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When Fortnite Streamers Trash Talk Each Other

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We've compiled all the best trash talk in Fortnite for you to enjoy. Click here to subscribe for more of the best Fortnite content: https://goo.gl/h8XMt4 SUBMIT YOUR CLIPS HERE: https://goo.gl/935Vcp Credit to the players: Ninja: https://www.twitch.tv/ninja Myth: https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_myth Hysteria: https://www.twitch.tv/hysteria King Richard: https://www.twitch.tv/kingrichard FaZe Tfue: https://www.twitch.tv/tfue Sypher: https://www.twitch.tv/sypherpk DrLupo: https://www.twitch.tv/drlupo Summit1g: https://www.twitch.tv/summit1g Tyler1: https://www.twitch.tv/tyler1 See a mistake in the credit list or any other problem with this video? Please email us and we'll do our best to resolve your issue. Email: [email protected] --------- This video includes: When Fortnite Streamers Trash Talk Each Other When Fortnite Pros Trash Talk Each Other Fortnite Trash Talk Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite Best Daily Moments Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments
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JACK WEBB (6 days ago)
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Nick G (6 days ago)
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ItsAnimeTime (7 days ago)
Daniel Pa (7 days ago)
Myth and ninja are crazy cause they curse
ImJustSage• (8 days ago)
Wtf this was a year ago ?
NWM Soccer_Breezy (9 days ago)
VBUCKS my epic name is WAQIJAMESCR7 I liked and subscribed
ツMarlon (2 days ago)
nigga what are u doing this was posted 1 year ago
Jose Ortiz (18 days ago)
Itachi Uchiha (20 days ago)
Myth is just getting all of it, I swear a portion of this video is myth
Ozzy Kenshin (21 days ago)
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That One Kid Official (23 days ago)
Ninja:myth only camps Myth:well Ninja sucks at building Nick eh 30:yep great calls
Breanna Ross (23 days ago)
Can I get vbucks please
QualifiedGamer (24 days ago)
1:35 Myth is just out building the other guy without even trying
awsome the gamer (1 month ago)
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Fadedbeast 5 (1 month ago)
NickMercs is slow at editing and he is toxic
Aubrey Allen (1 month ago)
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Pulsectil (1 month ago)
Stop talking shit streamers. 😂😂
IVELIS ROSA (1 month ago)
Jinan Kano (1 month ago)
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Robert Buczynski (1 month ago)
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ttv. Alexis (1 month ago)
chase aimbot45 (1 month ago)
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duolingo bird (1 month ago)
When too people fight When fortnite wasn't a thing Come on mate take a punch When too people want to fight and fortnite is a thing 1v1 me on fortnite bro I'll clap you bro
Laura Fox2 (1 month ago)
Im from the future. Tfue sues faze
Jack Celler (1 month ago)
im watching this video and tfue is defending faZe
Emery Tavares (1 month ago)
Ana Corona (2 months ago)
Curry Junior (2 months ago)
Scorpion ninja Gamerx (2 months ago)
Evan Borsvold (2 months ago)
Mehti simsek (2 months ago)
XkeemyX (2 months ago)
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Abdullah Hayat (2 months ago)
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Anel Chavez (2 months ago)
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Griffon (2 months ago)
Ninja. Is not better than myth
Papa Nana (2 months ago)
The thumbnail had true doing the middle finger 🖕🏻 so un rated
Aimee Hughes (2 months ago)
Tbh I don't like ninja he might be good at the game but he's just so boring everyone else has a entertaining character, like myth just sraight up funny and tfue just a likable person then there's ninja with a big ego..... 😶
SmikkelDraak (2 months ago)
Victoria Martin (2 months ago)
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Julio Saucedo (2 months ago)
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Braelyn And kannon (3 months ago)
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Slushie LUL (3 months ago)
I actually cant stand myth like if tsm were to recruit me and ask me to stay in the tsm house i would say yes but plz dont make me play with myth like i would have to talk to him once in a while bc we would live in the same house but other than hi,yes,no,maybe,or bye nothing would be said👌👌👌
Legendary Dragon (3 months ago)
Betty Mai (3 months ago)
Bruh They are literally watching each other😂
Jaydenrecks 4321 (3 months ago)
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Bastian Ipili (3 months ago)
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Fortnite Pro (3 months ago)
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Shervin Sison (3 months ago)
5:45 Confusing.
Lachlan ___ (3 months ago)
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Aaron Fedrick (3 months ago)
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