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Say THIS To Make Her Rip Your Clothes Off | How To Turn A Girl On

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Here's what to say to turn a girl on. (Women love these) Claim your free Instant Date Breakdown video: ►►► https://attractioninsights.com/instant-date In this video, Matt Artisan shares one phrase he used that turned a woman on so much it made her rip his clothes off. He reveals the psychology behind why this worked. AND he’ll teach you how you can use this as a great way to turn a girl on. She’ll be begging for you to take her to bed with you! What comes out of your mouth when you talk is powerful. The different ways to turn a girl on aren't that hard to master once you understand how it works. Your words alone can already arouse and excite her if you know how to use them right. You too can make her rip your clothes off by knowing exactly the things to say to a girl to turn her on! Want to know more about what to say to turn a girl on? Want to learn how to take beautiful women on "instant dates" moments after meeting them? Claim your free Instant Date Breakdown video: ►►► https://attractioninsights.com/instant-date Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted "World's Best New Dating Coach". Over the past 7 years, he's coached men in over 40 countries, including U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, and many more... He's the creator of Turn Her On Through Text, the C.Q.C. Day Game Method, and the 2-Minute Chase Me Method. ⇨ Follow Matt on Social Media ⇦ www.Instagram.com/mattardisson www.FaceBook.com/matt.ardisson.page/ SnapChat: mattardisson The Attractive Man is an international dating company famous for teaching “Deep Authentic Attraction.” It was founded by Matt Artisan who since has trained men in the art of attraction in over 40 different countries around the world. Click here to claim your free Instant Date Breakdown video: ►►► https://attractioninsights.com/instant-date ################################################################################################### MORE FROM THE ATTRACTIVE MAN Subscribe to The Attractive Man YouTube channel here: ► https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theattractiveman1 PLAYLISTS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR DATING LIFE: How To Talk To Girls ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxWdbKfbjojUujXJBEe5ghH Mindset and Inner Game ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwwJPmg5yUKmAf7-hlklj9IH Infield Approaches ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwxy9S_wdH6lkKG4JdtnrlwK How To Be Charismatic ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyqQsjWYl6Lq1CvAmjoXHOL Advanced Dating Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyu9AuzX1fGZRjFppTCqC43 Advanced Demonstrations ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyrwmn5UsZSYehnMHHP_Nmo Texting & Phone Tips ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL81KCO2IOpwyVK7GFWXJvtSKOnBYXSFgl ################################################################################################### We have a blog! Visit our website at http://theattractiveman.com/ Want more dates? Check out the bootcamp schedule here: ► http://daygametraining.com/ Want 1-on-1 private coaching? Then click here: ► http://1on1datingcoach.com
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Text Comments (290)
Righteous1 (3 days ago)
That girl is hot
Big O-power (4 days ago)
My iPad is bad
waVe 3939 (11 days ago)
Isn’t that girl a pornstar?
Mohamed el shenawy (19 days ago)
Your the best bro ,
Naman Kumar (29 days ago)
I like this girl.
Naman Kumar (28 days ago)
+The Attractive Man Love to watch you videos. Your videos are highly encouraging for a neophyte like me. I'm a shy person, so your channel is hope for me.
The Attractive Man (28 days ago)
Thanks for watching!
Varun Rode (1 month ago)
Let's hope it works thanks
The Attractive Man (1 month ago)
You can do it, man! 👊
Robert Barnes (1 month ago)
This works
GoogleLeviticus19-29 (2 months ago)
Why don't these BUMS get a real job, instead of always promoting sex EVERYWHERE. It's already a saturated market clown ... lol.
GoogleLeviticus19-29 (2 months ago)
I made a decision, that no "air head" or DUMBO woman will be the mother of my first kid. ( That’s only for the fine future wife ).The guys on my tab too ... Got it … lol.
GoogleLeviticus19-29 (2 months ago)
The reason why is because I want my future wife to know she didn't marry a pig -- but she got the top prize of a classy guy.
lonegeohound (2 months ago)
Look her in the eyes and say "Omlette du fromage"...works every time
Amsel Heinrich (2 months ago)
Time for all the loser fucks in the comments giving the all-mighty tip of "Be Yourself" Pff. Whats the point in taking action, in becoming a better person, in working out, in building charisma, learning to socialise, going out, getting reference experiences, building confidence, self-improvement... When you can just BE YOURSELF RIGHT? Yeah. Just be yourself guys, be that needy inferior, self defeating looser who's gonna wait for that "perfect girl" to come into his life in the "perfect time" and jerk off in the meantime instead. Ain't life so fucking convenient.
Salamakis Salaman (2 months ago)
I will fuck you when i am ready to fuck you erectile dysfunction confirmed!!!!
ThePokerbrat626 (2 months ago)
Im rich that's all u need to say
SeaBass Gorka (2 months ago)
This guy has definitely sucked a couple dicks
123jhxf (2 months ago)
this strikes me as abit misogynistic though tbh. relationships are meant to be built upon mutual respect and love. idk guys. thoughts?
J.R. Spliff 212 (2 months ago)
123jhxf it’s not. This is all about making suggestions, not ordering or forcing her to do anything. Never ask a girl, or anyone for that matter, anything. You’ll get better results for sure.
Jesse Osornia (2 months ago)
I love your channel
Snagy (2 months ago)
You’re a god man you’re like amazing holy shit I’ve never seen anything like it
kaminari hayoki (2 months ago)
You my friend always remind me of tips i stopped applying them.....
Black_Lightning (2 months ago)
Woud it work too when she sayes "just fuck me" can i alsow respont with "make me" i try not to copy im my own type
Philipp_6356 (2 months ago)
"Here is my credit card",works everytime.
The Attractive Man (2 months ago)
Thanks for the comment!
871jamie (2 months ago)
Spare me the bullshit. Just show up in a bad ass car and watch the panties drop! End of video! Lmao
871jamie (2 months ago)
Women are too much work these days. They can kiss my ass!
ElitePrestigeGR (2 months ago)
1.Be pretty 2.Be pretty 3.Have money
Dillon Mason (2 months ago)
Can't be so in control with most black girls... They unruly af.
Eccentric.Hooper (2 months ago)
A girl in a bar asked me to buy her a drink. I kinky replied, ''I'll buy you a drink if you give me a blowjob first'' She told me to fuck off.
Sakai A (2 months ago)
Check if she turns her back to ya Take a stick "I lost my pet spider" Poke her back softly *There u go*
Sakai A (2 months ago)
Thanks for the Reply
The Attractive Man (2 months ago)
Thanks for the comment
Sparsh Srivastava (2 months ago)
Man you are brilliant
Todd sperling (2 months ago)
Next line 10 months later, "That's not my baby"!
Vinset J. (3 months ago)
dude ur gf is fantastic..well done !
emmanuel Luria-agario (3 months ago)
Shes a P*rn actor named kirsten lee....is this p*rn actor you’re girlfriend?
supermansamoan Ulavale (3 months ago)
What a trash ass video not useful at all.
Mercury Simple (3 months ago)
I'll try this on a prostitute shell be over here in a few. I'll let yall know how it worked out tomorrow about this time.. its 22: 00 right now ttyl later tonight
Tiago Vidal (3 months ago)
Comand never got me laid. They refused and walked away. So this works if you're pretty. If you're fat and ugly aka me this doesn't work.
Nightcrafter Ok (3 months ago)
Worst video ever..
Evan Yaj (3 months ago)
The secret is "let's"
Denis Rovich (3 months ago)
"I'll fuck you when im ready to fuck you." That's some James Deen level shit.
Tonka Goldman (3 months ago)
My mrs would own you if you said that shit to her. You fuck bottom feeders.
NigNog (3 months ago)
Its real easy to turn on a girl who is already wanting to fuck you
RJ Views4U (3 months ago)
I don't want her to rip 'MY' clothes off, tell me how do I get her to rip HER clothes off. 👀
brai (3 months ago)
XI_ToXiN_IX (2 months ago)
The Guy In This Video Is the Real Joke. Wtf Dont Do this stuff unless you Just want to be Embarrassed and make yourself look like an Idiot just like the guy in the video. In the Real world This guy is A Virgin. Hes spreading False Facts for Publicity on the Internet. Get a fucking Life. And Upload Better Videos. Hahah Dumbass
XI_ToXiN_IX (2 months ago)
Amsel Heinrich You care. Because obviously Youre Looking at This dumbass in the video For advice. And Supporting his Bullshit in a dispute with me. The only reason I am. Because Somehow It appeared randomly in My News feed. I blocked Shit like this from appearing. Thats why I clicked on it. Because alls it is. Is fake news from Someone Who has no idea what the Fuck their talking about. Im outta Here bud. Tired of Arguing or debating with you. Only An idiot would believe this Guy. You know why ? Because it takes One to Know one. ✌
Amsel Heinrich (2 months ago)
I haven't really asked for your rundown. So... don't know what makes you think I care. To adress the conclusion however. I'm not here for the advice, i knew this stuff in advance. I just confirmed it. And your final advice is legit.
XI_ToXiN_IX (2 months ago)
Amsel Heinrich Haha Alright bud. Im going to Give you The rundown here. This is Advice coming from someone who has been laid. And if you ever saw me. Trust me you'd believe me. So As A Combat Sports Athlete And Fitness Junkie If You honestly think this guy is legit. I encourage you To walk up to the hottest Women you see today. And try this guys Bullshit out. I guarantee you 90% of the women you try this bullshit on. You're going to Be embarrassed and its going to be like Grabbing a Snake. Except youre not going to be grabbing the end that doesn't bite. I Bench press This Guys Weight. So To be clear. I dont need Pussy every single Day. As a matter Of Fact, I Only Prefer It When The Time calls for It. You need To Get a life bud. And so does the Guy in this Video. Because The more You Believe bullshit like this. Is reason You Never will Get Any. You Want Real Advice ? Heres Some. Man The Fuck up and just Go after It In the way that works best for you. And learn how to deal With Rejection. Im pretty Sure That this dumbass in the video Hasnt at all yet.
Amsel Heinrich (2 months ago)
@X_CaRnAgE_X-666 Pff. Well clearly you know better. Why aren't you off swimming in pussy instead of insulting people on the internet then? Everyone nowdays has a right to an opinion, everyone now has a right to criticism. But when the slightest disagreement or insight comes their way, better throw that shit all over. Swear, curse, attack the person, accuse, put them down! I have no idea who the guy in the video is. He may be a desperate nobody for all i know and care, but the advice he offers in this video is completely true from experienced mentours and personal experience.
XI_ToXiN_IX (2 months ago)
Amsel Heinrich Shut up You idiot. What did you copy and paste all that ? Anyone who Believes this guy in the video. Is clearly Never going to get any. And is a poor desperate Nobody like him. Who loves giving false Advice for Stupid publicity on the internet. Get a Fucking Life.
I smh don't like that guy.
Seventeen Seconds (3 months ago)
“Lets go grab a Mexican” “I don’t want to get fat” “Ice Cream it is then”
Mr LD (3 months ago)
I used the fraise, it didn't work made shit awkward, didn't think she liked it.
Victorem (3 months ago)
Isn't this Kirsten Lee ? P:
emmanuel Luria-agario (3 months ago)
Victorem yes it is
Takihero Squires (3 months ago)
"Ya like jaz???"
Max Morton (3 months ago)
Lmfao, I dont think that will work for every girl buddy.
J.R. Spliff 212 (2 months ago)
Max Morton Thank you, Captain Obvious.
THe GoLdEn TrUtH 1738 (3 months ago)
She rapied u lol
Ab Castro (3 months ago)
Thanks nice video l like all the videos you done l think every girl lady women female is cool .
Max Fragozo (3 months ago)
konahamaru sarutobi (3 months ago)
I will subscribe when I wanna subscribe
MisterPotatoBag (3 months ago)
"fuck me dammit" lol whats to argue about that ?! u just do it what she says mate
MisterPotatoBag (3 months ago)
heres good one too - "i drive bugatti chiron"
Salamakis Salaman (3 months ago)
This guy is a virgin Facts
XI_ToXiN_IX (2 months ago)
Salamakis Salaman 100% Accurate Statement.
George Reyes (3 months ago)
Is that Kirsten lee
lll lll (3 months ago)
yes haha
Sloe Bone (3 months ago)
Well if it works for James Bond and Ryan Gosling, it should work for me!
Caleb Ferrell (3 months ago)
The real frase is, The Earth is flat pee is stored in the balls.
Noblesse Obligee (4 months ago)
Someone should probably that this is only applicable in the following situation: She finds you attractive (doesn't necessarily need to be physically attractive, but damn does it help), you have enough charisma to pull it off, she actually is into the idea of sex in general and with you specifically, and you're already in the situation (either literally a place, like a bar, or in the emotional place, like someone you're on a date with). Oh, and, most importantly, she actually doesn't want to make choices herself. Cuz, ya'know, there actually are really attractive women who want an equal amount of control and get annoyed when some guys (or girls) do half the things this video mentioned, or don't like people who always want to be in control. Typically (not always), these are also women with good jobs, as they've had enough of shit like that in their workplace, where literally no one wants her to be in control of anything. It should also be noted that neither anything I've said nor anything said in the vid are rules for everyone, because everyone's different, and anyone who thinks a specific phrase, sentence, or mindset will work to get anyone to do something they want is just delusional. Plus, different countries have INCREDIBLY different types of people that abhor things that people in other countries love.
ChrisJ Fox (3 months ago)
Noblesse Obligee for sure
Noblesse Obligee (3 months ago)
+ChrisJ Fox I agree, but we both know that there are many people looking up these kinds of people who dont realize that, and wont think of it Hence why it should have been said somewhere, either in the video or in the comments or something
ChrisJ Fox (3 months ago)
Noblesse Obligee well of course this advice isn't for the second you meet a girl. The connection should already be apparent and established.
Andy Faull (4 months ago)
But my clothes are expensive.....
garry burns (4 months ago)
Bro you just put me on game 😭 shit be working
Banzetti (4 months ago)
Master of manipulation
gavin Reid (4 months ago)
Get your kit off.
Anthony Tapia (4 months ago)
amit adhav (4 months ago)
What kind of WhatsApp status we should put??
Lorenzo Dungca (4 months ago)
Hey just this to my girlfriend and I didn’t work I think I’m going gay now
Shifty (22 days ago)
No homo though.. But for real that's the worse of the worst choice to have lol..
Jester Locker (2 months ago)
xXIts_GucciXx , Remember, its ok to fuck a man, its not gay if you dont make eye contact...
So Tree (3 months ago)
xXIts_GucciXx don't if its just because a girl rejected you, keep going strong man you aren't alone.
Julien Caesar (5 months ago)
Ha.. good points... I'll fuck you when I'm ready to fuck you.. lol love it. Great tips on how to be funny and to stay in control but not be controlling... thanks.
Rasheik Bailey (5 months ago)
Dude everything you said is so true and I have been doing this but your method helps me tweak it
LIyre (5 months ago)
This kind of just make you come of as a dickhead
Abd-Elrahman Salah (5 months ago)
I want the instagram of the model
John McStacy (5 months ago)
I tried this and she asked if I wanted to f**k her!
n/ a (5 months ago)
Super fat girl, yeah i want 🍦
n/ a (5 months ago)
Phrase: " I'll pay you $500 to take my clothes off".
BradWietersen (5 months ago)
He's right tho. Saying: "C'mon, let's go play some pool" is a lot better than saying: "Do you wanna play some pool?"
Manny lekoma (5 months ago)
Matt's the best
Etka (6 months ago)
How to say bye to a girl Bye: WRONG BON VOYAGE ME OLD CREAM CRACKER: correct
jpmorphhilson Soldof (6 months ago)
N i n e b a l l
Albert Giesbrecht (6 months ago)
Let's go to the 7-11 for a Coke Slurpee.
Flegpuppy (6 months ago)
The only comment that I have is WOW the babe is hot.
Robert McCargar (6 months ago)
what's the line? he didn't say nuthin'
Ms. Leen (7 months ago)
So was your study on masochistic women! I am a woman and I found most of what you said stupid! (Especially the f****part).
D snacks (7 months ago)
Let her make you pancakes do not make her pancakes
Shimon Wein (7 months ago)
Tried this on my mom and she loved it
Kiki The hamster (2 months ago)
U need holy water
Blood Shadow (2 months ago)
Holy shit I just pictured granny porn my eyes
A Ace (2 months ago)
THIS, this is why I read comments. Hahaha gold
ZiSt1989 (3 months ago)
the good ole 'I'll do the dishwasher when I'm ready to do the dishwasher' thingy. never worked on me, though
Alex Sandro (3 months ago)
Moses Estrada (7 months ago)
Does this trick work even if youre watching the video in front of her?
OffTarget (3 months ago)
Probably xD xD If you show signs that you want to be the man now, that you are trying to learn how to take the lead... She might find that attractive, though it's probably best to do it in private.
Kinh Konn (7 months ago)
Misogyny. Who would've thought.
Z31Rider (7 months ago)
No wonder why I get girls, drive them crazy, and have amazing sex.
David Akin (7 months ago)
Beware of fake hãçkërs and rippers! Message @fredparker_ on instagram if you need help hâćkïng any instagram account. He charges $50 only after håčkiñg the account.
365 days of fitness (7 months ago)
Btw movies are not real bruv "lets get out of here"- ok .
KPEC3arrival (7 months ago)
matt artisan. i’m starting to develop courage to get the digits. i think everything he says is right. it seems right. the best part is that it’s unscripted
Thayla May (7 months ago)
As a girl, I agree with this 👍 take cues from James Bond.
Torsten Bot (7 months ago)
you are a genius
Mike Hawk (7 months ago)
Look up 4th of July on pornhub, she's on it.
lindsay musgrave (8 months ago)
TheKaneECO (8 months ago)
"take your clothes off"
Lance Norton (8 months ago)
Say yes you can have 3 or 4 boyfriend's
Steven Gentile (8 months ago)
This guy is like Hank Moody from Californication
FvnesseGvd 15 (8 months ago)
This don’t work for black chicks
truth last (8 months ago)
Why do all this.?.. Get marry in right time....
Augustin (8 months ago)
I agree 100% I'm normally like this not knowing I'm doing it. honest truth I have no idea why this girl I just met went crazy and telling me she's so horny and pinch my nipple then of course things flying all over. I asked her do you always sleep with guys on the spot she says no I say so why me she goes your certain and a bad guy very demanding in a generous way and I find that stimulating 👍👍👍best advice 😁✌

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