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Let's Roleplay The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Episode 61 "Fire, Ice & Blood"

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The band must journey North but the road is being watched by more than one set of eyes. ►Buy Skyrim Cheap: https://www.g2a.com/r/ryconskyrim ►BUY CHEAP GAMES AND SUPPORT THE LEGION! https://www.g2a.com/r/help-rycon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Series Playlists: Leon's Tale Season 1: http://www.bit.ly/leon-season1 Leon's Tale Season 2: http://www.bit.ly/leon-season2 Leon's Tale Season 3: http://www.bit.ly/leon-season3 Find me on Social Media ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyconRoleplays ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyconRoleplays ►Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rycon.roleplays ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Mod List: Climates of Tamriel Convenient Horses 360 Wallk & Run Plus Blocking Animation Pack The Dance of Death Immersive Armors Skyrforge Shields Silent Hero - (stop player sounds) Open Cities Supreme Storms True Storms Followers as Companions Dynamic Things Reduced NPC greeting distance Realistc Rag Dolls & Force True Dragon Born When Vampires Attack Dine With Followers Immersive Detection of NPCS Immersive Patrols Better Vampires HDT Physics Extentions Jaxonz Utilities Skyforge Weapons Apachi Hair Unofficial Skyrim Patch Alternate Start Footprints iHUD Wet & Cold Frostfall Enhanced Lighting & Effects Birds of Skyrim Winter is Coming Cloaks SkyUI Sounds of Skyrim Better Dynamic Snow Chesko Wearable Lantern Dr Bandolier Enhanced Camera Mod Realistic Needs & Diseases Run For Your Lives Skyrim Flora Overhaul The Eyes of Beauty Ultimate Follower Overhaul Skyrim Redone Puppeteer Equipping Overhaul Warburg's 3D Painted Map Seasons of Skyrim ENB Realistic Werewolves Death Alternative Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Hunterborn Monetization permission for Visual and Music content granted by Bethesda Softworks http://www.bethblog.com/bethesda-video-policy/
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The Miscellanious Man (2 days ago)
Leon can't be to quick to judge ulfric, he doesn't yet know both sides of the story. Ulfric came home from war to an empire taking over his homeland, killing his people, children, women, men, and worse the empore allied with the Aldmeri Dominion .... so you can see his anger and short sighted Ness towards the empire. Ulfric fights for his land kingdom, and his people. Yes Ulfric made some mistakes, but then again so did the empire.
Tawny Embers Mae (1 month ago)
Leon totes got the hots for Serana haha
Bakura (6 months ago)
I lost my shit when Hoth started doin' the boogie xD
Leslie Duckworth (7 months ago)
Lol i love/hate hoth 🤣🤣😂🤣
Zelda Henson (8 months ago)
Ooo! I really liked the editing at the end, with the magical sort of music and the shot of the bridge up to the College. That was really neat!
Zodiark Iron (10 months ago)
Thanks for allowing music back in. It gives the world a little, ambience.
Jessica Williams (1 year ago)
U r the only person I have ever subscribed too. U r amazing. I have been watching these videos no stop sence I found episoe one. Thank you for putting so much effort into these videos.
Rycon Roleplays (1 year ago)
+Jessica Williams I'm proud to hold the honor
Keep your eye to the sky I hear the dragon's cry Though the creature may try, this dragon will die
FireIdar (1 year ago)
If you use the hypothermia mod and stand by the fire, your character will do an idol animation where they warm their hands, there is a different one for when you crouch.
FireIdar (1 year ago)
WHEN ARE YOU GONNA USE THE DRAGON SOULS!??!! What you COULD have done was each time he absorbed a soul he spoke a word he had learned. Kind of like each soul unlocked a certain word. That way you could unlock that word and not have it look like that you had a choice. Like each soul unlocked the word of a certain shout in his memory\knowledge.
Rycon Roleplays (1 year ago)
+FireIdar the souls give him strength in this though, they become part of him making him stronger in every sense
Agents of Disciples (2 years ago)
and horses are better natural swimmers then people
Agents of Disciples (2 years ago)
you know it was serana horse that exploded not dawnbreaker
Mr Elite (2 years ago)
0:21 Beast: oh sweet this is unexpected, thanks man.... wait. Leon there's a funny lady singing help, oh that's how it is you set me up, you set meeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.
Christopher (2 years ago)
Nice how you did that conversation with the bounty hunter, while you were walking. Now THAT's what I call immersion. :D
Jaron Scotland (2 years ago)
The casual Fus Roh Dah at 16:20 had me cracking up more than it should.
Cairns Chaos (2 years ago)
Mate I am crying xD I hadn't realised Hoth just breakdances like that xD
FireIdar (1 year ago)
Not to take out of the immersion but I think that's his idol animation now. He does it too often to it be any other now.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Cairns Chaos he is certainly unusual
MadDog (2 years ago)
How did you get Hoth to answer you???
MadDog (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays You editing master ;)
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+MadDog He fears what is to come if he doesn't 😉
Angel of Rock (2 years ago)
"Is that a challenge?!" Some of you will get that reference... :)
apuppy567 (2 years ago)
16:20 Good god that Fus Roh Dah PICK SNIPE. Who do I have to sacrifice my soul to in order to have aim like that?
Metallica Dragon (2 years ago)
made it to ep#61 how meany left?? i want more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(SPOILERS AHEAD) I am extremely impressed by the foreshadowing presented with Hoth here. Specifically, in how he refuses the Dawnguard offered to him, in favor of his own. While it does make sense for him as a person to reject it, as Hoth generally refuses to do that which discomforts him, there is some deeper meaning to this. His refusal of the armor symbolizes how he was never truly apart of the fold. He never really JOINED Leon; he was simply a hired blade. He never committed to a cause, or even to Leon. As his refusal of the armor is for his own convenience, his fighting alongside Leon is as well. He's not here because he wants to fight the vampires, or fight with Leon. He's just here because he wants some extra gold. And the very second more of what conveniences him, and only him, is offered, he jumps at the offer without hesitation. Damn well done, Rycon.
FireIdar (1 year ago)
His 'clothes' are parts of his victories. Animals he hunted even human. They are a matter of pride, trophies of his skills.
Jon Jacobs (1 year ago)
Super Mutant Sam and Mas Before I read this is this spoilers for the episode or the season?
+Rycon Roleplays As did I! It was a fantastic twist when it finally revealed itself. I honestly thought that Hoth would be going down this arc of, "Doesn't care and is only here for money, but will bond with group and begin to care." Which, when I first thought of it going down this route, sounded....boring, for lack of a better term. I mean, when you're in the mindset that you predicted a storyline for an entire character within the first few episodes he appears in, you feel kinda desensitized from him in terms of intrigue. Nothing is mysterious or unpredictable about him anymore; he'll act this one way until a key moment when he will open up and act better. But holy shit, excuze mon français, was I wrong on that entire front! Not only did he NOT go down he road I had assumed he'd take, but he revealed himself as this side villain that was being built up for several episodes. And all this foreshadowing, as I mentioned, further enforces how genius of a twist it all was. Fantastic!
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Super Mutant Sam and Mas thanks I really enjoyed the whole arch 😊
*Dawnguard armor
Dillon Martone (2 years ago)
Leon ❤s Serana and I love it 😂
Chilly Charizard (2 years ago)
I feel like eventually Leon will slip up and call Inigo Karjo
FireIdar (1 year ago)
He already has.
Dale Hardee (2 years ago)
Leon keeps hanging out with serana, he'll soon forget about Lydia. Lol
callisto8413 (2 years ago)
Know I am late to the video but the wind and snow and blood on it...your game looks MUCH better than many other YouTubers...maybe the right balance of Mods. I think some others try with too many mods.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
Glad you like the look
Tafari Golding (2 years ago)
3:34 what's Serana doing on her knees 👀
ToaOnichu (2 years ago)
"Limber up like Hoth if you must." Question: Is Hoth's dancing a natural behavior from the mod itself, or are you using your "director's controls" to have that add to his character for this particular series?
Necroglobule (4 months ago)
Even Sellswords have to get down.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+ToaOnichu it started as a bug but has become part of his character
Dominic Marino (2 years ago)
How often are these uploaded because I don't think I could live without it :)
Tru VisiioN (2 years ago)
Wait is this still continuing from the Leon Aventus from a while ago? [I haven't been keeping up]
Singularity (2 years ago)
I m shipping Serana and Leon so hard :D
arttu ojala (2 years ago)
i can't belevie it rycon is actually my all Time favorite youtuber
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+arttu ojala *blushes*
arttu ojala (2 years ago)
awesome episode again my friend
Armo Moose (2 years ago)
That ice is extremely blue... it's obnoxious.
Mr Purple Donut (2 years ago)
Great episode as always! Hoth randomly danced so that made my day. keep of the good work! =D
Dragonnist101 (2 years ago)
Does any body think that Leon and Serena would make a cute couple, also would Ingo and Arissa make a cute coulpe as well? Ps, I love your videos Rycon!
TenTheFox (2 years ago)
Is it just me or did Leon's voice get deeper like he was going into beast form when he was fighting the dragon
TenTheFox (2 years ago)
I'm glad that was planned and i wasn't going crazy
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Taylor Stephenson that's the beast flowing through him
The Ghost Creek (2 years ago)
Why does he only have 26K subscribers, he is amazingg
joooodah (1 year ago)
59k now :)
Mr Elite (2 years ago)
Rycon Roleplays damn straight 😎
Glass Wolf (2 years ago)
Only 8 months later and you've almost doubled in subscriber count. :D As a new subscriber myself, I'm happy to support such a unique and high quality channel! Getting through the entirety of Leon's tale here has been quite the task and I'm still not caught up yet, but it's been an absolute treat so far!
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
Well they're a fun loving rowdy bunch =)
jman7481 (2 years ago)
Well done it's like a book come alive
The GizardWizard (2 years ago)
0:44 pretty sure I shit myself
Thomas Rowlands (2 years ago)
those graphics mods 😍
JaylendW Carter🈷 (2 years ago)
Rycon can you do a mod update for this and another thing question for Leon. will you try to find armour or weapons to help you stop Hircine. the stuff you have now won't help.
Sawyer Younng-Lee (2 years ago)
wear the dawnguard heavy armor pleas pleas pleas!!!!
Tarius Wolf (2 years ago)
MY GOD this looks and sound epic and badass
Owen Williams (2 years ago)
Hey Rycon, another fantastic video from the legendary Legionnaire✌🏻️
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Owen Williams ☺️👊💙
Chrispp (2 years ago)
-This is pretty cool.-
Chrispp (2 years ago)
oops ;-;
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Mew crossed out 😱
TheVaoua (2 years ago)
rycon u are awesome! Something BIG must happen so it can raise your fanbase and make your channel popular. I must admit that you have inspired me through your roleplays and i am thinking of starting a series myself. You have shown your subscribers and all those others watching you a new way of roleplaying. And what i like about it is that you interact with all the people and environment like you are Leonidas! Keep it up!
rhys lightfoot (2 years ago)
Will you continue this with the remaster in october (28th)
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+rhys lightfoot well see how it does with current mod support
Sakura (2 years ago)
Another great video! Love the content
Maccoe's Art (2 years ago)
I ship Serana and Leon now.
Matthew Brendley (2 years ago)
16:12 I thought leon was going to say "where's your god now?"
BaNaNaCeZeT (2 years ago)
Unfortunately, I'm the high king of skyrim..
Trucidicus (2 years ago)
Really excellent episode! A nice touch using Hoth's dialogue and even let's Isran speak mid conversation. Keep up th fantastic work and long may Leonidas's story continue!
Lol you should get an armored troll to replace meeko
the Were Dragon (2 years ago)
lol leon trip so hard for Serena XD
Damoclese CoE (2 years ago)
Epic new thumbnail! Epic new intro! Same epic Rycon! LETS DOO DIZ!
nottheonlysinner (2 years ago)
I've never seen you or heard you before today and 1min sample of what I heard just now is making me sub and watch all of this start to finish. Amazing voice over work. Just superb.
Radgers 91 (2 years ago)
The cinematography is just epic :) I loved it when Leon countered dragon's breath with his fus ro dah, so awesome xd one question though - with Leon slowly coming to terms with the notion that he is dragonborn too, will you play through Dragonborn expansion as well? :)
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Radgers 91 oh we will don't worry
William O'keefe (2 years ago)
Amazing work! Love it!
DragonKoal (2 years ago)
I think it's time I suggest this since you've been doing well in your leveling. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65816/? Chaos dragons, it adds more variety of dragons into Skyrim, each one unique in appearance, their bones can be forged to create new weapons/armor, you'll also get new quests and possibly new powers for killing those dragons.
DragonKoal (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays Alot of them would fit just fine except for the Xeno Dragon and Xeno Queen Dragon, but i'm sure you'll find a way to avoid spawning that, right? I'm only suggesting the chaos dragons to add more variety for your role play plus you'll surprise alot of people when Leon encounters a unique dragon, right? I understand if you don't wish to use the mod, Rycon.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+DragonKoal wow I see, how do you think they fit in lore wise?
Petyr Baelish (2 years ago)
Please update your modlist in the description. It does not show any texture mods but I am pretty sure that u use one.
Joey Gioia (2 years ago)
that's twice I've seen an npc dancing in a rycon video...tell me its a glitch lol
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Joey Gioia haha it's just Hoth, he likes to groove
Gonzo Stonefist (2 years ago)
it would be wicked too see a cross over rp or something. familiar faces mod could help
Wadsworth 107 (2 years ago)
With that muscular physique and deep voice, I'm surprised that Leon doesn't have a horde of female companions. :/
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Wadsworth 107 hehe he is quite guarded
Demitri Salinas (2 years ago)
Yet another great episode. Keep up the good work.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Demitri Salinas cheers
MCPunk55 (2 years ago)
I know 46 mintues is a lot but it just seems the time flies by :) Can't wait for the next episode. By the way, from what I gathered, Serana served as Leon's "Spiritual guide", helping him meditate, control his emotions, his mind and his inner beast, right?
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+MCPunk55 pretty much yeah, she provides a calming force
Cheryl Mille (2 years ago)
have you ever tried the mod that makes citizens hide indoors when a dragon attacks I feel like it would really add to the immersion of dragon attacks rather than have an old lady fighting a dragon with a dagger
Cheryl Mille (2 years ago)
in the book immortal blood it says that the volkihar could pull victims down through the ice. but in dawnguard there's no such mention of the volkihar having that ability. it's always confused me
Sheo The Mad God (11 months ago)
PenOverSword Interesting thought.
PenOverSword (1 year ago)
I realize that I'm a year late in responding to this, but I just got here so... I always wondered if the ability was supposed to be the Vampire Lord's telekinetic ability. I imagine one of them could've been hiding beneath the ice and grabbed Movarth with Vampiric Grip, and he described it as "reaching through the ice without breaking it".
Cheryl Mille (2 years ago)
+Armo Moose well at least modders care about the law
Armo Moose (2 years ago)
In the Interesting NPCs mod there is a character that mentions her family was pulled down into the ice by vampires.
Haik Miroyan (2 years ago)
Get rid of the beard xD
Haik Miroyan (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays i just think that he looks very old
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Haik Miroyan that's the source of his powers
Shafat Zahid (2 years ago)
Does he do this for a job?
Drenindok (2 years ago)
+Giggity Goo he has told us in vlogs. Also im pretty sure he actually moved to toronto and quit his job recently, I guess because he could live off of youtube now.
Angel of Rock (2 years ago)
How do you know that?
The Other Half (2 years ago)
He's a cameraman. Or at least, he was. Now he is a legend.
Shafat Zahid (2 years ago)
+MLG gazi yeah thas what I thought
Drenindok (2 years ago)
+Star Blaze yeah, I'm sure he makes some money off of this, but nowhere near enough to support himself
Nagato Sama (2 years ago)
12:24 that is how I feel about Killing vampires and getting paid too
Einherjar (2 years ago)
13:05 - 14:10 love it. Very well done, youre dialogue with Hoth. :)
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Misogyn thanks
Crystallis (2 years ago)
Wow, Ser Winter was right, you really are insanely good
Nosoupforyou (2 years ago)
Just curious, when did he say that?
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Crystallis thanks ☺️
ItZ BearZ (2 years ago)
love the thumbnail
ItZ BearZ (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays np cool
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Zezzy BearZ cheers new ones for season 2
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Zezzy BearZ cheers new ones for season 2
Not Dale Gribble (2 years ago)
Also, your mods make Skyrim look glorious! haha. I hope when they remaster Skyrim (which people should take with a pinch of salt since it is just rumours), but if Bethesda DO remaster Skyrim I hope it looks like this. Your Skyrim looks awesome Rycon! :D
Not Dale Gribble (2 years ago)
I like the intro Rycon, good job. I like how Hoth remains in his awesome armour, because I personally think that looks so much more badass than Dawnguard. But anyway, good episode as always, got me on the edge of my seat.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Jack Mowll yeah it certainly fits his character rightly
Petyr Baelish (2 years ago)
Do you use a texture mod?
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Vault boy a basic skin texture mod. But there is a massive range of individual ones I'm using too for books etc but there are far to many to list. It's the enb that makes all the difference though
Eolhin Forest (2 years ago)
Nice new intro, and great cinematics, as always. :) I look forward to seeing his reaction to the College. I posted a link in the Inigo comments. :) Oh, and the Dawnguard armor is definitely an improvement on Inigo.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Eolhin Forest lmao
Eolhin Forest (2 years ago)
Heh, I have reloaded this page three or four times, and each time I get a Tide commercial... and all I can think is, "Good for getting out those pesky bloodstains!"
Joe Lowe (2 years ago)
I just have one question are you ever going to do fallout 4 role-play. I know you've had this question. But that is because (I think I'm speaking for everyone here) everyone is looking forward to it.
Joe Lowe (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays just watched it. I hope someone makes the cinematic mod you were talking about soon. because I swear to god if I have to wait another 5 minutes for fallout 4 roleplay I will slap a blind man and blame it on someone else. Your from New Zealand too god I thought it was the only one. But currently I'm living in England. I know this is kind of a weird question but, would you class yourself as a religious man.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Joe Lowe have a listen to the Townhall, I go over this there ☺️
Joe Lowe (2 years ago)
Because I've already found some mods that can make it so your character doesn't speak so you can add your own voice over water enhancements, light enhancements, long grass rebuild the castle walls. Endless possibilities to what you could do with the roleplay
Joe Lowe (2 years ago)
That is one sick intro, I like how it isn't long enough to piss you off and it doesn't have any crap dub step over it.
Duck9000 (2 years ago)
May the dragon consume you!
Melody Anonymous (2 years ago)
I like how you decided to forego the usual expository dump at the end. Part of it is because everything that happened after there was obvious, but I kind of wish you'd take that attitude a bit more going forward. Exposition is nice, but you do it quite a lot, where it's really not needed. Lines like, "and so we rode to...", things of that nature are very unnecessary. Don't mistake my criticism for distaste, however. The series is going well, and I greatly enjoyed this episode, as per ever. :3
Melody Anonymous (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays Indeed! And, thank you, for making such an awesome series for so many people to enjoy! I liked this episode. It was nice to see some dynamics between our merry band of adventurers as they continued Northward. I'm especially glad to see Leon sort of coming into his own; the whole series, being a werewolf was a massive strike to him, but seeing him start to control it is a huge leap for character development, and seems to symbolize how he's grown as a person over time, no longer so much lamenting his faults as embracing them as part of his own. Good work, Rycon. Keep it up, mate, and hopefully don't let yourself get rushed by internet people. Take your time on the series, and it'll turn out fantastic.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Melody Anonymous thanks I appreciate your input ☺️ it was definitely one of those episodes where it ended and didn't need any more insight from Leon
Philp J Fry (2 years ago)
11:58 holy handgrande that's hilarious
Awesome episode once again!!
Philp J Fry (2 years ago)
first episode I've seen so I have a question and only one... why is his voice so deep. This doesn't sound like Rycon
Philp J Fry (2 years ago)
+Rycon Roleplays Ah so you smoke weed. XD
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Philp J Fry I record this upside-down and after drinking tar, that helps hehe
Spanky The Cow (2 years ago)
Absorbing dragons souls, better than sex.
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Lochlann Killkenny lmao
Anordil (2 years ago)
Wonderfully done as always.
Chris Picon (2 years ago)
Epic once again, Rycon!
Spooked Ghost (2 years ago)
Heavy Game of Thrones title
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Spooked Ghost 😉
smartbluecat (2 years ago)
Masterful. This is some next level awesome. :)
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+smartbluecat thank you my friend
Max (2 years ago)
Still amazing man, this series is becoming more and more immersive, especially with the whole conversation about the gaint how the hell did you do that ?
TAR JET (5 months ago)
Well, a belief of one Imperial can be different from the herd. All the Empire does is compromise with the Thalmor, *they’re* the ones that utterly hate Talos as a god because of his mortal ties.
the Were Dragon (2 years ago)
hay rycon fyi imperials say by the 8 not 9. Nords say 9 because they are accounting for talos good job so far :D
Rycon Roleplays (2 years ago)
+Max magic, wizardry and editing 😉
F.B. Jeffers0n (2 years ago)
I don't know why, but this episode got me excited for a werewolf and vampire lord showdown. I got Selene on the brain...
Mr.chipers (2 years ago)
this intro would be great for a jump scare
Eithe (2 years ago)
I've started rewatching the whole series and wow the editing has come a long way.. This 'episode' was amazing <3 love it. And your follower doing a lil dance made me laugh;;
LegitAdventurez (2 years ago)
Does Leon remember slaughtering all the vigilants near the start of the series?
Shy Dandal (2 years ago)
If only Xbox one could handle the amount of graphical changes that you put on Skyrim. Amazing video as always Rycon. Talos guide you Leon.
+Wild Card yea lol if only...
+Wild Card YES!!! Stormcloaks and Imperials unite! We are all brothers and sisters of Skyrim! Slay the thalmor scum!
Shy Dandal (2 years ago)
+Wild Card Although you are not an Imperial, you have earned my respect. The Thalmor shall pay for their crimes! Thalmor Officer: If you don't quiet down, I will k- Me: Let me finish my battle cry you little- (officer shoots arcane fire) Me:Ow! Ok, you win. Geez.
+Manly Malarky lol
Shy Dandal (2 years ago)
+Wild Card Let them come! We will defend Skyrim until we die! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empire! Thalmor Officer: Quiet down! Me: Sorry.
Neil Westland (2 years ago)
I love this series, it's so entertaining. Thanks for putting so much effort into these videos, it really pays off
zebrapadskitta (2 years ago)
I'm so used to audio overhaul for skyrim, the vanilla soundeffects are so weird now
ThePersistentNoob (2 years ago)
Love the new intro, Rycon. Did you change ENB? It looks great! Yet another excellent episode! Keep up the great work.
Emilio Rico (2 years ago)
I have a question for you or Leonidas and that is will you speak with the elders and learn dragonrend it's really helpful to take down a dragon
The Remover (2 years ago)
I was wondering I'm new to the channel and I noticed that Leon voice sounds diffrent why is that ? by the way I'm not up to this season yet .

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