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Best Horror Movie 2018 (HD)

5249 ratings | 2673216 views
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Text Comments (485)
Robert Rein Marquez (3 hours ago)
good job!
Appas Appas (7 hours ago)
Jenny Guiyaan (11 hours ago)
Nakakakilabot. Itong po
Sherry Crawley (13 hours ago)
Since all yall read b4 watching why no body said rose is a bitch an annoying as hell first couple minutes into it and im ready to fuckn turn because i can't take her character 😒😒😒😣😣😔
Tomeka Wilson (16 hours ago)
Always scroll threw comments 1st👀😂 now i can watch
Tomeka Wilson (16 hours ago)
Oh this is Tomeka's mom Lbaby Wilson. Im on her phone👀mommy take over#!
Ram Ran (19 hours ago)
Good movie ...
Ajji Janouliya (1 day ago)
Badiya na h
Bhawna Rani (1 day ago)
Movie name???
bkwas time west
Deepak kumar (1 day ago)
Deepak kumar (1 day ago)
So yuck movie .
Shantell B. (1 day ago)
Great movie 🥴
kis kis ko English aati hai ki good likhe ho
Ennox Bhabinzha (2 days ago)
Good the filem
Knockable gamer (2 days ago)
What's the movie called
christmas songs (2 days ago)
The cabin
Checker Chubbie (2 days ago)
Movie and music build up dont match the suspense or whatever this movie supposed to act out... oh I almost forgot the actors.... oh well not even worth mentioning ... so adding to the comments... one word... mostly comes out the back... crapp
Faye Nunez (2 days ago)
hindi nkakatakot..nkaka bobo at nkakainis panoorin sayang oras hindi siya maganda hahaha..yang babae sa pic na may multo wla yan sa movie wlang spirit sa movie na ito wag mag paloko kasi naloko din ako lolz.
Faye Nunez (1 day ago)
+eagles rock yes wag na po.
eagles rock (1 day ago)
Nood sana ako wag na lng sayang oras ko
Amrit Sekhon (3 days ago)
Not worth it
moni jafor (3 days ago)
Anupama (3 days ago)
N she is capt America
Anupama (3 days ago)
Tt guy is a loser... her mom was right.
Tim (3 days ago)
Conversations (and characters) so flat you can slide them under your garage door.
Pierre Bonnard (3 days ago)
Lost me in the first 10 minutes,
Mishi Aggarwal (4 days ago)
Who watching it today 😁😁like me Hit the like button,☺️
Shahinul Islam (2 days ago)
Run boy run..not from the monster .. from your girlfriend... niways the movie drags.. pass time movie
The lead actress character is so whiny..just such an unsuitable role ... from start until 30:42 absolutely demanding, frustrated, hating, whiny, complaining, hahahah 30:45 ...the guy hits the nail... what a shitty lady...
Chitrasen gouda (4 days ago)
Wonderful movie
John Lampu (4 days ago)
1 hour wasted.. Terrible movie.
TAMANA WISH (4 days ago)
Hello everyone I want to support youth
Nain Asmat (4 days ago)
All IN ONE (5 days ago)
Movie ka naam kya he 😂
Lovely Girl (5 days ago)
Supper movie ❤
Kiblat (5 days ago)
Movie yg penuh suspended...nasif la ini just filem movie... 3 pelakon yang bodoh dan stupid... Yang seorg gila dan mentel yg 2 lg pelakon bodoh... Dah tau berhadapan dengan pembunuh atau seorg lelaki yg mentel... Knp tak ambil senjata tajam ke sebagai pelindung diri... Hanya tahu lari dan terus lari.... Apa pon aku nak tengok sampai habis dulu perempuan ne selamat ke atau mati sbb kebodohannya....
arshi khan (6 days ago)
Anah Yangda (6 days ago)
Damn! This is gross!!!!!
Kiblat (6 days ago)
Many movie like this for me this relly stupid and BULSHITTT ...if have like this real human very denger must finished them faster after put go to the hell.... Huhuhu...
Kulamani Maharana (6 days ago)
Upload wrong turn all part
Kulamani Maharana (6 days ago)
Wha ...The...Fuc...........
Kulamani Maharana (6 days ago)
Lol ..Move is lol
Kulamani Maharana (6 days ago)
Don't watch west of time boring move not good...Bad move no story.
Let Yr Body Moven (7 days ago)
Dravna movi bohot mast👍
paul rowland (7 days ago)
Hit like
Salma akter (8 days ago)
আমার ভয় করেনি
Suamon Ahmed (7 days ago)
Tik ache kubh valo.. Voy pawar moto kunu movie'r naam bolo
Tadiwah Mufunda (8 days ago)
If this my boyfriend ill gonna break up, so stupid! He saw body parts yet he didnt armed himself go get some axe shovel anything so you can fight! hey be a man! Not smart enough! Be brave! Go girl kill that murderer.!👏🏼😳 woman power!👏🏼👏🏼😅😅😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Ritesh kumar singh (8 days ago)
Reading comments before watching.
Gaddam Vani (8 days ago)
syed saqib (9 days ago)
Abe ye q pochte ho k Ubi kaun dekh ra ha ye movie kia msla ha ye
Lil_Leana (9 days ago)
Lil_Leana (9 days ago)
Make sure the murder know were you are before dying
Sheena Nogoy (9 days ago)
Lil_Leana (9 days ago)
I read comments before watching
Lil_Leana (9 days ago)
The guy at 315 is like me lol
Esther Bonkar (9 days ago)
Who watching right now??
Hana Kotalová (9 days ago)
That guy looks really very creepy! What a psycho.... He is great as a killer 👍
Esther Bonkar (9 days ago)
Blue Wolf (10 days ago)
Stupid characters
inceper (10 days ago)
Levente Gáspár (10 days ago)
It wouldn't be a bad movie, but I hate when people act in a film totally illogically. Spoilerrrrrr .............Why they didn't stay together? Why didn't they go there in the night on foot, with weapons. I can't believe someone would go like that. And when he was there, he was looking the pictures, and was playing on the organ in a house of a serial killer. :D And the woman just was watching how the man hit 5 more on her boyfriend face...
Sehbaz Khan (10 days ago)
Mohammed Ibrahim (10 days ago)
Best one👌👌👌
Jane Theuri (11 days ago)
Fake movie ever!!!
Weedsman Toshilkr (11 days ago)
Hit the like button if you enjoyed the movie ❤😄
Raj dwivedi (11 days ago)
Very nice video I'm raj Dubey
Raj dwivedi (11 days ago)
Black Rose (12 days ago)
The cabin
Black Rose (12 days ago)
The cabin
Ravi kant (12 days ago)
Catherine Michael (13 days ago)
Watching now
Indiana Davids (14 days ago)
Right now....
SAGE SAGE (14 days ago)
Read comments 1st
SAGE SAGE (14 days ago)
Always read comments
El wiss Mejri w (15 days ago)
Hhhh also read comment before watching
Rinky Singh (15 days ago)
Mostly horrible
Radha Nirmal (15 days ago)
Wow nice
Daveyboy Cano (16 days ago)
Creepy 👻😨😨👻👻💀
Daveyboy Cano (8 days ago)
+Suresh divya yes it is so creepy
Suresh divya (8 days ago)
Daveyboy Cano aabaaaaaaaaAaaaA Super
Love you World (16 days ago)
Not a good movie. Awful story and screenplay.
Tlana Chhuaha (18 days ago)
stop reading the commen before watching
Sam Cool (18 days ago)
Shit movie... Waste of time
Anil Parihar (19 days ago)
Mehar Kiyani (19 days ago)
Ravinder Kumar (20 days ago)
Nice and I love horror wovei
Ravinder Kumar (20 days ago)
Nice and I love horror wovei
Mahesh Jagtap (20 days ago)
Bull shet
Pd Pd (20 days ago)
Supper Movie
Frankie Lucero (21 days ago)
That's true
julmi clasher (21 days ago)
Bakwas.... Time waste movie horror ke naam pe dhbba hai
Martin DoopDawg McWay (21 days ago)
Princess lia Your Are Very Beautiful Sweetheart...
Jorge Maldonado (22 days ago)
Im here for the comments what movie
Raj Sherpa (25 days ago)
ARIES #Aries#Fearless (25 days ago)
Reading comments before watching😂😂😂😂😂 hit like if u do it too..
Bat movie
Konchok Dorjey (26 days ago)
If she was my girlfriends I would bang her and tell her that it's over with a capital O
king_lub_ queen (1 month ago)
The Greatest Nation On Earth oooo really
Sufiyan Ali (1 month ago)
I love horrer movies
sakshi singh (1 month ago)
girl acting is worst..
Markus Madison (1 month ago)
I'd of pulled the car over and just pissed on the side of the road. The freedom of driving out in the country! They're like the dumbest couple I have ever seen and technically this doesn't qualify as a horror movie to me.
Brian VanMierlo (1 month ago)
This is the last time I trust these useless comments.. this movie was stupid as hell and they probably only spent 10 bucks making this cheesy garbage
Ehkay erika (1 month ago)
Reading the comments first before watching the movie.
Isabella Flores (9 days ago)
tom margarites (1 month ago)
8 min, was 8 minutes too many.
DP 0 % (1 month ago)
Translate error indonesia
DP 0 % (1 month ago)

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