptionally easy, however. I typically use rare earth magnets to hold it in place in those situations.
molaloi {GSG4} (4 years ago)
do you sell it?
RCSubGuy (4 years ago)
I do commissioned buildups for customers.  This particular model kit is now officially out of production, but I do still have one piece in inventory that is unstarted.  These are definitely custom jobs and R/C subs are typically not sold from "inventory".  I hope that helps!
martyisabeliever (4 years ago)
Now... on to the r/c  Giant Squid and Ned figure that fires his harpoon Also? Will it shock you if you are not authorized to pick it up?
Allen Sohrweid (4 years ago)
Has anyone had the idea of making a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Nautilus where it can SINK other model ships? I know part of it has to be metal, but where's the fun in not trying new things? 
Robert Dambeck (5 years ago)
Your just a little bit Canadian aren't ya? lol
mtr messel (5 years ago)
hmmm 20,000 leagues under the sea pretty good story just read it today very interesting
Sanitys Void (5 years ago)
That thing is so bad ass in a Steam Punk kinda way!
Robert Dambeck (5 years ago)
Jules Verne was steampunk wayyyy before steampunk was cool.
Brent Scott (5 years ago)
Amazing! I've been wondering for years what happened to the model that was at the entrance of the exhibit at Disneyland. It looked like it was fabricated from brass. Any idea?
Baldovino63 (5 years ago)
bigdaddy496 (5 years ago)
Cordell Lemere (5 years ago)
very nice nolstalga modeling..top notch...Lemere conntemplateing a1/3scale of the realthing,....cordell Lemere/youtube..my album piano ...text..360-317-4294
emtione (5 years ago)
This is just perfect. I always wanted a RC model of the submarine as a kid. Well I do not have the skill to build something like this, But I am happy that you have. :) Good work.
Wolfgang Kovac (5 years ago)
Hey, I seen one of these at gold coast hobbies in glenhead, just the top section. The story on it was that it was custom made and 10k but it's 100% this kit, sans workable gill.
RCSubGuy (6 years ago)
I'm not sure what you mean by a "new review". What are you looking for? I'm happy to help in any way I can. Just pop me an email to bob (at) rc-sub dot com and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Alkahest (6 years ago)
Spectacular craftsmanship. It really looks as if it could've been a prop straight out of the film. The fins that rise and lower were a great addition as well -- if that giant squid lurking at 2:11 is any indication, though, you might want to put in an electrical charge feature next.

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