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Inside Captain Nemo´s Nautilus at Disneyland Paris

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Eine der Attraktionen im Discoveryland des Disneyland Paris ist die Nautilus aus Jules Vernes Roman 20000 Meilen unter dem Meer.Star Tours X Wing Fighter:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tbUvVa-pAJU
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Text Comments (63)
Black Dragon (1 day ago)
2 minutes what is that music and I watch the film today it is awesome adventures
ELKFILMZ (3 months ago)
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt (4 months ago)
1 Nautical League is 3 Nautical Miles.... 20,000 Nautical Leagues is 60,000 Nautical Miles ... is a very long distance. I wonder if he really meant it? I wonder if Jules Verne really meant it? After all he was very well informed about the Seas and Oceans.
Rocking Rolling (5 months ago)
Nice upload. The Nautilus belongs in every Disney park. Period.
rio oberman (5 months ago)
Damnn the spoilers didn't know they actually found nemo 😣
Calvin Zhang (6 months ago)
This ride is now Dead R.I.P. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Emperor Constantine 1. (3 months ago)
In America, yes, but this is Paris Disneyland. It’s the only original opening day walk through attraction in this section that is still there... (Gulp) I hope anyways! I WANT TO GO SEE IT!!!!!
Calvin Zhang (6 months ago)
I like this song 😭
antonis angelopoulos (6 months ago)
i like the sub and the movie end great video
exterminater MK1 (6 months ago)
Paris is a lucky fak
GamingAndroid (10 months ago)
Maurizio Solano (11 months ago)
Ma é quello originale del film
Heru- deshet (1 year ago)
Bring it to Florida.
Wow great vid 😊👍
mrrodman210 (1 year ago)
Can't wait, going to Disneyland Paris soon. I absolutely love the film.
ZipotheThird (1 year ago)
I think it's gone now, hopefully you saw it before it got turned into a finding nemo thing
Dushyant kumar (1 year ago)
I need the real identity of captain nemo
You can find it from the book the mysterious island! The official Jules Verne sequel of 20.000 leagues under the sea! He was an Indian price named Dakkar.
Jill Valentine (1 year ago)
Captain Nemo is still here. He is Who. I am seeing him this August 15th. Probably going with him.
Takashi 125 (2 years ago)
Dude I'm so jealous of you french... you get such an awesome tour of the Nautilus...
Connor notyerbidness (1 year ago)
Takashi 125 disneyland used to have the original set built into a walk in attraction in 56 but was replaced with the submarines. The natilus, the sets the props (yes THE ACTUAL SET AND ACTUAL PROPS) were dismantled and destroyed. There is however, one last remaining part of it...pay more attention to the organ in the ballroom of the california haunted mansion....it is the actual organ, still part of the magical world of disney 63 years after we first saw it in theaters.
Sioeli Sitauti (2 years ago)
is this a litgit sub! and is it nemos real ship.
Gerry K (1 year ago)
That could be, it seems like it?
Greenfire Gaming (1 year ago)
Sioeli Sitauti did they use it in the movie?
Alanis Canales (2 years ago)
I'm crying right now from the emotion, I love captain Nemo. I wish to be there sometime, I'm not going to die until I could see with my own eyes this atraction :')
Calvin Zhang (6 months ago)
This attraction is now dead R.I.P.
inselvideo (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!
Draco (2 years ago)
Who's captain nemo... 😐
Kenny J. (2 years ago)
A character in Jule Verne's novel "20 thousand leagues under the sea". Great book, you should definetly read or listen to it
Supes Me (2 years ago)
Wow, they still have the Ride in Paris? Here in FL they got rid of it :(
Takashi 125 (2 years ago)
It's not a ride it's a Tour of the inside of the Nautilus.
2019 DE (2 years ago)
Great images, but the soundtrack destroyed it, awful.
Lucas Stl (1 year ago)
1910 18 Oh? That so? Got a better idea cowboy? Seems to me the only thing that “ruins” this tour is the flash of other cameras...
Joseph Charles (3 years ago)
Gorgeous design of this engine of genius and destruction.
Arefin Badol (3 years ago)
Thank you so so much.I am a fan of captain nemo.
Arefin Badol (3 years ago)
plz inform about the background music which you use in this clip
inselvideo (3 years ago)
+Arefin Badol Here,this music.https://youtu.be/YwMDL4tU-FE
O.G. BigHosMan (3 years ago)
Tres cool!! Ich fand dieses Upload echt geil. Vielen Dank!
Mitchell Fontan (3 years ago)
Absolutely COOL !!! Thanks for sharing.
inselvideo (3 years ago)
+Mitchell Fontan Thank you!
Aside Overlord (3 years ago)
I read the book it's amazing
19XWyomingGrizFan (5 years ago)
Yeah, O.K., so you have diorama's staged in a warehouse sort of deal...right? It's not like you're "really" going into the submarine ("Nautilus") as shown and walking about the decks "as if" the actual interior is as shown by the dioramas in the video.  Right?
Stephanie Ann Raeger (1 year ago)
And they had a fleet of Nautili that took you for a ride around the lagoon and you could look on the plaster and plastic Disney undersea world......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDYVhdUciUA
Connor notyerbidness (1 year ago)
19XWyomingGrizFan when we had the walk through in 1955 and 56 at the original disnelyand (where the subs have been ever since) it actually was built into the sub- which was placed underwater in a lagoon. It was made up of the original props and the sets, though after the walkthrough closed all but a handful were destroyed- the organ is now in the haunted mansion, in the dining room.
Steven Sullivan (2 years ago)
Correct. The ship outside is just decoration. This is pretty common with disney attractions. Though they are also really good at creating the illusion that you are, in fact, inside the ship.
MD VIDEOS (5 years ago)
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Merci beaucoup!
Michel Lepore (5 years ago)
Très bel video et bon choix de music
flybyplane (5 years ago)
Tolle Arbeit von Disney und noch besser von Dir in Szene gesetzt. Super Video. :-)
Super Video ! Gruß Cuba
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Danke für den netten Kommentar!Ist auch eine tolle Attraktion!
Einfach klasse gefilmt und geschnitten. Wieder ein großes Lob! Grüße aus Warnemünde
NJPhotographer62 (5 years ago)
Excellent video!
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Vielen Dank!Es ist wirklich alles sehr schön gemacht,wie in einem Land der Träume!
walkbyfeet (5 years ago)
Klasse Video vom U-Boot! Schon Wahnsinn, was die da alles aufgebaut haben!
mylosairplanefan (5 years ago)
Tolle aufnahmen wie immer! :) Sehr gut gemacht! Daumen hoch! Gruss Mylos! :)
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Vielen Dank!
Carola Katzenhofer (5 years ago)
Hy Inselvideo,wie schon DrDuu sagt:super Video,super Musik,dem kann ich nur beipflichten!!! Daumen hoch! Lg aus Österreich
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Danke für den Tipp,ich habe auch schon Musik von Hartwigmedia oder Jamendo verwendet,die ist aber meist nicht so gut.
DrDuu (5 years ago)
Schau mal bei ende.tv oder "Gema frei Welten", aber immer nur Musik für privat oder öffentlich ohne Montarisierung.
inselvideo (5 years ago)
Vielen Dank!Mit der Musik hast du recht,so langsam finde ich kaum noch gute Musik und ist Sie gut dann hat noch die Gema was dagegen.
DrDuu (5 years ago)
Sehr schönes Video, wieder sehr gute Musikauswahl!! Die passende Musik zu finden, ist ja oft sehr schwer. Gruss DrDuu
Carsten Travels (5 years ago)
Ein ganz tolles Video der Nautilus! Sehr schöne Innenaufnahmen! Sehr gut gelungen!

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