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Talking dirty.. Legitimate Tees: https://JoeWellerStore.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/joe_weller_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellojoeweller Instagram: http://instagram.com/joe_weller_ SnapChat: thewellard Business: [email protected] Thanks for watching!
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Text Comments (5874)
FaisalYT (4 hours ago)
my guy looks pinging as fuck
SugarDaddyPixel (5 days ago)
When the mdma kicks in
tayvion hargrow (11 days ago)
I want his eyes
kyle cahoon (11 days ago)
Disco eyes tell no lies joe share the love
Fowsia H (14 days ago)
Joe hottest
BeastlyRealmZ HD (20 days ago)
"And then we'll ride a couple of roller coasters... Whilst making some dustspins" 🤣😂
Yanis Khaldi (24 days ago)
MDMA 😂😂😂😂
Shan Aiysha (24 days ago)
Show us ya c**k Well I can't... Its a phone call 😂😂😂😂
BloxxingSloth (27 days ago)
His forehead is bigger than my time on the internet!
FonZ (28 days ago)
“You know Gorillas” *”Don’t say anything filthy”* “I would get one on my back... And JUMP ON YOU!” *”Ooo ya dirty fuck”*
Random Random (28 days ago)
why is joe weller on drugs? Like wth XD
Kyle Griffiths (1 month ago)
He’s on pills 💊
but yeah, he’s on pills lmao
his eyes are red bc of the lighting and camera
Kyle Griffiths (1 month ago)
Look at his eyes
Aamir Tahir (1 month ago)
Who still watching this 2019 😂
Louis TWD (1 month ago)
Aamir Tahir hahahahaha who isn’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheLaughing Gag (1 month ago)
Mate this is pure bants
Jay Gaming (1 month ago)
Why is his eyes red
Tprogamer YOUTUBE (1 month ago)
Who came back to look for paranormal activity?
Vinte Um (1 month ago)
I miss when Joe Weller used to make me laugh like this
xd BSR (1 month ago)
No one: Sweetcorn: Weller: your a lovely little animal
Botan Sherwan (1 month ago)
Metjus Matulevicius (1 month ago)
The movement in the back round
Justin Dotson (1 month ago)
This video sucks major cock
Lee Dickson (1 month ago)
See you later baby cakes 😂
xd BSR (1 month ago)
"You know sweetcorn" "Yes" *Its A lovely litlle animal isnt it* Lmao😂
Lottie C (1 month ago)
So take me to the margarine factory LMAO
Biceps Power (1 month ago)
Biceps Power (1 month ago)
Mohammed Marouf (1 month ago)
Sweet corn is my favourite animal as well like if it’s your favourite as well
Mohammed Marouf (1 month ago)
Everyone please read this at 1:25 the 2 handles on the gymnastic apparatus started moving and joe then made a video saying that it was a ghost or that guys step dad or something it was a actually that guy closest to it because he basically lifted it up and down when the camera was zoomed in. Please like so joe can see and have a great day
MrExtraordinary (1 month ago)
Can't stop watching this 😂😭😂😂😂😂😭😂😭😭😂😭😂
MrExtraordinary (1 month ago)
I laugh at the gorilla and dustbin part every single timeeeee 😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
Regan Jones (1 month ago)
Joe:I have to go now and put some gamon on my fish tank lol can't stop laughing x 🤣
Gab k (1 month ago)
Brocausey 2348 (1 month ago)
Aiden Jarvis (1 month ago)
u r a pill head
Oscar Ferguson (1 month ago)
There are light orbs flying about infront of joe
Jake McKeown (1 month ago)
His willy's not very big cos he's got pilly willy
HeyItzBecca (1 month ago)
Joe Weller looks high af 😂❤️
HeyItzBecca (1 month ago)
konrad rothenburger lmao and he also decided to prank call adult hotline while high 😂😂 good one “JOE” 😂😂
konrad rothenburger (1 month ago)
https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-11847332 just remembered this article too
konrad rothenburger (1 month ago)
lips blue af too
konrad rothenburger (1 month ago)
he is XDD thats cocaine XD
HeyItzBecca (1 month ago)
“You know sweetcorn, it’s a lovely little animal......isn’t it?” That had me dead 😂🤣
Eoghan (1 month ago)
Look at his eyes broooo
Deoka (1 month ago)
This bish is on MDMA and half of his fans are fucking kids or really young....
11 i2 (1 month ago)
Funny but he shoudn't do drugs.
Bryce Jarvis (1 month ago)
what drugs are joe Weller doing
Jake Paul (1 month ago)
Ali Hunt (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂. Dead doctor big cock 😂😂😂
richard reynolds (2 months ago)
Something moves in the back ground
Hot Dog (2 months ago)
8P Distance (2 months ago)
When you take every drug and then drink and then go without sleep for 2 days this is wat happens
Oren Semeraro (2 months ago)
George Davies (2 months ago)
He looks like he's pinging
The Ethalon (2 months ago)
Whenever I feel shit this is my go-to video
Kakarot (2 months ago)
So weird 😂😂😂
Patrick Henderson (2 months ago)
“Show us your cock!” “Well it’s a phone call, I can’t”
my names jeff (2 months ago)
It's called mdma
my names jeff (2 months ago)
+Reece Smith holy fuck
Reece Smith (2 months ago)
cherry doink
Rot op Zemir (2 months ago)
We need another one
William Lapworth (2 months ago)
drunk joe XD
my name get a life (2 months ago)
IPEX TITAN (2 months ago)
Dirty motherfucka
I like Tesco (3 months ago)
MDMA is a mad drug
travis0125 (3 months ago)
Mdma is mental
Cirti Yaza Yasir (3 months ago)
Part of him sounds like Ralph from horrid henry
LayadiSongz (3 months ago)
Joe Weller has awakened the Sharingan in this video.
Jacob Smith (3 months ago)
Why are his pupils so big, is he rolling
konrad rothenburger (1 month ago)
some good coke XD
Ice King (3 months ago)
In the back the gym stuff start moving but no body was touching it hmmmm paranormal shit that spooopy
Alfie 23 (3 months ago)
Alfie 23 (3 months ago)
1.20 is makes me crease
stxggg (3 months ago)
Sounds a bit like his mum lol
Anony Moose (3 months ago)
its not bull shit what joe seen in the paranormal activity spotted in video
The Notorious BK (3 months ago)
Aurelia Da god (3 months ago)
Orrin Childe (3 months ago)
I'm in absolutely stitches pure brilliance 😂
Max Hurling (3 months ago)
Joe was unstable at this point and just realised how fucked up he sound
Lucas R (3 months ago)
Weller’s eyes are on a mad one
ツKyle Dutton ツ (18 days ago)
Lucas R it’s what happens when you record in a dark room in the dark rooms your pupils will go red and in the light it will go blue or white it’s like the camera angle
Dylan Richardson (3 months ago)
That face at 1:56 😂
mattie Hmp (3 months ago)
Oh my God ...I'm dying! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😂😂
Rainbow Muffin (3 months ago)
Joe needs to make more videos like these. These are so funny😂
SATINS AND SINNERS (3 months ago)
I'm here for *People are still idiots*
Harvey Nicholson (3 months ago)
This is so funny
Pls do another Joe
That One guy (3 months ago)
He needs to do another one of these
CptKent s (3 months ago)
He looks like he's gonna cry
Twitch ModelN (3 months ago)
Ghost in the back !
QualityContentEveryday (3 months ago)
Spot of fishspotting
xNonce-Derek (4 months ago)
OMFG the gym equipment moving
Selena (4 months ago)
Craig Bailey (4 months ago)
Too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
UltimoRapper666 (4 months ago)
Lady: “Ooohhhh show us your cock” Joe: “well...it’s a phone call....I can’t....”
Bob Gibbins (4 months ago)
It’s her mom
Harry Wykes (4 months ago)
Sounds just like his mum
Dillon George (4 months ago)
Omg I can’t stop laughing and I can’t stop watching it 😂
Sam Fenwick (4 months ago)
Smashed on some mdma
Sam Fenwick you look about 11
Alex w (4 months ago)
Look at his eyes this is joes true form
freddie deadman (4 months ago)
i reckon he's either popped a few jack and jills or bumped a few lines of packet before filming this
Chrissy Ho (4 months ago)
He’s wired to death
Josif Zupanoski (4 months ago)
Hellooooo ( *FUCK ME* ) 😂
limlight.roadie Rofiah (4 months ago)
OH WELLER!!!!!!!!!!!
sam Turner (4 months ago)
There’s loads of orbs
Lil Channi (4 months ago)
Why is his eyes red ansd btw 2019 anyone?
Harry Baber (4 months ago)
The Footy Fans Of The UK (4 months ago)
Funniest video I've ever watched

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