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Skyrim Mod: Frostfall 3.0 - Hypothermia, Survival, Camping

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Text Comments (551)
SteelHunter9 (19 days ago)
So if Elderscrolls 6 is in a warmer climate ,like idk Hammerfell,are we gonna get Heatfall?
ProficientWarrior (2 months ago)
2:19 I guess you cant warm your hands in first person view anymore? just takes me to third person after selecting warm hands in first person
mighty god king (2 months ago)
Rain Ho (2 months ago)
Does this mod work with death alternative?
zero1 12 (4 months ago)
How can you add the temp and wetness bar?
Cenk Tüneygök (5 months ago)
Does it also affect npcs?
Arav Ahuja (6 months ago)
How does he have the first person animation when sitting by the campfire
Sérgio David (6 months ago)
One thing is true People who live on the city dont feel this Come at home, smelling dirt and nature, have some wood from the forest yourself cut, and make some fire só you can warm up on cold weather is a village life And it does exist for real I lived it My family is from a small village I did mount myself on a carruage like those that take from Whiterun to solitude, but to get wood. Man... Life is beautiful Live your lifes Discover the world Make your self dirty Cook and cut your hands with your work Do live man
Sérgio David (6 months ago)
Knowint fire Magic, can anybody die from cold on normal circunstances? Do the falmer cloack warm you up? Do the frost cloak make you cold? Do sleep with your wife warms you? Do get yo ass slapped warms you? This is cool
KURITTAJA MEMES (6 months ago)
How tf do i enable the exposure and wetness meters
Mads Andreasen (7 months ago)
How about vampires? They should be almost immune to cold
Vladimir Lestrad (7 months ago)
As if those damn ice mages weren’t annoying enough...
Dabu (8 months ago)
There is no new HUD on my game (Special Edition) How can I activate it?
Fuzzycuffsqt (9 months ago)
Installing this mod made me realize why Bethesda didn't include survival elements in Skyrim. They're definitely an acquired taste, and in my opinion don't mesh well with the action fantasy genre. They might work better in a true RPG. Every time I start having fun, I'm thwarted by the weather. If I considered that a good time, I wouldn't need video games at all. I guess if you're a paraplegic and camping isn't an option for you, this could be the next best thing?
Shinobi_ (9 months ago)
Id rather be a god
Kumbi (1 year ago)
This combined with Last Seed would have been the greatest survival experience for Skyrim!! It's a shame Chesko had to abandon the project.
Steven (1 year ago)
Is there any way to get it to where it doesn't switch to third person when building a fire?
Sgt Snuggles 911 (1 year ago)
The only thing I disliked about this mod was when I tried to do a Stormcloak play through. I died 3 times trying to get to that damn ice wraith.
Ali Öztürk (1 year ago)
I dont have anything on my HUD.is it because I dont use SKYIU? I play on special edicion and dont use skyui because of skse64 is not compleate yet
Dude I'm a dog (1 year ago)
Well I'm gonna lag but it's worth it!
chris gamer (1 year ago)
i have a question what if you are a vampire nord with max frost resistance(you know when you starve as a vampire and get a frost resist boost) how does the game treat that?
Tyler B Dela Torre (1 year ago)
Do armor from other mods also apply to frostfall mod?
Arry (1 year ago)
So pretty much the ultimate realistic skyrim play through is: frostfall, realistic needs and diseases, camping, and wet and cold. I'm running 2 of these at least :D
smcfadden1992 (1 year ago)
You should have a random chance to wake up as a bandit captive or a captive of any group, it be cool and give more reason to pay attention to exposure
mr mister (1 year ago)
how do you check how cold/warm you are? Just like in Status in iNeed? Cheers
sonpacho (1 year ago)
This does sound better than Survival Mode...
yksnimus (1 year ago)
this shit stops working all the time, even if its the only fucking mod.
InfiniteGaming (1 year ago)
how do u make tents
Sethro (1 year ago)
As a vampire sitting in the Karstaag Castle I just don't see the reason he'd be all the effected n still kinda debating this mod but have camp, n hunter born on stand by with LOD so not sure if being a vampire is going to be as immersive with this mod
Darran_Venge (1 year ago)
Why wasn't this on the original game?
Brigand Boy (1 year ago)
Hello amazing mod that *DOESN'T* cost $15 to acquire. Lovely.
Phantom Assassin (1 year ago)
So i must use warm armors instead steel armors on road if i attacked by creatures?
Jamie-Lee Lockwood (1 year ago)
how do i get the hud bars on on xbox one? they arent on for me and it makes it impossible to keep up to date
Bring me Peter pan (1 year ago)
I think more games should embrace this type of modding community. I mean I've gotten endless replay value because of these mods, most games like fallout or elder scrolls are a play once then forget and maybe play again at some point types of games. At least for me, but being able to add tons of stuff, add entire quest lines, characters, weapons and armor, places, basically expanding the world beyond measure makes the game have endless possibilities. I don't see why you wouldnt want this on most games! Imagine grand theft auto with this type of modding, or the witcher wild hunt! it would be fucking glorious.
biggangster2005 (1 year ago)
They should make it on the PS4
SaneManiac 741 (1 year ago)
Maybe Bethesda should make their games for both players and modders. Maybe try to find the right balance between finished game and make your own adventure.
Romile Westra (1 year ago)
the only issue I have with this mod is that it forces u to wear shit armor. there should be a feature when u can wear the armor of your choice over your warm clothing so u still can be effective when fighting
Dush Dj (1 year ago)
Watching this made me cold no joke
Rat Guy (1 year ago)
Siberian Gulag Simulator 2017
Lion (1 year ago)
Is the armor at 3:24 part of the mod?
Mr Elite (1 year ago)
Player freezing in the cold. Spots dragon, runs towards it and wrenches its mouth open. Allows dragon to breath fire on them. Feels refreshed, Remembers their on permadeath legendary and there's a dragon behind them.
Mr Elite (1 year ago)
Pain in the ass for beginners fall
Nermaltrash (1 year ago)
I thought the modder would fuck up and not add nord frost resistance
Adrian Sanchez (1 year ago)
so how do I make my own campfire? :(
Johnny (2 years ago)
is there a mod on Xbox that adds backpacks other than the mead keg
Cyber9191 (2 years ago)
I downloaded this mod, but I just had god mode on.
Isaak Morningstar (2 years ago)
Endurance perk looks like a divine vagina.
Polon (2 years ago)
Probably a stupid question but does it affect vampires?
Andrew Allen (2 years ago)
Playing on Skyrim SE for Xbox One, appears to remove the bars for exposure and temperature. I can't seem to find if there's an option to enable them or not. If anyone knows a solution, please let me know!
Freeplay Gaming (2 years ago)
do frost resistance enchantments help against the cold
Tom Nghia (2 years ago)
What Mod are you using for first person riding?
Recklezz Thoughts (2 years ago)
They took this mod off the PS4 :(
Ksam Tekcaj (2 years ago)
Hmm.. I don't really see the point of Frostfall for me personally. I feel like it would take away from clearing dungeons, adventuring, Skyrim-like stuff, and turn it into another survival game like you would find on steam. Is Frostfall really demanding and disruptive on your character, or does it just moreover add to the experience of the game? If it's like I-need then that'd be cool, but I don't want it to be like a constantly nagging thing if that makes sense.
Øyvind Høyland (2 years ago)
The problem I get with this mod (at least before), is that I get so dependent on wearing fur everywhere, that there is no point in using other armor. I also like playing with mods that limits my carry weight, so that I cannot carry around several sets of armor - which, with Frostfall, seems kind of necessary when facing changing weathers, in addition to preparing for fights.
Pineapple dude (2 years ago)
I hope they later add a chance of being rescued or a chance of dying, and where you are also depends on the likely of you dying or being rescued.
Derrick Bonsell (2 years ago)
Frostfall initially included camping, but then left it to Campfire. Does this version integrate camping back into it? Though I could just click the link...
Alec R (2 years ago)
Don't you spend a lot of energy eating so technically eating wouldn't make you warmer initially?
Faded_ Sniper (2 years ago)
Me and my budies did this who can live in the cold for 50 days we all faild just start with 4 worm soups 1 warm suit and 2 heling and one orc dagger and hunting bow can you survive guys or die in the cold i mean its hard for us so put in the chat if you guys can do it let me know
WolfWarlordJake (2 years ago)
Can't you make it so that time passes regularly with Frostfall?
GMEN. INC (2 years ago)
Question: I started initializing frostfall on Xbox One and before it could finish I started in initializing it again. I have two of the survival books now and it seems to have initialized without a problem, but I want to know if this could cause a problem later on. Should I be worried?
MhysaMæko (2 years ago)
Does anyone know how to get a backpack that increases carry weight?
MhysaMæko (2 years ago)
StanGaming I never knew the mead keg did that. I spent about 3 hours looking for an npc with a back pack -_- thanks.
Fatass Mcgoober (2 years ago)
DeathMetalMorty get the mead keg pack increases carry by 100
ZeArc Justice (2 years ago)
rain ? snow ? LOK VAH KOOR done :)))
TiTanAEfull (2 years ago)
still nergasm inducing after 5 years.
Darwin Orsler (2 years ago)
Is it compatible with armour mods, like immersive armours. It would be cool if it used how much skin is showing to determine warmth. also, is it compatible with wet and cold?
André Abduch (2 years ago)
Hi, checked this video hoping for a solution to my problem. Installed Frostfall and Campfire a couple weeks ago but only now I noticed that you can learn the Conjure Shelter spell. However I could only use the Fire pit that is conjured with the shelter on the first time I used the spell, all other times I tried using this spell, interacting with the Fire pit didn't show the option to light it up. I had to use the ability to Build Campfire and put it on top of the Fire pit in order to get some cooking done. Has anyone had the same problem?
André Abduch (2 years ago)
In this link you can see a screenshot for what it is supposed to look like: https://sites.google.com/site/skyrimsurvivorseries/frostfall/spells/conjure-shelter-lesser In this link you can see what mine looks like after placing a Campfire on top of the Fire pit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xjf89qlm8mel5ps/ScreenShot2.bmp?dl=0 And here is what shows up when i try to interact with the Fire pit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0oxualil3xfat67/ScreenShot3.bmp?dl=0
Kaleb Smith (2 years ago)
Me: *downloads frostfall* next morning blizzard all day... coincidence???? I think not! Talk about realism and emersion
RoboHobo (2 years ago)
does frostfall take your frost resistance into account and not just lore wise like actually cheeks your frost resistance in your stats
succ mahpp (2 years ago)
chesko is our Lord and savior of mods
J F (2 years ago)
Can somebody tell me if I need to download the camping mod AND frostfall? Or does frostfall come with both? Both the mod page and this video don't really answer the question.
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
guessing you found out by now but the mod page says you need campfire but it doesn't come with it as you can click on the campfire picture to go to the mod page for it
Beau Hindman (2 years ago)
Hey, love your vids but I am new to modding. (Had some experience over the years, though.) -- have a good beginner's video to show them how to get started? I was just going to get this one, but then I have to install others to install this one, etc etc. lol Thanks!
Tucher97 (2 years ago)
patrolling skyrim makes me wish for a nuclear fallout and what the fuck, the current one for skyrim xbox one lacks a meter
RantMaster (2 years ago)
Has anyone ever played this on Exposure Level 3x? Like which Exposure Rate is the most realistic? 1x, 2x or 3x?
Brunn0121 (2 years ago)
how did you got this depth of field effect?
William Schaffer (2 years ago)
Can casting a flame cloak spell on yourself warm you up? And do frost cloaks increase your exposure levels?
Evil Herb (2 years ago)
i'm late, but no. There are a few spells that warm you up/dry you though.
lonelyaura (2 years ago)
A random thought that's probably been said before, it would be interesting to have different effects for the beast races. Kajiit could have better warmth but be much more vulnerable to coverage/getting wet and staying wet, as their fur soaks up water. Argonians could have the reverse--good coverage, bad warmth retention (being cold blooded and all).
Shane w (2 years ago)
You can use campfire and frostfall together right?
Sydney (2 years ago)
Shane w Yes
iFaceBookedYourDads (2 years ago)
Will vampirism make you immune to cold/exposure?
Sydney (2 years ago)
You can change the settings to make that possible but you don't have to. So yes
Jake Sayer (2 years ago)
Is there any chance of getting a version of this for PS4?
annihilationgamingTM (2 years ago)
Fur ftw! ;)
Jad Kabbara (2 years ago)
Does it even rain in skyrim? I honestly dont think ive seen rain.
J. Patterson (2 years ago)
Xbox one has it yes
Stephen McCabe (2 years ago)
uploaded onto Bethesda.net!!!
Bruhgames (2 years ago)
I can't wait to get skyrim remastered
Bruhgames (2 years ago)
That Other Angry Dude the thing is I'm one of those ppl who have to have achievements so I'm gonna have to play the whole game again and then use mods
If you're on PC then it's worthless, regular has more mods, Xbox has some decent mods but ps4 has barely any.
Kyle Cousins (2 years ago)
Original, Chesko got access earlier. Alot of mods, like Frostfall, iNeed etc. got it too, so you have them. Sadly not RN&D, which is the one I feel is significantly superior to iNeed but it will have to suffice!
popcornfilms1 (2 years ago)
+Fredrick is it the original or a clone?
Fredrick (2 years ago)
It's already on the mod list for Xbox one, so yes, yes we got it
Doctor Doggo (2 years ago)
tried to start this becuase it didnt start instantly like the others its been saying its starting up for 2 or 3 days now HELP!!!!!
vBHSW (2 years ago)
Try uninstalling it and then reinstalling, if it still doesn't work while you stare at the sky from 7am to 7pm, you can enable it in the Frostfall Options thing.
SIVA Corruptor (2 years ago)
Use clear skies.
Luke DG (3 months ago)
Amish Tech Support (1 year ago)
Holy shit
Biggest Boye (2 years ago)
Ian Baldacchino winning.
Scratch Mcgrady (2 years ago)
modders beware: this mod runs constant scripts and cell checks for weather conditions, and uses a cloak spell for character conditions. if used alongside other mods that do the same (i.e immersive armors, or Organised bandits of skyrim) there is an increased risk of random exterior cell crashing due to running out of memory. i had this installed for quite some time, but was struggling to fix outdoor cell crashes. removing this not only fixed the issue, but i have not had an exterior cell crash since. unconfirmed: this may also be a save bloat inducing mod.
WolfWarlordJake (2 years ago)
Shit, I tend to use both alongside Frostfall.
Dylan Keddie (2 years ago)
Scratch Mcgrady this won't be a problem with the special edition
Peanutbuttervibes (2 years ago)
I don't understand does Hypothermia comes included in Frostfall 3.0? because camping does not.
sean sjahrial (2 years ago)
Does this affect npc too?
Agent Frost (2 years ago)
+Terminal Cancer THANK YOU
Agent Frost (2 years ago)
i hope to see some people frozen in the cold ass weather.
ben reed (2 years ago)
Will this work with Vivid Weathers
Aisle Five (2 years ago)
+ben reed Np.
ben reed (2 years ago)
+OfficeBum thanks
Aisle Five (2 years ago)
I'm a bit late, but yes it works and it's a pretty good mod to add with it.
Bryan Allard (2 years ago)
I die more from cold than any dragon or creature with this mod
Dam Jackass (6 months ago)
That pretty hardcore man, lol I don't think I can handle it, let alone fighting a damn dragon in a blizzard
Sam Lancaster (1 year ago)
The biggest threat to the dragon born A DRAGON? No A TROLL? No A SLAUGHTER FISH? No the fucking air is to god damn cold XD
Evil Herb (2 years ago)
i never died of cold. Probably because my mage conjures shelters, knows vapor blast and is a vampire lord, and the only other character I used frostfall on is a level 6 thief who has only been to Eastmarch and Riften, but still. It isn't that hard to survive in Frostfall, if you avoid water.
Kerseili (2 years ago)
can't you adjust how much the elements affect you in the mod settings
BGB IG (2 years ago)
Khajiits I'm sure would suffer with this mod. ''This place chills me to the bone.''
MercDeMerco (1 year ago)
I think the lizard people would suffer the most with their cold blood. Khajiits have a layer of fur at least ha
Srikrishna Bhat (2 years ago)
Reminds me that cloaks of Skyrim adds a cloak called "On Warm Sands" and I believe it gave you excellent coverage.
Nicolás Fanta (2 years ago)
Finally ill try it, just now after Real shelter patch finish and patch with FNIS and Dual sheat and FINALLY ILL PLAY AFTER a goood long time ><
Gregory Stevensh (2 years ago)
1:55 yolo bitches!! lmao
ThePyrobrid (2 years ago)
Being wet makes you weaker to fire but resistant to shock? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
ThePyrobrid (2 years ago)
No, wait. I heard it wrong
Mythix the Dragon (2 years ago)
Does this sound mod have any problems with uninstalling it?
ThatRandomGuyFTW (2 years ago)
i feel like i am one of the few people who does alot of modding to my game who does not like frostfall
StevenDestinyBonnell (2 years ago)
+surprise hoe  thats the mod i use! :D it doesn't take too much away from the game, but also gives food and sleep an actually part of the game
vBHSW (2 years ago)
i find "realistic needs and diseases" to be a less intense kind of frostfall, where instead of being cold and requiring many layers, you simply need things like water and food and diseases are much more serious.
StevenDestinyBonnell (2 years ago)
yeah i know what you mean, some people enjoy that realistic immersion the mod has, but for me that immersion kind of is a wall that is preventing me from playing the game (forcing you wear fur and get warm using campfires.)
vBHSW (2 years ago)
a rather festive person - Well you can always change the intensity in the settings.
+ThatRandomGuyFTW I can see why you wouldnt use it, it can cause alot of issues when you want to go and do a quest without interruptions, and being right infront of that burial site than you pass out. But it helps with immersion is AMAZING!
A Giraffe (2 years ago)
The endurance skill tree looks like a vagina wtf
vBHSW (2 years ago)
Giraffe - I just noticed lmao
The Loot Collector (2 years ago)
will this be on console
vBHSW (2 years ago)
Leo Winfrey - Yet here it is, on consoles.
Sadd Boye (2 years ago)
it requires heavy scripting so i highly doubt it.
bladeshifter16 (2 years ago)
I wonder...do Khajiit get an Exposure buff due to their natural fur?
Srikrishna Bhat (2 years ago)
No. Lore-wise they are desert and tropical rainforest dwellers. So even if they have fur, they can't adapt to the cold. For example, if you were to take a Bengal Tiger to Siberia, it will die of the cold. Siberian tigers are the only species of tigers that can survive the cold.
SnippleSnapple (2 years ago)
A MUST-INSTALL after you're done installing Skyrim.

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