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Skyrim Mod: Revenge of the Enemies - Enemy AI Overhaul

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Check out the new Skyrim-Mod website for more information on the mod and a link to download! - http://skyrim-mod.com/revenge-of-the-enemies-mod/ Revenge of the Enemies - Enemy AI Overhaul http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/40491//? Skyrim Swimming Enemies http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41637/? Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (471)
Bear Bones (7 days ago)
I wish this was on xbox
caltoyn wdar (4 months ago)
Is this on console also?
Hamza Feroz (5 months ago)
As if fighting Dragon priests wasn't difficult enough
Kumbi (6 months ago)
Why did I pick Combat Evolved over this??
Ryan Geer (7 months ago)
Alduin finally became the boss he needed to be.
Unhinged (9 months ago)
The Red Eagle boss was such a wimp in the vanilla version. With this mod installed you will be fighting against a "real" ancient legendary hero of the Reach. This is one of the mods that will always stay in my load order.
TheDaxter11 (9 months ago)
from the comments this mod sounds like its really unfair in some of the things it does, the AI seems to be fine, but apparently it does other stuff that makes it unplayable, im wondering what that would be like if you added the mod that lets you dodge into the game with this mod, and maybe that enemy targeting mod as well, it could even things out a bit with those or at least just the dodge mod
Rein Azrael (9 months ago)
Makes bosses actual BOSSES. As in enemies that are beyond human/mer level of power are actually not something your likely going to handle a boss version of without serious gear tailoring and a party setup to add dps/draw fire. You want to slay ab ancient legendary dragon priest who became a Lich upon death? Better be ready for a magic slinging near immortal being that won’t pity you for coming in under level. Also that is probably the biggest thing about this mod. Unlike vanilla Skyrim the bosses are at a difficulty level now where going into a fight with a dragon priest who are level 50 from the moment the game starts while only a meager level 15 will make it downright impossible. Revenge of the enemies won’t hold your hand enemy types have abilities based more around actual lore strength as opposed to vanilla levels just adding higher hp as enemy levels get higher. To face a high level mythical beast you had better be a high level and tested combatant with your own abilities.
Austin Copeland (11 months ago)
Oh god. This is the mod I fell victim to about a year ago. Ya, I'm not installing this shit again. To anyone reading, you will literally be saving over and over again, losing all potions while trying to find some cheap exploit to beat the enemies. It's entertaining for a while, but you get tired of having to go purchase some potions after each and every fight. I mean seriously, using an invisibility potion just to have time to pop a health potion only to have the effects of that completely negated after one attack - even that scenario is considered a lucky one to be in because you usually just get one shotted. Like I said earlier, I don't necessarily mind the whole exploiting aspect of it all, but the enemies are ridiculously overpowered. It's so demoralizing to spend 15 minutes hacking away at an enemy to half health, only to be hit by a single attack that damn near kills you.
Redbilly Hillneck (1 year ago)
Anyone try this with Ordinator? Does it make Skyrim easier?
pravin rao (10 months ago)
i tried it with ordinator asis and revenge of enemies And my god dungeones were filled with level 41-51 duragur death lords and druahuar death lords it is impossible fuck this mod.
Swifty360 (1 year ago)
I didn't even know the dwarven sphere had bolt attacks...lol
ULTROXBLAST (1 year ago)
I love challenging games but this is just ridiculous. The mod is broken, Melee is impossible, Some Bosses can kill you with one shot, other normal enemies as bandits are always op no matter how much you lvl up and have armor/health they'll f*** you up either way. Pitty because its only mod that makes enemies interesting to fight but being this hard ruins the fun and end up being just frustrating.
FWshaun98 (1 year ago)
What happens at 1:07? Did the bandit just use a shout?
AblazeScarf (1 year ago)
Everyone talking about getting buttraped as warriors....but mages have it worse....
Stewartsaurus (1 year ago)
Can there be a mod to make it so that draugr don't use the disarm shout please.
TheDaxter11 (9 months ago)
why? that gives the draugr deathlords less variety with there shouts and makes them easier, besides its not that hard to equip a spare weapon you might have and/or just go and pick the weapon back up (in the base game obviously, dunno what that would be like with this mod)
disarm and unrelenting force are the shouts I most hate on draugr. first they disarm you, and then make sure you never find your legendary weapon ever again.
Ray Venn Nerdiness (1 year ago)
I'd like to see a revenge mod, where let's say if you steal something, or kill someone, someone close to them would send out hunters or even find you themselves to try and kill you.
Jonny Burns (1 year ago)
Ray Venn Nerdiness Its not perfect but that system is already in the game. If u get caught killing or stealing from a named npc sometimes their spouce will hire thugs to come kill you. And we all know how that plays out.
IceMaster972 (1 year ago)
What's comba?
Zxylo 5 (1 year ago)
That awkward moment when you encounter three "black burrows guardian" that has full dragonbone armor + a shout that instantly kill you and had 10000 hp, you don't have to be a genius to know in which dungeon I found them (I was level 40 :/)
dicker9 (1 year ago)
Damn you got your ass kicked when getting gameplay for this mod
Very Quick Rodent (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thought that this video was going to involve Kirby?
PolitePlayer (1 year ago)
Does the improved behauvior extends to companions?
Gilgamesh (1 year ago)
This is a must have mod. It will never leave my mod list.
1God1Fury (2 years ago)
This mod sucks! Horribly unbalanced. I'm getting almost 1 shot killed from medium level draugrs shouts at adept difficulty while I'm wearing full ebony with 400hp and 50% magic resistance. Enemies extremely spamy with summoning powerful creatures. The 1st hour was enough to give me so much anger and frustration to uninstal and never try it again. I don't know what author was thinking when creating this mod. But this mod clearly was made for players who use potion,smithing and enchantment exploits. Every special regular enemy from this mod is like fighting multiple The Ebony warriors at master/legendary difficulty. I didn't sign for this nor was told that this mod for *players who heavily exploit the game*
DeathIsLight (2 years ago)
Fighting BriarHearts with ultra realism/difficulty/immersion mods installed is one of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life. lol. so mythic, dark, epic!!!!
Grimfrost AD (2 years ago)
help, silver hand leaders don't attack when installed, tried deactivating it and they start to attack, I got ultimate combat and combat evolved
Dylan Hollister-Graham (2 years ago)
Should I get this or Wild Cat Combat Overhaul? Are they compatible to use both? I used this the last time played Skyrim and I really enjoyed it but Wild Cat is far newer.
Cam Killa (2 years ago)
is this on Xbox one yet.
so can i play this without dawnguard and dragonborn dlc's?
Muhammad Alim (2 years ago)
This mod is really Good. I use this mod with OBIS but when I reach lvl 70 and Maximum smithing, enchanting, and alchemy (Potion smithing over 343% and Enchanting over 81% and Alchemy gear among 45%) without glich then upgrade all my Armor and Weapon, it's feal like I can kill a dragon with 3 hit one handed. This mod is really good but need mod that can up the health bar of enemy (Play on legendary mode). By the way, level 20 - 50 is like Hell to me. Exspecially when enemy (like vampire/gib lunatic) come to whiterun and kill NPC easly. xD
Welcome to Valhalla (2 years ago)
Well, assuming you are already using Deadly Dragons + Ultimate Dragons or DCO, then it's probably the point where you should be downloading some serious endgame mods like the Inferno series. I for one have never reached lvl 70 before breaking my save with hundreds of mods xD
Ryan Cannady (2 years ago)
in this mod are some mages with the fireball too Overpowerd...but if i cut this out its a great mod
Roselia (2 years ago)
i don't know why, but i think this mod is unbalanced when in dwarven ruin there are dwarven knight that can shoot lightning storm and cannot be bashed I dieded so many times
blind tree man (5 months ago)
The mod is ridiculously unbalanced. A random bandit will fuck you up even with full daedric enchanted gear.
Muhammad Alim (2 years ago)
Upgrade your gear bro. It's like hell at early level but when you have high level and high gear it will be balance (Actually no matter how hard enemy when you get nice gear they will easy too kill).
Przemek (2 years ago)
I use this mod alongside ultimate combat and ultimate dragons. Enemy damage varies too much. Things like wolfs and spiders do nothing to you, a normal bandit can kill you in like 15 hits and then a bandit outlaw comes out and kills you in 2 hits. Some bosses one shot you with undodgeable/unblockable attacks. Weird experience. But I will level up and get better gear and then see how things change.
badwith names (2 years ago)
anyone got this going alongside Requiem?
Motör Punx (2 years ago)
This mod and combat evolved is challenging as fuck at early levels. Hell, I'm level 45 now and still get my ass kicked if I'm not too careful. Thank god I specialised in illusion magic, stealth and archery.
GamingThisEra (1 year ago)
TF, I play on Expert, Draugr can kill you with only 4 hits(maybe), its freakin hard.
Joey's Double Chin (2 years ago)
playing sword and shield or spellsword when reaching high levels with this mod is a MISTAKE, I tell you. I'm level 49, I'm very near the armor limit, I use smart cast to use fast healing when I reach 50% health, I use everything I have, shouts, spells, bow & arrow, shield, racial powers, yet I still get one hit here and there. I play on adept aswell.
His Dudeness (2 years ago)
+Motör Punx Rip Lemmy \m/
John Ford (2 years ago)
And I have done the same, I am always just drawn to thief, probably for maximum efficiency, but i'm waiting for the special edition to do a mage play-through.
Motör Punx (2 years ago)
+John Ford haha I'm sure if you've specced into a combat build you'll be okay-ish but I've only ever played a thief build and get by with stealth.
Tyler Keaton (2 years ago)
This with Better Combat AI on steam workshop combined with OBIS makes Skyrim really dangerous, the unique bandits with the AI boost makes them easily able to kill you in groups, and 1 on 1 combat becomes exciting
Muhammad Alim (2 years ago)
Agreed. When you do Arch Mage quest and deal with Skeleton Dragon who sommon many Dragon Priest is the real Hell. But I like it. xD
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
Do I get the bat transform skill too if I am a vampire? :)
Danger Daniel (2 years ago)
+EncyclopediaBro13 Ah, thank you. ^^
Ashtray Delicacy (2 years ago)
I don't know if you gain that ability with this mod, but Mighty Beasts overhauls the transformations and gives that power, among others, to the Vampire Lord.
Michelle Sanctuary (2 years ago)
Amazing Mod.
Nahuel Angelone (2 years ago)
does it affect sneak
Fablewars (2 years ago)
Yeah this is NOT compatible with wildcat - combat of Skyrim
Fablewars (2 years ago)
well now it is thanks for letting me know. hated having to choose
Kazaki (2 years ago)
My game crashes when I run the game with this mod :(
Matheus Dias (2 years ago)
That is because you have immersive creatures, which is not compatible
Debenex (2 years ago)
The swimming enemies were scary :O
Anno Domination (1 year ago)
Dark Souls may in fact be the best game ever made <3
MyssleDissle (1 year ago)
Its easily one of the best, Demons souls came first, and blew people away with how crazy some things seemed to them
Richard Knights (2 years ago)
People love Dark Souls for a reason, you just don't have tolerance to frustration, you are so used to easy games that when you find one hard you cry.
AnimeHDRevolution (2 years ago)
Too bad this doesn't work with Skyrim Immersive Creatures.
Unhinged (2 years ago)
It works. Just have the proper patches and load order should be somewhat like this near the bottom. I use NMM but I don't know for Mod Organizer users: Skyrim Immersive Creatures Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2 (Dragonborn patch if you have Dragonborn DLC) Rebirth Monster (Revenge of the Enemies) Rebirth Monster SIC patch ( Revenge of the Enemies and Skyrim Immersive Creatures patch) Ultimate Combat (optional mod) Combat Evolved (another optional mod)
DeathZone (2 years ago)
try to fight the deathbrand boss with this mod unless you are level 200 with all best equipment and even then i dont think you could beat him i used literally 100 vigourous healing potions and still died 100% legit
Gergő KjS (28 days ago)
Git gud noob
Clemens Hoste (2 years ago)
What kind of animation mods are you using>?
Mily Wolfheart (3 years ago)
compatible with Combat Evolved???
TheKappa (3 years ago)
Created a guy who wondered why enemies dont use everything when their lives are in danger? More like created by one of those elitists complaining how the game is too easy and make mods to make the game less fun.
Eyokir Videos (3 years ago)
with this mod installed, even on simple adept difficulty - I got obliterated. and I had TGM on... I'm seriously. Invincibility cheat and I still died, which I thought wasn't even possible. Install this mod if you want utter, insane difficulty which would leave you battered and beaten by a single bandit with an iron sword
Ayeverb (3 years ago)
I like the new abilities on enemies, but boosting their HP and damage is just stupid imo. I like smarter AI with unique fighting style. Cheap difficulty like adding more numbers is not what i want. It's too bad we don't have the option to only have the AI and ability package installed.
GG (1 year ago)
You can edit what you don't like with TES5EDIT, It's a long process but it works
NostalgicMonkey (3 years ago)
How balanced is this combat mod setup. Just want a bit dyamicism. Action Combat Combat Evolve Ultimate Combat + Dragon RotE
Ayeverb (3 years ago)
+TheOnlyBrave I don't know. First of all, ROTE is not balanced no matter what set-up you have unless you play on very easy. You got mages spamming some of the most powerful spells none stop, duel wielding enemies spamming power-attacks and most mages use big spells that you can hardly dodge and when they hit, they deal a lot of damage. Beside, ROTE adds way too much HP to your enemies. The good thing is, ROTE has no script. so you can untick it from your mod list when ever you want and there will be 0 issues. So if there's a part where you feel it's too unfair, you can do that and play again. Me, i use -requiem -duel combat v7 -rote with requiem patch. First of all, Action combat is not a good mod. In fact, it's a dangerous mod. The longer you run it, the worse your game become later on. You should uninstall it before it's too late. The problem is mostly based on the fact that the npc's you see in combat will have a script that will keep on running on them for ever, even after they're dead. I tried CE, UC, ROTE togheter with requiem once and it was fine. I only now decided to replace UC with Duel combat. With duel combat, the enemies are smarter. Archers will move as far away as possible from you and shoot arrows; same with mages. Archers will use covers, they will even crouch in order to take cover in a better way. Shield users will tank for their allies, they will parry a lot.
Panos Xatzipetridis (3 years ago)
Does anyone know where i can find the full list of changes,i have searched all over the web and i still can't find anything.
Singularity Bound (3 years ago)
A lot of these mods are meant for you to NOT be using legendary at the time... People saying this is to hard need to make more manual adjustments. You can use things like SkyTweak to do same things any of the other mods do. The reason this is best to use is because the mobs actually DO something. And they do for sure lol. Sad seeing this then Beth still being stuck in 1990s. If you need more control over your character to match the faster pace then get parry for DWing, There is even a new DW mod out that focuses on DW.. TKdodge is back with a much better version then the old. There are also animation mods that reduce some of the ridiculous times in the game. Like taking 10 min to get up. "attack commitment" is also a newer one that stops the heat seeking melee attacks do when you move. Even by itself it can make a vanilla character possibly have time to dodge. It effects both player and npcs.
Paladin Ludwig (3 years ago)
After hitting lvl ~70 nothing in vanilla was challenging at all anymore, so I thought I'd give it a try... worst decision ever, the enemies are ridiculously strong, deal tons of damage, tank a shitton, outsmart you and are resistent to almost everything. This mod is just pure butt-rape. I mean, even with Greater ward constantly up, the Dragonpriests for example just shoot one spell, shield gone, second spell---> instant death, while they take almost no damage.
Felipe Araújo (3 years ago)
What's wrong with using Iron Sword, if you are good enough you can use anything. I really like the look of iron equipment, weapons and armor so I usually use them even against dragons and other high level enemies.
Midnight (3 years ago)
This is overkill when you combine it with other overhauls... I hate fighting vampires now. They're insane. Been a while since I was forced to lower the difficulty to Adept to progress in a quest.
aleonard3249 (3 years ago)
I want skyrim to be a HARSH land. Frostfall with hypothermia death, realistic needs and diseases, ROTE, UC, Multiple followers, convenient horses, SkyRe... uhhhhhh... wet and cold, hunterborn, cloaks of skyrim, winter is coming... uhhhhh....
Chris Hope (1 month ago)
Become the legendary mercenary captain
Jerrone Alparas (1 year ago)
Civil War 2015 mod, Sands of Time
Daniel Castro (2 years ago)
+Rōnïn 浪人 You know, Morrowloot Ultimate is quite awesome as well, I've been playing with it for a while lately. Also, OBIS with some spell mods and ASIS if you hate yourself even more c: (Also if you love RPG'S then maybe World's Dawn and Disparity would suit you)
R0N1N (2 years ago)
@Daniel Castro I know I'm a month late but I found it, (Perma_Zones) and (High Level Enemies) and you're golden. Coupled with Skytest and some mods for animals, Immersive creatures or monster mod for monstera, enhanced mighty dragons for... rabbits, and immersive patrols for... torchbugs. Viola... Dark Souls ;)
Dopameme (3 years ago)
This mod makes bosses INSANELY difficult, so I had to uninstall it. Seriously, the boss at the fucking beginning dungeon, Bleak Falls Barrow, mercilessly rapes you with crazy damage, and don't even get me started on the god damn dragon priests. I'm all for adding difficulty, but this mod makes bosses completely unfair. It sucks because it adds tons of cool new effects and abilities to enemies which COULD make for more interesting gameplay if every boss didn't instantly kill you. Uninstalled it after facing a draugr boss who constantly used a huge no warning, AOE spell that completely eliminated all my stamina and magicka. Horribly unfair mod.
Ryan Geer (2 months ago)
My friend... Git gud.
JoMo (8 months ago)
What sucks is whenever I tried to leave, I couldn't actually move away from him, didn't matter how fast I was he just slapped me and boom, dead.
allinyourhands (9 months ago)
you should be XD
zherlevi (9 months ago)
allinyourhands I'm playing a mage build rn, I'm a lvl 12 breton alteration/restoration/destruction mage. I'm afraid to go haha
allinyourhands (9 months ago)
well, level 60+ breton vampire bloodmage/hemomancer(sacrosanct mod)..man, have you tried labyrinthian?
Mauricio José Osuna (3 years ago)
Aw, come one, you didn't even mention the Dwemer Centurion's Battleship-sized Laser Blaster.
Nobody Nothing (3 years ago)
Only reason I don't use swimming enemies is because swimming is a death wish with mods like Frostfall.
Enea Pepa (3 years ago)
is this compatible with imperious and/or disparity?
King Weeb (3 years ago)
Tried on legendary with Skyre and OBIS got raped by bandit
Jerrone Alparas (1 year ago)
LMAO! Literally raped as fuck!
Zxylo 5 (1 year ago)
So you had Sexlab installed?
Zzarcon1 (1 year ago)
Legendary difficulty is fake difficulty anyway. Playing on expert or master might feel more balanced.
Daniel Castro (2 years ago)
How much script latency do you get?
John Ray Ordas (3 years ago)
+Taylor Williams Oh you have no idea. 
Francis Moree (3 years ago)
Trolls are one of the hardest hitters in skyrim, when I was a low level I hated them, but as I got to a higher level I would always wreck them, because they do this stupid taunting shit where they pound their chest or ground and I jut swipe away with my fucking dragonbone sword...like srsly M8? I hope this mod makes them taunt less...especially when I'm literally next to them.
GamingThisEra (1 year ago)
bet you are crying right now
Its_Sun (3 years ago)
I don't recommend this when you're first starting off in Legendary mode lol....
AblazeScarf (1 year ago)
If heavy armor warriors gets butt raped, are mages gonna have it far worse? Note to self.....never play a mage I guess
Mauricio José Osuna (3 years ago)
+-=Soban=- I have the NMM, but I need these WRYE Bash / BOSS programs to get things flowing. Because really, I'm not trying to cram MLP heads on Halo outfits or some other madness, all I want is to make overhauls work together. And I don't even get what could be wrong there, overhauls actually don't erase the original spells and enchantments) which would cause errors when one tries to call something that other modified. But, thanks then. BOSS. I'll check it when I get back home.
Its_Sun (3 years ago)
+Mauricio José Osuna you could use something called Nexus Mod Manager. Goes for alot of games made by bethesda and some others. I think Darksouls is one of them. Also, there is something that is technically an extra tool with Nexus Mod Manager but doesnt come with I think its called "BOSS" but it finds any mods that conflict with something in game or eachother and I think it either fixes them, or shows a compatability update via team work of both mod authors.
Mauricio José Osuna (3 years ago)
Having beat Dark Souls without any help, resisting to seek any help in youtube and with a Parkinson keyboard / mouse, dying too much just isn't a big deal anymore. I'd like to know how to pack all my mods in one thing, though, none of them is directly incompatible but it seems that having so many acting together makes the game too unstable.
Its_Sun (3 years ago)
+Mauricio José Osuna The amount of times I've been one shot out of the blue is overwhelming. Just save every 3 minutes and you'll be fine. Lol.
Hijynks (3 years ago)
This mod is great, although the extra difficulty is grueling at times. In particular I've been given huge amounts of trouble by Kvenel the Tongue and high-level vampires. Seriously, those Nightmaster Vampires in Dawnguard are dynamite. Turning into bats all the time, mass paralysis, fire bombs, invisibility, lifedrain projectiles (which are awesome btw) for days. I took along Lydia, Jenassa, Vorstag and Vigilance for the opening Dawnguard missions and the one in Dimhollow Crypt was insane. I ended up just cheating it because it was otherwise near impossible at the time.
Anderson Junior (3 years ago)
+Randoman590 yeah is hard, but alteast they are using they powers now,without the mod they do nothing.
Cade III (3 years ago)
Definitely can't use the mod if you're on a solo character. You need a full goon squad to beat some of the bosses. I understand difficulty but I hate when mods do it in a unfair way.
Blind Truth INC. (2 years ago)
i have this mod in legendary difficulty i use eff so i have a bunch of followers. but the most busted one is neisa. she literally soaked up all the damages and heals you and your followers
Cade III (2 years ago)
+VerenityyArtz Sure, if you're on an existing character. I was looking for mods for a new playthrough, but there could have been balance changes since 10 months ago.
boxgecko (3 years ago)
+SoldierOFortune_PL Ah I see 
SoldierOFortune_PL (3 years ago)
+Barkhide it depends which version of UFO , everything seems ok until you want one of the followers from heartfire to leave service , they dont want leave , dont remember which version it was , too many things to remeber. U have to use console everytime to leave folower at home (only heartfire folowers) i switched from UFO to AFT , and looks much better , same orders , horse riding , but much more options and compatibility with all other mods , and ...you can make nearly every npc in skyrim world your follower :), and you will never loose them in the forest or cave - there is option : summon
boxgecko (3 years ago)
+SoldierOFortune_PL or maybe i was using the old version
Sarsi (3 years ago)
Highly recommend this amazing mod! More Skyrim feel :)
The Iyrosthenes (3 years ago)
Fighting dragon priest. Still uses iron sword.
Blitz crank (18 days ago)
I one shot dragon priest its boring
Muhammad Alim (2 years ago)
Yes, One hit Sneak attack dragon using Bow.
J Dong (2 years ago)
+Ibragim Muradov gross
The Iyrosthenes (2 years ago)
+J Dong yeah with the demotivational pictures and stuff lol
J Dong (2 years ago)
+Ibragim Muradov i am aware that skyrim released in 2011, however the original comment is in the standard format of a 2009 meme.
Nicholas Boswell (3 years ago)
This mod, plus the Action Combat mod and Sands of Time mod, can turn general random encounters into a nightmarish fight to the death. Not to mention I can't seem to go anywhere without at least one fight, and often with plenty of collateral damage. Then there are assassins in all the towns. How the Draugr followed me into the Bannered Mare is beyond me, but I survived. Hulda and Saadia... collateral damage. It was glorious.
caltoyn wdar (4 months ago)
Is it for the console
Black Knight (3 years ago)
+Kareem Aly Yes it is.
Kareem Aly (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Boswell i wanted to know if its compatible with Action Combat
Luis Marrero (3 years ago)
1:30 Anybody know of any mods that add just the bat transform ability? I really don't feel like redownloading the Skyrim Immersive Creatures installer just to get the SIC-Revenge of the Enemies patch.
Jayce (3 years ago)
I was playing skyrim with this mod on legendary difficulty until I reached level ~50. After making skills legendary, I still had to face high level enemies while doing low damage. I was in fight with a simple dragon and it took ~600-800 arrows to finish him off, not mentioning the time and effort wasted for one soul..
Mike Nie (3 years ago)
What other mods were you using when taking the video footage?
Lawliet296 (3 years ago)
do you use any overhaul mod with this one or with other ai/combat mods? i ask it because i find it really hard to play with both SkyRe and this one
Challenge: get requiem + sands of time + this mod 1.Be a vampire(stage 4) 2.Have light armor 3.Fight a dragon or dragon priest on legendary IMPOSSIBLE
Karner 15 (1 year ago)
I am playing Reqiuem with Revenge of the enemies, light armor mage Honestly when you are good skilled its not that hard
Ritz handles (3 years ago)
I did it. Spammed lightning atronachs and dremoras and dragonbone weilding minions like a mofo
Name (3 years ago)
I wish there was a Skyrim mod that decrease and increase the difficulty of bosses and mobs according to your number of followers,if you won't want to play with a follower then Dragon priests become gods,one of the flaws in Skyrim is that dragon priests feels stronger than dragons(at least in vanilla but also with this mod,I use dragon combat overhaul and still dragons don't come close to the shit dragon priests can pull off).
MyssleDissle (1 year ago)
The only way to make the fights fun is too lower the difficulty while fighting them a bit, otherwise its just chip damage and OP spells
Wisdom&Strength (3 years ago)
+Name Use Deadly Dragons....
Jakey Mate (3 years ago)
Someone needs to overhaul the dual wielding in this game so that it is actually good.
MyssleDissle (1 year ago)
Really? I have 2 swords and I decimate dragons and dragon priests with ease on master.
Messiah (3 years ago)
+Jakey Mate yeah :/ But still gonna enjoy slaying monsters in half with my Silver Sword! :D
Jakey Mate (3 years ago)
Honestly it doesn't seem like dual wield is or ever will be an option in the witcher series because of the silver and steel sword mechanics. I think that's good though due to how the game is designed.
Messiah (3 years ago)
+Jakey Mate Indeed! Dual wield sucks in this game.I wonder if you can do it in Witcher 3 lol
Jakey Mate (3 years ago)
I think dual wielding can be sick as and depending how it is implemented can seem logical. Just as magic and dragons are illogical, if it's done right it will fit right in.
Karl Anthony Adonis (4 years ago)
Dragon priest be like  DIS AINT SKYRIM ANYMORE MUDAFUKA  DIS IS DARK SOULS!!!!111////!!
MyssleDissle (1 year ago)
Which souls game? If it's 1 then its fine If its 2 the hitboxes will be total shit If its 3 you should uninstall the mod
Skyrim: Prepare your anus edition
+Karl Anthony Adonis **Achievement Unlocked: This is Dark Souls**
Cruz Rodriguez (3 years ago)
+Karl Anthony Adonis REKT
farizdanialz (3 years ago)
+Karl Anthony Adonis Dragon Priest : Die Mudafuka! you dead and always dead!!"
Pat Moon (4 years ago)
Argonians must be hard on this mod.
Christopher Vasic (4 years ago)
i can't say how awesome this mod is in vanilla you could always make your atronach, undead and so on tank for you but with this mod dragon priest can make your summoned creatures fight for them and later in the game all cursed draugr have this ability with makes you try to kill them first and then spawn your daedra. This mod is a MUST HAVE if you want to make skyrim's combat interesting and i didn't even mentinon the new spells some draugr have or the shouts that will kill a mage who only wears robes INSTANTLY!
fireblast133 (4 years ago)
+Morphling yeah, heck even a good long while after installing this I only now on this playthrough found out about 'Magical Protection' Which essentially gives you 200 armor, 20% resist magic, and 20% magic absorb. All this stacks on top of any flesh spell. Yeah it makes the dragon priests tough as heck to fight, but it also gives you damn useful stuff for doing it.
**installs this mod, an op alduin mod, and a shit ton of other battle mods** TIME TO FIGHT ALDUIN! :D
Of Fire & Sword (4 years ago)
Am I the only one having trouble with this mod's and ASIS's enemy ai/difficulty conflicting? I also have High Level Enemies installed to scale all enemies to my level yet they're doing next to no damage with the damage multiplier set to 5.0 in the ASIS ini files. Like, bandit power attacks only doing 10 damage, what is that? If anything I feel like this mod is making my enemies dumber... Any advice/fixes are welcome.
Predexy (3 years ago)
+Mace Numzane This might be too late but revenge of the enemies messes up with high level enemies and they don't work well together. I would recommend uninstalling revenge of the enemies if you want to use high level enemies.
KingdomPhylumClassless (4 years ago)
DAYUUM! Gandalf got some MOVES!
Anthony EagleElk (4 years ago)
Reading the comments, If you dont like having companions then you can get a mod called smart cast and have summoned creatures appear when battle starts along with armor spells like oakflesh, bound dragon armor etc. This mod is badass and I think better fits the game when the enemies are actually using their strengths and trying not to die
Grin Gashes (4 years ago)
The best difficulty overhaul out there. You do need to have all your skills maxed and insanely powerful gear though.
DarkAgeDanny (4 years ago)
If you swim across a river to avoid a fight, your no Dragonborn. You might as well jump off the throat of the world.
98pabbub (4 years ago)
Does this make your followers use their racial abilities as well?
Theodore Dariotis (4 years ago)
1:30 did the vampire dodge, like in TK dodge mod?:O
Tatato Biches (4 years ago)
" Hello and Welcome to Brew a Jewel " Dat accent lel
Kyle Rumble (4 years ago)
What are some the best combat mods?
Wicker _ (3 years ago)
+abbynady Yep.
abbynady (3 years ago)
+Wicker _ can we c0mbine all 3
Wicker _ (4 years ago)
Sky-re, Dual: Combat realism, and this.
Fieldy Znuts (4 years ago)
I do not in the slightest understand why shields don't block full but do stamina damage
Fieldy Znuts i know it's to late, but try Vigor, you won't be dissapointed
Itharius (4 years ago)
I remember using this mod for a playthrough, had to stop because it made the dragon priests stupppppid powerful. If you install this mod, be sure to also have a multiple follower mod, because the boss battles are the closest you'll get to an MMO raid in Skyrim.
SkyExplosion (4 years ago)
That's nothing ever heard of Re-Birth that monster mod is worse no matter ur health no matter ur level a special draugre like red eagle can insta kill u 3 rooms away.
Steven Baldomero (4 years ago)
and the dragons take half your life with one fire breath ! , but like you said now we can make raids in skyrim XD its more fun man. 
Forcedminer (4 years ago)
2:10 "instead of just firing firebolts continually it uses a variety of-...."  SOLD.... im so sick when the A.I goes full ka-boom spamming the crap of the fireball spell.
Britanny Helms (3 months ago)
Except they still do that. But now its more bullshit and likely to one shot you because fun.
Jacob the Funk ✌️ (3 years ago)
+Edward You sure you don't mean frost breath?
Jacob the Funk ✌️ (3 years ago)
+Forcedminer Yeah, I played a character like that too
Diving Husky (3 years ago)
+Forcedminer I don't know~but all of the typical draugr can breath fire, and everytime they do that, I am not only being stagger, I was thrown away like I was hit by a Giant Stick, I flew like few meters high and hit the rooftop, there is NO WAY I can get close to them~my dragonborn is great at one hand and two hand sword...and that's the problem, I have to draw out my bow...FUCK...
Forcedminer (3 years ago)
+Edward O.o whats a draugr doing with a flame breath? you could always: weapon/shield bash it power attack it block its line of sight run for cover i would say use a ward but screwthat..... I find magic better and cheaper to dodge than cast a ward that chews all your magicka up and leaves you high and dry... im all for mods that increase damage......made me feel like i was playing a game with online style difficulty. I had one called Combat Damage Multiplier. everything felt because because you weren't buttering an enemys face with a sword you were killing them in a few strikes as they were killing you with a few strikes also.
Jehan Caesar (4 years ago)
YES! I always wondered why the illusion school is only used by the player, it made me decide to play without it, to balance the combat a little bit, now this mod fixes that.  THIS VIDEO IS MORE THAN A YEAR OLD, and now it has given me one more reason to go back to Skyrim.
Kyle C (4 years ago)
This mod is over the top. You legit need to make a goon squad with UFO for some of the bosses.
ExtremeX (4 years ago)
requires expansions.... 
SkinnyCommie99 (4 years ago)
Is anybody else having problems with Draugr not waking up and Spiders dont falling from their dens ? I use this mod with requiem and the patch for requiem and enjoyed this mod until the point at which i one shottet a giant frostbite spider with my bow (This thing was sleeping or so because i dealt 200x damage)
Yukimura (4 years ago)
3:15 Gandalf! Is that you?!!!
KingdomPhylumClassless (4 years ago)
Yes. it's from the "The Fellowship in Skyrim" mod.
TheMighty Elephant (4 years ago)
why do all the good mods requier the damn DLCs
Möter (4 years ago)
1:27 bat transform ability? never heard of it. but i want it :0

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