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Skyrim Mod: Imperious - Races of Skyrim

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Imperious - Races of Skyrim http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61218/? Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (1168)
Spectator (15 days ago)
I'm Asian and eating rice restores my health, magika and stamina full.
Kaleb M (17 days ago)
I am Italian and my cooking skill is upgraded by 15 points and i am specialized in using forks as weapons. I am also much more difficult to intimidate and passively intimidate others with the sheer volume of my voice.
Doomguy (19 days ago)
I'm of German descent. That means I do more damage to Jews, cripples and other lesser non-Aryans. Thanks Imperious!
Rafa Rafa Rafael (23 days ago)
Shame every race got its nerfs, bretons could use bound weapons infinitely as of the date of this video :/
Merlo _ (27 days ago)
as a pole i am immune to skooma effects and can also pickpocket at a master level
Lord Atrocityy (1 month ago)
Im Mexican. work,work,work,needtocrosstheborder,work,work,work,work,work,cartels,work,work,work,tacos,work,work,work.
Piko (1 month ago)
I'm polish - lockpicking and pickpocket 100.
The Ambient Beard (1 month ago)
How do you access the mod menu?
I'm an ohioan. Imperious has gave me the power of Owning Cedar point
Nazrul Nadziruddin (2 months ago)
Can i install this during my gameplay or do I need to start a new game?
Knight Artorias (2 months ago)
I'm Jewish, so I gain an 80% boost in how much gold I find. I have the ability once a day to take over a merchant's store and drain their profits. And I have a 100% weakness to fire and poison gas.
Dr. Pigeon (2 months ago)
I'm south asian I have a 100% chance to ask for Bobs and Vegana
Śnieżny (3 months ago)
I am from Poland, so im Immortal when i drunk, so im a god lol
HSSQ (3 months ago)
What elf armor reskin mod do you use
Mehrunes Dagon (3 months ago)
Im a kiwi so my racial power is to call in a warrior sheep once a day that makes all enemys look at it in confusion. I also have a 60% resistance to frost and can be confused for an Australian constantly
Watching in 2018, sad that so mutch has changed from this state of the mod, took off my mod list because it took out most of the neat abilities and added less useful passives instead. I used to use a redguars for their cool abilities but now they are no longer fun to play.
BroBroNelly (2 months ago)
This is why we can't have nice things. Because of all the "I'm insert race here so I can do insert stereotypical things here" comments.
le Beast (3 months ago)
I'm British. Colonialism power can once per day can turn enemies into allies, but have increased vulnerability to city youths with knives. Also all prisoners become upsidedown.
Cody "The Machine" (4 months ago)
I'm Mexican. My racial abilities give me a +75% sneaking bonus, only while near a province's border. I can call upon my ancestors to grant me 50% off a burrito bowl at Chipotle. And, my naturally loose buttcheeks allow me to fit a substantial amount of Skooma in my anus.
CDV3 (4 months ago)
I love the old school Elder Scrolls artwork. It’s so... 80s Conan the Barbarian.
Jordan Bauman-Putnam (4 months ago)
I'm Russian, my stats are normal, however during the winter months I become invincible and have the ability to summon bears. also i can drink as much as I want without a hangover
MadSwedishGamer (4 months ago)
I'm Swedish, and my passives grant me the ability to invent a bunch of stuff and go to war with my closest southern neighbour an unlimited amount of times per day.
noRUSH421 (4 months ago)
this comment sections is lit!
kittytoast 58 (4 months ago)
FaZe-MoshiMonsters (5 months ago)
I’m Australian, so I have the ability to charm wild animals. I can also use my ability “maaaaate!” Witch befriends everybody at the pub/barbie! 👌
Tyler Shrouder (5 months ago)
I’m American, so I am naturally resistant to attacks while sitting and food heals me exponentially more.
Wellington McSkellington (5 months ago)
I'm german. With imperious, any alcoholic drink I consume restores my health to full and all pants made from leather let me dance around the battlefield. Once per day, I can turn any joke into a serious discussion.
WavyJays (5 months ago)
It’s so crazy how old this game is but with all these mods that keep getting added it’s like playing it for the first time. This game won’t die until they make a new one
Big Deano Plays (5 months ago)
Damn shame Enai tinkered with this mod so much, the abilities and powers seem far better in this version than they do in the current SE one. He nerfed the hell out of the nords.
Reecopolis (5 months ago)
I cant do my powers on xbox 1
GameTitan74 (5 months ago)
Does this mod apply for PS4?
I Main Bastion (5 months ago)
GameTitan74 no rip xb & pc only
Kelp (5 months ago)
im white and my powers are having a conversation during sex and overdosing on starbucks granting an empty wallet and 20% increased dificulty when trying to sleep.
Comrade Pootis (7 months ago)
As per normal, the Khajiit buffs are subpar. Am dissapoint.
Shadow666hero (8 months ago)
I’m Australian,I am OP.
Raymond (9 months ago)
Iam Braziliam, so i have 80 points in pickpocket and i cam Sumom my ancestors to fuder the inimigo
卐 Fascist Goy (9 months ago)
I'm African American and I have 100% chance to live of the government
Stormanex Plays (9 months ago)
I'm Czech so I'm immune to alcohol poisoning and i have 100+ stamina (because we are good at sports) but i need to drink at least one beer per day :D
Bro Doodman (9 months ago)
I'm American. I passively gain a bonus to destroying other peoples cultures. I also gain a passive resistance to insulin. Once a day I can summon pizza man to deliver 30 cheese pizzas to my house, but only if the TV is on and I'm wearing a USA shirt.
Spider Bits (9 months ago)
What mod are you using on the males faces? I can never find a good mod for faces, least of all male faces. Everything makes the characters look too plasticy.
Dejan Andric (9 months ago)
I'm Eastern European, and I am permanently stuck in the sneaking position. Fuck. Thanks Imperious!
Daubeny (10 months ago)
I have to say i am using this mod on Xbox i really Love it pls never remove it
Ballin Balgruuf (10 months ago)
The comment section is GOLD
it's ya boi mei (10 months ago)
my jap blood makes my suicide attempts always succeed, and my korean blood makes me damn good at making kimchi
Kingof Rome (10 months ago)
Im British, so I can build an empire that controls most of the world once a day! THANKS IMPERIOUS
M Mirlas (10 months ago)
I'm a real European mutt in America, so I don't know what to say.
Just Slays Daily (11 months ago)
Wut about wood elves
Blitzidious (11 months ago)
I'd get this, but the powers are a bit too over the top for my tastes. They're unique, certainly, but I just don't see myself enjoying it. Muh immersion and such.
Blitzidious (11 months ago)
I might download it then. Thank you for the response, my dude.
Colin Ware (11 months ago)
The powers have been changed, I think a month or two ago. Races only have one daily power now, some of them are the same, others were completely changed.
Eric (1 year ago)
Brodual, I posted a link to your video at @ http://tinyurl.com/MorrowindmaN-ReserveIncrease (a Bethesda Thread). We can quickly & efficiently tell Microsoft to increase the Total Mod Limit on the xBox One (& 1x) by voting here: http://tinyurl.com/xboxUserVoiceReserveVote (an xBox Live account is required). Please feel free to share this to get the word out! I greatly appreciate your reviews - they are well done !
oneX (1 year ago)
I am swedish, i can now make all enemies sit down and "fika" with me once per day.
CJ Knight (1 year ago)
Does anyone know which mod was used for his skills tab at 1:49
Totally Not A Spy (1 year ago)
I'm Italian, so i can call upon my heritage to change sides in a battle once a day, i start out with a maxed out cooking ability (which goes well with survival oriented mods) and i can forge fancier weapons and armor that gain a 75% increase in flair but are overpriced. As downside, i am also easily mistaken for a thief and therefore there is a high chance i might go to jail for no reason at all. Thanks Imperious!
TheDaxter11 (1 year ago)
i love this videos comment section
MarvAlice (1 year ago)
This spot light is very out of date, but imperious is still my favorite race mod by far.
noel (1 year ago)
1:50 what skill tree mod is that
Agentflash18462 (1 year ago)
I am Canadian so I can say sorry to everyone constantly, be 75% resistant to the cold and call upon an army of beavers and moose to attack my enemies
A. Person (1 year ago)
I'm Mexican so I have a +100% to being stopped before passing to Cyrodiil I gain extra stamina when running from by Imperial soldiers and I start off with 50 points in lock pick
Jeffrey Morningstar (1 year ago)
As a Pacific Islander I have a 42% higher proficiency in spears and harpoons.A 50% increase in swimming and fishing.I can also use Shark-blood to harness the powers of my shark ancestors and get a 40% increase in melee damage and speed for 80 seconds once per day. Thanks Imperious!
Leif Erikson (1 year ago)
2:03 what is that outfit?
Eytox (1 year ago)
I'm Canadian so I can use a hockey stick as a two handed weapon with a 200% damage boost and I can cast the spell: Maple syrup to paralyse my enemies with sugar so I can hit them with my hockey stick! I also get free health potions but I need to wait 5 hours in a hospital to get it, thanks imperious!
I'm a Mexican, once a day i consume a hot burrito to channel the power of the thu'um through my anus. Thanks imperious.
Kliptonite (1 year ago)
As a Canadian I have +40% passive resistance to frost and can apologize to end combat at any time. I have -20% chance to successfully intimidate, but +30% to persuade. After I have apologized 103 times, I can summon an army of beavers who are armed with maple syrup cannons.
Mr. Honeyvoice II (1 year ago)
I'm African-American as a result guards have a 16% suspicion increase around me , and are much more likely to stop me on the road and check through my loot for any 'contraband' . However on the plus side once a day I can activate one of two powers "This are my streets!" Which summon all fellow African Americans to come to my aid especially against law enforcement and "Natural Athlete" Giving me a stat boost in speed, agility , unarmed combat , and a 1.75% health regen , I am however much more susceptible to ranged weapons , and am easily caught when I attempt to steal things.Thanks Imperious!
Sir Scrubbington (1 year ago)
As an American, my passive powers are "Firearm Proficiency", which grants a major bonus to any and all firearms, "American Presence", which makes people generally friendly towards me, and "Founding Father", where if you are the first to do something, you will gain a greater chance on achieving it, and for the quest, I must do 15 democratic actions or assist in spreading democracy to at least 1 nation. The activated powers are "Trump Card" which is the ability to call upon the United States Armed Forces to assist you when you are in dire need, and "The American Dream" which allows you to, once a day, deceive one person into doing whatever you wish.
ThePieMan (1 year ago)
Samy Sonata (1 year ago)
Bethesda should have done this. But in the vanilla skyrim there is no difference within each race. It is stupid.
Azareth (1 year ago)
I'm Turkish, I Can Make The Perfect Kebab, Which Gives You +999 Health If You Eat.
Azareth (1 year ago)
Oh Wait, I'm Too Late :(
Lynx Productions (1 year ago)
As Bulgarian I get a plus 50% percent chance to get involved in a Balkan war and a 75% to take back thier old territory..... Sadly we have a low chance of only 25% chance of keeping it
Ben L (1 year ago)
I'm part-russian. With imperious I gain bonus stamina from mead but I don't get drunk. Also bears automatically side with me. When I have 10 followers I can activate communism. Thanks Imperious!
I'm Greek, with Imperious, my stats immediately skyrocket to 100, but I also get a -100% debuff to how much money I can make in a day...
Rasa Staponaite (1 year ago)
im eastern europe the mod gave me + 20 alchemy when making vodka 40 at one handed an my special shout is lenins voice
Sam Chapman (1 year ago)
im australian imperios allowed me to summon kangaroos once a day and the aility to eat vegimite
I'm Russian so alcohol is healing me and I can summon tovarish Stalin to send my enemies to Gulag. But I have -25 to speech if I talk to foreinger.
Emisamark (1 year ago)
I'm brazilian, once a day i get a 75% chance of being robbed when going to work
Josh Arthur (1 year ago)
Any way to not leap when sneaking with khajiit?
Şah Mat (1 year ago)
im turk i can gain %100 boost from ceddin deden :3
The Wolf Among Sheep (1 year ago)
I'm american this mod gave me the ability to get involved in fights that are none of my business.
Remove Talos (1 year ago)
I am a french and thanks to this mod I gain a +50% bonus when seducing a character, I can make rain frogs and snails once a day can run faster than anyone else once under threat.
Do the abilities in this mod replace the vanilla abilities?
Michael Wright (1 year ago)
It's hard not to run Breton.
Spooky Introvert (1 year ago)
I'm Louisianian, so I get +25% Swimming speed, and all swamp creatures are passive to me, but -25% frost resistance
Patholgoic (1 year ago)
Like @Cybersaur Tecz said I get all the bonuses from being American but since I live in *Texas*. Imperious gives me a +20 in gun slinging, and a Trading perk. For every bottle of mead I buy (alcohol beverage) I get a free pistol and box of ammo. Riding horses on open ground are also 10% faster. Thank you, Imperious! :D
GEZZ X10 (1 year ago)
Red guard one is lowkey racist
B0p G0d (1 year ago)
Is this compatible with the SkyRE Race Module?
Fatetaker (1 year ago)
feels really OP
Protag Shilex (1 year ago)
I'm American, I have a 50% damage boost to all weapons and can regain full HP by eating any food!
steven buitenkamp (1 year ago)
sadly i use a custom race :/
Delilah Fox (1 year ago)
I'm Canadian, so I have cold resistance, a weakness to fire, and the unique ability to apologize myself out any situation once per day. Drinking maple syrup gives me a +10% bonus to all stats for a short period of time.
o m (1 year ago)
great idea but i played as a wood elf and the harrier feature was... so bad multiple dramatic moments, ruined too bad skse isnt out for sse yet then i might have been able to turn that off
Rudy (1 year ago)
how does i eat corpse as bosmer plzzz
Tatsu (1 year ago)
I'm Brazilian. I have 30% resistance to fire, created potions are 10% more effective and poisons 15%, 25% weakness to frost and we have two active abilities: Thief heart: You can steal gold and jewelry for with 100% chance for 20 seconds once per day. Amazonia will: You can call a random pack of animals (Crocodiles, Snakes, Spiders, etc) to help you at battle once per day. I don't know if i insulted myself or not .-.
Zxylo 5 (1 year ago)
I'm Mexican. - minus 100% of finding a small loan of a million dollars -100% weakness against walls - +5 speechcraft for having a Charro hat - +100 hate by Nords Special Ability: Finding Skooma much faster
Zephius64 (1 year ago)
American. Shouts reduced by 70% Intelligence reduced by 10 points. Speech increases by 15 points. Resist Communism 80% Summons: Ability to summon freedom once a day on lesser enemies. Ability to summon a MacDonald that boosts endurance, but adds 200 to carry weight. Greater power: Nuke 'em
0:06 Nothin' personal, kid
Scott Whelan (1 year ago)
I'm Scottish and Irish, so I get to live in centuries-old castle while playing skyrim and eating potatoes.
Morogoth (1 year ago)
I'm Swedish so this mod adds an ability that invades Skyrim with muslims and increases the rape chance in the world with 100%
Vũ Nguyễn Hoàng (1 year ago)
your skill menu. what's that mod name
tkoby (1 year ago)
Thanks Imperious
tkoby (1 year ago)
Im American\Jewish so i have a natural 100% increase to win monopoly and get good deal at fast food restaurants. 1 a day i get to call upon angry republicans and fiesty lawyers. I have Alexander Shanara as a follower.
MaxTheMaximumGamer (1 year ago)
This video is for a very old version. Maybe consider doing a renewed spotlight? The features of Imperious have changed drastically since it was last covered.
Tai Lung (1 year ago)
This is the first time i saw so many funny and smart comments for the same video. I love the skyrim community.
SoLuna (1 year ago)
Personally not a fan of amateur overhauls I prefer expansions. p.s. Amateur means people that do stuff unpaid before anyone tries to attack me.

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