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Skyrim : Mage Vs Expert Ice and Fire mages in Legendary

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Well according to my viewer's suggestions here is my mage in progress.....Getting ready to take on The Mighty Ebony Warrior.... Do share your opinions on this.... Here he takes on 2 random expert level ice and fire mages in legendary difficulty.....
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yoga ayom (27 days ago)
Enchanting your amulet, gloves, etc. with fortify destruction, every attack you launch will consumes less magicka, or maybe zero magicka
Kride (1 year ago)
Savos aren...is that you?
Vice Principle (2 years ago)
the microwave you recorded this on gave me cancer
Linus Sandell (2 years ago)
I have two questions and one opinion, u wanna hear it? Ok. Questions 1. Why do nobody use alteration? 2. Why are u playing on a toaster? My opinion 1. Great vid :)
Olivetti HD (2 years ago)
and you recorded this on your toaster
Olivetti HD (2 years ago)
u r actually bad at skyrim
Since you play on your computer, do you use glitches/cheats to make your character OP?
ExRatic (11 months ago)
Does it look like it? For Christ's sake HE'S LEVEL 42!!!!!
Zeranvor (2 years ago)
You can beat anything with marked for death shout and 2 Dremora lords.
IBENGM (3 years ago)
Adam O (3 years ago)
Excited for the final battle :D!
Tim Krause (3 years ago)
TheMysteriousDumbaz1 (3 years ago)
How's ur Mage doing? Close to the Ebony warrior yet?
ShadowMaster2714 (3 years ago)
+TheMysteriousDumbaz1 Close but not quite ready yet... Truly speaking nowadays I get little time to enter that wonderful world of Skyrim but will get back there real soon.....

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