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Skyrim Mod: Cutting Room Floor - Unlocked Hidden Content

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Cutting Room Floor http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/47327/ UESP Wiki http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unused_NPCs http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Unfinished_Quests Civil War Overhaul http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/37216//? Windhelm Arena https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEtcK0VrGpA Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (257)
SenSei (22 days ago)
Jay Fowler (5 months ago)
Well shit, now I gotta go buy 3 DLC, 2 of 'em I don't even want.
Hello there (5 months ago)
is you a khaijit ?
Q77 Spartan (7 months ago)
This is further proof that Skyrim was such a rushed game. The game has so many things missing. How did Bethesda not seen how much the game was broken? If we got half of what Todd Howard promised Skyrim would deserve it's praise. Instead of being a overrated game that fell far from it's hype. Mods can only do so much. Even if it could fix the game it wouldn't make it okay. For Bethesda to release such broken unfinished lackluster games. I once liked Skyrim a lot. Now I can barely slog through it.
It`s too bad the mod author of the civil war overhaul is a little bitch who deleted them all.
Dwight (10 months ago)
And now this asshole deleted the normal version and only left one for the Special Edition, and he evens asks money for his patreon on the mod presentation page, he's disgusting.
riley plantz (11 months ago)
You should go over the cutting room floor every part of it
Arrender (11 months ago)
I got so scared when i found that man in breezehome
Ryjak (1 year ago)
I wonder if this adds the option to bring that latter back to sapphire, that's always something that I wanted to do.
Emerson-Biggons (1 year ago)
No I know that what I was confused about was you could always do that... Bring the latter back to Sapphire. She needs to climb that roof somehow. In all seriousness you can do that in the game or am I missing something in what you said I don't know the context.
Ryjak (1 year ago)
Poshcoffee2395977 & Emerson Biggons I meant to put "letter". As in the one from that one blacksmith in raven rock.
Emerson-Biggons (1 year ago)
Sheo The Mad God (1 year ago)
Thank god for the recommended list. Im glad this video was recommended to me. Another mod for the collection.
Paula Lang (1 year ago)
If It gives Nazeem his farm, than it's not worth it... 😣
Carnage Tf2 (1 year ago)
can I add this mod while having a playthrought?
Eric (1 year ago)
So you would know, I posted a link of this video at @ http://tinyurl.com/MorrowindmaN-ReserveIncrease (a Bethesda Thread). We can quickly & efficiently tell Microsoft to increase the Total Mod Limit on the xBox One (& 1x) by voting here: http://tinyurl.com/xboxUserVoiceReserveVote (an xBox Live account is required). Please feel free to share this to get the word out! Another cool video & hope you will continue to feature quest and other cool SE mods Brodual. Thx.
Archer (1 year ago)
I played skyrim on the 360 for 2 years... Man now I feel stupid lol... PC all the way... Though I still play with an Xbox paddle and always will. I love the paddle rumble. It makes the impacts feel more immersive because there is a sense of touch. And keyboard controls to move your guy around suck royal donkey nuts. After Analog Controls, I cant go back to 1990 with WASD controls.
James Blue (1 year ago)
can anyone please tell me what mod that is to make the armor that the orc in wearing look realistic like that in .40 seconds
Michel (1 year ago)
When my friends ask me how I came to dance so good I just tell them.. "Brodual"
Chris (1 year ago)
Thanks Brodual, I always wondered where this missing content was coming from
VerDeLanceDeNigro (2 years ago)
BATHESDA  needs to update these stuff on their own page or send die hards emails about original mods by them!
Jakob (2 years ago)
Owletaceg (2 years ago)
...Wait. Grushnak, like the rock monster from Galaxy Quest??
Tyler Keaton (2 years ago)
This mod breaks Agna, during the High Gate Pass side Quest, it swaps her VA with another and has incomplete dialogue lines (no voice acting for most of her dialogue)
James Parker (1 year ago)
Super late reply, but it's actually OBIS who breaks Anga not CRF. OBIS has a high chance of randomizing anyone of the bandit classes appearance and dialogue, sines she is of a bandit class there is a high chance it will break her dialogue.
aztrash4801 (2 years ago)
Make for PS4 please
Yung Draco (2 years ago)
aztrash4801 get a Xbox scorpio
aztrash4801 (2 years ago)
Alpha Wolf I'll admit I have no idea bout why certain mods can't be on PS4, the only thing I kno is it can't add anything outside of skyrim into skyrim but if that's the case why wouldn't the PS4 be able to use the unofficial patch? It sucks that we get the short end of the stick lmfao. So many good mods I wish I could have
weeb trash (2 years ago)
aztrash4801 actually, that would be possible if it didnt need the unnoficial patch, because it uses what is already in the game but unused. this may seem like a bit of a letdown, but dont expect any mods to work on ps4. you could riot to sony to fix it, but theyre one of the most heartless and 'we're too important for our players' companies, so...
Mister Emeal (2 years ago)
But is it lore friendly? Is it!?
Mehrunes Dagon (1 year ago)
The most lore friendly mod you can basically get
Hunter Williams (1 year ago)
Who cares
0 (1 year ago)
Sheo The Mad God (2 years ago)
Mister Emeal Yes, very.
TheSithlord259 (2 years ago)
its cut content from skyrim dude. of course its lore friendly.
*** *** (2 years ago)
Could this be available for PS4?
weeb trash (2 years ago)
XFallout Builds sadly, no
Lvl58DeathKnight (2 years ago)
I would download the civil war overhaul......buuut the author is a Hitlery supporter so I think I'll pass.
Charles Ford (7 months ago)
popcornfilms1 (11 months ago)
The bitch removed it and your a bitch using his political stance as a reason to not download it.
Lemmings-Gaming (1 year ago)
Fuck...me . When modders remove good mods
Mcgoo500 (2 years ago)
+Thane Krios He removed the mod. Along with all his other mods
BritishBear17 (2 years ago)
I need help with this on Xbox it won't actually enable it keeps saying this mod requires features that are not present
Scott Mitchell (11 months ago)
Hunter Banks the only thing that comes up is “Know your enemy + Cutting Room Floor patch” but I don’t think that’s it, it only has 94 favorites.
Scott Mitchell (11 months ago)
Hunter Banks yeah it’s the “Cutting Room Floor” mod right? I spell it that way and it doesn’t come up. Maybe they took it off?
Hermaeus Mora (11 months ago)
Scott Mitchell are you spelling it correctly? I play on Xbox one so idk if we'll have the same situation but it's usually a top recommend for me. Are you spelling it correctly? I know for me, if I spell it just the slightest bit different then nothing will come up
Scott Mitchell (11 months ago)
Hunter Banks I can’t find this mod
Hisham Jalal (1 year ago)
And you sir, have below average intelligence.
Andre Vieira (2 years ago)
The flash spells look awful :(
Ethereal Cereal (2 years ago)
Great mod
Leo (2 years ago)
Sherlock/Captain Obvious here: Herebane Sorenshield is the guy who wrote the Herebane's Bestiary series in the game (as if the name doesn't give it away)
Jewish Llama (3 years ago)
this or CWO, whats a better mod for the war in your opinion?
Reen (3 years ago)
CRF basically adds unused and unfinished contents in Skyrim that never make its way out when Skyrim is released, while CWO, well, overhauls almost the entire Civil War questline and makes it more interesting. Two different mods, two different uses, and I don't think there will be a compatibility issues if you use both
송선교 (3 years ago)
namedenkeinerhat 28 (3 years ago)
Sorenshield=sword and shield
Gaming 4 You (3 years ago)
This reminds me theres a chest under the drunked huntsman that... contains.... every... bow and enchantment for that bow...  oops
Abi Rizky (3 years ago)
Brb on my way to Whiterun...
ThePieMan (3 years ago)
Is Herebane the guy that wrote the Herbanes bestiary books? o.0
UselessLesbian (1 year ago)
Really? Awesome! I was disappointed there wasn't a quest for him in vanilla Skyrim - his books were amazing, and I kept looking forward to being his greatest challenge.
Lvl58DeathKnight (2 years ago)
I just ran into him on Meridias quest. Didn't pay him much mind.
Skyrim Gaming (2 years ago)
Allen Wells (3 years ago)
Sorenshield? With a custom sword and shield??? Wow... If you don't get it, say it out loud and then proceed to cry.
No name Nameless (2 years ago)
oh ! thank you !
Murtaza Bugti (2 years ago)
+No name Nameless Sor (Sword) en (and) Shield (Shield)
No name Nameless (2 years ago)
what ? don't understand
Writban Alim (2 years ago)
R0N1N (2 years ago)
PQ5 (3 years ago)
what is the mod that makes the dragon symbol on the heavy empirial armor to look like good? is that from civil war overhaul? or different? if different, please let me know.
PQ5 (2 years ago)
+xyz oh, thank you very much!
xyz (2 years ago)
If still not have found the mod, is Virtus Imperii. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34321/?
PQ5 (2 years ago)
+Abd-Qadir Gilani Aye.
Abd-Qadir Gilani (2 years ago)
+PQ5 Exactly what I though. aMidianborn's main job is retexturing stuff to make them look a thousand times better - same model (no change of stuff like colors) just a better looking. Having a sh_t texture isn't an option.
PQ5 (2 years ago)
nah can't be, i have the book of silence, i think he didn't even touch imperial armor. and im 100% sure it's from different mod.
PQ5 (3 years ago)
can't find the mill there... infact i can't find anyone beside that orc who acompany the khajjits.
Shaggy Dog (3 years ago)
God dammit Trilf... My brother and I!
Manfred Holmberg (3 years ago)
+The Josh LP Stannis Approves!
Travidy (3 years ago)
I swear to god if I meet Herebane I'm going to freak out and beg for an autograph. [LORE NERD SCREECH]
Ryjak (1 year ago)
Owletaceg I mean... I guess instead of a picture, it's a sword, and instead of a pen, it's their blood.
Owletaceg (2 years ago)
It's so very Skyrim to meet someone you'd like to nerd like crazy over and then proceed to engage them in deadly combat.
House Crane (2 years ago)
Travidy (3 years ago)
It indeed is, good sir. That's like meeting J.K. Rowling at Hogwarts
Travidy (3 years ago)
+The YouTube Phantom precisely that's why.
Leto85 (3 years ago)
Will this mod add the quest Boethiah's Bidding to the game? In that quest you will need to assassinate the jarl of Solitude, Elisif the Fair.
82fire28 (3 years ago)
+Leto85 nope but this does http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65929/?
Revernaut (3 years ago)
2:40 What is the name of the mod for dancing NPC's??
Witch of Hyrule (3 years ago)
+Jayson Morgan FNIS Force New Idles for Skyrim
Daria Krousti (3 years ago)
You are my savior :D thank you! i always looked through videos how to properly uninstall steam mods and they tell to just unsubscribe xD 
Revernaut (3 years ago)
Eh. I find managing Steam mods pretty easy. Unsubscribing just stops the mod from being updated(if the creator is still working on it). This is a pain in the ass, but to uninstall mods on steam you have to go to your games, right click 'Properties' on the game, click 'Local Files' click 'Browse Files' click 'Data' folder then delete the ".esp" and ".bsa" files related to the mod. Say you install a "Dance" mod and it's labeled "Dancing". The file may be "Dancing Animation" or something similar to the title.
Daria Krousti (3 years ago)
it is easier to uninstall not to install thats the problem Because if you get mod incompatibilies or u dont like it, just unsubscribing wont completely uninstall the mod and it leaves scripts behind and dirts..unless u know the way to show me(i had volkihar redux  installed..:(  ...     )
Revernaut (3 years ago)
"Easier" They say. When with Steam all you have to do it subscribe to the mod and relaunch Skyrim. I wish it would be on Steam.
JadeRaven (4 years ago)
These all blend in very well with vanilla. I had no idea most of these weren't just vanilla content, like the two in ratray, or the orc khajiit.(they are vanilla, but you get my drift)
Fat Guy Plays (4 years ago)
when i looked this up i thought it was literally a hole in the floor
Sheo The Mad God (1 year ago)
Same lmao!
Stian Azarov (4 years ago)
skyrim is missing soothing? it missed lots of things
Cade Gant (4 years ago)
Drahff and the other guy in the Ratway are already In the game... I killed them on my vanilla playthrough.
uh yuh (4 years ago)
I checked after u were half right.....GOODJOB
uh yuh (4 years ago)
Yes but they never interact with u other than going aggro
Cade Gant (4 years ago)
+Gryn They were named and had dialogue, unlike what you said. I have never installed this mod, or anything similar.
uh yuh (4 years ago)
It is because in vanilla they are just random assholes like i said
Cade Gant (4 years ago)
+Joyce Verweij I was playing this in vanilla, they both attacked me on sight. I don't know what I did.
MateyJerryBoy (4 years ago)
Brodual just evaded that pun over there about Sorenshield. Nice one.
50ShadesofAli (4 years ago)
Will this affect my frame rate at all? If so is that why it was cut, to keep the consoles running OK?
Liam Scott (4 years ago)
It shouldn't affect FPS. It was cut due to time restraints.
Grey Crimson (4 years ago)
What were those dance animations call'd again that Brodual does at the end of hes every video?
Mystic Song (4 years ago)
+Will Grey FNIS has 2 versions; One that just allows additional animations and another that adds a spell that allows you to make NPCs do stuff.
Mister Derp-by (4 years ago)
+Will Grey Is FNIS nothing else He already told in "our mod" video
Grey Crimson (4 years ago)
no i think F.N.I.S is the thing that makes the animations work but not an actual animation mod..
Kurt Townsend (4 years ago)
F.N.I.S i think
Eloe (4 years ago)
1:58 a good fireball is needed in this place
That Lemon Guy (11 months ago)
Why not an Oblivion Portal?
Tobias11ize (1 year ago)
you mean use an elder scroll, go back in time and stop yourself from defeating alduin and then chase alduin all the way to the summerset isles?
Witch of Hyrule (3 years ago)
+TheAlamla More like a nuke!
Slashthekitsune (3 years ago)
+TheAlamla Why stop at "ball"? Get an expert of destruction in there to drop a full sized firestorm and let the bigots BURN
Art Bnd (4 years ago)
2 rampaging dremora lords would be better
82fire28 (4 years ago)
I bet the stuff were cut so the inferior Consoles (Xbox Spin and PS$) versions could work.
John Silver (9 months ago)
roflrabbit Thats the gayest answer I have heard, because its "fascinating". If thats true get a fuccing life
ToA (1 year ago)
82fire28 lol what a douche
82fire28 (1 year ago)
Dumb fool lol? Was cut from PS3, and Xbox 360 and still remains that way, minor mods now available to Xbox1, most not available to PS4 statement still still stands. It's not just an opinion it's fact PC > Console will always be that way when it changes it just becomes even as console becomes a PC. Developers cut things across the board rather than per platform, if one cant handle it, all get cut. You are only as fast as your slowest member type of deal.
The Gardevoir Trainer (2 years ago)
Well consoles get it now, you dumb fool.
MorphinTime (4 years ago)
Yes, I'm sure lots of things were cut to streamline for the consoles, but probably not this stuff. (well okay, maybe the Windhelm arena and of course the Civil War-which Civil War Overhaul covers) cause most of this stuff are minor npcs and forgettable quests that would simply take up your backlog in the miscellaneous section mostly. It was probably just time for this stuff, nothing really major.
Evgeny Sidagis (4 years ago)
Is that dude Herebane from Herebane bestiary?
SEK Gaming (4 years ago)
Herebane Sorenshield ---> "Herebane Sword n' Shield" Coincidence?
Gong (1 year ago)
Eww StarDagger you normy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
StarDagger Rihannsu (1 year ago)
Trump = Total Retard Dump on USA
Annus Lug (1 year ago)
Xeopheo (3 years ago)
Elsewyr = Elsewhere
Fearofthemonster (4 years ago)
I wonder why they weren't included in vanilla.
Sebastian Suazo Gaete (2 months ago)
11-11-11 Edgy release date
DIPTANGSHU MISHRA (3 months ago)
+Some Random Guy Speak for yourself. Crysis came in 2007.
Some Random Guy (9 months ago)
All of you PC-Virgins blaming consoles for mostly of the cut-content are dumbasses. Sure the dynamic weather system could be cut because of the last-gen consoles, but PC didn't have super-duper high definition gameplay quality back then in 2011.
Lemmings-Gaming (1 year ago)
Likely they didn't finish on time cause of how many bugs from skyrim they had yo fix
Ron2652 (1 year ago)
More than likely it was for console players.
dragonek033 (4 years ago)
And what about Elsweyr? There is a command (coc Elsweyr i guess, i don't remember) that makes u teleport to small room with khajit in it. It could be really interesting
Youngerhampster (3 years ago)
+dragonek033 that's just a cell for maiq to be in when he's not in the world.Maiq has been in every elderscrolls game since morrowind, he's sorta an easter egg.
Cade Gant (4 years ago)
There is a (Badly voiced) Moonpath mod which adds small portions of what's supposed to be Elsewyr, and even a little quest.
How does he get a different font in  skyrim? His text looks different
Balthor (4 years ago)
Just search "font mods" in the Skyrim Nexus, there are some pretty cool ones like the Diablo font 
xunderxdosedx (4 years ago)
I almost feel like CRF should be included in the unofficial patch. It's that good.
Mason Tartaglia (5 years ago)
Oh that's some bullshit! Stuff that would've made the console version better was cut out, along with other awesome stuff.  >:( 
Eagle (5 years ago)
I love mods like this, thanks for showcasing it.
KennEH (5 years ago)
Does it work with SkyRe?
Luc Taggart (4 years ago)
I cant see why not
3s7acad0 (5 years ago)
Man, the strangest stuff that developers decide to cut out at the last minute. And the hell of it is, this content, to some extent, was already done. The dialogue that miller had? That's one of the generic voices for male characters in this game. So, why did they leave this out? Or, why wasn't it patched in or added as DLC later? I mean, what's the deal with the two miller brothers where Bethesda thought it necessary to chop them out of the game? 
Hisham Jalal (1 year ago)
+Alice Margatroid "Yeah modding..." Brilliant response, genius. Learn how to read.
Blufor 4014 (3 years ago)
+Toad Exactly, they should have just removed the horkers, and left the miller brothers in.
ToadWasTaken (4 years ago)
+Alice Margatroid I don't understand what "Yeah modding..." means.
Alice Margatroid (4 years ago)
+MrElectricToad - Batteries Not Included - No Longer Active Yeah modding....
ToadWasTaken (4 years ago)
+Alice Margatroid But they're literally just horkers.
NayelFk (5 years ago)
I like to see skyrim full of people, so this mod is perfect for me:)
Sakonema (5 years ago)
First to dislike this video ! (after 728 likes) No actual reason... Keep up the good work.
Epic Rhodent (5 years ago)
Why did Bethesda left that out?
Some Random Guy (9 months ago)
James Wilson And also it was due to the fact that they are Lazy assholes.
Epic Rhodent (5 years ago)
Ah ok, i hate these cutbacks in games :(
James Wilson (5 years ago)
It was due to limitations on consoles so they couldn't optimise it all for consoles so they took less important stuff out.
VideoQuestEx (5 years ago)
Extra content, especially considering it was part of the original game before it was cut out, is always welcome! Nice mod!
Arthur Munhoz (5 years ago)
Can you tell me the name of that mod that adds that dance animation at the end of the video? ty
Jason Brody (5 years ago)
FNIS will do it.. maybe there are other mods too ;)
ayy lmao (5 years ago)
oh what really
Michael Weed (5 years ago)
I would use this but in the comments section on the nexus someone said it is incompatible with a bunch of mods so I scraped the idea, sadly :(
Kevin Meisenbacher (5 years ago)
Why do I keep watching these videos?! They just make me want the PC version even more!
SonicundMario (5 years ago)
I love your videos <3 Great that you did a review to it cause there is not much of an description on the site :D
DaFreyzaz (5 years ago)
kokichi ouma (5 years ago)
wait thalmor hq why wasn't this in the finished product D:
Rem Tilak (5 years ago)
Pretty cool mod. Awesome! :-)
SkinnyCommie99 (5 years ago)
I really want to use it but it makes my game to lag like shit :(
Emir Sandoval (5 years ago)
thanks will try it.
SkinnyCommie99 (5 years ago)
+E SC You need than for the mod
Emir Sandoval (5 years ago)
+r3v4n21 no
SkinnyCommie99 (5 years ago)
+E SC Are you using the Unoffical Patches 2.0 ?
Emir Sandoval (5 years ago)
+r3v4n21 i installed the cutting room floor mod, but the games doesnt start :( any help?
Yonael (5 years ago)
The Civil War Overhaul always glitched for me and made me switch sides from Stormcloak to Imperial without me wanting to. >.<
Thompsonator469 (7 months ago)
Maybe that because you're a dirty traitor!
Southern Discomfort (5 years ago)
I haven't experienced any bugs like that outside of quests just not starting (which I've fixed with console commands) but yes, that's a mod which is very big, deserves attention because of the scale and effort to modify a part of the game which is hardcoded but at the same time isn't something you should really dedicate a playthrough to because most of the updated versions cannot be applied to current saves. 
BetaRayBryan (5 years ago)
As always nice vid Brodual. I wish I had a pc..
DiabloLOT1976 (5 years ago)
lol yet another mod the needs a requiem patch
Random9001 (5 years ago)
but does it add the ability to talk to Giants?
ReallyLoudPoofy (4 years ago)
+The Skeet Panda XD
Mike Wazowski (4 years ago)
Too long to read SKIP
Nori (4 years ago)
+BroGamer32 +The Skeet Panda I know this comment is way too overdue but +Danny Arof was actually being sarcastic. he's referring his comment to some dialogues in skyrim that are too long...so long that he skips it. (I do it too).  *flies away*
BroGamer32 (5 years ago)
+The Skeet Panda i think it's a nice comment...well thought out, 10 out of 10 my good fellow!
Mike Wazowski (5 years ago)
+darkmasterchief227 Yeah... I feel shamed that he didn't even read it...
Gage StDon (5 years ago)
I've been lookin for something like this! ...Could use a better name, though.
Piegoose (5 years ago)
Are YouTube videos loading EXTraordinarily slow for anyone else? Got great connection, can load 1080p videos somewhere else in a snap - I've been stuck on 0:02 for TWO MINUTES with not a second more loaded. YouTube may be wobbling with their changes, but the site is literally useless how it is now.
Piegoose (5 years ago)
+Yabakgibumpti Actually, before I do anything, the site has gotten worse to not even having the play/pause button clickable. It just immediately places a buffer in the middle of the video-box, and the buffer doesn't move - frozen in time. It started immediately after commenting you - as I just got on YouTube. Sigh~ useles
Piegoose (5 years ago)
+Yabakgibumpti Interesting, I'll check that out
Yabakgibumpti (5 years ago)
Google: html5 for YouTube. The extensions can be found in the chrome extension store thingy, and in the firefox extensions place thingy too. It forces YouTube videos to be played in this format, which would more than likely mean faster load times and less buggy-ness when it comes to rewinding etc.
DiabloLOT1976 (5 years ago)
+The Drunk Knight well it was find before the last two updates fist one was to stuff the videos the next is to stuff up the comments. And if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it youtrub.you are only going to brake it more.
The Drunk Knight (5 years ago)
maybe it's just a server issue
Matthew Levis (5 years ago)
Does it downgrade fps?
Selkie15 (5 years ago)
Probably never gonna get an answer for this, but it really bugs me how I can't figure out that accent. Is it a mix? Sounds very east midlands most of the time, but then words like, "below," and, "dialogue," jump in! 
Big Blue (1 year ago)
It is Irish. Sounds like somewhere in the north.
10 Million Fireflies (1 year ago)
He sounds a little Irish with a lot of British and American
Walht (2 years ago)
MaNuInTheBox (3 years ago)
+Lucky Looker NO SHIT!!?!?! Really??
DumDum (5 years ago)
i think one of the two BroDUAL in this case the one who is talking in this video just lisps and that's for what he sound like weird accent.but the weird fact is that people who lisps sound very clear in spoken english and i like it. :D
Kaelan (1 year ago)
As weird as this sounds, I like when stuff isn't fully implemented in the game but still can be found on the disk; then added to the games by dedicated fans such as the ones that made these mods.
Obese Kermit (5 years ago)
RED SEMEN (5 years ago)
Topharius TV (5 years ago)
Sheo The Mad God (1 year ago)
Give this man a metal! So inspiring!
Fuarian (1 year ago)
Human Fecal Matter
RonaldMcJuicy (1 year ago)
Matt Lee (4 years ago)
This is one of the most intelligent things I've seen on all of YouTube.

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