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He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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Text Comments (2771)
upma singh (12 hours ago)
plzz help me
upma singh (12 hours ago)
i want to marry my bf firstly it was not effecting me he told me that he is going to tell his parents about me i was so happy but now after a month he suddenly stopped talking to me n when he communicated he shouted on me n said my parents ll not allow love marriage so if u want to be with me u can but i ll not marry u what sud i do to get him back n tht he talks for me with parents and wants me desperately in his whole life
Lloyd Spencer (20 hours ago)
This sounds like high school games. Personally, I would not text except to see if it's ok to call. Then I would do things with a more personal touch. Text is cold and unfeeling and meanings are lost without the inflection of spoken words. Moreover, If something happened to my wife I honestly dont think I would date again given the current state of the world today.
Hazard I (2 days ago)
All I want to say is. Matthew’s wife=luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Great video keep it up. I think we can all agree that you help us all greatly.😀👌
humming bird (2 days ago)
i find it very funny when he sent the grandpa emoji 🤷‍♀️😂
Jessica Tran (3 days ago)
Can I have a Matthew by my side at all times.
Baima van Ruijven (4 days ago)
I really need to learn from you
Sour Pop (4 days ago)
The editing is so hilarious bcs its so serious, meanwhile this is such a silly subject 😂
Glaucia Mesquita (5 days ago)
Honestly, I am so, so, SO tired of this game. I wish I cold just be. My interest grows when I realize the other person is interested, if they are not, I just want them to gtfo and don't even care. I hate the games, they don't work for me. The problem is that this time I actually fell in love, after YEARS of not falling for anybody, and being flipped around like this HURTS and now I find myself actually playing this fucking game!!!
Nesrine Ranouch (4 days ago)
Oh girl the same here hate games
koko rockoko (6 days ago)
thank you so much! great conversation!
MsPlacidia (6 days ago)
First of all the funny thing is I am over thirty and already know this. Kind of. But it is soooo helpful to hear it in a focused and easy way. I tried it. I was a little bit annoyed that a guy didn´t act in a active way. We decided during chatting we want to meet each other. As the days before. Then silence. Good night wishes from him. I got annoyed again. But I learned so good night from me as well plus "have a nice week". I took my mobile phone away. Next morning: "Just say when do you have time?" ;) I watched your videos a lot the last days and I really like the thing to be honest with your standards in a nice way. That is what I really learned. Honestly, I am the aggressive type. I do always push if a guy is too slow... *smile* but not any more. And damn it feels good. Today was really nice to chat with him. I recognize his interest and also that he really like that he can acting like a man, hunting a little bit because I let him go being active. Let him looking for a nice Cafe and made clear that I will be surprise what he is going to choose for us :))
Ana Porretta (7 days ago)
You're funny and I like your advice seems pretty legit I tried to click on your link to order your book but it said this page wasn't available??? Thanks
Drawing_ Trash00 (10 days ago)
Watching this and my crush texted me Lmao
Nick Wild (11 days ago)
I am a straight guy and I find this to be very useful it's not about how much you talk it's about what words you say !
huels1984 (12 days ago)
Grandpa emoji hahahahah
Lucía Díaz Robles (12 days ago)
I wish I had a friend like Matthew.. I’d just hand him over my phone and relax 😄
TheMRock888 (13 days ago)
nidiajudith (13 days ago)
Grandpa Emoji - GTFO of Here!!!!!! LOL
Cammie Van Zyl (14 days ago)
Does this advice work for teenage boys too? :/
samia rial (14 days ago)
I need a lesbian version hhh a girl's mind is different than a man's
Alice Lockwood (15 days ago)
Why dating is so exhausting? ;(((
Dharma Jimenez (16 days ago)
I loved this.
Mariel Tader (16 days ago)
Wish I had seen this with the last guy lol XD I thought "playing it cool" was a waste of time and I needed to show energy right away to get results right away -- but that just cooled everything off and wasted way more of my time
MissSerialFan (16 days ago)
Shiiit I just realized I fucked up.
Andrea Stinchcomb (16 days ago)
I'm so trying this.😊😊😊
Aaron Maxwell (17 days ago)
That message was... genius.
Telka Schmidt (17 days ago)
I was in a similar situation and used the “all good!” response and it worked perfectly. The guy immediately started putting more effort into trying to see me
Njeri Irene (18 days ago)
So handsome!
sugarfaith (19 days ago)
Well because of you me and my man back again..Thanks!!! Learn to value yourself 1st then youll see....😊
jjsmith27 (20 days ago)
You are an absolute genius, teaching me so much, thank you x
KIMINKINK ' (20 days ago)
I don't even have a single male on my contacts, not even my dad.
Shad Toni (21 days ago)
I watched and this is amazing. I need your help !!!
Reinvention (21 days ago)
This episode was so stressful ... Really? Friday?!
Elsa Angel (21 days ago)
A question please, I meet a guy on chat only, and he asked me on a date, which I said yes to him, once he meet with me he hug me like he knew me for a very lone time and said he likes me a lot, on how we was talking on this date, he was just saying I like you I like you, 4 times in ever one minute, what that means?
Rain Clouds (22 days ago)
A man knows what he wants...he will mark his territory when he's is into you, there are no ifs, and buts about it. You won't be confused about his intentions and you won't have to wonder and ponder about his motives.
Nelley Knight (22 days ago)
This is why I hate dating too many stupid rules 🙄
Ana V. (23 days ago)
I’m in a Tuesday situation. Asked a guy out for next Saturday, still waiting for an answer.. But now I alt least now to do if he just makes excuses afterwards 🤷🏻‍♀️
Miss Always Blessed (23 days ago)
Whatever happened to phone calls. I guess I'm just old school.
Simone Regina (24 days ago)
Wouldn't wanna see this guy again not only because my feelings would be hurt, but because this seems like a weird start to a relationship. I feel like it's way too early to be having issues like this, I'd just walk away. We should be all about each other in the beginning, and if you're not about me... ✌🏾
Amy Gao (24 days ago)
wth is with people and replying late
Irma Ocasio (24 days ago)
Thank  you, this information helped a lot!!!  Now I know what I was doing wrong.  Thank you Matthew.  Irma Rubi
sophydw (24 days ago)
Funny video 😂😂😂
elalaouisosseynabil (25 days ago)
Girls, DON'T DO ANYTHING TO CHANGE YOURSELVES after watching this video! You're beautiful as you are & YOU RUN THE WORLD FOR A REASON 😍 Guys always go for physical traits, sure, but learning how to make men really fall in love with you will probably prove to be invaluable... trust me... some girls just need to learn how to attract men with their feelings and not just by looks. No offense, but that's what made all the difference for me personally 😍 if you need a good guide on how to actually captivate a man with more than just your looks to make him fall deeply in love with you, i definitely recommend checking out ReelingHimIn.com 🙏 Personally, I feel like I was getting nowhere with all the different YouTube channels though until I discovered that site lol. gl babes 💞 🙏
Gabs Dost (25 days ago)
I just died laughing lmaooooooooooooo thanks Matt
midnightmoon crazyness (26 days ago)
easy done
Amaro Pasha (26 days ago)
God he's so cute
Leo Anna (27 days ago)
This grandpa made me laugh. Great video
Isaac Destiny Uzeme (27 days ago)
Jackasses 😉😉 Cool 😊
Lisa H (27 days ago)
you are gr8t
Bless Blissey (28 days ago)
I have a question.. does blowing hot and cold is a common thing for an american men to do? I just dont understand from im chinese Indonesian. Blowing hot and cold is a big NO NO for us. Either you chase crazily or pull away once and for all when you feel like you are not interested. But this particular man I meet, the very first blowing hold and cold scenario in my life. He’s an American born chinese (mixed) . Met him 2 months ago and at that time i was still in a 3 years relationship (well a dysfunctional one) . He is so much older than me. He is 46 and im 28 YO. but he looks so damn young for his age! He looks like someone in his early to mid 30s! Handsome exotic face and hot gym figure! Hes a foreign trader looking for a translator for a project and i met him under this business event. Everything was normal and proffesional until 3 days after our meeting and he left my country. He knows that i have a boyfriend cos i use couple picture as my whatsapp profile picture but he just keep pursuing me and chasing after me. Until one point i asked him to please back off and spare me. I told him that im already in a dysfunctional relationship and trying hard to hold onto my relationship and ask him to please go away and spare me a headache and delusion espc if hes not even serious. That statement made him even more determined and crazy over me that he flew all the way to my country to see me even just for 4 days. It can only be 4 days for he needs to fly straight to US asap for christmas. We kissed and i told him that i will have to break my bf up cos ive cheated. His response was “im happy.. you are finally mine” . So hes back to US for xmas. We text intensely, callin me when i requested, sending me pics or videos of his house, family, pets, christmast situation etc. everything is fine and hot until the day id really broken up with my bf... i texted him and told him that id broken up with my bf and asked him are we in a exclusive relationship now? His response “im happy. I cant wait to see and do it in person when i meet you”. But after that he disappeared for 4 days. I didnt text or look for him at all. On the day he texted me back was on my birthday. He sent sweet birthday greetings, blowing HOT! But that only last for few days the hotness. Now hes practically blowing hold and cold all over me. Hot a day, cold 2 days. Its been a month since our last meeting. And since the very first day we met, we’d only spent total numbers of 5 days together. Bcos we are in different countries. I really dont know what to do now!! Im fallin hard for him. Hes blowing hot and cold so i guess hes not very into me but hes flying over to see me in 7 days!! What should i do?? Are most american men like that? How should i react when i see him?? Should i define our relationship before we get intimate or after we get intimate? Please help!!!!
Bless Blissey (28 days ago)
And hes not married. Completely single... anyone seem to understand what this man is thinking?
ZainabSattar Muttar (28 days ago)
I need this guy to replay to that jerk I'm texting 😞
roisin ni ghabhann (28 days ago)
I need to re-watch this every week
Sarai Zuleta (28 days ago)
Lmfao the emoji !
daisy smith (29 days ago)
Ha ha this was so good! Smart thinking Lincoln
Selena Rose (29 days ago)
whyhesgone.com 😂😂😂 funny name
Sarah Borowik (30 days ago)
I cannot even express my appreciation for your style of analyzing this 😊
Sherin Paul (30 days ago)
@Matthew Hussey Sir ur speeches are the most psychological truths i have ever felt true in case of relationships.. and i have been trying to find an answer for my relationship issue as well.. and which is kinda complicated.. im a BDS graduate and i fell in love with my cousin. our families wont allow this marriage for sure .. but we still wanna carry on out a lil further more just becz we love each other so dearly... but we do consider our families as well.. dats y we r planning to break up when its time... but being humans, this relationship led us to more difficult situations in our hearts .. we had our kiss.. we had our sex .. and we love each dearly very much still... but now i feel he is investing less on me .. and dat kills me like hell.. he promised me he wud never leave my hand till when its time .. he will always der with me during our grief and hapines .. but practically his job load has indeed increased and i undrstnd it...but weekends also seems too much difficult fr him to invest fr me .. we did have protected sex on dec 2018.. and thereafter we dint ever meet each other .. he also had a random converse dat he wil start feeling like cheatg his future wife .. but he apologised fr dis comment he passed a couple of times now .. but im not able to forget it as well.. it hurt me a lot.. of all the regret of not letting my parents knw about all this .. or to have done all this with him whom im nt gna marry... im dying now of regret ... sir can u plssss help me out?? 😭
MISS QLHLYN (30 days ago)
0:46 At least he reply
Why is this me. I'm always so available because I don't care about the relationship in the beginning and this screws it up in the long road. I've started to answer more like the the advice in this video. Haven't helped my love-life but sure have felt good to have standers.
J Wahine (1 month ago)
Thank you for all your very helpful knowledgeable advice
Daisy Chain Cosplay (1 month ago)
I couldn't date him after the no texting til Friday bs
becky zolu (1 month ago)
Oh he's good in wat he says 😂 I tryed this and he's still not giving me anything back yet , still a work in progress tho , he only wants me as a booty call ....i was going to go all in but now see it as a "let's see what happens" kinda vibe and it's all thanks to this guy keeping me sane 😂
Its me Isy (1 month ago)
Im going to use this- i have a bad habit of always investing more than the other
Nesrine Ranouch (4 days ago)
Girl look if s.o is giver be twise that if his not treat him the same pace thanku
Ginger Kelly (1 month ago)
Thank you I'll try it
where is the tea (1 month ago)
I actually need Best friend like this man :) Which one actually can write message to my crush
Crimson - (1 month ago)
*the intro made me subscribe*
Chiara Pontillo (1 month ago)
Any update on this situation??? I want to know how it ended! Also the video was so funny I watched it twice ahah
Flash (1 month ago)
This is really good haha
Tarlan Aliev (1 month ago)
So im here for some help. Im talking to this girl i really like. We started talking for long periods but at some moments she comes in between with "were just friends right?". At first I told her im not looking for a "friend" and that she should be serious with me and tell me everything that is on her mind, im not here to waste time. Another time she said the same thing and i told her i was ok with us being friends (maybe) and that it doesnt hurt my feelings. I then didnt message her for 2 days and when i did she said: you were ignoring me. I said no but im sorry if you wanted to talk. Now at this moment i dont understand why she wants me to start the conversation. Im just waiting for her to message me. If she wont, ill ask her why she thinks it is hard for her to start. Now the question is why does she do this and how should i get her to invest more in me. BTW i think mtthew is amazing and the tips work either way😜.
Lisaheartheecho (1 month ago)
So wrong but hilarious :- O I hope your friend is happy :) Cool advice and vids (from Lisa, UK - new sub!)
Sonya Azr (1 month ago)
Great video
Ramon Tragedy (1 month ago)
Grandpa emoji, savage.
Beauty Starlight (1 month ago)
I laugh hard for this video 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so funny 😂
lazy gizmo (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who got the grandpa emoji? It was a joke.
Vinny C. (1 month ago)
This is so fucking complicated. ugh
karlspel (1 month ago)
Also, can you imagine dumping someone by linking them "Whyhesgone.com"? That would be ROUGH!
karlspel (1 month ago)
This is pretty solid advice but i'm a little iffy about the dramatic music in the background. But i also don't mind it. It's actually kinda funny!
wierdkidme 123 (1 month ago)
Simple yet powerful and stable. Yet. I gotta question, how do you get out of akward silence on text?or explain why girls pull away
Rev KiKi (1 month ago)
Is He wearing his Shirt Upside down?
Carla X (1 month ago)
I just send him: Okay :) after he answered my message by correcting my grammar... 7 hours late...
Carla X (1 month ago)
He send me a meme
shruti d (1 month ago)
I need a help from u i had cheated my friend in past he broked up with me i cannot live without him I want him back he is angry on m what to do
Nesrine Ranouch (4 days ago)
No girl no it doesnt work like that jast try too moove on his only gona hurt u k start overrrr
Carla Luna (1 month ago)
I just noticed that I fucked up when I accepted a man's excuse :o
Nana Dunkins (1 month ago)
Hi, thanks for great video. I like a guy but the problem is he never texts me first. I showed him that I like him, we texted before. But we stopped texting, we never had a chance to meet each other, and I really want to meet him in person! how to start a conversation if the guy isn’t texting me first? Cuz I think he isn’t going to text me first...
Alpha Nadia (1 month ago)
Damn it.. Damn it.. Damn it... Hhhh... I'm doing wrong aaaaalllllll the time aishhhh...
Sha S (1 month ago)
i don't like guys like that. seems like those guys who throw out a bait and see which one bites. i'm not into fisherman. i like a guy who knows what he wants and goes all in.
Zeena (1 month ago)
Ur acc the best
resi _ (1 month ago)
This is brilliant 🙌
Nia Renée (1 month ago)
Wow this man drops gems
Elsy Melkonian (1 month ago)
I also must say that your videos changed my life ..It really states an important fact that we all tend to forget about: have a positive attitude and work hard.and things should bring THE result you long to see
Elsy Melkonian (1 month ago)
Very smart video. I can't thank you enough Matthew Hussey!
Reckless Recluse (1 month ago)
I would just send him a link to better internet plans and never talk to him again ^-^
John s (1 month ago)
this has nothing to do with playing games or anything really complicated. it has to do with something simple. learning to settle. see as much as girls don't want to hear it dealing with women expecially nowadays is tough. expecially as they get older. simply because most women aren't attractive enough to offset the balance of dealing with all of the nonsense. we men don't want to be alone. but we don't want to be abused tricked and forced to be what you want through playing mind games. we want a nice woman to be intimate with and to spend time with. not fix your problems deal with your kids and all that stuff. and on top of that most times a woman over 35 or so is hefty and a drag. we simply want something that is not possible and it's a struggle deciding if being lonely is better than dealing with the settling of being with a woman who doesn't have much to offer anymore
Bron_cena (1 month ago)
The music makes the guy sound like a pedo
Ankita Mitra (1 month ago)
I have become a big fan of you.. I watch your every video... I love all of them..
ando1135 (1 month ago)
This even happens with people you’re just trying to be friends with. I always seem to befriend the “bad texter” I’m just about over it already, I’m always invested in trying to hang out nor whatever but I send an text and it goes into limbo.
Tsira K (1 month ago)
Matthew, that background music was so epic. Made every thing more exciting.
InKaturah (1 month ago)
i love the background music
The Howling Misogynist (1 month ago)
Guy is either totally clueless, or he is deliberately pandering to the female narcissistic ego. If you want good dating advice - go and speak to your happily married friends. Your single friends are not friends - they are COMPETITORS !!
Vante Noona (1 month ago)
You helped me so much
Be mery (1 month ago)
U saved my life Matthew 😊

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