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"Underage teen" Martha Gold exposes Tekashi69~ He finally responds to her claims

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Text Comments (4348)
ZoeJane Pimentel (5 days ago)
She almost 18😂
I am alone Studios (7 days ago)
Hay google where is Califonia
Satisfying Asmr (9 days ago)
And she listing to his music still
Ernie Doktor (10 days ago)
ybn.giannaaa - (12 days ago)
She not all that .
Stupid (15 days ago)
3:44 she obviously doesn't know the song..
Hdhdh Gddhhdhdd (16 days ago)
Well if she is 17 why the fuck was she flirting on him gold martha gold digger the doing this for 💸💵
Hdhdh Gddhhdhdd (16 days ago)
Fuck Martha gold yo this girl is 23
Crybaby Tears (17 days ago)
2:09 but why would you record it??
Jason Hernon (17 days ago)
Looks like Michael Jackson
OriginalMilk (18 days ago)
It's only underage under 16
OriginalMilk (18 days ago)
She want money that all
Kaitlin Cary (19 days ago)
She needa stop sayin the n word unless she black, she actin real hood rn and she ony from LA bxtch what,stop actin tough and hood you aint nuthin bxtchhh
Janet Chase (19 days ago)
Dont worry we gottem
Kailani James (19 days ago)
Annoying thot.
John Mwene (20 days ago)
why hi she saying the n word
Selek Elif (22 days ago)
if she wanted to sleep with him and it seems like she really wanted to then 6ix9ine did nothing wrong (in this case)
Energetic Onion (24 days ago)
To be honest she let him sleep with her
hman252 (29 days ago)
All this clout chasing is childish all these hoes out here dry snitching for a lil bread they’ll never see
Shes retarded.
Eslah Yecal (29 days ago)
im sorry.. but fucking someone under 18 isnt pedophilia.. maybe if u were 10-
Kayla Harris (30 days ago)
Is she white?
Mr Supreme (1 month ago)
Them grills have him a lisp 😂
Antonio Dias (1 month ago)
Martha gold is absolutely ridiculous. Who the fuck is attracted to this???
Happy_Twine (1 month ago)
Oi my comment got hilighted
Stephanie Benson (1 month ago)
She is a another Celina powell
Boogie Down (1 month ago)
she got eyesbrows like Bert from Sesame Streets!!!
Ryder Robinson (1 month ago)
Does the gold in her name stand for golddigger
Teagan Eiken (1 month ago)
nOt To Be DiSssssssSsSsSsSsSsShhstsssssssttttsrEsPeCtFuL oR aNyThInG
superhero queen (1 month ago)
Thot alert
superhero queen (1 month ago)
How this gay skittle still relevant
This girl has fake face paint. She's like 12 teen.
Alexis Lopez (1 month ago)
daimond canterbury (1 month ago)
If you think that girl looks like she is 30 years old you are trippin. That is a little girl, people not good at catching ages are the reason why these young girls are going around catching people up.
BTS & ARMY UPDATES (1 month ago)
All these bitches want attention. Like y’all chose this life. BUT HE CLESRLY STATED HE DIDNT HAVE NO SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WIT U. nah he ain’t no rapist :))) gtfo of here disrespectful trash
Daniela Grandé (1 month ago)
Does she speak English wtf?
Daniela Grandé (1 month ago)
Btw I'm talking about the underage girl
Ron Sartena (1 month ago)
Lovely girl
Bryan Thompson (1 month ago)
I feel bad six had to settle for this hoe even for a moment
Bryan Thompson (1 month ago)
Arm looks like a sausage link
Bryan Thompson (1 month ago)
Don't say that word little girl. Your not black. Not your word not your culture. Get that English essay done or you might get a bad grade.
Donna Wallace (1 month ago)
you cloutchasing you was not complaining you wanted some dick and it was inside you
Donna Wallace (1 month ago)
WHERE YOUR FATHER you out here have sex, cursing , using the n word , you said he slept with you ,okay, that is a choice you both made ,not him alone stop saying he have sex with young girls , you looking for a bag
Alexis Brackett (1 month ago)
Why she bashing on him like tha when her ass was posting all that lovey Dovey ass shit and then once shit gets real she decides to expose him? Lmfaooooooo
The Goat (1 month ago)
I don’t give af about nothing else all I know is she sed the n word f her
serenity reviere (1 month ago)
she acting all hard but she softer than silk
vanlal peka (1 month ago)
Our generation (igen) is a piece of shit!!!! Most of us just want fame don't really care what it could lead to!!!! Shame
Like, like in New York 17 is the Legal age of Consent also she looks like a Tranny.
lenard 123 (1 month ago)
Wow she's 17
Bru she’s a hoe she should’ve developed a fucking brain and know better
nightmare pro (1 month ago)
why is she talking shit about 69 about he sleeping with her if she agree.
Blahblahblah (1 month ago)
"you saw what sixnine had to say"first, you don't see what someone says, you hear itsecondly, THAT was talking?
Chris Castor (1 month ago)
She look 30 from GG im 11 year old
scott horton (1 month ago)
He not a pedo he's into beastiality
Xitlali Hernandez (1 month ago)
Jaime Lopez (1 month ago)
How come this thot is dateing him and saying the n word if she is not black white hoer also stop being cocky because your going to steal his money
jojojeep1 (1 month ago)
You got a good head on your shoulders lady yeah mean
jojojeep1 (1 month ago)
Man 35 years on with the same woman I don’t even look at another one she chop them right off
Happy_Twine (1 month ago)
Martha gold DIGGER
Happy_Twine (1 month ago)
Martha gold DIGGER
Happy_Twine (1 month ago)
Martha gold DIGGER
Rakem Phillips (1 month ago)
Wtf....all his songs sound the same
halley14 mtn (2 months ago)
Where the fuck is this girls parents
dolling dynasty_69 (2 months ago)
What part of cali she from all she saying is racial slurs smh
Keltyn Gallagher (2 months ago)
F*** that lady
chill (2 months ago)
daaamn hoe .... need some fillers
Gucci Hucci (2 months ago)
I'm lost 😂
Bob B (2 months ago)
Sorry woman are the same way
Rayanna Abdullateef (2 months ago)
RED SKYLINE12 (2 months ago)
U stoopid. U sound stoopid. U look stoopid
Robert Shoemaker (2 months ago)
All their dads need to beat their asses especially the one study screaming the n word ...... The girls knew they were too young they should go to jail too young hoes
Lynne Allen (2 months ago)
What happened teaching your child right from wrong and not to give her or himself to any goddamn body that comes along with the $10 bill and a hoopty let me tell you going up my mom taught me if I want something by that s*** my damn self I don't need a man to take care of me financially I can do that shift for myself what I need is a man to hold me down spiritually mentally and emotionally all that other s*** is secondary.😼
Magnolia Notwar (2 months ago)
omg wit them skittles in his mouth i cant
Kimiyah: Bey (2 months ago)
Such a sick culture all of it!
James hopkins (2 months ago)
He basically just pimped out a 13 year old girl the freak
truth rising (2 months ago)
martha gold,you got your 15 minuets of fame,now go and live with aids forever
MsDerryQueen (2 months ago)
Any man 21 or older fucking a chick under 18 is a Pedophile. IDGAF if its legal in some states and countries. You nasty af
zaro madrass (2 months ago)
Age 16 in Jamaica 🇯🇲
Dollar King (2 months ago)
She looks like she was like 22 or something And like a type of a girl who asks for sex
angelo bihari (2 months ago)
N'Dia Black (2 months ago)
Sis, how can you as a woman support a child molester, and bash the children he molester.. Bill Cosby and RKelly lost their careers. True she shouldn’t put herself out like that, but it should bother you that he raped a 13 year old
Malke Castro (2 months ago)
I haven’t seen a video where Sarah talks about this . I’m surprise
halen 1 (2 months ago)
Nugget Doozy (2 months ago)
This poor girl. Retarded as fuck and probably missing her father. She talks like a complete idiot.tekashis and idiot too. That’s all I got to say about this
Jojo NuYorican (2 months ago)
She's calling him a BUM and a Pedophile????? But she wasn't saying that when he was hitting it
Layla Bertoune (2 months ago)
Her using the term n**** and even him using that term in his songs is bugging me AF gtfo !!!
Silvana Aparicio (2 months ago)
Slap dis lil h0..
Stephanie Clyburn (2 months ago)
I agree... Where are these girls parents! And he's NASTY AF... By himself let alone Grosse for sleeping with underage children! She does look older then 17 yet talks like a Child not knowing the N word can get her whooped! The whole situation is Nasty! She's DISGUSTING just like himself!
Desiree Mojica (2 months ago)
Why do these girls act like they’re important......what’s her talent or profession? What does she do for a living? I don’t understand how these thots are given any attention or 5 min of fame. They’re worthless. Idk I guess..
Luis Calles (2 months ago)
Bruh she thirsty
Felicia Johnson (2 months ago)
She used the N word as if she is a real G! 69 teeth😬
Monique Huerena (2 months ago)
Dd Gg (2 months ago)
And racist
Dd Gg (2 months ago)
The girl is 21
ada A (2 months ago)
The way she speaks tho .... I was born in L.A and just because you're raised around the hood dosn't meen "you're hood". Talk like a fucken lady if that's what you're claiming to be! And 69 baby's mother is gorgeous!!
horror fan (2 months ago)
If that was as my teenage daughter, we’d be having a discussion 😂😂
Fabiola Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Fuck this thot
Bonnie O'Callaghan (2 months ago)
amountof times i heard "like" ...Like FML !!!
Vanessa Learning (2 months ago)
All of that makeup makes her look like a drag queen. A 30 and over one.
Sean Harbour (2 months ago)
Say that in a way..not to be disre-phef-ful because I can't talk with this bs in my mouth lol clown fuck...wtf Daniel lol
Edmund Zulu Hauseb (2 months ago)
Mind ur own bizz....no offense..6lx9ine is a gud guy...

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