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Text Game -- From Number To Date Step By Step

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Why do you suck at texting? Well, there are probably a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is you don't understand the motivation behind her texts and you don't know what type of reply is merited. This video solves that, and provides a foundation for text game in general. If you want more insanely useful and actionable dating info, check out my new site: http://www.toddvdating.com/blog/
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Text Comments (726)
bellamy aube (2 days ago)
My lucky cousin got his hands on something called love spell, he had found this email here on youtube_email: ([email protected] com)… And today he’s got his ex back, and he's got that stupid smile on his face again lol!
Serl0uSBusIneSS (4 days ago)
Yo, so I hooked up with this girl but because I am retarded, I fucked up the text game by texting her pointlessly everyday and losing her interest Now I am not texting her for this week (gonna reset the shit) and will text her maybe beginning of next week or week after that. Anyone got any advice on how I should proceed? For now I am thinking of saying “hey I know you been busy with work and all. Hoping to speak soon whenever you are good 🔥” or should I start the convo with OMG what are you doing? Lmao your boy out here struggling please help I already know what I’ll say next when she responds and all. Will keep it quick short and funny and then ask her for her schedule. But if y’all got any pointers or examples on how I should ask for her schedule, I would really appreciate it :/
kendawg44 (5 days ago)
I usually text a girl with 3 lines ask for the number. Half the time I get the number...... then I fuck it up from there.
Leo Yt22 (6 days ago)
Bro if u got money u got all the bitches around.
Gary Edwards (8 days ago)
I got my TinderPlus just by using: Type upon Google Tindero Plus always works for me
Proposal (9 days ago)
whats a "shit" test?! Is it universal or are there different kinds ....
Adam G (9 days ago)
tell them youve had a few beers, women like to see what they can get out of you if they think youve had a few
Chase Edwards (10 days ago)
Wtf is a shit test though....
annette owen (11 days ago)
I got my TinderPlus just by using: Type upon Google Tindero Plus always works for me
Kasra Moghaddam (11 days ago)
Is just like selling
Scott Carroll (11 days ago)
Search next Google Tindero *Plus* -> so good
Kishān Chāli (12 days ago)
Please make a video on how to catch girls on Tinder
ThundurWall (12 days ago)
No bullshit high information video. Me like.
Don Pringle (13 days ago)
I got my TinderPlus just by using: Type upon Google Tindero Plus always works for me
triglav (15 days ago)
If you have to study this, then your prob with the wrong girl.
William Jandrisevits (16 days ago)
Well said kid,,,you're the first guy I've watched who's got it 100% dialed in.
GoodCool (17 days ago)
Wow thank you so much for the concise advice. Totally worked and I not only asked her out on a date but found out if she’s an adventurous type!
Robert Weekes (17 days ago)
Dude. Bro. You break shit down better than anyone. Thx for the video !!
Matthew Blom (17 days ago)
Where do we find info on shit tests? I either haven't got many of those texts or I don't know what they are.
Nico James (17 days ago)
How long should you wait after getting silenced to send the text? Don’t wanna come off too needy.
TheYoungGun (18 days ago)
No homo, but there's somethin' adorable about todd in this vid
Steve Zali (18 days ago)
I got helped with about my dating skills through those guys for free: http://www.surgicalcoaching.net Super helpful
Abdou Yassine (20 days ago)
This guy sucks, he doesn't even know how to have sex from the phone... Dude you see that little hole at the bottom of your phone.. What do you think it was made for 😏😏😏 Nah I love Todd 😙
L King (23 days ago)
What does "passing the shit test" actually mean and can you give some examples too
robert dalton (23 days ago)
How do you pass a shit test???
robert dalton (23 days ago)
What if you're talking to a girl on Facebook. How do you get her to go out with you?
Bani Bomjen (28 days ago)
Lover boy wah
Sandro Paolini (29 days ago)
Wow, I am impressed by the precise map Todd has and paints, brilliant
Willy Wonka (1 month ago)
Hate this dudes girl voice
Christina Hope (1 month ago)
Andrew Robinson (1 month ago)
I struggle with being very platonic as you say. I’m not exactly sure how to sexualize things and the only things that come to mind are just straight up saying I think you’re cute let’s go out to get something to eat
Perolito (1 month ago)
Wtf is a shit test?? Seems like solid advice, but I'm missing that piece.
Zeus Seti (24 days ago)
Otherwise refer to confidence test.... basically she's subconscious is trying to figure out if she's like you. If you failed, she will be like let be friends...if you passed then you can seal the deal so to speak
Rytis Balsevicius (1 month ago)
can someone give an example of shit test ?
Wow I just cant beat silence. Memes are good, for like a laugh. Tf I am supposed to do with a few emojis like half a day later?
Robert Chavez (1 month ago)
Having sex through the phone is basically phone [email protected]#king. The ability to make a girl cum over the phone is powerful.
victor durzo (1 month ago)
Please upload more content about text game
JIousen Wu (1 month ago)
Man i hate people for creating these scenarios
maxstone9999 (1 month ago)
Good point at the end. Kind of crazy but life may keep the girl away from her phone. Always give it like half a day before you consider it silence
Big Boss (1 month ago)
Get a dog and you won't need to get her number
Nathan Wells (1 month ago)
Can you do a video on steps to take when she texts you saying she needs to know you better before you go on a first date.
Nathan Wells (1 month ago)
Or you know, even hangout
Mark Handberg (1 month ago)
I was texting back and forth with a girl on Tinder for almost two weeks. I started out texting her as I found her very appealing both in terms of looks and her profile text. She was very well educated and had a great job in relation to HR. She was living 300 + miles away from me and (like me) said she loved her job and where she now lives. I was in the same boat about my job and place I lived. However I still wanted to give it a chance since I really like her and the more info I got about her and the more responses, it became clear that this was a mature, independant, intelligent and down to earth 29 year old woman. Unlike many other women I've texted with, she tended to write and ask about job, personal interests and hobbies. I had learned from some dating coaches online, that it could backfire to talk too much about myself and to ask the girl too many questions about to job since that doesn't get her out of her autopilot mode. So I relatively quckly transitioned over to interests and hobbies. Found out that she had interest in the human body and health like me, that she danced and love to travel, like me. So we chatted back and forth about best travel destinations and where she dreamed about going. Those were the main topics of conversation. Nothing very personal about ex's or anything, I was careful about sounding needy, selfish, judgemental, negative or childish...I did not register any shit tests either. She showed interest in my life too and asked questions about what my life was like. Her messages were always about 15 lines long with at least one question in them. On average she replied every day the first week, 2nd week every other day. Then after I asked her about her Facebook, she didn't replying me back and I haven't heard a word from her in a week now.Haven't texted her either. So looking back at it, I really struggle to find out what turned her off - was it just due to the fact that we lived so far apart? Or was the one or more parts of our chatting where she didn't like what I wrote? Was I perhaps too boring? I must say that I tried to play it quite safe and did not use my usual sarcasm and humor much since I didn't want to risk that. However I know many women (especially here in Denmark) flat out love men with humor and have that as their first priority on their dating wishlist. Any thoughts from anyone - I know you can't see our messages, but maybe you can relate..
Christian Valdez (1 month ago)
Best video of text game evah and evah
PlayDo (1 month ago)
what is a shit test?
Neuro Eudaimonia (1 month ago)
This was very helpful.
Josh The Shaman (1 month ago)
Positive & responsive 1. Qualifier question I.e. are you an adventurous person? 2. Vague suggestion I.e. what’s your view on ________ & witty comments back and forth
Laura Hernandez (1 month ago)
What is the shit test
Imperatore Gor (1 month ago)
Thanks man, I appreciate this thing a lot
Mike Colozo (1 month ago)
Great stuff, it’s pretty clear and simple. I just think you go on and on about it and don’t give any examples of what a shit test or logical looks like or how to create value in case you mess up and need to get back in track
jordan pernell (1 month ago)
Like, subscribe, bell icon, all that shit. Finally somebody saying the right stuff.
chris corr (1 month ago)
you're making shit way too complicated
How bout No ? (1 month ago)
Silence imo is by far the worst. You gotta pick shit from thin air pretty much to get things going. Honestly I feel like that shit's not even worth it.
Sage Lionel D'souza (1 month ago)
the shadow falling on his eyes looks like the robins mask ..xD
David Vacarciuc (1 month ago)
Let’s go bois, time to start texting!
Jeruwalter1 (1 month ago)
So what would be an e.g of a shit test via text?
Kyle Springs (1 month ago)
I hate how his focus is always on "how to get sex". Focus on having a good time with the girl and you can fuck later.
j. janes (1 month ago)
Sorry. What is shit test?
Eric Hamill (1 month ago)
What's a shit test & how does one pass
THE SIXTH CHAMBER (1 month ago)
Crucial facts here. Nicely done, Toddster.
J. Q. (1 month ago)
I'm beginning to believe... that this guy's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
David Tan (1 month ago)
This make me feel bad about my own text game
ralpharances (1 month ago)
What about coach corey wayne saying that “phones are only used for setting up dates, not to give information. Just send three messages max or else you’re ruin mystery and attraction” 🤔
Locked Flame (1 month ago)
lmao this fucker caused a lot of women to get a text saying "What's your view on drinks and witty banter?". Genius. We've gotta think up our own thoughts though. This is shit our grandpas should have been able to teach us
flourescentinflux (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your wisdom bro. Each and every one of your videos has so much value condensed into so few minutes, unlike most of the coaches out there.
Ian Washburn (1 month ago)
But what is a good example of a ping into the void? Had a good convo going then I effed it up with "What is your schedule like? It would be great to meet up if we can." Shit, just trash. When I should have said was..."What is your schedule like? It would be great to meet up Saturday."
John Doe (1 month ago)
Instructions too complicated, phone ended up in my ass. 😶
Onkar Pali (1 month ago)
Hey Todd! Appreciate your content man👍 Please let me know what and how to do when she is giving some interesting replies but not engaging replies i.e she's not reciprocating by asking questions ever but at the same time letting some nitty-gritty details regarding her recent events.
james ransom (1 month ago)
Magnolia...the film...maybe the text...
Michael (2 months ago)
I'm a beast in person but my text game is so bad!😂
Big TREV (2 months ago)
So I sent a few girls a cute animal meme. All of them gave the message a like but didn’t reply with a text. Is that considered silence or positive?
Ragnar Lothbrok (2 months ago)
you are a fucking beast! big respect bro <3
Seth Kordic (2 months ago)
I saw this video around 6 months ago and started practicing this. Did this with a girl that I met at a going-away party and ended up going on a lot of dates and now we are in a relationship. Anybody else, after doing this consistently, start to get slightly annoyed at people who just text out of the blue and try to hang out with any kind of feeler at all (especially my fellow introverts)? Anyways thanks for the awesome video Todd. Really appreciate it!
D. Luck (2 months ago)
Step 1: must stop texting when drunk 😂
Brad C (2 months ago)
Thanks Todd! Great value as always.
lloyd99984 (2 months ago)
I actually lost my virginity 'through the phone' as you say so your comment is offensive to me.
If you've been texting a girl for months you're telegraphing low value. A half decent looking girl will have been with other guys during that time and wonder why you're still texting her, can't you get any other girls.
Sieben Stecher (2 months ago)
I am into a "busy" girl. Sometimes she responds 1 week later BUT with a fucking 6 minutes WhatsApp memo? What does it mean? Is she really busy or is she talking shit? Whats your recommandation guys, move on or stay with in contact with her?
Kyle Means (2 months ago)
What the fuck is a shit test lol
Alejandra Ayala (2 months ago)
Genuine questions . What goes through a guy's mind when they send a dick pick? What's the goal?
Hung Lo (2 months ago)
I have been doing text game for awhile with varying success. I person is easy, texting effectively is hard. This is really good info.
Paolo Giuliani (2 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant. Speechless.
Ponvo (2 months ago)
The best thing to say over text is “we should meet up” straight up, open invitation.
Narsh's art (2 months ago)
Yes Todd, u can’t have sex though a phone
Alessandro Firmani (2 months ago)
2words „dick pick“
bagley232 (2 months ago)
I just text to set up dates. Is that wrong??
Niels (2 months ago)
Do you have succes?
DrAwnator3 (2 months ago)
This is like PEMDAS for text game
DrAwnator3 (2 months ago)
@W2 I appreciate you XD
W2 (2 months ago)
DrAwnator3 😂 nerd
Renz (2 months ago)
I feel like I'm slowly messing it up with my set. I can't seem to step it up into the flirting stage. I know I'm in the platonic stage and I feel like the comfort level is already high. But I just don't know how to make it flirty.
KingBlack Canarsie (2 months ago)
wow, just wow men... are you a scorpio! because you scorpios always know how to get to the damn point .. understood this video and it hit home. my text game will never be the same again!!!
Ryan vtec (2 months ago)
I like scorpio woman.
Dark Doomed (2 months ago)
So how do you move from silence/one word replies to a shit test?
maxpow99 (2 months ago)
Steven Laguerre (2 months ago)
What's a shit test?
pietro gaglio (2 months ago)
Do u keep texting after you made plans to hang out with the girl?
Mario Ottaiano (2 months ago)
What if I text her, and after two short answers I get silence and then when I meet her in person she talks with me? Was that a shit test or not?
jonas buch (2 months ago)
Would this apply for snapchats aswell?
Fabio Lemme (2 months ago)
Is he wearing a jedi robe? :-)
Thomas (2 months ago)
Avoid SJW women!
DJ SPY (2 months ago)
What's a shit test?
Steven Laguerre (2 months ago)
I'm saying bro
Crytek1337 (2 months ago)
What if she never start a conversation, but responds in a logic manner? And not with one or two words?
Stephen Dsouza (2 months ago)
Thanks Todd. The information you have shared is very valuable.
Arif Koçer (2 months ago)
There is no texting game. Texting is only for meeting, not for connection of any kind. .
Bald Boys (2 months ago)
Wtf is a shit text
shun23 (3 months ago)
You sound totally like Tyler Durden RSD minus the cursing!
Om (3 months ago)
Fuck I goofed. I got hella good game in person but when it comes to texting I suck ass.

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