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Turkish Horror Movie Production Company: Muhteşem Film Director: Alper Mestçi Cast: Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk, Koray Şahinbaş, Ebru Kaymakçı, Merve Ateş, Güneş Galava, Toygun Ateş, Aydan Çakır, Asuman Kostak.
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Text Comments (2823)
KlitKlat (5 hours ago)
I don't know why but I cried at the scene where Kudret felt guilty because he didn't take his wife to the hospital in time.
Thajis Thaj (10 hours ago)
Malayali Makkalle Eee padam Engana ind Pedikkan ulla vaga undo ..? Kandavar parayu
Irin Vaiphei (13 hours ago)
I like the movie😊😁
priyadharshini (13 hours ago)
Very good film.. Both horror and message is there. . Every person should follow this
Nusrat Jahan (17 hours ago)
Turkish movies r always great to watch...far better than Hollywood movie..
AJIMINSHA H (1 day ago)
Top One Horror Movie Siccin Series All language
Rupinder Kaur (1 day ago)
Best horror movies I ever seen just wanna full English dubbed
Rupinder Kaur (1 day ago)
Rowena Lamparero (2 days ago)
I w
Pia Salvato (3 days ago)
Totally excellent.. make sure to watch Part 2 !
_fatizohra _km (3 days ago)
They say its the best one
Robin singh (4 days ago)
1:15:32 wtf man 😔😔😔
Fadya Kanaan (6 days ago)
في حدا عربي، هووون
Enna Chetry (6 days ago)
Siccin 5 English subtitles plzz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sapna Sharma (7 days ago)
It's a great series of horror movies,I like it too much,most better than Hollywood n Bollywood movies,very nice n scary without any shameful seen...
ellie !!! (8 days ago)
men are trash
Ilirida Ristemi (8 days ago)
Im going to shit my pants at night😭
Binita Pokhrel (8 days ago)
1:04:03 I'm dead... Hit likes and provide me courage to watch...
B O (4 days ago)
Bwahaha there's a warning of putting spell in the end coupled with a statistic 😂 Yeah you can call the dark side of the human nature djinn, metaphorically perhaps, but you cannot really toss the responsibility of your actions out the window, can you? "Oops, judge, my djinns murdered the victim, not me" Own your fucking psychopathy and face the consequences. Tell it to the walls in your prison.
Neishu Tana (8 days ago)
Is this based on true story????
CricFantasy Star (9 days ago)
Scary as fk 😂
reezi clark (9 days ago)
Labas mga Pinoy diyan, isang taon na ako mahigit nanonood ng Turkish horror movies. The best! Try nyo rin po ang Dabbe. 😊 Waiting for Siccin 5 and 6 with english subs please!
md sakib Hayder (9 days ago)
yeah..... i am from bangladesh
Prince Khan (10 days ago)
Plz upload dubbed in hindi all parts
Spoilt Brat (10 days ago)
Best horror movie i dont know why theres nothing like this in Hollywood or Bollywood
Inam Khan (11 days ago)
I watch this movie in night with the help of kalmas.. Seriously it's best horror movie ever.......
Safeena Khan (7 days ago)
Without help of kalma 🙄 magic d kna blavk magic but scary
Chathuranga atigala (11 days ago)
Makanam niyama kathavak
Akash Verma (11 days ago)
Asli kabir singh toh Turki m h🤣🤣
Lamrin Lan (13 days ago)
My friend suggested me to watch this and I just search the movie name and come to the comment section. I show all are appreciating of this movie love it . Love to watch from India
Legacies 22 (13 days ago)
Khan mohamed (13 days ago)
Legacies 22 (13 days ago)
Wonder Woman (14 days ago)
Legacies 22 (13 days ago)
Junaidjk Khan (15 days ago)
Is this movie In Hindi Or Urdu Dubbed Available?
vaishnavi chavan (15 days ago)
I m from Indian and thx God this things do not happen in India...and I m blessed that I ganpati bappa protect us from every evil...🙏 thx to God...and the movie was high level movie...
Sama Yousafzai (15 days ago)
I didn't get the last few parts after nisa brought to the cleric .than what happened next?? Which imam found guilty?? Plz someone tell me the last parts ..🤔🤔🤔🤔
livingsoul1234567 (13 days ago)
Oznar actually cursed Nisa's daughter not Nisa. So she killed all her blood relatives. The police caught the cleric that was helping Kudret
Kapre Corn (15 days ago)
july 2019 , philippines 🙋
thαπκ u [ဗီူ] (16 days ago)
Özlemişim 😋
4 July 2019 ; I watched this story for the very first time.. and it was 💯% better than Hollywood movie... The ending plot scared the hell out of me.
@Misba Malik wdym?
Misba Malik (15 days ago)
Which series is this..??
Evangelos Adamakis (17 days ago)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ lovely movie 🎥, i know that black magic curse spell from blog spot Kiyametlis.blogspot.com
ubi bhatt (18 days ago)
SICCIN is far greater than any other movie made in Hollywood. I think, Exorcise is also a half way horrific than this.
Lazo Badrkhan (18 days ago)
There is eye
Nisha Khan (19 days ago)
worth watching movie 🎥
Aqsa Dilshad (19 days ago)
This movie told us how much people are become selfish ,they have no heart,they never think about others ...these peoples only want that what they wish even they are their relatives ,they are dying or living I am not saying this to all only those who become the selfish for their little wish/need ...whatever Allah forgive us ,Allah help us to become a good person and also help us to far away from these bad things eg:Black magic etc ?....(.Ameen )Ya Raabul Aalameen.
Sabuj Abdullah (20 days ago)
why isn't the imam reciting aytal qursi?
ellie !!! (8 days ago)
this is not pakistan
ellie !!! (8 days ago)
tom fiz (20 days ago)
Turkish horror movies are so good , i wish there were more with english sub .
vivekpratap singh (21 days ago)
Hindi dub krdo bhosdiwalo
Religion is based fear and gift...... So all religion hv demon and god..... In islam there is well humanytic concept rahmatullah aleyh........ Only being exist..... Not more not less than it..... Bissmillah aiy rehmaan urr rahim.....
Taha Elixer (22 days ago)
Hollywood nah bollywood nah turkish movies yep. Any fans from pakistan
anil kaushal (22 days ago)
Any one suffering from black magic contact me 9818740963
Simran Kaur (23 days ago)
27 june2019
Yes I am
Roni xd (23 days ago)
begging to the evil is the greatest crime of the world.you cannot get the actual happiness by using black magic..This will be end by burning your soul in the hell..
Roni xd (23 days ago)
where can I found the quran recitation which is placed at the starting at the movie and with a child voice..
Fikry Rahim (23 days ago)
best movie
Ali Shan (23 days ago)
why these strange things were happening to oznur,anyone can pls explain?
PRIYA RAI's VLOG (22 days ago)
Bcoz Kudret was her aunt's son and she had unknowingly had given Kudret's daughter's used sanitary pad for black magic..That's y she was also killed atlast
ashadoff 24 (24 days ago)
From Azerbaijan
Tamanna Khan (25 days ago)
Nice film 👍
Vivek Kc (25 days ago)
Really very awesome movie.must watch
Yasmine Chazo (26 days ago)
The child in 1:49 what he read?
Monica Manuzon (26 days ago)
Movie was great! Turkish movies should be recognized as well ❤️🎥 I'm from the Philippines
Shanza Zahid (27 days ago)
This movie just shocks me wondering on the reality as well, how far a human being can go low
Rikita islam (27 days ago)
অনের সাহস করে দেখা শুরু করলাম 😶
Patrycja Molinska (28 days ago)
Dajcie tytuł tego filmu.
Banani Das (1 month ago)
Any indian here??
Arju Ara (1 month ago)
Omg this IS the scariest thing I've ever seen ~♡☆ ○_○
Abhishek Singh (1 month ago)
Ayaz khan (1 month ago)
Black magic haram in Islam
Fakhar Farooq (1 month ago)
Love from Pakistan ❤
Gabriel Voinea (1 month ago)
5:46 Holy moly! I felt off my chair
loveu Allah (1 month ago)
Ajla Smajlovic (1 month ago)
Aisha Fatima (1 month ago)
lots of love from india....going to watch all parts of it
Bonnie Dario (1 month ago)
مشتهيه بليز
Kainat (1 month ago)
This puts every Hollywood horror movie to shame.
Syed Ausaf Ali (1 month ago)
Ye hindi dubbed mn ni hai kya
Neeraj Nigam (1 month ago)
Fantastic .
Nikki Grace (1 month ago)
Nisa wasn't that smart due to which she lost her life
hayvan bilimcisi (1 month ago)
1:29 da ki böcek TEKE BÖCEĞİ, larvaları büyük bir zararlıdır
fun zone (1 month ago)
yeah this is so good to make aware people and here in Pakistan most of women do that is sad but live free happy dont let people get upper hand on you
prince rafie (1 month ago)
ashu ram (1 month ago)
Is ceyda related to oznur... Why the little girl is being possessed
DuaBumi (1 month ago)
spoiler alert yes.. that’s her niece.. oznur casted a spell on ceyda instead of nisa... she thought the blood on the pad was nisa’s but it was ceyda’s
Tejaswini Bhosale (1 month ago)
Super movie ...😍
We are save in comment section 😝😜😛😋
To cool
Ikshora Sharma (1 month ago)
It's really too scary. I've enjoyed d movie.
Tom Willard (1 month ago)
Filipe Matias (1 month ago)
Good Horror Movie!
BENTABET Safia (1 month ago)
لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم...
vimalan raman (1 month ago)
please upload siccin 5 with english subtitle.
Mel (1 month ago)
Wheres all my Turks at?
A Lonely Potato (1 month ago)
wth? no happy ending?
Uzay Kaşifi zackrin (1 month ago)
That's the difference. It's too bad to know that every movie you're watching is going to end well. That's what makes this movie beautiful
Konele inc Somåliåno (1 month ago)
This is legit scarry whoohhh
Furler Betlu (1 month ago)
2019?? Anyone
Drishya Phuel (1 month ago)
Great movie.This is a horror movie with beautiful moral
What does "SICCIN" mean?
Citrus. Sya oh I see. Thank you :)
@Mandeepstan Մանդեփստան yep
Citrus. Sya people like Satanist?
Some kind of people who are rebellious to Allah
ADARSH PLAYS WOW (1 month ago)
Everything was ok I know her husband leaved but because of her all bad happened thank God he came and helped but ending is not fine and ghost don't try on me okay just joking hahah what this black magic haha oh god?
GhÂm Zâdâ X (1 month ago)
Superb mind-blowing 👌🔥
massimo murgia (1 month ago)
Amazingly scary and sad at the same time...the moral "what goes around comes around" ..Blessed Be )O(
ibrahim TÜRKOĞLU (1 month ago)
I can't go to the bathroom when I watch these movies. It's like someone's behind me. :D
Simpex Pharma (1 month ago)
Who is the fifth blood relative? someone plz clear the fact
riely heart (1 month ago)
a movie that is worth watching....
Nikhil Lama (1 month ago)
Great movie 👌

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