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"Underage teen" Martha Gold exposes Tekashi69~ He finally responds to her claims

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Text Comments (4988)
truth rising (6 hours ago)
martha gold,you got your 15 minuets of fame,now go and live with aids forever
MsDerryQueen (11 hours ago)
Any man 21 or older fucking a chick under 18 is a Pedophile. IDGAF if its legal in some states and countries. You nasty af
zaro madrass (16 hours ago)
Age 16 in Jamaica 🇯🇲
Dollar King (1 day ago)
She looks like she was like 22 or something And like a type of a girl who asks for sex
angelo bihari (1 day ago)
N'Dia Black (1 day ago)
Sis, how can you as a woman support a child molester, and bash the children he molester.. Bill Cosby and RKelly lost their careers. True she shouldn’t put herself out like that, but it should bother you that he raped a 13 year old
Malke Castro (1 day ago)
I haven’t seen a video where Sarah talks about this . I’m surprise
Nugget Doozy (1 day ago)
This poor girl. Retarded as fuck and probably missing her father. She talks like a complete idiot.tekashis and idiot too. That’s all I got to say about this
Jojo NuYorican (1 day ago)
She's calling him a BUM and a Pedophile????? But she wasn't saying that when he was hitting it
Layla Bertoune (2 days ago)
Her using the term n**** and even him using that term in his songs is bugging me AF gtfo !!!
Silvana Aparicio (2 days ago)
Slap dis lil h0..
Stephanie Clyburn (3 days ago)
I agree... Where are these girls parents! And he's NASTY AF... By himself let alone Grosse for sleeping with underage children! She does look older then 17 yet talks like a Child not knowing the N word can get her whooped! The whole situation is Nasty! She's DISGUSTING just like himself!
Desiree Mojica (3 days ago)
Why do these girls act like they’re important......what’s her talent or profession? What does she do for a living? I don’t understand how these thots are given any attention or 5 min of fame. They’re worthless. Idk I guess..
Luis Calles (3 days ago)
Bruh she thirsty
Felicia Johnson (4 days ago)
She used the N word as if she is a real G! 69 teeth😬
Monique Huerena (4 days ago)
Dd Gg (4 days ago)
And racist
Dd Gg (4 days ago)
The girl is 21
ada A (5 days ago)
The way she speaks tho .... I was born in L.A and just because you're raised around the hood dosn't meen "you're hood". Talk like a fucken lady if that's what you're claiming to be! And 69 baby's mother is gorgeous!!
horror fan (5 days ago)
If that was as my teenage daughter, we’d be having a discussion 😂😂
Fabiola Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Fuck this thot
Bonnie O'Callaghan (6 days ago)
amountof times i heard "like" ...Like FML !!!
Vanessa Learning (6 days ago)
All of that makeup makes her look like a drag queen. A 30 and over one.
Sean Harbour (6 days ago)
Say that in a way..not to be disre-phef-ful because I can't talk with this bs in my mouth lol clown fuck...wtf Daniel lol
Edmund Zulu Hauseb (6 days ago)
Mind ur own bizz....no offense..6lx9ine is a gud guy...
Naztyy Sick Muzik (6 days ago)
He was 20 when she was 16. 4 years ain't a big difference to some states and he isn't a "pedophile". Pedophilia is a disorder that makes you like little kids, Not clout chasing hoes who hit puberty lmao.
Melissa Diego (6 days ago)
01 Xray21 (7 days ago)
When girls turn retarded as fuck to get a dick for fame dumfucks
Dayln Roegner (7 days ago)
She a real clout chasing hoe lol an a white girl thinks she black because she's been trained by all em now!!
Jay Pineda (7 days ago)
Your a mini prostitute
1st of all I mean can't put all the blame on the guy because there 2 to make the wrong ok I think if the guy should get all the trouble nope the young as girls parent should also because where they at when they young ass lil girl action like a grown ass woman
Holly Noel (8 days ago)
"Know what im thayin" 😂😂
Holly Noel (8 days ago)
And i have to agree with that tranny comment..she does kinda look like a dude 😂😂😂
Holly Noel (8 days ago)
Who tf is this martha gold hoe 😂😂😂 where her daddy at? No wonder he thought she was older lol she looks 30
Jaymieliegh Hafford (8 days ago)
You sound like cardi b
Moises Melendez (8 days ago)
Is funny she pulls out a gun and doesn't pull the trigger LMFAO scary ass 😂😂😂😂
Amshyll Sekhmet (8 days ago)
Where are these little girls parents
Raider G (8 days ago)
She trying to act like a thug
Raider G (8 days ago)
She should be the one in prison
Raider G (8 days ago)
Do you see how she acts
Raider G (8 days ago)
This girl is fake
Raider G (8 days ago)
Don’t believe this girl
Raider G (8 days ago)
Look at this girl with these bumpy lips
Janelle 09 (8 days ago)
These kids need some damn respect & to learn how to talk! This would be no different than me saying the N word. WOW 😮
Janelle 09 (8 days ago)
This type of crap makes me feel better about being in my 30s 😂
Mo.s.s.y Tymon (9 days ago)
Yo she white why u using the n word
Mohammed Hassan (9 days ago)
Is she black she said n word 😮
Ednah Gomba (9 days ago)
like ..like ..like ..like..like I like this vid
Michael ? (9 days ago)
Them eyebrows...wow
Pantherboy 12 (9 days ago)
The mainreason why some girls do that is cuz this want attention and what they say is most never happen and not ture
abianah howell (10 days ago)
69 took that very well and professionally.
abianah howell (10 days ago)
Martha looks like a man.
FaZe Ary (10 days ago)
She is racist
John Tadesse (10 days ago)
Is she fucking black or Mexican or white I can't tell
Sam Hodges (10 days ago)
Rosemary Arellano (10 days ago)
In the first place why were you with them why did you lie or whatever I said who whatever you knew you were on your way why were you with them you just want to put them down there thing too because he's popular and famous now you want to be with them you knew things were going to happen you just want to start gossip and just ruin his life
Myrtle Snow (10 days ago)
"10 Most Notorious THOTS" > currently streaming 🙈😳
Jon Turner (10 days ago)
In my opinion Martha is such a big turn off. Unattractive in every area, yuk!
JoJo Leone (11 days ago)
You say YA too much!
Tony Huynh (11 days ago)
I don't blame Tekashi cause when i was young, we would pick up girls at 21 & over clubs, bring them home, you don't ask for their id before you have sex, you just assume they're over age cause they got in the clubs.
Nicole Delatos (11 days ago)
Why is she saying the N word every other word. Not her word to use. Same with 69....he says it too. 🙄
Jose Rodriguez (11 days ago)
we should feel sad for tekashi not this female like 100% my b for the offense if i do offend
Tonesha Flanders (11 days ago)
He is not a good rapper at all the new rapping standard is ridiculously low
Mandy Batemen (11 days ago)
A pound of makeup will make you look that old 😂😂
NoirBella QT (12 days ago)
Saddd...Tekashi looked way better without tats on his face.
NoirBella QT (12 days ago)
Wow and images speaks louder..I thought she is 25..lol
Hi Def’isms (12 days ago)
I think the law should be that after a girl turns 16 a young man within a 4yr age gap from her should be legal to consent- laws are different in every state
Dayamin Gracia (12 days ago)
Ok like she likes. Him and she was like posting things pics and all that she likes him
What the hell she looks like my age and her make up is like mine ohlawd
Mr Orange (12 days ago)
Where. Is. Jesus?
Barkaka P (12 days ago)
Hes a marshmallow.... he dont work out at all...
Barkaka P (12 days ago)
He is mushy lol.
Genesis nunez (12 days ago)
Okay, this girl knew she was with an older guy.. she should get in trouble too. Underage girls be acting they are 20... please. They both fucked up.
Eva Torres (12 days ago)
Bro!!! Ni... that’s a lot of vocabulary
Ariel Ortiz (12 days ago)
Your trash level has increased.
Joseph H. (12 days ago)
What did she expect? Of course people are gonna bring up their opinions and/or facts
She's trash
Nellie Jean (13 days ago)
I’m 29 and my mom would still whip my ass if I acted like that. Is she an orphan ?
Rainbow six Boii (13 days ago)
Fucking hoes these days
Rory Rhone (13 days ago)
lies aint no famous ass raper texting yo ass
typhlosionisbest (13 days ago)
I could understand if she didn't know who he was before the hair changed, but nobody's gonna not know who Skittles man is just looking at him. How much do you wanna bet she lied about her age?
snap back to reality (13 days ago)
I think she is a tranny
Nicole Gomez (14 days ago)
But you fucked him tho?
E-dawg 12 yo (14 days ago)
360 wave Man (14 days ago)
Did she just say n***a
Dave (14 days ago)
holyarmageddon19 (14 days ago)
Cali chicks are known to be Grade A hoes
Yo Mama (14 days ago)
Damn. This bitch’s eyes are almost on the side of her head! Lmao. She one step away from being a tranny
rock climbing33 (14 days ago)
Sleeping with underage is a pedophile, she also seems like a gold digger. Crazy on top of crazy
Paradox Grace (14 days ago)
Ghetto ass
The girl just ew
j martinez (15 days ago)
Ndaoya Judith (15 days ago)
Shut up kid you want fame😂😂😂 you wanted to fuck him
Jayden M. (15 days ago)
Bruh ppl be clout chasing 4 no reason
Kirenia Venegas (15 days ago)
God dam if that was my kid i will show her how to b a lady and get her university funds and send her to charm school.
SLEEP (15 days ago)
But he pleaded guilty lmao
Lillie George (16 days ago)
that lil girl need to stop using the n word. and that lil fake ass set up with her friend on the bike? I AM DYINGGG
Chinita Doll (16 days ago)
Lol 17 but she knew what she was doing. I’m not saying that it’s correct. But she knew what was up and what the situation could lead to for him. Only reason she did this was cuz he left her. She thought she could get some type of sympathy but it backfired on her lol 😂😂
nevy channel (16 days ago)
This girl is retarded. I love how the hoe decides to do this now.... Is she black? Because I hear the N word coming out of her mouth like no tomorrow.

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