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World’s First Successful Combat Submarine Almost Fully Visible

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For the first time in over 150 years, you can actually see the Hunley. Until recently, the submarine was completely covered by concretion, an encrusted layer of sand, sediment and shells that built up slowly over time. The concretion masked the original surface of the legendary vessel, hiding many of her finer features. For the past four months, Clemson University conservators have been conducting the delicate task of chiseling away this encrustation. Nearly 70% of the submarine’s exterior has been revealed and they hope to complete the outside of the submarine in the coming weeks. The last areas remaining are being called “forensic hot spots,” indicating areas where they think there may be evidence that could help scientists understand why the Hunley vanished after becoming the world’s first successful combat submarine.
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Paul Mazan (3 years ago)
Thank you for saving a piece of history. When brave men willingly sacrifice their lives for a cause in the hope of making a difference they are true heros. Even if you disagree with their cause they are a salute to the human spirit.
Steve Gifford (3 years ago)
So that flag everyone is in an uproar about, it flew on this boat!
Tom & Colleen Nelson (4 years ago)
nice to see a part of American history being preserved and during the time period of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. I wish the sub were open to public viewing during the weekdays. 
Old Cremona (4 years ago)
The Hunley is an amazing weapon, but like the Me262 it's "glamour" overshadows the fact that it had no real impact on the outcome of their respective wars.  Modern war is ugly, and won by numbers and attrition.
William Bassett (4 years ago)
Wonderful Work on such a Fantastic artifact
Razor Edge (4 years ago)
Cheers! Will the Hunley be removed from the pool once all the concretion is removed? BTW, Liked! and congrats on the monumental efforts by all
Stephen Coy (4 years ago)
I am a member of the Friends of the Hunley & the people who are working on the Hunley are doing a fanstatic job! I can't wait to see her fully restored. I've been to see her a few times & each time is more amazing than the last! Keep up the great work & I'll do what I can to help.

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