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This Brilliant Line Got Me to Call Instead of Text (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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►► Confused about what to text him? Just copy & paste these 9 FREE texts → http://www.9Texts.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice for women every Sunday. ▼ ►► UPDATE: The scripts are ready for you now, grab your copy here: http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/thescripts/vsl/ I'm guilty… Like most men, I had fallen into the habit of only texting women instead of picking up the phone and calling. It’s quick, it’s convenient, and I assumed it was the preferred method to keep in touch between dates – that is, until I met HER… The woman who completely changed my mind. The woman who used ONE brilliant line to literally re-train me to stop texting and actually pick up the phone and call her every time. She didn't have to nag me, or even come right out and ask me… But this one thing she said stuck in my brain, raised her value, and made me want to treat her differently than all other women. I’m going to share with you this brilliant line in today’s video – it’s part of a crazy-simple, 3-step process you can use right away to get this same amazing result with the men in your life… I’ll also reveal the one thing you MUST have if you want to get past the first date and get asked out a second, third and fourth time… and I’ll tell you exactly how to get it. And don't forget to watch all the way to the end of the video, because I've got HUGE NEWS for you… Link to Early-Bird List: http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/thescripts/tellmefirst/ ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey
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Text Comments (878)
Saumya Singh (1 day ago)
You gave me the reply to my own question through this video, thank you so much gentleman!❤️
Lu La (4 days ago)
I give up I’m going to go get the pet mouse I’ve been wanting...
K Deloris (8 days ago)
what happened to the days when a guy would call you because he had your number.
AmieAmie (11 days ago)
Listening to the Spontaneous vs. structure thing made me think that, that goes for life in general too. You need structure and somewhere "save" or "rehearsed" to return to, in order to feel confident and truly enjoy being spontaneous. Going to the airport and booking whatever flight boards next, requires knowing you have a good, solid base to return to. It requires knowing that if everything goes astray, you can always return home.
Marian Kotúč (6 days ago)
This is true also on a spiritual level. If you're connected to your "inner being", if you know yourself and you're truly aware, if you love life, maybe even if you trust some higher power, obsessing about what to say is silly. Suddenly you gain more freedom in your interactions because no matter what happens, it won't shake your inner being. As a guy I was always a bit awkward but as I matured in this way (and sadly also aged), some truly great people appeared in my life, people whom I wouldn't even register before. One of the great side effects is that I can now talk even to a stunningly beautiful woman and not really "want" anything from her or I can sit down with the mayor of our city and tell him that he's a corrupt asshole :)
britcoms81 (12 days ago)
Umm...I hate phone calls. I think I'll stick to texting!
Cecilia Black (18 days ago)
Matthew, this was your BEST video yet! And I ordered your programs! This should be the prerequisite for EVERYTHING else!!!!
Lea Gill (19 days ago)
I disagree with that being the height of arrogance, because these techniques are very useful but even if you “just got confident” (as if that was so easy!) and followed your instincts (i.e. listened to acted on them), you’d still get the same results, because you instinctively know what’s right and wrong for you but don’t always trust it let alone have the guts to act on it as you said! Therefore, if we did that we wouldn’t need these tips, these tips just help us get there - which is a lot because it’s hard!!
Tomas' Channel (19 days ago)
is there a girl version of this guide/channel?
Calida (21 days ago)
I loved this. Competence vs confidence is an amazing and such an important mind set!
itsmiasaunders (21 days ago)
I'll try this tomorrow and let you know what happens. Side note: what happened to the girl? Did it move to a relationship?
Carol (21 days ago)
I have you as a little genius in my head, so when I'm about to do something wrong I wonder: Hum... What would Matthew say? I think that helps me 90% of time. The other 10% I don't listen to you because make mistakes is part of life :D
Erika I am (29 days ago)
Subscribed. Thanks for the videos they're very informative.
Shwe Keep it up and (1 month ago)
I literally just called the guy but hung up in 5 secs because I got scared then he called me back straight away and spoke for over 15mins!! Woop success!
Lorraine Smith. (1 month ago)
I never return texts...ever...yuk..so childish.
Jazzy 2Girls (1 month ago)
Please create a video on why men string along a lot of women.., feeding them the same exact lines treating them the same exact way... saying he loves them all and wondering why some of them didn’t end up pregnant... he keeps up with all of them controlling them not wanting one to leave ....
rock angel (1 month ago)
This guy is a genius 🤓
Dena B (1 month ago)
No matter 'how' one chooses to communicate within someone there's NEVER any replacement for picking up the phone and speaking to someone one-on-one. Sadly with the proliferation of electronics in our lives people have forgotten how to just pick up the phone .
Kinga Niamh Grozoni (2 months ago)
So...I talked to a guy on the phone...the problem was...he talks so fast that I didn't understand anything he said. So in my case he is the one who wants to call and I'm the one who doesn't. Help?
Crimson Castellon (2 months ago)
I've always believed in this, just never got a good way to explain it to others. Cheers!
Fiza Khan (2 months ago)
Hie .. The way u poured ure heart and soul in this clip to communicate and highlight the need for competence and practice to be able to communicate our wishes, feelings and desires eloquently .. Stay blessed mate ... Had I had ure advise when I was blundering through my marriage I would have still been married .. This is not the first clip I've watched nor the last ... And I hope these clips are going to save many hearts from breaking .. May the light be with u
TheHouseOffice (2 months ago)
Great haircut for him
Shivali Amin (2 months ago)
My problem is he is only doing msges daily..no calls..no meeting..May b 2/3 times in a month only..N den he is doing daubting on me..Coz he can t give me time..he can t come out in office hrs..but in weekends n in holidays also he is not coming for meeting..I'm fm Muscat..vl u plz guid me..
ann wit (2 months ago)
... we're like pen palls
Femke Muylaert (3 months ago)
Totally agree. Confidence is rooted in succesful experiences, and succesful experiences are based on skills. Confidence is the result, not the start of action. I am a singer, and it is profound, profound preparation and knowing my instrument that allows me to deal with nerves, not confidence taken from the air.
Lucyb Davies (3 months ago)
Who was that Camilla 🤣
kerly Fri (3 months ago)
Fingers crossed ,let me try
K Durand (3 months ago)
I have known this confidence-competence ratio but never met a competent man who wasn't so engaged with putting all that competent energy into work that there was anything left for a relationship. The expectations are unrealistic, like they expect a sexy confident domestic goddess who has a career job to be at their back and call, be independent and always there for them at the same time??
Cinnamon Rouge (3 months ago)
Every guy I ever tried to call, they reply with a text. Won’t FaceTime, won’t call back. Always some excuse
santi santi (3 months ago)
Are men really so insecure that they need a girl to do everything for them including boosting their ego all the time? Forget about men who are so complicated that they need a science to get involved with you, just find a normal, confident guy.
Hue Lu (3 months ago)
Stop over analyzing...
J Czar (3 months ago)
LMFAO His advice surprisingly does help. Even if you don’t know what you want. I couldn’t believe it. I was very confused about what I wanted after meeting a guy that is EXACTLY like me but I didn’t want to rush things and he did initially. I needed time but it’s been almost 3 months now and we’re doing amazing :) saw Incredibles 2 yesterday and it was fun as always!
Donni Zammit (3 months ago)
So basically it’s like training an animal 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kuntalika Bhattacharya (4 months ago)
Why don't you teach men to be more Honest , generous, kind instead of teaching women to be strategic. Dear women please rise above these situations the moment u react to his texts or not calling he already has power over you. Just learn to empower urselves
Simple life (4 months ago)
I love your videos soo much, thank youuuu!!🤗👌👌
Loren G (4 months ago)
I just saw your video. Thanks for your advice. I love your videos. RIP Anthony
Martina Ina (4 months ago)
Nice video Matthew hussey
Tubalemye Mutwale (4 months ago)
Hi Matthew, you can call me anytime. Tired of you just being a YouTube pal LOL.
Julie Jiravská (4 months ago)
Awesome! well said
Alpha Logos (4 months ago)
Great video!
Nicki Welsh (4 months ago)
I got the "pen is" pal?" response....
Carlota Amaral Dias (5 months ago)
Ann Pham (5 months ago)
I adore this Matthew. You are the best ever!
Laura Del Valle P. (5 months ago)
Rip Anthony Bourdain
nelly michelle (5 months ago)
You are brilliant ! Thank you for your content and amazing advice ! Love u
Jan G (5 months ago)
Why on earth is dating so complicated!?
Ezra Jade (5 months ago)
haha the generation now be like"yea we're like textmates" hehe... awesome awesome content.. and.. your voice is so sexy. 😍 your body is sexy. 😍 your attitude is sexy. 😍 Thank you for empowering women. 😘😘😘
DD Dennis (5 months ago)
little mama (5 months ago)
So pretty... Hussey
little mama (5 months ago)
Mr Hissy you are awesome 😊
Jacintaosborne (5 months ago)
This is incredible
A O (5 months ago)
Why weren’t you man enough to call her. What a joker
Sadia Abdullah (6 months ago)
You not faraha you are Ali good bless 😍😍😍🌹
laika288 (6 months ago)
I wish I had watched this a fortnight ago...I think I have a phone call to make.
PenguinLover Pengui (6 months ago)
Penpal is the key word! And flustered after calling! Haha thanks!
Sandra Jefferson (6 months ago)
Every guy who I had to “hint” to call me and not text was a man who was never interested in me to start with. Every serious relationship I been in the guy called me straight away and didn’t play any games
Ell Chisholm (6 months ago)
I don't know how this might go over but I think that if you are naturally good at showing your best traits and good at conversations with all different types of people, don't let yourself get nervous and stop thinking when that certain person comes around. I myself have just realized that if I just pulled out a good conversation starter around the person I like then everything would flow smoothly. But instead, the whole time she's standing in front of me I'm sitting there mentally stressing over what to do and what to say and worrying that she might not like me. Next time I'm just going to get better mental control and be relaxed and my normal self. And open my bag of tricks. I've had trouble gaining this woman's interest since the moment I started to care to much even though I had it at the beginning. Now perhaps I can salvage it. Thank you for this video and your advice. Its brilliant and you are brilliant Matthew.
Kim Brand (6 months ago)
This should be something you learn as a child. But listening and asking about the other person then getting them to talk about themselves is a lot more important than monopolizing the conversation. Great to be able to have interest in their passions.
rk (6 months ago)
I should have watched this before getting suspicious and mad about not getting calls from a man. Great videos! Thank you for the advise! Dating in your 50s is a whole new game!
Marissa Johnson (6 months ago)
This so worked! I didn't think it would and thought I was going to sound ridiculous. Met a guy from London in the US a couple of weeks ago. We spent 4 days together 24/7. Even when I attempted to go home he would insist we go to dinner or something. After about a week of him being back in London, our messages got slower, less frequent and less flirtatious. He would message me every night between 9-11 pm his time but didn't seem to ever call and would take 30 minutes or more at a time to respond to each text. Which meant that I couldn't answer right away for fear of seeming desperate. PAINSTAKINGLY SLOW. I tried the pen pal line on him (after calling him with no answer) and he called me back. Things went back to the way they were, we flirted, and he seemed to not want to leave the conversation. He even hinted that he wanted to talk to me about something having to do with him visiting me this summer next week after I finish taking my final exams. Then about 30 minutes after the convo I sent him the line about being flustered. He instantly texted me back and kept texting me (without those long ass pauses) for the next hour. I've done so many of Hussey's moves from these videos and all but one of them have worked. Thanks so much! I should reread the book. I haven't read it in a few years.
Catalina MaGoo (6 months ago)
I like the fabric of your pants
Anekha Punchoo (6 months ago)
Yeah matthew agree that competence and confidence are different things but why should women nowadays have to do ALL that much of effort at every stage of a relationship. Its absurd/insane to have to do all this. Its manipulating the other one at every single step! Isn't love and relationships not supposed to be genuine and spontaneous now?? If we have to watch one of your videos at every step of a relationship/dating its more like a job than anything else! I really don't like your perspective of things. I would welcome your advice for men to be men and for women not to have to watch tons of videos on how to deal with stupid immature/cowardly/flaky men!
shannon k (6 months ago)
so if you didn't want to be just penpals, why didn't you go after her before she called you?
Mizzyblu (6 months ago)
Thank you great teacher..
Jazlynn Abbott (6 months ago)
"Screw that, I don't wanna be your pen pal" XD XD XD
Shawn Adams (6 months ago)
Did I play this right?? New guy: Im a very honest and forward person. So when I ask questions, its only to be prepared. (Deep breath) Should I bring Condoms with me? Me: While you are a very attractive man and how I would love to jump your bones :) Thats not how I want to start a relationship. But after a few dates we can revisit the need for condoms Him: Weather you do or don't Im still going to want to see you and spend time with you. Me: Good. I hope so.
Becky Tull (6 months ago)
Ah bummer, I used the pen pal thing and it didn’t work... 😕 do I just not answer texts until he does? I’d rather just say “miss seeing your face”
Loralie Cataldi (6 months ago)
It’s amazing really, human psychology is so fascinating! I’m listening to this thinking how much of the insight he’s imparting is no different than trying to incite and reward good behavior and experiences for children! I’m using the Tripple-P parenting model right now with my preteen and there are so many parallels!!!
New Worldorder (7 months ago)
I have loads of confidence, just really bad at competence. I'm learning all this late in the game. It's like it's a different language and I attract a lot of horrible men with no respect.
oghenegueke edafiejire (7 months ago)
I need to ask you a personal question. How do I get to you?Thanks
Morgan Lottering (7 months ago)
What if I call him and he misses the call and then he texts me saying something like "hey, you called, what's up?"
rc388 (1 month ago)
That means he can't talk right now but still wants to know what's going on. It would of been better if he said I'll call you back in set amount of time
Satarra Parris (7 months ago)
I'm a girl but I don't really like calling too much. I would call a few times a week but I don't like it everyday. I often have stuff to do n I don't like having a phone near by that I'm obligated to talk into. I prefer to talk to my boyfriend in person more than texting or calling. But I will say that when I do call him or he calls me we talk for hours n I don't like hanging up. But after we do hang up I fall back into the mood of not wanting to call again. I don't understand y I'm like that😅 I just am n my friends say I'm weird because of it. Is it really that unusual?
faithful02u (7 months ago)
OK, I get it. Practice, practice and practice. Why? Because I'm really dumb and I'll never be interesting unless I have practiced for every scenario. So, the woman who told him he was like a pen pal was actually saying I'm not getting anything more from you so I'm not expecting anything more. I think he's turning around how his ego was bruised by that comment but he didn't say he actually got into a relationship with her. I think Matthew is great but I'm also aware that life isn't like he or anyone tries to stage for us. It's messy and things aren't perfect so I'm all for real people who aren't perfect or practiced because that's creepy and makes me think he's hiding something nasty about himself. If relationships were all about words then the guy who says your wonderful wouldn't use you for a punch bag or his convenient and free sex service. Texting is a distant communication, we need to see eyes, faces and hands - to be in a face to face situation to begin to find out who someone is because he can use words like a romantic author but if he is domineering, controlling and demeaning you'll never know till your in way over your head.
Debbie Brink (7 months ago)
I must say i like your hair in this video
Swas Swam (7 months ago)
can someone tell me the thing?
Perma Pen UK (7 months ago)
She trained you like a dawg...
Linda Graflund (7 months ago)
And it is so freakin painful and embarrasing to always end up like the complete moron while trying your very best (which in my case does not say very much cause I suck) but Matthew thank you so much for reminding me that it is essential to start with building yourself by actively pursuing your passions in life before you start pursuing a person to share it with. To quote I think it is Amy Pohler "You start to attracting the right people when you have developed a sence of who you are".
Linda Graflund (7 months ago)
LOL that is why I have such a hard time having fun while trying to connect to a person of interest BECAUSE I SUCK AT LANDING WHAT I WANT
Aroha Arun (7 months ago)
A lot of women don't even want the guy they chase they just want their friends to think they are better than them because they snagged this guy all her friends think is hot, they run after men because they need the guy to validate them to other people - that's pathetic, men pick up on it and that's why they don't want to mess with them. Women do step by step fix it projects men do not.
Zoia Hargrove (7 months ago)
Something I want to know ..is if I was on the right path...when I was short texting but still show I was lovely being nice ..and and he Kinda picked up on it and ask was I mad at him I sad no babe then he texted it's hard to tell cause you usually send me paragraph and be upset...and he sent another text saying it's like you don't feel the same about me anymore and I text of course I do babe and he replied back don't seem like it ..we haven't texted in 2 days and you been short texting me..it . ALL THAT MADE ME FEEL LIKE HE CARED but then it also made me feel like he pick up on the game..I'm not really playing games but I'm mad that he never chase me ever HE SAID HE BEVER CHASE A WOMEN AND PLUS EVERYTIME I GET MAD I break up with him ..he say that'spart of the reason he want chase me... He says he truly in love with me but you say it's over every time your upset...and that he want me to be happy if being happy is me leaving then go and he go on to say I don't want you to leave but it is like you trying to get a reaction out of me.. and I'm like duh....I want him to be like baby don't go please I miss you watever o did I'm sorry lol..chase me...He think chasing is teenage games
Ryan W (7 months ago)
This is why I love this guy: he's genuinely intelligent and thoughtful, and understands that on most of these issues the truth is nuanced and lies somewhere between the two positions in conflict.
Eva Poole (8 months ago)
What freaked him out is I don't have any friends (single Mom). I do have people I care about who care about me, but I don't talk to anyone daily or really meet anyone in person (AZ vs back home in the Midwest). I can make excuses about my mental illness hindering me, but I've never been good at making and keeping healthy friendships throughout my life. He dumped me via text for someone else (we're both adults here) instead of discussing my lack of friendships. Now he has started texting again this week. I'm down to meet for coffee and listen. I'm great at meeting new people, just not at making plans and following through with those plans. I'm an Extrovert/Introvert and people easily exhaust me emotionally. Also, I'm 28 and sober from alcohol.
Mandie Cain (8 months ago)
If I have been texting a guy for awhile, 1/2 wks, if I call him & that guy doesn't call me back, I'm done. Respect works both ways. For me it all comes down to respect. If the guy can't respect me enough to call me back or answer the phone, I automatically lose all respect for him. Why, because he never had any respect for me in the first place. My walk away game is strong and legit.
Mandie Cain (8 months ago)
If I have been texting a guy for awhile, 1/2 wks, if I call him & that guy doesn't call me back, I'm done. Respect works both ways. For me it all comes down to respect. If the guy can't respect me enough to call me back or answer the phone, I automatically lose all respect for him. Why, because he never had any respect for me in the first place. My walk away game is strong and legit.
Camila Barcelos (8 months ago)
Matthew, you are doing a wonderful service for the humans! Thanks for do your best! ❤️
evil monkey (8 months ago)
he is lying to you. the call just by it self would work both things together would work but just using that line will screw you why because you just put him in the friend zone and he will drop you or loose interest as mat would say
Heather Meichsner (8 months ago)
The only time I've called a guy first I was drunk so now time to try sober
Imma Hana (8 months ago)
Confidence +competence =success
Douglas Smith (8 months ago)
Competence produces pure confidence.
emilieclarke (8 months ago)
Fucking amazing video!
emilieclarke (8 months ago)
Mmmmmm great difference!
Emilia Al (8 months ago)
Can you make a live Message conversation between a guy and a Girl with your Strategies?
SearchIndex (8 months ago)
Dinner guest comment: When I first moved to the States from Europe when I was 8, I spent the night at a friend’s house. Their mom asked me what my after dinner talent was....she was expecting ‘parlor tricks’ as ‘pay backs for providing dinner’I told her I didn’t know any ...She said “Everyone should know one parlor trick”. I felt like a big loser. I tried to learn card tricks and slight of hand etc and it bored the crap out of me. But I’m a natural story teller.
Rata Ro (8 months ago)
I did the penpal comment (before seeing this video) and he still texted me.
Risa Craig (8 months ago)
Great addressing that universal truth, a natural law paradox. Its just like in music. Its through disciplined and obsessive structured practice, learning scales, theory, consist practice for an instrument that you become able to freestyle and play amazingly on the fly.
Pretty Bah (9 months ago)
Brilliant tone of voice
mysticshining (9 months ago)
Wow, well said and explained, the competence/confidence dynamic. Another thing in all this is being a good listener and just being decent. I just watched the video you made with Louise and the date outfits and was struck how when she was talking, you looked like you were really listening, not just looking. I'm sure you're a great listener or you couldn't pick up on all these interactions and subtle signs and interactions that you talk about, awesome. You have a new fan ;)
Sage 888 (9 months ago)
Mr. Hussey, you are the truth! You get into the psychosocial aspects of the human connection. 🎉
Heidi Muller (9 months ago)
Hi Matt... do you coach young guys too? Guys need to know how to set standards for narcissistic WOMEN I've seen & heard how WE have become mindless & thoughtless WOMEN
New Gen (9 months ago)
I simply say I would really love to hear you voice. Also women have to be safe due to Nigerian/uk/russian scammers. I want to hear someone voice to make sure they are real. To be honestly its quite childish to text for hours. A mature adult picks up the phone unless at work he just wants to say hello.

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