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Skyrim - Destruction Perks - Worth It?

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Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=fudgemuppet Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fudgemuppet In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we discuss the Destruction perk tree and how to best allocate your perks. If you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe for more Elder Scrolls & Fallout content! Twitter: Scott: https://twitter.com/NewberryCrunch Michael: https://twitter.com/OldBerryChew Drew: https://twitter.com/DrewBerryMunch Snapchat: Scott: newberrycrunch Michael: oldberrychew Instagram: http://instagram.com/fudgemuppets/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FudgeMuppet
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Felix Schweighart (6 days ago)
nice video! by the way elemental dmg increases stack with the ones from enchantment. So it increases ur magical weapon enchantments dmg as well
Physics Freak (7 days ago)
Alchemy is the secret to destruction magic. With a potion of destruction, weakness to poison, and an elemental weakness poison, I can 2 shot a legendary dragon on legendary difficulty. Most people don't know this because their to lazy to invest in alchemy.
Swimmer Boi (13 days ago)
Just get enchanting to 100, do the exploit where you can make any school of magic cost nothing, and then start using destruction spells. That way the spells cost nothing
Red Panda Republic (16 days ago)
I’m a spell and dagger with a bow at long range
Peter Vlčko (16 days ago)
does destruction perks affect restoration attack spells?
Richard Blackmore (27 days ago)
Alchemy, fortify destruction... you can reach +100% damage
Markus P. (7 days ago)
you can make potions for physical combat as well, on top of the damage increasing perks.
Oofmaster54321 (28 days ago)
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we use mods
Vivec’s faithful (1 month ago)
There’s a mod that scales the damage of the destruction spells with your level
Vivec’s faithful (1 month ago)
leeman27534 with your charecter’s level
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
with your level, or with the level of destruction's rank? tbh, i've got something like that on ps4, the novice perk got tweaked to give 1-100% more damage depending on what level destruction was at. also got one that makes the element damage perks go up to 100% at 4 perk points, and they stack for 400% damage which makes destruction spells a better option.
Alex Hrycaj (1 month ago)
My destruction is super cheap and my regeneration is super high. Destruction is my bread and butter.
Ebeneezergoode1 (1 month ago)
I made destruction viable with really potent fortify destruction potions. If you use the alchemy/enchanting loop or even exploit fortify restoration this is a doddle.
James Roges (1 month ago)
There is fortify destruction potions you can make make easy the items needed are very common too. High alc can make em like around 150% more damage 0% cost there jus as good as any other skill really. Des rest with des potions you can easily even kill on legendary jus stagger lock everything.
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
+James Roges eh, i try to make shit more useful or fun, but agree, too much isn't good. 400%, and mind, you still needed to get like max destruction and spend at least 4 skillpoints for each element you wanted to use at that, didn't make it 'easy' but made destruction a lot more balanced with the shit blacksmithing and weapons could get. the strategy wasn't just "dualcast 500 fucking fireballs per dungeon to stunlock everything because they do piss poor damage" or "cast 475 fireballs and use a potion every 30 seconds per dungeon to be able to fucking move along" my only other option, to actually feel 'strong' as a mage is just to never level up. maybe powerlevel destruction, enough enchanting to be able to get a decent amount of dest cost down, and then never level up again, so the spell damage you can do is actually decent, instead of solely relying on infinite mana to kill shit with dozens of spells after some point.
James Roges (1 month ago)
+leeman27534 mods make it way to easy, if you use mods or glitches you can make even stronger %. But that's boring. I played with mods for about a month and got bored.
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
+James Roges eh, i've got mods that can increase the damage to 400% base. THAT makes it worth it. without res glitch, you just can't really get it high enough for it to matter, besides the already "you can cast them infinitely" factor. and even if you had 400% potions, that's still popping a potion for every fight to not take like a few minutes.
James Roges (1 month ago)
+leeman27534 considering the items to make the potions are easy to get yes it is totally worth it.
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
yeah, but its not like damage even matters if the idea is to 'stagger lock' the foe. and really, the 150% boost isn't that good still, the one spell it works great with is the lightning master one, as it doesn't suck, the others, just cast a few more spells, eh. plus another issue is the OP even without glitches weapon based stuff, sometimes will add dest damage specifically because it gets these boosts, too, so that 150% would make those even better.
Silent Sun (2 months ago)
I would highly recommend downloading a mod that increases either the damage of Destruction spells direclty, or lets you enchant damage, otherwise you'll have an incredibly hard time killing enemies in the lategame on anything higher than Adept. I can recommend the mod "Improved Destruction Magic by Penumbral". You could consider buffing Destruction as cheating, but I think this mod makes it simply viable for endgame, which is a good thing for me.
Xavi Neira (2 months ago)
I’m glad I saw this video on time bc I just created a character. I decided to make a Breton warrior that uses 2 handed weapons preferably the war hammer. I’ve included heavy armor and conjuration so that dremora lord can assist me along with my follower Lydia that has all the health/magic resist enchanting. She uses a shield with block 40% and magic resist and a mace with absorb health and paralyze. Meanwhile I have enchants with 2h dmg and stam on most my gear some with conjuration spell red. Lvl 35 playing on legendary and both dremora lord and Lydia can take a group of 5. So the reason I liked this video is bc I’ve been locking destruction while they Fuk shit up. I haven’t put points in destruction bc I was wondering if destruction at later levels is meaningless. Seeing this tho I’m going to stop lvling destroy and just help them Fuk shit up faster
dmkccR2ventureMade (2 months ago)
Thank you!!
Sérgio David (2 months ago)
Fo sure As a mage you must play it for sure Fortify fire destruction A staff instead of making 60 damage makes 90 As well as your spells, doubled if double casted As a mage this is demanded Are you gonna use a sword? Like Gandalf? Ilusion conjuration and destruction, specially destruction and conjuration are the demanded magic schools. To can survive in a savage world. As a mage
Sérgio David (2 months ago)
Also alteration has some useful perks in all kinds of fighter, will it be a warrior or a mage
Yiglic Persfactious (2 months ago)
Destruction is at least fun compared to Alteration and res. Of course you should be using Phenrix or another magic overhaul.
Thomas Rosendahl (2 months ago)
Yes it is, with high level Alchemy and enchanted gear with fortify destruction. You can make the destruction spells 100 percent more powerful, with nightshade and glowing mushroom.
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
and you can still deal way more damage with weapons or archery. hell, some ways to boost weapoons is add elements to them which are also boosted by some weapon perks and destruction stuff.
Vaga _bundo (3 months ago)
The best destruction spell is the bound bow
wififan (4 months ago)
if you want destruction to be viable in the late game I highly suggest you invest in alchemy as a fortify destruction potion increases the damage of spells by a lot. yes it means lugging around a bunch potions with a character without much stamina but its totally worth it
Tomasz Węgrzanowski (4 months ago)
Sad but true. Magic in Skyrim is underpowered, and interface for spells is super awkward because it was dumbed down for consoles. (it's good enough for melee and archery since you're just using 1 or 2 weapons - as wizard you'd like to cast a lot more)
Joseph Huffman (4 months ago)
Is it really a big deal to save perk points when you can basically level forever by making skills legendary?
Like A Grape (4 months ago)
I've reset alteration about 20 times on my current character. I have clothes that make it so alteration costs no magicka to cast. Then I go to the blue palace and use the detect life spell to level up super fast. I also use a rubber band on my controller so I don't even have to be in the room.
Jakob Thomas (5 months ago)
Impact Firebolt is one of the best Dragon killers in the game
Mexican JoJo (5 months ago)
GrizzlyGaming86 (5 months ago)
Tilted, why doesnt op set hotkeys to his spells?
Basilius Ravencroft (5 months ago)
My battlemage actually uses shock damage on up to expert because of the wall of storm spell and the disintegrate perk while amplifying my shock spells with a potion that I make that fortifies any destruction spells for further damage.
Espeonage the Espeon Spy (5 months ago)
I remember I tried to do a Destruction build mage. But I realize that it was fucking boring. I turned the difficulty to it's maximum and I was still bored out of my mind.
Jaelon Griffin (5 months ago)
I like the full mage route. Every other kind of play is brain numbingly easy once you get to a certain smithing level. Who even cares about DPS? This is a single player game, not an MMO. The point is to have fun with a character you enjoy. Frankly, I think that if your dps keeps you from trying a new playstyle then you're missing the point of the game.
Jonathan Rhodes (5 months ago)
On legendary, it suffers even more due to the massive amount of hp enemies have, and unlike weapons its much harder to increase its damage. You can use alchemy to temporarily buff your damage, and poisons to weaken resistances, but that's complicated and costly.
DaManOfLOL (5 months ago)
You can also use alchemy to increase damage
Rocco Pepe (6 months ago)
I'm playing half destruction using shock and half one handed that way I'm like a sith in skyrim, lol.
kevin eustaquio (6 months ago)
you should make a star wars Emperor Build. only use for lightning... wear black robes enchant them of course.. use alteration.. ect.. im sure you guys can figure out a cool build
Happy Camper (6 months ago)
Just started playing Skyrim(lol), I'm recovering alot atm these days and your content is 👌👌👌👌
Lord yasha (6 months ago)
destruction magic sucks ass got infinite magic with 4 pieces of 25% less cost and still is soo hard to kill anything and the level increases so freaking slow summoning is better but atronach ia is kinda dumb so the best magic is the illusion one cuz theres nothing like throwing fury to a orc bandit chief and hide to see how he destroys his partners
Valerie Lynn (6 months ago)
It’s kind of frustrating watching this video for tips only to be constantly told that your build is a bad idea. Not everyone *wants* to play a stealth archer all the time, I’ve done that and had fun, but I want to make a mage now.
pawelos4 (6 months ago)
Im 74 and i love destruction. Obviously its not as powerful as say one handed but with NO GLITCHES ive enchanted daedric armor and jewelery to have no mana cost with all destruction and restoration spells. Ive invested a perk into restoring stamina while healing and man is it fun. I just run around casting all sorts of fireballs, lightnings, frozen spikes and runes and when the enemies get through my max improved legendary daedric armor, I just heal and get my stamina back with one quick spell without mana cost. If all the destruction stuff turns out to be not enough with some tougher enemies on higher difficulty, i also have +94% one handed damage on THE SAME ARMOR and with my max improved legendary daedric sword i deal 412 dmg per one uncharged hit. If you want to know how to do it, write a reply on this comment and ill make a tutorial because im rather proud of my setup 😁
Valerie Lynn (6 months ago)
pawelos4 Ooooh, dude I would love to hear about your set up!
XNamelessXNill (6 months ago)
Thanks for these informative videos I just stsrted Skyrim for the first time in about 2 years (I lost a level 150) I'm having fun with a weird necromancer build i got going but something is iff about my combat, I'm not sure if I wanna go classic sword and shield, I was rocking the battle axe for awhile, I tried 2 handed wasn't a fan or mage, but I'm eh on being a mage so much hot keying. Also ttyinf to decide to side with dawnguard or vampire.
XNamelessXNill (6 months ago)
Pretty sure you can enchant the damage up?
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
no. you can enchant the magicka cost down. that's it. there's mods to enchant damage, and there's a potion you can make for destruction magic up, but its still not really enough, unless glitching.
Exantius E (6 months ago)
The fact that you need essentially an exploit to remove magicka costs, the thing that's supposed to be holding the mage's power back, to even compete with warriors, archers and assassins as a destruction mage, just goes to show how broken the balance is. And if you do get yourself enchanted gear with 100% magicka cost reduction, other spell schools like illusion and alteration are much more worth it (illusion=permanent invisibility while your enemies kill each other, alteration=permanent 80% damage reduction and paralysis spam)
Keitto191 (6 months ago)
Where’s “Conjuration, Worth It?”
Fierce Mushroom (6 months ago)
I played a straight mage on legendary mode all the way. Destruction magic is the best. So what if you need enchanting? Thats true of basically every play style, you'll either need enchanting or alchemy, sometimes both. Although I personally despise alchemy, too much crap to haul around to make a poison you can only use once.
Like A Grape (4 months ago)
+Fierce Mushroom I don't like alchemy either. I have a level 112 character with max enchanting and smithing. I don't need alchemy to make me even more op.
snake 1 (4 months ago)
+Fierce Mushroom Dual wield builds don't need enchanting, alchemy, or even smithing/upgrading. Just right hand that one brokenly overpowered sword that staggers everything on every single hit and left hand mehrunes dagger to one shot. Game basically turns into a simulator for spamming left and right click. Other builds also don't need either of those skills, they already do enough damage to kill pretty much everything.
Fierce Mushroom (4 months ago)
+asdf! 12131 Oh, I understand it. I just don't like fucking around with alchemy. It's just kinda tedious to me. Same reason I didn't bother to smith any weapons or armor.
asdf! 12131 (4 months ago)
You fail to understand that you can craft alchemy potions that make enchanting better...
RH2RACING (6 months ago)
I see what your saying but I don't agree. I use magic almost exclusively including bound weapons and am a 50 on this play through. I have no issues with enemies as you need to learn how to tailor your spells to do the right kind of damage.
DIPTANGSHU MISHRA (7 months ago)
I use destruction primarily to get the augmented perks. After that my Stalhrim weapons do a shit ton of damage. Dukaan(I think) to top it off and get around 130 Absorb health. The ebony blade can stay in my manor.
Yamcha Dragonball (7 months ago)
Why magic really sucks: Destruction - why not just swing a sword? Deals more damage with no cost. Alteration - why conjure up armor when you can just wear armor? The paralyze spells are ok, but why not just enchant your weapons with it? Easier. Illusion - Invisibility is nice and all, but sneak does it better and costs nothing. The CC spells are cool and all, but you could just wear good armor with high resists and charge in like a mad man. Conjuration - Sure you can summon some cool stuff, but again. Why not just wear armor and weapons - they do the same but better. Restoration - You find a shit ton of healing potions and that's pretty much all restoration can do anyway. All in all, magic does the same as warrior and thief skills. Just worse and with a magicka cost attached. Sad.
blubbfisch98 (7 months ago)
My biggest fear as a mage are always those fucking random Sabre cats in the wild. Anything else is easy.
MF (7 months ago)
One can deal more destruction damage with alchemy... but only in special situations, unless you can brew a lot of potions of destruction....
Janglesthemonke (7 months ago)
Or just use ordinator lol, magic is a godly thing here, it even scales with you.
Giovanni Fernandez (7 months ago)
i was about to make a desruction mage :c
Charlie Worsfold (8 months ago)
I like to use console commands to adjust the actual power of destruction magic for legendary playthroughs; player.modav destructionpowermod 300, for example increases damage by 300%, for 4x damage; that way I deal a lot of damage, but still take a lot of damage, makes it super fun with a base 100 damage firebolt (obviously done on pc but does carry over to Xbox if you convert your saves)
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
there's even ps4 mods that do something like this, essentially. the first mod i've got, augments the elemental damage + perks to max out at 100% more damage with 4 skill points invested. the second makes spells scale according to your skill level, so 50 destruction = 50% stronger destruction spells, and these stack. 100% more damage from skill points in fire, 100% more damage from master of destruction multiplied together = 400% damage, which makes spells actually pretty decent. it'll be a long while before they start to get really shitty, again.
La Tui (8 months ago)
Switching between Favorited spells on console looks like a nightmare.
Big Blue (8 months ago)
I use destruction reduction with enchantments but I use it along with the slow time shout. That means I can send a number of fireballs downrange without the target getting a chance to reply. Add to that duel casting and stagger you can see what effect that will have. And with Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana as well all sorts of fun can be had.
Though being able to spam incinerate with 0 magicka cost and the opponent can't fight back while having quiet casting is quite good as you just destroy the opponent in one to two hits
Movies with Matar (8 months ago)
What about a melee build using cloak spells?
Godly Oblivion (8 months ago)
The only perks you don’t need are the higher flame and shock perks
Mech (8 months ago)
what about Ignite? it costs quite a bit to do the quest for it, but it does a LOT of damage with the right perks and costs a very small amount of magic(compared to most spells). it can also be stacked, which can suprisingly easily kill basically any enemy in the game, including karstaag, and all those OP dudes
YouTube Lover (8 months ago)
Although if you enchant 4 pieces of armor in destruction to the max benifit percentage, level destruction to 100 and get the shock master spell i don't care how good you are with a sword that spell will end you lol as you can cast it for free unrelenting until you decide to stop using it.
Half Masked Bastards (8 months ago)
Good vid but I feel it was redundant only two points were stressed being lower damage compared to weapons and enchanting being necessary I can counter these points Bows are main alternative for range damaged , while stronger particularly while sneaking the archery tree is the most costly tree as far as perks taking a lot of perks and requiring more investment in stamina than a character really needs As far as swords being stronger I wiped my Archery on my character after dropping mirak to fuck around with dearh brand+soul render/bloodwhatever I'm so drunk And I'm getting fucked by ranged fire spells unless I hotkey invisibility and shadow warrior exploit And second for enchanting Every mage should take enchanting Everyone should take enchanting It's like smithing Crafting skills are mandatory for a strong character and no it's not that op without alchemy glitching because I play nothing but legendary my chillrend is ramped up to like 400 damage using a gauntlet overlap boost and it's still jack shitbfot damage PS This character was a remake of an old character It was originally based of your pirate build but male imperial and I used the new housecarl as like your pirate for a follower but then I turned more towards a spin of the messenger of death using black guard armor and chillrend being a shadow warrior but I ended up being a modified daedric preisg basically but running mirak sword and shit using a bit of destruction a battle mage but more battle less mage and 100 sneak Always And 100 illusion Always All my characters are my own spins on your builds generally gender or race swaps with new backstory
Half Masked Bastards (8 months ago)
Holy shit 675k I remember like 20 or some shit 10 The first build vote I put in was for the original pirate over Either the monster Hunter or orc warchief Think the orc cuz he lost like three weeks in a row xD Or wait not it was the other way around I dunno
Alan Moura (8 months ago)
destruction is viable in normal/expert difficulty, in master/legendary destruction is terrible in high levels you simple don't do damage, for play destruction magic in this dificulty levels you have to use destruction mods
Givi Chkonia (8 months ago)
impact + augmented flames (2) + aspect of terror + ahzidal's ring of arcana (ignite) + ahzidal's mask = oh why are you burning so fast (evil laugh) p.s. even legendary dragons can't attack you because of stagger
jovalleau (8 months ago)
Destruction's only problem in the vanilla game is that there is no enchantment to increase damage. A simple magic effect changes everything. If you are able to enchant destruction damage, Destruction becomes so powerful it leaves other offensive options in the dust.
Big Poppa Puff (8 months ago)
Fortify destruction potions increase the damage greatly as well as "aversion to" or "weakness to" poisons. I don't worry about that too much because I'm using Ordinator: Perks of Skyrim on XBox one, which also goes really well with Phenderix: Magic Evolved!
Ethan Johnson (8 months ago)
That was some good gameplay!
GunPowderd Donuts (8 months ago)
I only play on legendary so its not viable at all
P Loop (8 months ago)
I misunderstood magic at first I thought it was weak but when I took my time I found true power mwahahahahaha
Giratina 123 (9 months ago)
destruction spell damage is enough
Acerthorn (9 months ago)
Armor spells ... are they worth it?
Daan Strik (9 months ago)
-Starting skyrim (very first time) -Wanne make a mage because im always a mage in every game first playtrough if possible -always plan ahead of late game -sees this video -well shit
Simply Drugg Addict (9 months ago)
Suck, suck, suck *gets 100% magicka cost reduction,kill everything.,
Geoff Medhurst (9 months ago)
Try the illusion perk fear to boost fire damage and necromage and you can get over 260 damage per hit with incinerate, which is faster than any bow, got range over melee and always staggers. At level 50+ you will almost certainly have the enchanting for 0 cost spells. Try ignite (Azidials ring) for lower levels which kills everything (even level 100 plus) because it stacks. Destruction is ALWAYS good at any level. Has lower damage output but makes up for it in speed and stagger. Also can be boosted with destruction potions, so damage output is high enough to one hit kill most things at high level on legendary and is faster than any bow, even zephyr.
Derrick Bonsell (9 months ago)
Destruction may not stand alone but thematically speaking if you're a mage you will be using enchanting and maybe alchemy. If you refuse to use those skills then it might be hard but you said it falls off around level 50. The game can be beaten at much lower levels than that.
Destruction cost reduction enchantment also affects enchanted weapons, so you don't have to refill it with soul gems
Vnixz Shrestha Artist (9 months ago)
Wel tht was a lameass worthless video
kokakoliah (9 months ago)
Can Alchemy increase your Destruction damage?
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
there's a potion you can make that adds some destruction damage, yes. and you can use restoration glitch to make ones that add like 10000% more damage, too.
Unddo Zahaz (10 months ago)
I would totally agree with you about destruction magic sucking ass IF things like alchemy and the spell Ignite weren't a thing
Elesa Brooks (10 months ago)
Lightning Storm is actually really OP. Dragonrend, Become Etheral and then starting to cast literally lets me kill nearly any Type of Dragon within seconds and works well against most other enemies as well.
Psychotic Penguin (10 months ago)
I dont understand, dual casting makes your damage more but it costs more to cast so whats the point?
leeman27534 (1 month ago)
it generally makes it deal more damage than the extra cost, first and foremost. secondly, for the exact same reason you'll move from novice to expert spells, at some point. stronger spells = deader enemies. also, stronger spells get a bigger boost from % damage stuff for the same mp cost, and mp cost reductions are more noticeable for the damage variation, too. dual casting is like being able to give your current spells a minor upgrade, when you don't have the mana to cast bigger stuff yet, or just lack it. thirdly, the main reason destruction's not complete shit is because 100% mp reduction and being able to stunlock foes with dualcasts.
LongRod's Game Emporium (10 months ago)
Well my guy is a mage and each of his incinerate spells do 105 damage per hit. And with a fortify destruction potion it does 326 damage per HIT
sirenia (10 months ago)
the firebolt/ball and the rest are slow to travel to its target, bandits and other enemies can side step/dodge them but an arrow is much faster.
Adeeb (10 months ago)
Am I weird for being a high elf who uses destruction magic and one handed swords?
SirSirupy (10 months ago)
Vanilla perks?! PFFT, I use ordinator!
Mystic Seer (6 months ago)
SirSirupy Yup Ordinator is useful and makes things more interesting imo and also I’m pretty sure I’ve never considered conjuration as a main skill I rely on until I saw the Ordinator conjuration tree and on a side note as much as I love it it took me a solid day or so to remember the larger changes to things because it’s a bit of an info overload at first
Biggie Cheese (11 months ago)
Hahaha Destruction magic is amaz- Trash
Seasonings2taste (11 months ago)
Because I can reset perks endgame, I’m going to reset my perks and invest accordingly. I’m playing a very similar style spellsword that they built. With enchanting and destruction% reduction and my future chaos/paralysis dragonbone 1h weapon, I’ll be very, very efficient at killing multiple enemies.
Angel Gd (11 months ago)
Yes but if you're at all into enchanting weapons a certain amount of destruction perks go a long way to improving those enchantments.
Garrett Wilson (11 months ago)
Well guess what, the chaos damage enchantment benefits from both enchantment and destruction perk trees and forging a stalrim sword to top it off, you'll get the most op weapon in all of skyrim.
durkadur27 (11 months ago)
can someone explain why he's using ebonyflesh instead of dragonhide?
Brian VA (11 months ago)
i know this is old, but any chance you could revisit this using the apocalypse mod
Iian Vaughan (11 months ago)
You forgot another enemy resistant to frost magic Nords, and you are in skyrim the land of the nords
Amy Carter (1 year ago)
Dual-Casting, Impact, Novice, Apprentice, are all really standard fare.
Transante outstanding (1 year ago)
No need to make a video about this particular question. Yes, it is worth it, unless you want to try to play a mage build without it, wich would be dumb. So...yeah
Uneasy Wizard (1 year ago)
I see what you mean but I do play as all wizard and the expert perk helps yes but I also think about the black book giving 10% less to all spells plus the arch mage robes that's another 15 in all being 25% then enchantment to help with other things. That's just one thing I found that's a bit helpful
Ethan Hess (1 year ago)
You didn’t say anything about the intense flames and aspect of terror combo! It makes fire spells count as fear spells and do a ton more damage than normal (on top of being the best element in general anyway)
some guy named Merick (1 year ago)
Destruction is Worth it with mods or Smart playing.
Just Someguy (1 year ago)
I never make characters that are heavily destruction based, but I do enjoy chain lightening, It's quite useful against large groups of enemies.
patrick chassay (1 year ago)
With the restoration potion glitch, you can make powerfull enchanting potion so only one enchantment is enough to have 100% magicka reduction on any magic school of your choice. And to enhance the power of destruction spells, just create tones of destruction potions using the same resto potion glitch. You can have over 1000% more damage with that and play legendary with ease. Because without the resto glitch, if you just max out enchantment and alchemy and create the strongest set you can, weapons will always be stronger than magic unfortunatly
Adrian Jutronich (1 year ago)
I remember playing old school skyrim (ie. before legendaries) and getting everything to 100 on console. My build ended up being a dude in 100 heavy armor with nukes in one hand and heals on the other costing 0% due to enchanting. Not the most min max build in terms of damage, but it was pretty fun. Sometimes I threw a couple double atronachs just to even the odds when charging blindly into rooms full of enemies.
Applemangh (1 year ago)
Destruction may be the most dependent on support skills like Enchanting and Alchemy, but a good case could be made that it also benefits the most from having support skills thanks to it's area and damage over time effects. I mean, no matter how much you fortify your one-handed, those fortifications only matter at the moment the weapon is striking a (usually single) target. A destruction potion on the other hand, is applying its effect to everyone within your cloak range (which is increased by the potion) in addition to being applied to multiple targets per hit, in addition to multiplying a much higher base damage. I mean, obviously nothing beats a fully optimized weapon. Destruction is better than it usually gets credit for, though.
Aeladya (1 year ago)
I usually play a sneak archer, let’s face it, they are amazingly overpowered.
Subder Henge (1 year ago)
I feel like destruction in Skyrim is kind of useless. I think Oblivion did magic batter.
Marcel Scars (1 year ago)
Completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but your DArk Elf Character is Hot for days! Just FYI ;)
Levi Samom (1 year ago)
I think the fire elemental spells are way better than the others because it is linked with fear so if u get the fear perks from illusion than your fire destruction spells will do more damage...and also there's azidal's ring of arcana which has a fire spell which cause fire damage over time and u can actually stack this as many times as u want meaning u can kill high levelled enemies in seconds
Alistaire Mordyn (1 year ago)
I generally enjoy going the battlemage route. I always have a sword in one hand and the spell I prefer to use in the other hand is wall of storms or wall of flames or something. Pretty damn good damage over time and I'm not constantly burning through magic to cast it because it stays there for a while

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