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ESO Power Leveling Provisioning Guide - Level Provisioning fast from Level 1 to 50

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Welcome everyone :) Today i share with you how you can power level the Provisioning Crafting Skill Line in the Elder Scrolls Online. First we need to get some preparations done, but then you are ready to level up in 15 Minutes or less time your Provisioning rank and become a Master Provisioner. Subscribe, like and comment if you found this Video helpful, thanks:) Check out the description for more Information. ►Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Tianlein?sub_confirmation=1 ►If you like, you can follow me on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/Tianlein_ ►Or follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tianlein.de ►I am a Humble Bundle Partner! You can now buy games, support charity and me: https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=tianlein ►I also have now a Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/Tianlein ►Join our Discord Family: https://discord.gg/5tTDjVq ►Looking for a Guild in ESO(on PC-EU)? Leave a comment if you want to join the Brotherhood of Askir ►Here you can find my other ESO Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI7vadcJ3qhQxDyev_bO0VoktiD6-J5S6 0:15 Preparations 0:22 Collect/buy the right cooking recipes 1:01 Collect ingredients 1:15 Example farm location 1 for ingredients 1:35 Example farm location 2 for ingredients 1:46 Buy ingredients from Guild Traders 1:53 Grocers also offer ingredients 1:56 Champion Points - Unlock Inspiration Boost 2:21 Level up process from Level 1-50 Provisioning 3:45 Useful Addons This Video contains subtitles. You can activate them via the CC button. Bethesda Video Policy: https://bethesda.net/en/article/3XrnHrB0iAesac8844yeuo/bethesda-video-policy Game: The Elder Scrolls Online Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game Author: Tianlein
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Tianlein (2 days ago)
Looking for more ESO Crafting Guides? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI7vadcJ3qhQ-tR0tzku1mkc9loHwSaRM
love your voiceee and great video, its helping me a lot with my provitioning lvling
Tianlein (2 days ago)
Thank you very much for your compliment. Glad that i can help you a little bit. Have a good day :)
Michael Coffey (6 days ago)
Terrific guide thank you so much for the time this took to edit and upload. This is/was a huge help.
Michael Coffey (6 days ago)
@+Tianlein Your most welcome :)
Tianlein (6 days ago)
Thank you very much for your kind words. Glad i could help you<3
Sounds like german english ^^ thx for the vid
Tianlein (20 days ago)
You are welcome :) I am from germany, so my accent will be always there :D Have a nice day!
KertGP (1 month ago)
Thanks alot I was confused but you made my life easier keep up the good work
Tianlein (1 month ago)
You are welcome and thank you for your kind words <3
Psychosis o-O (2 months ago)
This accent though... damn cool!
Tianlein (2 months ago)
I am happy that you enjoyed the Video :) Have a nice day!
Brian (3 months ago)
Hardest recipe to get Ever!
Tianlein (2 months ago)
Which one? You don't need to get the recipes i used. As said in the Video you just need the one in specific level range thats all:) have a good day
Kieslo Darkmoon (3 months ago)
Delves are the best place to farm ingredients for this.
Tianlein (3 months ago)
Yeah for example :) Have a good day!
Froilan Hague (4 months ago)
Her voice is heavenly
Tianlein (4 months ago)
thank you for your kind words 💗
Tejas Shastha (5 months ago)
Awesome video! But do you use an addon here? If not, could you suggest any that might help?
Tianlein (5 months ago)
Thank you :) Did you watch the Video complete ;) At 3:45 i am talking about the Addons i am using. But they are not mandatory, just useful :)
S B (5 months ago)
Und einmal auf deutsch bitte xD Nein Scherz, alles soweit verstanden, wollte die Tage mit ESO anfangen und weiß aus anderen Spielen wie wichtig Bufffood einfach ist. Mal schauen ob ich das direkt so durchpushen kann wie im Video gezeigt, ich Versuche es einfach mal zu kopieren. Spiele am PC da sollten die Preise für Rezepte und Mats ja eigentlich günstig sein, da dort die meisten Spieler unterwegs sind? Ansonsten, kann ich bei weiteren Fragen einfach hier fragen?
S B (5 months ago)
Tianlein Naja dachte halt es wäre von Vorteil, denn so könnte ich auch nebenbei schon etwas Gold machen, ich bin ja nicht ganz unerfahren um ehrlich zu sein, hatte auf der PS4 damals insgesamt 80 Spielstunden, leider schon etwas hart wenn man dann wieder komplett von 0 anfängt haha :D aber es soll sich wohl einiges verändert haben. Sozusagen ein komplett neues Spielerlebnis sein
Tianlein (5 months ago)
Hallo :) Du musst kochen nicht so schnell leveln wie ich das hier im Video zeige. Ich würde dir empfehlen das langsam anzugehen ;) Hier ist auch das normale tutorial zum kochen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ArbjwZzI8&index=35&list=PLI7vadcJ3qhQJE3ZKJpLkcoJKBI545TFL&t=0s Es gibt keinen Grund wenn du gerade mit ESO anfängst zu hetzen. Und Beim Leveln ist Bufffood nützlich aber nicht unbedingt nötig :) Du bist auch gerne eingeladen unseren Discord Server und Gilde zu besuchen und dann könne wir alle sicher weiterhelfen. Du darfs auch gerne hier fragen ;) Dieses Powerleveln ist eher für leute gedacht die shcon mehrere Charactere haben und dann einfach die Crafting Sachen schnell und effizient hoch leveln wollen. Aber du darfst das natürlich auch versuchen wenn du möchtest. Schönen TAg!
EpicLollipop (6 months ago)
Love it! thank you! btw what costume and personality are you using on ur character?
Tianlein (6 months ago)
Do you mean my Wood Elf ? That is Naryu’s Morag Tong Costume and i use with him most of the time the Brassy Assassin Personality :)
EJ Simonsen (7 months ago)
Perfect. Sharing with newbies who ask me how to power level in my guild all the time.
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Thank you very much :) I am glad if my Video will help many players :)
King Maui (7 months ago)
Alchemy and Enchanting could use a video like this, hopefully we get one soon :)
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Not soon, but i will work on them as soon as i can ;) But i don't know when i can work on that topics exactly. But it is already on the to do list :)
Robin Barrie (7 months ago)
Tianlein is so cool.
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for your compliment :)
AlviseVenice - (7 months ago)
Great video Tianlein ! I will power level my alchemy and provisioning tomorrow with the jester festival double xp boost
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Enjoy the Festival and Double XP and thank you for your kind words :)
strick liesel (7 months ago)
guten morgen - hast du nicht lust das für alle berufe zu machen? z.b. Verzauberung etc ...! ich glaube das auch da noch bedarf und nachfrage sein wird ...
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Guten Morgen :) Ja, ich habe mir das schon für die nächsten Wochen / Monate vorgenommen :)
Julian. (7 months ago)
Ich wusste doch dass ich das Deutsche raushöre 😉 Mach weiter soo😌👍
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Guten Morgen :) Mein "kleiner" Akzent lässt sich auch nicht so einfach verstecken ;) Vielen Dank für dein Lob und ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Tag :)
Zombi (7 months ago)
Your voice and use of animations is phenomenal.
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for your compliment and support <3
Punkichu (7 months ago)
helpful thank you :) i did it the long hard road way with my ps4 main since it was my last goal with her never realizing the hit & miss early on, but i would like to go a bit faster on xbox. will keep this in mind :) give me a reason to sit aimlessly in front of the game for a while & get the world out of my head haha. i'm well.. hope you are as well! :) tho you always seem cheerful :)
Punkichu (7 months ago)
Tianlein I just heard about it today ! I don't have enough money to collect all the new stuff coming out lol farcry 5 & all it's Glory is no. 1 on the list as it's the most expensive haha plus I have 2 consoles i will get Somersett for, (sp?) im definitely extremely excited about it ! Looking forward to anything you put out for the upcoming 😁
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Hello :) I am fine and you? Did you enjoy the announcement of the new chapter ?:)
MrBaracu (7 months ago)
I read multicraft can get you temp banned. Is this right?
MrBaracu (7 months ago)
Thanks :)
Tianlein (7 months ago)
It is Naryu's Morag Tong Costume which was a for a limitited time available:)
MrBaracu (7 months ago)
Sorry but i have to ask. What armor is that?
MrBaracu (7 months ago)
I read it in the official forum but I don't believe it to be honest.
Tianlein (7 months ago)
I never heard of that and i use Mulitcraft since dunno 2years? And it is used by 400 000 other players ;) If you want an offical answer you should ask at the ESO Forum.
Marius Maximus (8 months ago)
Marius Maximus (7 months ago)
Tianlein servus :p
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Good morning :)
Ryan McKinley (8 months ago)
Thanks for another great video I'm going to use this to level my neglected provisioning skill today! Would love even more guides in the future. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to help us all out! :)
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Thank you so much for your lovely comment and support 🌼 I hope you will enjoy your meals and drinks from your new provisioning chef 🙂
Giruga (8 months ago)
Nice video :D. Are you from germany ?
Giruga (7 months ago)
Tianlein Ach halb so schlimm man versteht dich gut und du erklärst es auch verständlich :). Und gerne <3
Tianlein (7 months ago)
Danke schön, der deutsche Dialekt lässt sich auch schwer verstecken (bei mir) ;) Freut mich das dir meine Videos gefallen und vielen Dank für dein Lob ❤
Giruga (8 months ago)
Na dann hab ich mich doch nicht verhört :'D. Machst echt gute Guides und gibst hilfreiche Tipps : ).
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Thank you very much :) Yes, i am from Germany ;)
Daniel Molina (8 months ago)
What is chooz!?
No Name (8 months ago)
How do I get the eye bandage
Tianlein (8 months ago)
It is included in the cosmetic pack: adornments which you can buy in the crown store. Look for the: Sightless Master Blindfold
J N (8 months ago)
This is such a helpful, well explained, to the point video. Thank you for all of your hard work for the ESO community.
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Thank you for your long time support, all your lovely comments and all your kindness <3 I am happy you enjoyed my little guide :) Happy cooking (with potatoes :D)
Gisleyiin (8 months ago)
Never really bothered about provisioning, just learned those which i got and i bought the good ones. But! If you made this guide then it would be sacrilege not to level up that skilline :)
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are so sweet Gisleyiin <3 As long as you don't starve and you can prepare some meals all is good ;)
DatPinoyGuy (8 months ago)
Awesome video once again! Thanks :D
Tianlein (8 months ago)
I am happy that you enjoyed it :) Have a wonderful day <3
Deus Cognito (8 months ago)
Its really easy to speed level provisioning, alchemy, and enchanting if you have ESO Plus and pick up everything. Otherwise, it can be a pain.
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Yes it can be quite difficult if you don't have enough storage space :/ I really don't want to miss the craft bag^^
Massaker George (8 months ago)
Thank you so much! These are the kind of videos I wish I had years ago when I began playing eso and had no clue ;)
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are welcome :) I hope this little guides will make the start for new Players in ESO a bit easier :)
Doppel (8 months ago)
better explained than the most videos i saw :)
Doppel (8 months ago)
Tianlein yeah :3
Tianlein (8 months ago)
hehe we try our best, that is was counts 😺
Doppel (8 months ago)
Tianlein no problem :) i have bad german - english too 😅
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Oh, sorry if i got it wrong. All good then :D Sorry, as you know english is not my first language so i maybe missunderstand sometimes things :) But if you have any suggestions what i can do better in future feel free to share your opinion :)
Doppel (8 months ago)
Tianlein :( no....you explained it really good and it was understandable for me
Joseph Pace (8 months ago)
Very good to go over the basics for semi-noobs like me. (less than 720 CP). How many accounts do you have Provisioning leveled on? Thank you so much for the lovely guide.
Joseph Pace (8 months ago)
Tianlein Ok, very good. Awesomeness.
Tianlein (8 months ago)
It is always a good idea to do the daily crafting writs:) Beside of Inspiration you earn a good amount of gold and sometimes valuable items and survey maps. And later of course Master Crafting Writs. And with Addons you can so fast and easy complete the daily crafting wirts :)
Joseph Pace (8 months ago)
Tianlein Ok, perfect. I have been doing writs daily with two characters and sometimes with my others. Sounds like I'm basically on track. OK, thank you.
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are welcome and i am glad you find my little Video useful :) I have have two Master Crafter. But i level up with all my Characters all crafting skill lines just by doing the daily crafting writs and deconstructing items. Since i have already two profis i dont need to rush it with the other Characters ;)
Quasipants (8 months ago)
Some of the recipes sound so good, and some sound horribly gross. Minty Mudcrab Mojito! Blaaarhhgghhhh!
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Haha, yes you are right :D Luckily you have plenty of recipes to choose from ;)
Rain Lucid (8 months ago)
I love your voice tianlein
Silver Renegade (6 months ago)
Tianlein it really is a beautiful voice. I love hearing different accents
Doppel (8 months ago)
chris salvatore we all love it :3
Joseph Pace (8 months ago)
chris salvatore Me too. It's cool to hear English with different accents. I hear an American accent all day and a little variety is refreshing. Not that I don't like American, which I do.
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Thank you for your lovely compliment ❤
Zonfic Ficton (8 months ago)
Thank you for the guide, I always did want to be better at cooking! Really, the work you put in is very appreciated, may you keep it up!
Tianlein (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your kind words and support 😍
Derek Young (8 months ago)
Thanks Tianlein!
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are welcome and thank you for your support 🌺
NugenEnigma (8 months ago)
Thank you for this!
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are welcome 🌼
AVIARA (8 months ago)
Ty the Help too this video :)
Tianlein (8 months ago)
I am happy that you enjoyed my little guide :)
Kitria (8 months ago)
Super helpful! Thank you so much!
Tianlein (8 months ago)
You are welcome ❤

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