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He’s Stringing You Along? Text Him This Now... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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►► Confused About Why Men Disappear? My FREE guide explains → http://www.WhyHesGone.com ▼ Don’t Miss Out! Subscribe to my YouTube channel now. I post new dating advice for women every Sunday. ▼ If you're confused about what to text men, you don't want to miss this step-by-step breakdown I did showing a woman exactly what to text back to a guy who had disappeared on her. And, you won't believe how he responded! [Topics: What to text him, why men disappear, ghosting, why men flake, how to get him to ask you out] ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com ▼ Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect With Me… ▼ Blog → http://www.gettheguy.co.uk/blog/ Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey Music by - Chez Gonzales - CZER PRODUCTIONS
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Text Comments (2730)
Theodore Skinner (3 days ago)
I'll tell you right now if a guy does this his attraction is really low for you and youll most likely be just a comfort nothing else.
yashmin saroye (3 days ago)
I really wanna talk to you....I need your help.
The guy i have feelings today told me " i can not give you what you want. You can find someone else who will really love you..." Crying, drinking blah blah blah.watchinh your video puts a smile on my face, you are so funny ! Hahaha....I love your way! 2:22
Barnone ITDONTSTOP (6 days ago)
Excuses are lies...gota put my shield over my ❤ heart again...no times for games...if u like or love u show them your words don't matter nomore....
J Rae (7 days ago)
She moved from pursuer to distancer. Which resulted in him pursuing.
Yvonne Carrasco (7 days ago)
I would of left him alone as soon as he didn't reply until 2 days later the first time. Nope not happening!
iulioana (10 days ago)
More of these, please!!!
Vale.leuk (10 days ago)
April Bennion (11 days ago)
You’re the best!!
Maya Jethwa (12 days ago)
Hi how can I send you a private message please?
Ji Li (15 days ago)
Nothing is really happening between us...
Ji Li (15 days ago)
It's not about politeness, it's about attraction
Thanh L. (16 days ago)
I wonder what happened afterwards, like did it work out in the end? Or did he turn out to continuously display flakey and non-committal/casual behaviour
Mrs tedder (18 days ago)
Saw him on a Snapchat story saw the type of Content he makes and his FACE had to come lol
Amber Saxon (20 days ago)
My bf just LAST MINUTE canceled us hanging out after I showered, plucked all the hair from my lower half, and went through the process of makeup ready to head out the door. His excuse was "I'm with a buddy". I know I'm trying too hard, but when I don't he starts asking questions as to why I've gotten distant and when I give my reasons calmly and nonchalantly, he gets pissy and more distant. I'm losing my mind. IT TAKES GIRLS FOREVER TO GET READY FOR A DATE YOU "MEN"!
Lucid System (21 days ago)
You know I’ve heard of your channel before and been interested but never really watched you. I clicked on this video and now I’m subscribed. Definitely wish I had checked your channel out sooner!
Bob Jones (21 days ago)
Seeing how distraught women are with men is confusing to me as a man who knows how distraught men are with women. Maybe we should just be honest with each other?
Will Perry (21 days ago)
Hey simp...people want what they can't have. Notice how she chases. Probably had 4 or more stringing along. 3.5 billion women on the planet. So many so little time.
Will Perry (21 days ago)
Kaht you Brita stay in your own country and continue to destroy it?
Amy Berkowitz (23 days ago)
I like this guy. He gets to the point quickly.
Queen xravencake985x (24 days ago)
My ex stopped texting me and he planned a day to hangout but then blew me off
Egle Davidsoniene (24 days ago)
Interesting topic. Women and men should be friends and lovers always, but be just each to other and make each other needs. Thank you. You made grate work.
Top Dawg (27 days ago)
DA fuq friday👴
Katherine Liriano (28 days ago)
God, I wish I could think like Matt at the precise moment rather than making myself look like an idiot.
Laura Love (28 days ago)
Im glad i found your channel new subscriber
kitthe cat (1 month ago)
*tries to slip into Matthews circle of friends*
K S (1 month ago)
Why a guy is checking in and call you for your first date then the day comes, he messaged you on the time you’re supposed to meet up that he is running super late and asked you if we can do at this time instead?? WTH
Jennifer Taylor (1 month ago)
LMFAO!! The Twilight Phone
Laura Mclay (1 month ago)
This is such a great video! 😂
Eva Lee (1 month ago)
So, here is my dilemma. It is a little lengthy, so I'm sorry. (Viewers, feel free to comment and give feedback/constructive criticism/support) My dilemma is that I have been friends with this guy since November. I had been dumped by my girlfriend of 2 years early in October, and I had met this guy on several occasions at social events on my college campus through mutual friends. When I first met him, I was like "Oh, so you're the funny guy that everyone in Group X keeps mentioning! Did you know that you kind of look like Jake Gyllenhaal?" which got a laugh from him. Aside from his similarity to a celebrity, I was fairly disenchanted by him because I was still heartbroken by my ex. Flash forward a few weeks after this initial meeting, and I see him twice in a play on campus. I didn't say much to him as another one of my close friends was also in the play, hence my reasoning for seeing it twice to support this friend. On the first night, I was heavily emotional, thinking about my ex and how I had wished she had been there supporting our friend. On night two, I took more notice of this guy and really noticed how cute he was and how talented he is. I still did not do anything to move forward on that, as I was still recovering from heartbreak and it wouldn't have felt right to just be like "Hey, I know I just met you, but you're cute, here's my number, etc." I let it go, and I just went about my life. Well, he shows up in my suggested friends' list on Facebook days later, so I decided "What the hell?" and I sent him a friend request. He replied back almost instantly and started liking my posts, one right after the other. I still thought nothing of it, but it admittedly excited me. In the morning, I saw him still up liking posts of mine and such and I decided to tease him with a little "How are you even awake right now?" as he had been up liking my posts until nearly 1 am. Days go by and we're talking over Thanksgiving break here in America, and then we decided to meet in person for dinner when we came back to university. That initial meeting was admittedly rather awkward as we had other friends around who had inserted themselves into the group to sit and chat. However, we continued to talk, and at points, it got almost flirtatious. There was even one instance where I had done a texting roleplay with him that was quite flirty and very almost intimate, and he said something along the lines of "I'd kiss it to make it better, but I'm not qualified for that." Looking back, I wish I had said something like "I think you are confusing me with someone who has been on more dates with you, has gotten to know you better and is ready to kiss you" instead of just getting scared. Nevertheless, fast forward to now, and I have brought up my attraction to him 3 times. Never have I been taking things too fast, but I do guess that I have been a bit more invested. However, I'm confused as he does show very often that he cares, and this last time, I even told him that no matter what he chooses, his friendship is more important to me than my "crush" on him. Have I done the wrong thing here, and possibly what can I do to fix this, aside from being just friends and allowing him the space to make more efforts to text me, talk to me, meet up with me in person, etc? He still sits with me when he sees me, even though he can choose to go anywhere else, and he still at times makes efforts and excuses to get closer to me but has rejected me twice. Should I stay friends, cut him off and move on, or subtly "move on" with room for him to come after me should he actually start having feelings?
Mark (1 month ago)
Texting is for booty calls, not for a relationship. Here's a clue a guy/girl just wants sex: they use text.
Gampi Nyokir (1 month ago)
I think u should be a girl... then u would my best friend
Clarisaaa (1 month ago)
What do I answer him if he does not answer me for 11 days, dont open the messages, but was online the whole Freaking time. I've known him for a while now. We already kissed (...and a lil more) and have a close connection. We write regularly. As an excuse he said: he was away for a while, to switch off, breathe and have peace. What is a good answer here? 🙄
Learn Mech (1 month ago)
Thanks for the advice. I'm fed up with my boyfriend. He's cold towards me, he treats as if I don't exist. There are sometimes when I decided to break up and at those moments he wore the sweetest boyfriend mask. I hope that your method will work for him .
Zidkon (1 month ago)
Here is me trying to learn more about relationships. So I play this one when I text the girl I like. After meeting I wait couple days to see if she takes initiative, if she doesn't then I do but start slow pace. Whatever the time she takes to answer my first message I take around the same time to reply back. If she increases her response time I double that time, or at least reply in x1.5 of that time. If she reduces the response time, I do half of her response time, to a minium of normal conversation time, at this point I make random 1-2 min delay for some messages. That way if she wanna get interesting, I'm more interesting than her, if she wants to invest, I will invest more but not excesive. Way to go! The only thing that I need now is a girl to talk to :)
Zorel wood (1 month ago)
Love 5:08 xD
Ciara Boyle (1 month ago)
What happens if he tells his girl what colour panties is she wearing ? What is he then saying to his girl ?
Charmekia White (1 month ago)
2:42 Priceless. Block and move on
Lonje Maries Wisdom (1 month ago)
Fucking awesome videos!!!!
MarshmallowCUPCAKee1 (1 month ago)
This guys behaviour would be such a turn off to me, just the long waiting period between replies would have been enough for me to lose interest.
K G (1 month ago)
I feel like I just did this on my own with a guy who not only would text every few days, but only invite me over passed 8:30pm to watch movies/touch me when I was really craving adventure and day time activities. (Hes 27 and I’m 30 I told him I’m really outgrowing/bored w. hooking up) I told him this and he did offer to go out, BUT, I never replied because I started seeing another guy that was my exact speed- spearfishing, hiking, road trips, etc. where we bonded incredibly. I learned it’s best to be cut throat with your standards to find true happiness. Do not entertain that feeling of mediocrity you think you are receiving ❤️
F U (1 month ago)
This guy is is so sexy! Fml. 🤭
Brinstar (1 month ago)
I wish I was Matt's friend :(
wateva2819 (1 month ago)
This video is one of your funniest, Matthew. Thanks for making me laugh. :)
Ruqayyah J (1 month ago)
I love you Matthew Hussey! Really needed this golden advice. ❤
Butterfly Enchanted (1 month ago)
I'm tired of men collectively
Jacqueline P (1 month ago)
Going through this right now. I play it cool.. then he responds
Dipti Pawar (1 month ago)
Loved it... it was exactly wat I was looking for... thankkkkk you.
Xx xX (1 month ago)
I just got breadcrumbed for over a month by a male I fell in love with. When we were together I fell so hard for him, we had a misunderstanding one evening and it ended kinda sour. I tried to make it up to him and reconnect, but he breadcrumbed me for over a month. I would pick myself up and move on every week, and then he’d text giving me so much hope it would go back to the way it was. It was the most emotionally devastating and exhausting month of my life (recently) and it was just insulting and cruel. I would give anything to have him back but I wouldn’t want to be with a girl who would come back after a month of breadcrumbing and insulting fuckery. So I guess that’s that 😪 what a prick.
H A P P Y _ CHANEL (2 months ago)
Oh God!.. This is me 😢
Anne G. (2 months ago)
Wouldn't a guy who doesn't text back quickly in the first place not be a guy worth investing in at all? Like, I think she shouldn't have responded with the grandpa-esque speed comment in the first place. She should have just responded "good, how are you?" and leave it at that. Let him continue the conversation and peace out if he doesn't proceed to ask the woman out.
Natasha (2 months ago)
Brilliant 😂😂 I think we need to have a ‘Cyber Sociology’ class in schools in the very near future This guy needs to do it
Lion flower (2 months ago)
Like my mom always told me. "No andes de ofrecida" Translation: don't be easy, don't be a beggar. Haha why is this in my recommendations?
Edith Peña (2 months ago)
Wow, I wish you were my friend and help me replaying texts
Bluekiss 2525 (2 months ago)
I would have texted the same thing, have a great week 🙂, i probably think like a man Lol
Michelle Wade (2 months ago)
As a fan of The Twilight Zone.. this is freaking awesome. I smiled thru the whole intro.
nanou dz (2 months ago)
I wish I had a friend like you hehe
Baw CraftWorx (2 months ago)
you are fucking hilarious
Moonbeam Tipi (2 months ago)
I loved your video Matthew! You are great and us girls surely need to understand the crazy games some men are up to. But it is sad that we need to think and know about gaming rules and how to not text etc. So sad. But I loved the vid! :)
Natty Rocberry (2 months ago)
i wanna start seeking out relationships where i aint gotta play these games.
1234 5678 (2 months ago)
Grandpa emot by Friday. !! .....bin him ! And the texts from him after that are a load of b.s.
obaa aquah (2 months ago)
Your advice is really useful...tnx 🙏
Justin England (2 months ago)
Interesting to hear what man and women are taught, I can see the conflict here.
Justin England (2 months ago)
The problem is, men feel they should not reply straight away! Men are told do not reply quickly... It makes the man look 'needy' etc...
cherrylane79 (2 months ago)
I've been stringed along. Then finally when I gave up, after couple of months he asked if I wanted to be his f-buddy. I was like wtf. Then when I wasn't interested, he started to complain how much he had given me his attention (irl he didn't do anything, for months). Then the self pity when the guilt trip on me wasn't working. "I guess I had already enough sex in my life". Oh, now it's my job to fill his needs and not getting a relationship I want? I told him two times (keeping my standards) that I'm not interested in being someone's f-buddy. I want a serious relationship. Then I told him he lied to me and then I kicked him out from my social media (where he seldom was, just sometimes writing under my posts, this time commanding me not to share my personal stories... wth?). He took so much of my time, I was worried that he might not like me (my ex was just as handsome and he just hated me, because I fell sick). So I did all the work for this guy. And all he wanted was to use me and finally, after months, since I gave up on him. Suddenly all he wanted was a f-buddy. What a waste of my freaking time! I got so pissed.
Len Arima (2 months ago)
The guy texting me is texting more than I do and actually I kinda hope he just stops. Problem is I already asked him out one time and I realized then that he’s just not my type because of his personality. I’m really shy and can’t bring myself to just say that I don’t like him the way (I think) he likes me after texting him with emojis like this one 🥰(obviously before the date). Also he never asked me out (it’s one month after the last date!!!) or tried to kiss or hug me so I don’t even know if I can trust what he says. 😅
aChi xD (2 months ago)
Fook such crappy douchebags! Fook = 👍
OmgItsKia (2 months ago)
Great video Matthew
Cecilia Ramirez (2 months ago)
So me right now! You just answered all my questions!! Thank you 🙌🏼 he’s totally like this “grandpa-equ” texted. I was sitting on asking him out or not. Definitely not ✅
xue 717 (2 months ago)
Do you actually do dating adviser as a service?
xue 717 (2 months ago)
This is great!
Rafael Musacchio (3 months ago)
One thing women fail to realize is that for 10% of men dating is really easy but for the other 90% we live in a world of constant rejection and loneliness. You women don't know what you're talking about.
saras vati (3 months ago)
U are so good! Just got u now on yb. U do a great job. Thank u
PennyBluebottle (3 months ago)
That was very good. Thank you x
ivoryvignettes (3 months ago)
Brilliant. matthew you're funny af
upma singh (3 months ago)
plzz help me
upma singh (3 months ago)
i want to marry my bf firstly it was not effecting me he told me that he is going to tell his parents about me i was so happy but now after a month he suddenly stopped talking to me n when he communicated he shouted on me n said my parents ll not allow love marriage so if u want to be with me u can but i ll not marry u what sud i do to get him back n tht he talks for me with parents and wants me desperately in his whole life
Mike Spencer (3 months ago)
This sounds like high school games. Personally, I would not text except to see if it's ok to call. Then I would do things with a more personal touch. Text is cold and unfeeling and meanings are lost without the inflection of spoken words. Moreover, If something happened to my wife I honestly dont think I would date again given the current state of the world today.
Hazard I (3 months ago)
All I want to say is. Matthew’s wife=luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Great video keep it up. I think we can all agree that you help us all greatly.😀👌
humming bird (3 months ago)
i find it very funny when he sent the grandpa emoji 🤷‍♀️😂
Jessica Tran (3 months ago)
Can I have a Matthew by my side at all times.
Baima van Ruijven (3 months ago)
I really need to learn from you
Sour Pop (3 months ago)
The editing is so hilarious bcs its so serious, meanwhile this is such a silly subject 😂
Glaucia Mesquita (3 months ago)
Honestly, I am so, so, SO tired of this game. I wish I cold just be. My interest grows when I realize the other person is interested, if they are not, I just want them to gtfo and don't even care. I hate the games, they don't work for me. The problem is that this time I actually fell in love, after YEARS of not falling for anybody, and being flipped around like this HURTS and now I find myself actually playing this fucking game!!!
Nesrine Ranouch (3 months ago)
Oh girl the same here hate games
koko rockoko (3 months ago)
thank you so much! great conversation!
MsPlacidia (3 months ago)
First of all the funny thing is I am over thirty and already know this. Kind of. But it is soooo helpful to hear it in a focused and easy way. I tried it. I was a little bit annoyed that a guy didn´t act in a active way. We decided during chatting we want to meet each other. As the days before. Then silence. Good night wishes from him. I got annoyed again. But I learned so good night from me as well plus "have a nice week". I took my mobile phone away. Next morning: "Just say when do you have time?" ;) I watched your videos a lot the last days and I really like the thing to be honest with your standards in a nice way. That is what I really learned. Honestly, I am the aggressive type. I do always push if a guy is too slow... *smile* but not any more. And damn it feels good. Today was really nice to chat with him. I recognize his interest and also that he really like that he can acting like a man, hunting a little bit because I let him go being active. Let him looking for a nice Cafe and made clear that I will be surprise what he is going to choose for us :))
Ana Porretta (3 months ago)
You're funny and I like your advice seems pretty legit I tried to click on your link to order your book but it said this page wasn't available??? Thanks
Drawing_ Trash00 (3 months ago)
Watching this and my crush texted me Lmao
Nick Wild (3 months ago)
I am a straight guy and I find this to be very useful it's not about how much you talk it's about what words you say !
huels1984 (3 months ago)
Grandpa emoji hahahahah
Lucía Díaz Robles (3 months ago)
I wish I had a friend like Matthew.. I’d just hand him over my phone and relax 😄
TheMRock888 (3 months ago)
nidiajudith (3 months ago)
Grandpa Emoji - GTFO of Here!!!!!! LOL
Cammie Van Zyl (3 months ago)
Does this advice work for teenage boys too? :/
samia rial (3 months ago)
I need a lesbian version hhh a girl's mind is different than a man's
Alice Lockwood (3 months ago)
Why dating is so exhausting? ;(((
Dharma Jimenez (3 months ago)
I loved this.
Mariel Tader (3 months ago)
Wish I had seen this with the last guy lol XD I thought "playing it cool" was a waste of time and I needed to show energy right away to get results right away -- but that just cooled everything off and wasted way more of my time
MissSerialFan (3 months ago)
Shiiit I just realized I fucked up.
Andrea Stinchcomb (3 months ago)
I'm so trying this.😊😊😊

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