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Skyrim Mod: Skyrim Sewers

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Skyrim Sewers http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/14351/ Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (490)
MarcusofMenace (8 days ago)
Kinda stupid how the only sewer in the game is the home of an influencial guild and the sewage water is clean. Theres even a note about a character bathing in it casually
Zaid Elbekkal (2 months ago)
I don't know from which mod, but I found a freaking SKEEVERMAN in the Ratway.
Chris Doukas (4 months ago)
You can problem assassinate some one and quickly hide in the sewers
Jim Calhoun (5 months ago)
The lack of sewers are one of the things a really hated in FO4 too. Every other Bethesda game, apart from Skyrim have massive sewers which make for some really great tunnel crawls. There's a reason that Oblivion starts with a trip through the sewers.
markislazy (5 months ago)
my favorite player home mod
Dárcio Gato (5 months ago)
really cool mod. miss the sewers from oblivion :p
Lil Legend (11 months ago)
Swimming on poop!
curry mutt (1 year ago)
Essential Mod this is
Gopnik Dragonborn (1 year ago)
1:45 Explosives? What do you think this is,Fallout? We have master destruction spells instead!
Limitless Beast (1 year ago)
I need help, I want to ask the USSEP team and the sewer making team to fix the issue with the riften jail escape not working and I Am not sure how to contact them on the Bethesda page or if there is a better place to contact a mod maker. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!
3371alfa lord (1 year ago)
1:08 is that water flowing upwards?
Stewartsaurus (1 year ago)
I hope TES6 has sewers. And an illegal fighting ring And argonian/khajit children And a bunch of other things skyrim was missing.
Doomsday 2028 (1 year ago)
How do i fix the fact i enter this sewers but i end up in a desolated city where every building just says open doors instead of the name of the business it's im in bizarro world and i have to get back to the normal world
nyesis (1 year ago)
I'm playing a vampire that is always hated and this compliments that very well.
Destroyer Of Skulls (1 year ago)
My biggest problem for the mod is how unnecessarily hard to can be. It says something when i never make it past Whiterun because of it's difficulty. (Another reason as to why no death players like me deserve at least some respect, and why i refuse to download it. Fuck you Urnvaskr. Fuck you.)
xXDopamine.InbalanceXx (2 years ago)
Too bad Spiders Begone doesn't keep out the spiders in this mod. -_-
John Smith (2 years ago)
I would have liked to see some story lines in this somewhere, maybe for the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard, Vigilants Of Stendarr (Skyrim neglects them), and/or College Of Winterhold.
Scumbad (2 years ago)
This mod will be cool with Moonlight Tales's lunar transformation options. Hiding out as a beast beneath the city almost like a myth.
weeb trash (2 years ago)
30 second unskippable ad. wow
Adam Samir (2 years ago)
Would this work with Holds: True Cities?
Zed Lin (2 years ago)
So where can I find these weapons? Any tips?(homeless ppl live next to pack of vampires,kinda worry····
xXDopamine.InbalanceXx (2 years ago)
Wanted to play the mod, but won't because it has fucking spiders...uggh. :(
Luluko (2 years ago)
is there a nexus download for Skyrim SE somewhere I am not aware of? mod looks awesome but I dont want to install bethesdas client just to download one mod from bethesda.net
weeb trash (2 years ago)
Luluko Lamperouge you cant get SE from a free download, thats literally pirating. skyrim special edition is a whole new game and you can get it on steam.
Hadmen Yadongplease (2 years ago)
do the sewers have any emenies?
Alex Oelkers (2 years ago)
Some one needs to port this one over to the Special Edition because I don't think the creator is going to.
DV1217 (2 years ago)
ratway Warrens creeped me out enough with the girl saying "stone,bucket,inkwell!!"
KatEternity 2 (2 years ago)
This reminds me of oblivion!
Sketchy (2 years ago)
It's odd that sewer levels are such a staple. I mean, it's a sewer. With sewage. I'm saying it is a gaming tradition to wade through used toilet water. And we just do it like "oh, cool; sewer level. Let's get into the water. Not like we're gonna get poop in our boots. Or piss in our eyes. or E. coli."
Dylan Schnabel (4 months ago)
Sketchy It has to do with how sewers contrast to the cities up above that they reflect. Sewers are literally where all the dump and refuse of society end up - basically, all the things average people want to forget. Add this in with a fantasy universe where monsters and bandits and all manner of dark secrets dwell beneath the more unsavory side of humanity, and sewers are the perfect place for games like this to explore deeper societal conflicts. Just look at how the Witcher series handles sewers to see this in action. It’s really a shame Bethesda didn’t take more advantage of this in their own game
Kloa (5 months ago)
Pshh I’m the dragonborn with resistances to poison and disease don’t @ me
Alan P (1 year ago)
Potater Gater that's what you get for being a skooma smuggler filthy cat!!!
Sketchy (2 years ago)
miazmatic (2 years ago)
I have enough trouble fighting Skeevers and Wolves without Lycanthropy, I don't need sewer water giving me diseases whenever I want to talk to Ulfric and a Windhelm Guard tells me to sod off for being a big cat.
Charlie Pascoe (2 years ago)
+Brodual Hi. Is this mod compatible with the Holds City Overhaul mod. In particular the Solitude area. I want to use this sewer mod because I want to do a bandit playthrough and live there, but I also think Holds is a brilliant mod, and I also hate the vanilla cities and I always play with a city overhaul mod. I've never played with Holds before and I want to try it, but is it compatible with the Skyrim Sewers mod? Also if it's not compatible then is there a patch or could someone make a patch (even if it's just for Solitude, that's fine). Thanks
Anno Domination (2 years ago)
Oh god I'm having PTSD flashbacks of those goddamn Oblivion sewers
Arrender (11 months ago)
I loved the sewers... apart from the ^[email protected]#*[email protected])(#$ slaughterfish in certain waters
LeandroBRC47 (2 years ago)
Locklear the Loli Lord I miss them
Clemens Hoste (2 years ago)
i loved them
_ EnglishWolf _ (2 years ago)
there is a sewer in riften
Charlie Pascoe (2 years ago)
Idk some balgruuf guy. He seems pretty important tho
_ EnglishWolf _ (2 years ago)
+Charlie Pascoe who's basement?
Charlie Pascoe (2 years ago)
Really?? Is that true? I never knew riften had a sewer. I completed the Thieves Guild questline thinking it was just someone's basement!!
DarkAgeDanny (2 years ago)
I really wish I could get this mod but I haven't had good times when I need to extract the mod. Does anyone know why their is a need to extract a mod aside from adding new scripts? Because I have Mesh Improve, and Enhanced Lighting and they both have tons of scripts but all I have to do is use mod manager.
Redheadedmusician (2 years ago)
that like to dislike ratio do
Havoc (2 years ago)
Its because of the outro I think
Lord Plum (2 years ago)
can I install this mid-playtrough
BI OD (2 years ago)
You should be fine. It's compatible with Expanded cities too!
Lord Plum (2 years ago)
+Konsta Karola tnx
Konsta K (2 years ago)
Yep, should work.
Lord Plum (2 years ago)
Meow Meow (2 years ago)
why are there sewers if there are no toilets? Does the mod add toilets?
Paistin Lasta (2 years ago)
Must have been hell to dig sewers to Solitude.
TheIceTurtleGod (2 years ago)
Hi guys, I found this "Temple of Shor" thing in the solitude sewers, but it needs a steel dragon claw to open. I can't find anyone else talking about where the claw is. The only stuff I've found is about people who found the claw instead of the door, but they never mention where they found it. Would appreciate anyone's help as to where the claw is located. Thanks
Walht (2 years ago)
Xzare Gamer (2 years ago)
their is a patch that allows you to use both this mod and the undeath mod. here! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64020/
TheRailwaystationist (2 years ago)
Why have sewers when there are no toilets?
Emilia Marsh (2 years ago)
That explains the whiterun well being connected to the sewers.
❆Mojunez13❆ (2 years ago)
Maybe they do their buisness into buckets and then throw them into manholes.
SuperTN A (2 years ago)
Oblivion only had the sewer system in the imperial city.
The Bound Bowman (2 years ago)
Don't forget The Midden. Also, a city like Whiterun is too small to have sewers, I think.
Wing Onn (1 year ago)
Chibi Chubbs Riverwood to Kynesgrove you mean? It's the settlement close to windhelm. I do agree that the world is too small but from the game crashing with 30 or more spawns, I'm guessing that it was probably a engine limitation for the 32-bit system then.
Chibi Chubbs (1 year ago)
Alan P Because Tamriel is so small that it can BE a city. In one of the Skyrim quests you literally walk from Riverwood to Winchell with Delphine. Not to mention console gaming exists.
Alan P (1 year ago)
A "city" like Whiterun is too small to be even called a city tbh. But it is anyway.
Ducky McDuckface (2 years ago)
The area of Whiterun is of considerable size, only it's not filled with a lot of people so an elaborate sewer system might feel out of place.
Ambrose The Bowman (3 years ago)
That showering Dovahkin though.
Nirvana Paradox (3 years ago)
Does anyone know if Skyrim Sewers 4 is compatible with Requiem 1.9.3?
Eyal Shalom (2 years ago)
+Steven Phillips ...you may be right about requim, it completly change the game
Steven Phillips (2 years ago)
Yes, there is reason. It probably needs a patch. Any mod that adds new NPCs with combat state needs a patch or else they will be too hard or too easy. Read the mod page for Requiem: https://requiem.atlassian.net/wiki/display/REQ19/Compatibility+with+other+mods
Eyal Shalom (2 years ago)
no reason that it wont
Cthulhu (3 years ago)
This with the fog/mist and darker dungeons mod is amazing.
Lost_Kin (3 years ago)
does this mod interact negativly with the whiterun house mod under the sewer?
Mr. Ornstein (3 years ago)
just add mud crabs, rats, and goblins plus the undead and ur good to go my friend
Mr. Ornstein (3 years ago)
ah never mind then my friend just add vampires like oblivion
Bell Knight (3 years ago)
+Mr. Ornstien If you look closely you can see mudcrabs, and he mentions skeevers and trolls are seen in the video as well
SquareEyed (3 years ago)
I'm really not sure whether I want this mod or not.
Forcedminer (3 years ago)
The Sewers always the best place to go for an escape! I fondly remember the joy of getting...........................absolutely lost in morrowind Sewers tunnels of Vivec
Bell Knight (3 years ago)
+Forcedminer Your not the only one
Robert Graham (3 years ago)
when playing skyrim I got a glitch that added the solitude sewer as a vampire clearing quest
Robert Graham (3 years ago)
the unfinished quest is the reason why it wasn't in the game
Luke Blackburn (3 years ago)
Does the mod have quests?
Lord Moose (3 years ago)
Mix this with Guild Starter. Yaaaaaas.
TacoWolf (3 years ago)
too bad there isn't a bosmeric skyrim sewers 'wink' 'wink'
Delia Delight (3 years ago)
does anyone here know whether or not this mod conflicts with the "dawk of skyrim" mod, that makes changes to every major city?
PYRO GOTHICA (3 years ago)
only a matter of time before magical ninja turtles are added to skyrim.....
Talendril Silverleaf (3 years ago)
Steam workshop?
TH3L33TB34T (3 years ago)
Call the Brote Scrote, his *SEWEERRRSSSS* are here. BRO TEAM faction mod now.
Raindance Oberts (3 years ago)
Finally!  Explorable sewers!
ZeeGauntlet (3 years ago)
dang it brodual! you always somehow manage to convince me to download a mod I never wanted before!
Nigel Higgenbottom (3 years ago)
I don't need it, I don't need it.... Downloading:50% Well, shit.
Imfromjamaicaman (3 years ago)
Around 0:35 kind of weird that the water inside is higher than outside..
Jorge Pamies (3 years ago)
Hi, theres poop on the sewers to add immersion?
NEXTRO (3 years ago)
Fractal (4 years ago)
VideoQuestEx (4 years ago)
This Sewer Mod will go very well with the old "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Mod, LOL!
HassouTobi (4 years ago)
This mod's amazing.There's so much to explore and everything's so detailed!
Sasha Sirota (4 years ago)
What is the meaning of your name? Are you two brothers, or is it something else?
ArigatoDBD (4 years ago)
the homeless HAHA
Stanley Griffin (4 years ago)
I find it funny that the Dragonborn was dancing in the sewer water at the end. He looks up and a poop log lands in his mouth.
Cairns Chaos (4 years ago)
It would be cool if the mod creator added a feature that  if you did 10 theive guild radiant quest for each city you got a thieves den key that added a player home in the sewers
Montana Nelson (3 years ago)
+Cairns Chaos I was thinking that it would put NPC's the guild recruited in the hold in there as that city's side-base from the main one in Riften.Where the people would do jobs while you were away and if you were the guild master you could come back and get a share of the profits. If it had the same beds as the one in riften it would have one for you which would let u sleep there.
Cairns Chaos (3 years ago)
Thanks mate :)
Maximvs Dread (3 years ago)
+Cairns Chaos Lol..I know. I was just kidding. But, that 'IS' a great idea :) 
Cairns Chaos (3 years ago)
Really? I'm not much of a modder....
Maximvs Dread (3 years ago)
+Cairns Chaos Hey, That's a GREAT Idea. You should get right on it :P
Jonathan Jackson (4 years ago)
Wait...... there are no restrooms in any of The Elder Scrolls games. This needs too be fixed Bethesda!!!! Restroom assassin quest!!! I demand more emersion!
NinthArcher (4 years ago)
Ok the mod is very cool, but there is a question that I have always asked on the subject of sewers in games set in the middle ages. Did they actually have sewers in the middles ages? Also what is the point of them having a sewer when there is absolutely no pluming in the cities? There is probably something I don't know about sewers in this time, which is why I am asking.
Tim Burke (4 years ago)
But why are there sewers if there's no toilets, sinks, showers, or running water in general? especially in a city as high up as solitude
Peter Cuomo (4 years ago)
IS IT VOICE ACTED????????????????????????????????
Muesu (4 years ago)
Nice mod, well done to whoever made it
JollyGoodFellow (4 years ago)
Dovakiin is dancing in poo water.
Ukii Yuuki (4 years ago)
Skyrim never died isn't it <3
Javaher Dashti (4 years ago)
Nice mod =D .What water texture or water improvement mod is used in this video ? It looks alive
TheSilver312 (4 years ago)
In solitude if you are put in prison, you escape via the sewers.
Nate Adkins (4 years ago)
I don't mean to be that guy... but the Dwarves lived underground. A sewer under Markarth just doesn't seem lore-friendly. Unless of course, someone could show me something that could prove me otherwise.
Dicax (4 years ago)
Compatibility patch with Realistic Needs and Diseases so you can catch the plethora of diseases that running through raw sewage would almost guarantee?
Cynical Cthulhu (4 years ago)
A fun mod for thieves and assassins to have somewhere to run and hide if they get caught doing illegal things or just for roleplay purposes.
Milan Henke (4 years ago)
You could call this mod a......sewing kit Nah but seriously awesome mod
Auildere AE (4 years ago)
Is that the second brother I hear?
Tebone552 (4 years ago)
+Brodual I recommend a mod for you. I posted this recommendation on your last mod video, It is known as the Lykaios mod, this mod is a race mod for all of the wolf loving people out there. Granted it takes a few mods to run. I not forcing you to do this, i not going to say that you are a bad person cause you didnt do it.... no i love your videos and have downloaded most of the mods you do videos on and just thought i would do a recommendation. and even if you dont take a look at it that is not stopping all the people reading this post that they cant check it out. Peace [Love Dubstep Now, Live Life Later]
Trekeyus (4 years ago)
Is this mod compatible with Breezehome FullyUpgradable?
Maethen Dias (4 years ago)
AMAZING; and so much thanks you for giving me this mod, i mean, even horror games dont usually give me, well, the horror, but in these sewers, (and with sone very nice lightning mods( yes it was absolutely dark in there)) i got some amazing moments i am in love with this mod, and the creator did an amazing jjob filling these sewers with life. just the bandits in whiterun, the falmer, etc.,, im so excited about the other sewers . thanks a lot brodual
Maethen Dias (4 years ago)
you dont often get scared about skeevers at all XD
Nocturne (4 years ago)
i could see a really nice house mod for that kind of area maybe for thieves or argonians or necromancers who need a place to practice their arts away from prying eyes
Serana (4 years ago)
Adnan Rahman (4 years ago)
does this effect performance?
MegatronGameplay (4 years ago)
Finally, this excellent mod receives the Brodual treatment. I've been playing with this mod installed for years and it has become a must have for all of my playthroughs. Well done!  
Garbo (4 years ago)
Too bad I can't play this game DX
Lufroloc (4 years ago)
Maybe i'm just retarded, but i've got to know... Why are there sewers in skyrim? As far as i know sewers are only used to move urin and shit out of the city...
Not Stripes__ (4 years ago)
I like the idea ,but some tunnels just look way too big compared to the cities. I would like this but with more narrow tunnels. It needs to feel claustrophobic.
Nick C (4 years ago)
My dragonborn is too good to walk around in turd water. I'll send Lydia to do it instead.
WcaleNieArek (2 years ago)
That's why I prefer Mjoll the Lioness, she's the better companion ;)
\m/ (3 years ago)
+Miguel N Thanks
+Miguel N Cool mod
Mig N (4 years ago)
+Smitty Werbenjagemanjensen Have i got the mod for you!!!! http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/746/? Even the mod author hates nazeem and used it as a thumbnail.  Enjoy!!
I would be happier with a mod to shut up Nazeem without killing him. Ps:Do you get to the cloud very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don't
Coleman Snell (4 years ago)
I like this because it is something that you wouldn't really think about.
Dillon Lee (4 years ago)
Could you review ICBINENB 3? Its awesome.
RuSosan (4 years ago)
Finally, a place where my posh Breton can go and complain about what the hell is a nobleman like him doing in a place like that. Or something... Seriously though, seems damn good, and adds immersion.
Anonimo Sinapellido (4 years ago)
I have a laptop with 8gb of ram, a intel core i5200u and a amd radeon r7 m260. I want to get tge best textures and graphics to skyrim that my laptop can support. Please help.
Jojo Jedi (4 years ago)
Thank you for all the great work over the years.
Joseph Stuart (4 years ago)
You guys should finish up JK's cities and town's he's released more.
KefkeWren (4 years ago)
Love the look of this mod. Definitely a must for my next playthrough.

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