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Skyrim - Fire Mage vs Ice Mage

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a battle to prove which type of magic was superior lol
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Teddy Gonzalez (4 months ago)
And here comes the dirty rogue sweeping hks from the clothies 1:04 he straight ganks him lol Rogues! do it from behind!
Kride (10 months ago)
Dunmer ice mage vs nord fire mage. Would be too awesome.
Banterous (3 years ago)
I encountered this once,but they killed each other at the same time and they only dropped boots and a robe
Liya (4 years ago)
Hahahaha he killed the bitch right after
MrFantocan (5 years ago)
Fire Mage FTW
Gamerjuana (6 years ago)
You kill the winner lmao thats messed up.
Laurus (10 months ago)
Shawn Ethereal (6 years ago)
That was hot lol
Shawn Ethereal

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