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RuneScape: Into The Nemi Forest! - The Noob Explorer #1

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Elyem (6 months ago)
Hope you all enjoy my noobness 😋🔥!
thugz bunny (6 months ago)
MrJudytje (6 months ago)
love seeing someone explore these areas without prior knowledge if you want i can show you how to do the nemi forest
Elyem (6 months ago)
Join my FC whenever 🙂 I'm a seeker of wisdom 😋🔥
Drovodox (6 months ago)
There is a slightly faster way of getting there, instead of going on Tuska's back and through the portal, but you were not a big fan of fast teleportation iirc ^^ The achievement symbol in Kanatan is where you can ask for 3 daily tasks to help the Goebies. It will earn you Goebie reputation and unlocks a lot of things, including the 'transportation' Goebie who guides you to the other side of the Nemi Forest. Also 9 different interactive things in the forest give you Goebie reputation, I'll let you find out what those are :) PS: Who are those good looking people in the thumbnail? 😏
Elyem (6 months ago)
Oh there's more to Mazcab than I thought! Thanks for the thumbnail help btw :P
Luukas Aoife (6 months ago)
Lovely video, I went there the other day for the first time and was reaally weird, you can train mining, prayer, and another one that I dont remember atm on the nemi foreat but it is like a weird maze where u need to find keys for everything, and every time you go in and out the mal changes like a dungeon
Elyem (6 months ago)
That's cray cray! 👏. I gotta go back in there with food then and find these keys 😈!

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