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The Best Horror Movies 2019 Full Movie English - New Horror Movie HD 2019

2525 ratings | 678400 views
The Best Horror Movies 2019 Full Movie English - New Horror Movie HD 2019 The Best Horror Movies 2019 Full Movie English - New Horror Movie HD 2019 The Best Horror Movies 2019 Full Movie English - New Horror Movie HD 2019
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Text Comments (626)
shining star (12 hours ago)
I'm in love with the location😍 so gorgeous place💞💞💖
rock island (13 hours ago)
STICK THAT WIDE SCREEN.................................
Roda3 Valdez (1 day ago)
Read comment before watch...lol..😜🤣😘
Nature Rolla (1 day ago)
The hospital looks like the government house! ! Beautiful man,oh yeah and the movie is good too.
hanif rahman (1 day ago)
Yes it true is best horror but not scary at all true no lie 💖
didi lover (1 day ago)
This movie is kick ass good sht out to all people hope u watch it 😍
Tulsi Bhasker (1 day ago)
If I spoke to my aunt that way let alone my mom, I would’ve been struck by my whole family 😂😂
moejazzie (2 days ago)
Too much screaming😒
PANKAJ GAIKWAD (2 days ago)
This is my second coment comedy is not happy think because comedy born after something insult
PANKAJ GAIKWAD (2 days ago)
Destroyed all family is what right or wrong what is going on this beautiful world people not safe at home & road this is not balance with nature my past very bad reason black magic people believe in present & future but what about past that is allweys starting with us that is wrong because home compleet with family I just want to sey happens opposite pain this two things wee need handover nature
Sara Farquhar (2 days ago)
Is noone else gonna mention Kelly Brook's awful put on American accent? 😂
Chitra Devan (2 days ago)
Superb movie
Broad A (3 days ago)
What the name of this movie it does not mention anywhere
kgotsofatso sebola (1 day ago)
Black Magic
Daria Zarina (3 days ago)
Wow just wooow
Suzie Dwell (3 days ago)
Did the grandma just vomit Razorblade😂😂😂😂😂
LaTavia Washington (4 days ago)
Soon as she would’ve thrown up blood and glass I would’ve booked it tf outta there with my kids. Fuck this family reunion
Amy Ulloa (4 days ago)
Welcome to the comments, your safe here
Dblue 12 (4 days ago)
Nice ..
Anil Thakur1982 (4 days ago)
Superb Movie.... beautiful location... awesome.... based on Black Magic.... Really scary Movie...
Julz Anybody (4 days ago)
My dog can act better than this lot
radhika baskar (5 days ago)
This movie is exactly awesome and the places is very nice 😙😙😙. The movie is full of twist and very interesting . So i love it😍😍😍
Nimo Saoagi (5 days ago)
I like watching horror movies with my siblings and my parents but not just me bc I get scared Easley 👻😱😢
stupid movie
Rosa Rosal (6 days ago)
邱語媚 (7 days ago)
Fake ABC
kenyan kendy (7 days ago)
Now anyone 😊😊
Alexander Miranda (7 days ago)
That looks like the same closet in the movie conjuring
husni mubarok (7 days ago)
Us (2019) FULL MOvIE ➥ sites.google.com/view/usfilm ➡ Full Screen ➡PG-13 | 1h 58min | Action, Adventure, Comedy | 6 July 2018 (USA) ➡ PG 13+ | English ➡ 720p | 1080p M ee m ine m ine Jonas Grozi Hellerowi stwierdzeniem, m e u nn wodach międzynarodowych, może go zaatakować i uciec. Jest to nieprawdą, ponieważ wody międzynarodowe nie są bezprawne. O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o. Jonas zostanie pociągnięty do odpowiedzialności za każde przestępstwo popełnione na stacji badawczej w taki sam sposób, jak gdyby popełnił minna Stanach Zjednoczonych (zakładając, że jest tam, gdzie został zarejestrowany).
Jayson Lavidskie (7 days ago)
please what's the title of this movie? thanks
Abdul Susi (6 days ago)
Jayson Lavidskie black magic
Ryan Jayesinghe (8 days ago)
Who else kept skipping threw the movie
Lucy Lu (8 days ago)
WTH legend...😒😒😒
Kar Gil (9 days ago)
Wow jazz ocampo
TEEMO (9 days ago)
This movie is actually good! I am not expecting this! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars for this movie!
Tia Grove (9 days ago)
I think the grandma was staring at the girl out of the window so she didn't go anywhere but the father made her not look 😦I think
MJoy Marsula (10 days ago)
Aliyah is a Filipino actress she is Jazz Ocampo😊
kobo kobo (10 days ago)
Ależ to głupie, do tego ci sztuczni aktorzy....🤨
Ak Raaj (10 days ago)
rohit kumar (10 days ago)
I know its just a movie but i want to slap that idiot mom who is not leaving the house with kids ..she is seeing the things and her husband also told her to leave but she put her both daughter life in danger ...I think she is the villain of this movie...
WildRoot (10 days ago)
Theatre movies shown on youtube always appear to be zoomed in. Why?
Chris. G (9 days ago)
It's one of the easier ways for uploaders to fool the YouTube copyright algorithm. I believe it's a mapping technique, with the image zoomed in the identification points are moved and therefore can't be picked up by the algorithm.
Ayush Singh (10 days ago)
Mery nices
*LaDY* *L0VE* (11 days ago)
Fuck... I'm scared by the opening credits. 🤘🏽 🐔
Thandeka Kose (12 days ago)
Nice movie 💝
Bruce Snider (12 days ago)
for as cheesy as that was, it really wasn't half bad. Not terrific, but it's worth a watch if you're bored.
gamepayrex pro gamer (12 days ago)
Amjad javaid (12 days ago)
I have this American women this all her fucking fault to stay here bitch
Maissaa Mohammed (12 days ago)
Terrible acting... such a waste of time
Nengria Aja (13 days ago)
do you have annabelle movie horor??
LK .B (12 days ago)
The Quran very effective against any magic or bkack magic if any one has issues problem see someone know about taking out devil's out any body or ur place .listen to Quran load in ur House they run out.
Julz Anybody (4 days ago)
Fuck your Quran and your paedophile prophet
Acherine Lyly (9 days ago)
+*LaDY* *L0VE* hell noo it wasn't Allah did and it s the last religious book sent
LK .B (10 days ago)
+*LaDY* *L0VE* well i disagree with you that your opinion.
Ridhwan Alimi (11 days ago)
LK .B You're right
*LaDY* *L0VE* (11 days ago)
Quran was written by Jews.. stop it. 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️
Robert Barker (14 days ago)
Good movie
LEE BATUIGAS (14 days ago)
The older child I think she is a Filipina..
cristine 06 (11 days ago)
Yeah I guess she is..but I forgot her name..she's in GMA
A awungshi (14 days ago)
Poor acting it could be a good movie if experienced actors has played.
Best movie ever on YouTube
Ur over reacting men! Dumbass nigga!
Wendy Miranda (14 days ago)
Jazz Ocampo is a philippine actress
Jeffrey Nacis (14 days ago)
Is the one of her daughter here is a filipina actress, Right? Who knows her name, I forgot .She's in GMA, right?
ardaferi feri (10 days ago)
Yes, her name is jazz ocampo she's pinay
DEEPAK SARDANA (14 days ago)
Awesome thriller novel,,,,,,, Here: https://amzn.to/2uU7MS4
Ryeyan Bonifacio (14 days ago)
Indonesia bitch yati handayani
giovanna permadi (15 days ago)
omg..it's mixed indonesian..I'M INDONESIAN AND SO PROUD
Yasmin Yas (11 days ago)
+your worst nightmare shut up your fucking mhoter. Ur mouth dirty poop 🐖
Shameeka Danzey (11 days ago)
your worst nightmare (11 days ago)
Who cares? Imma fuck your little pussy!
Mia's Page (15 days ago)
This movie was lame. Don't waste your time. Terrible acting too.
Pia Salvato (15 days ago)
Great Horror Movie
Costa Summuck (15 days ago)
What ever comment.. Please tell how this movie .. Good.. Bad..
Eddie Munster (15 days ago)
WHAT. A. GOOD. MOVIE BUT. What a beautiful country. Really great movie, thank you
Abdul Susi (6 days ago)
Eddie Munster indonesia
Elena Elena (15 days ago)
I like this movie thanks
Ercan Kilic (15 days ago)
Crazy shit
At 14 mins 24 sec and i can already not watch this. Final destination is much better
Am just a 3 mins of watching the movie and am curious to know if the children are gonna die
Tr Jt (16 days ago)
ഓ ..ഒരു വട്ടം കാണാം .. വല്യ കൊണം ഇല്ല .
florida aguada (16 days ago)
So Creepy,Nice horror movie
Tamie Lewis (16 days ago)
Good movie but if you believe in darkness it gets you thinking/
Tamie Lewis (16 days ago)
Ok this is just more than a movie it is a fight against black magic. The holy spirit can break the tie call on him.
maranda gil (16 days ago)
Please tell me that movie doesn't say even lambs have teeth,thats the most stupid thing ever
Glass and maggots? Come On Shelley! :-))
Movie title: "Black Magic"; "Schwarze Magie"
mohammad rahman (16 days ago)
I'll never hire a full time housemaid. I better avoid the part time slot too. :3
mohammad rahman (16 days ago)
Most of the horror movies choose pretty ladies as victimized characters. :(
Gy Bx (9 days ago)
I know. I hate seeing beautiful or nice women being hurt. I would rather see nasty feminist SJW women being the victims. They deserve it.
mohammad rahman (16 days ago)
At 27:03 - the jump-scare really got me
sanaz safaie (17 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Oq77OjWA3E8The horror film ‘Zar’ written and directed by Nima Farahi has been selected by the Spotlight Horror Awards, an American virtual magazine for horror films, as one of the award winners in 2017, which unfortunately didn’t get released to the public in Iran. But now the director has uploaded the movie on YouTube and Vimeo so you can watch it online or download it for free Be happy to know your opinion about the movie specially my acting
Vanni Films (17 days ago)
Check out our new horror movie!! Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P7CG-gBkJU&t=11s www.thepossessiondiaries.com
40E (17 days ago)
1:08:45 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izr8g194mRg
Sancustia richy (17 days ago)
This mom is selfish she doesn't care about her kids only herself🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
RatuRyan AE (17 days ago)
Ini horror movie campuran artis2 Indonesia?? ..waahhh really good ..thk u for uploaded
Anwesha Kundu (17 days ago)
I didn't understand a singke thing.. speacilly the ending was meaningless.... I want my data back
Yustinus Suhartono (5 days ago)
"Are you ready Ambar (Fatma daughter) Fatma said"? so the soul of Fatma n Ambar used the Rendy's daughter body....
Miko Strwn (14 days ago)
Fuck no
Kaido kaido (17 days ago)
Anwesha Kundu lol what an idiot
Lynetta Jennings (17 days ago)
Worth a watch. 👻
Helfi Kardit (16 days ago)
itsmonica05 (17 days ago)
So very predictable
maria exito (18 days ago)
Knight 11692 (18 days ago)
Could have spent a couple more dollars on the blood I didn't make it past 1:11.
Rupert rodchild (18 days ago)
Im not scared by That movie i feel pain for his father
Rupert rodchild (18 days ago)
Abhijeet Majithia (18 days ago)
Very nice movie
Lianah Karis Marie (18 days ago)
Why put subtitles on top of subtitles? Idiot.
Mohammad Nurgali (18 days ago)
The is best movie
Angel Gonzaga (18 days ago)
Poor acting though
Shazally Sood (18 days ago)
I have to fair thou.. Not all indonesians are muslims.. Thus they all take this lightly.. I meant dont anyone in the house knows how to azan in the bloody house?or at least do ruqyah to the damn grandma or pray, anyone?? Cant depend on science and tech when times like this..and there is no rational explaination for this babe!! Its fuckin Out of our league now!! i got it before and fought it so i know..
Shazally Sood (18 days ago)
I wish these indonesian do a horror movie which relates to islam.. That will be a great complimentary blend.. A really end to end battle stuff against good and evil..Only islam can destroy all this shirik santet.. I see no one does that no more except a few from the malaysians.. We need to promote and produce more of it, surely it will be an instant blockbuster hit, i dun fuckin care if it doesnt in cannes or hollywood
Angela (17 days ago)
Islam the religion of pedophilia? Doubtful.
Shakira Kamula (19 days ago)
Nice one
My heart is beating so fast I thought fatma was a nice person she is fucking horrible
Raniah Paudac (19 days ago)
whats the title of this movie, anyone??
Helfi Kardit (16 days ago)
@Raniah Paudac , Santet ( Black Magic )
Jen Brown (19 days ago)
Raniah Paudac black magic
Nicola Todd (19 days ago)
Jasmine Flowers (19 days ago)
Stubborn women, if she had listen to her husband her daughters wouldn’t have gotten hurts. I would have left the moment shit start getting crazy!
Valerie Corteza (19 days ago)
Not bad. It was an ok film. I did like it. I like the twist.
maria maria (20 days ago)
Ufff 🥶👍❤

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