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11 Youngest Teen Moms on YouTube

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Youngest Teen Moms on YouTube ► Our interest in reality TV shows like 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom may be gone, but the intrigue in real teen pregnancy stories show no signs of slowing down. Here are the youngest teen moms on YouTube who are vlogging their way to fame. Subscribe! ► https://www.youtube.com/c/thestrangelist Teen Moms featured on this list: Taylor Vo • https://www.youtube.com/user/supwiddittaylor PositivePritchards • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmFpQczfckc9f5scApLLIxQ Alissa Peyrani • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTVXyLKVDfD1IX7KXfOvTw DearGreyson • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6lbKOeIb7HgU871A2cX-5w The Life of Us Vlogs • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmMKeHNK3W2UDGnYckZJ1zQ Lushaflor • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHmCEsgZyDZGOKxZMKZjnsg/videos Olivia Palmer • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChW1BIv5wkNeLNgSAroixwA Life of Hope • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN8473JFCgD6q6_cXLKzwzQ/videosMckayla Adkins • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzG7gzdNN_gIOv2orhTEaUg Jada Tamia • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC42Ln9E2oBFQHbchKRSxWFw Angelina Tellez • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtxejW3Q-XDMXy42dNN28Q/videos
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Text Comments (4522)
Puppy Love (1 hour ago)
Where is Cam and Fam
Sophia Rose (5 hours ago)
What about Maddie Lambert ***Like if you think she should be on this video***
Shara Base (6 hours ago)
BRO you missed a lot of people wayyy younger than these people
Ghinwa (8 hours ago)
I was waiting for Maddie Lambert and Cam&Fam
anagha sree (12 hours ago)
What abt madeliene_eric _baby and maddie lambert....i love them...
Pradosha Mishra (15 hours ago)
U forgot Madeline and Eric..
Andrew (15 hours ago)
Grupo de idiotas..,
Ema Adelsberger (19 hours ago)
jhansi lakshmi (22 hours ago)
Where is maddie???😡😡😡😡
Kaylee Darling (1 day ago)
McKayla Adkins is on Unexpected, now has 2 kids.
BTS IS DA BEST (1 day ago)
Danielle Cohn
monstax exo (1 day ago)
Yeah..... I'm 15 and I love watching spongebob
Belieber Forever (1 day ago)
*Sis Maddie Lambert now has 1 Million subs*
KLZ GT (1 day ago)
Danielle Cohn too.
Rena Jamal (1 day ago)
Madie and everly and cam and fam
It's me Mariana (2 days ago)
What’s your name? -Jason How old are you? -JaSoN xD
K booboo Gamer (2 days ago)
You forgot Alana and Ellie Alana got pregnant at 13 and had Ellie at 14
Niyama Choczynski (2 days ago)
We're the heck is foreverly
Triki Tiki (2 days ago)
Maddie Lambert??
Madelief (3 days ago)
The A&E family got pregnant at thirteen
Female Player (3 days ago)
4:22 who are you to tell her who to date ??
Happy Birthday (3 days ago)
Can we ad Danielle Cohn in this video? Because sis is *" **_Pregnant_** "* (for now) smh
Aj S (3 days ago)
Missed 💓Madie Lambert💓
Hello There (3 days ago)
Maddie Lambert????
Ryleah Knisley (4 days ago)
Cam and Fam should be in here
Sara Živić (4 days ago)
you should make another upload,just with Dani Cohn :P
You forgot about Maddie Lambet, who gave birth to Everly when she was 14.
sis (5 days ago)
You forgot about Maddie and Everleigh
Kenzie ! (5 days ago)
Danielle Cohn on it now!
Georgia Terletzky (4 days ago)
At 13!!!!!
Rachel Pineda (5 days ago)
*adds Danielle Cohn 😂
iijadeplaysroblox (4 days ago)
chloee Ringley (5 days ago)
This is kayla👧she wants kids 1 like = 1 kid
Rigzin Tamang (5 days ago)
In my country there is nothing called my baby's dady we call it *my husband*.....because usually my husband will be my baby's dady. I don't know if the made sense 😂😂
Rigzin Tamang (5 days ago)
I can't believe what I just watched😯
Kayla Nicole (5 days ago)
you forgot cam and fam, allie brook and maddie lambert
benjie dematera (5 days ago)
Thanks to you jizz and other porn site
Olivia Hanson (5 days ago)
Now you can add dani or whatever her name is to the list🙃
maría galicia (5 days ago)
Tell that to Danielle Cohn
Nicole Woods (6 days ago)
I had my baby at 14 was he a mistake no do I wish I could’ve waited to have kids yes.
EL Kim2606 (6 days ago)
What about Maddie and Allie😭 They're so great!
Francisco Estrada (6 days ago)
I was excpecting for Camron ( YouTube channel “Cam and Fam”) to be in this list.
Lil Fave (6 days ago)
What about Maddie Lambert???
irrelevant nobody (6 days ago)
Anyone after danielle cohn?
xXcoco pecanXx (6 days ago)
*yOu fOrGoT dAnIeLLe CoHnNnNnNnNn*
KAWAII PANDA (6 days ago)
you forgot cam and fam :(
Grace2406 gacha (6 days ago)
I watch dear Greyson they good channel I also watch cam and fam and is one of my favorites
Mishel Sinay (7 days ago)
Maybe you are to ugly and boys dont like you😳
Meayah Herron (7 days ago)
Time to add Danielle Cohn
Natalie Canales (7 days ago)
If you made it this year you ply would have put the A&E family she found out she was pregnant at 13 years old
Adela-Maria Popescu (7 days ago)
And Soon... Danielle Cohn
Charmaine Barker (7 days ago)
U forgot to add Danielle Cohn
Weird Unicorn (7 days ago)
Danielle Cohn?
Vae Beacham (7 days ago)
My mom got pregnant with me at 14 and my dad was 16. She gave birth to me at 15 and my dad was 17.
Katie Tolson52t (7 days ago)
Now your gonna have to add Danielle Cohn
Jay Kawaii (7 days ago)
Why isn’t Dani Cohn on here? She had a gender reveal party and she’s 13
Sour Babe (7 days ago)
Holy shit they’re like 2 years older than me wHAT THE HELL That would be so scary
Melania Matuzić (7 days ago)
U are suprised? There are younger the me.
Lydia Neikirk (8 days ago)
can you add Danielle cohn
X Jana (8 days ago)
i don't understand this. there is fucking protection like wtf.
Bex W (8 days ago)
why was this suddenly on my timeline after danielle cohn announced her ‘pregnancy’
Mia Lopez (8 days ago)
I’m 15 and still watches Disney junior df you guys thinking about having babies and sex😵😯
YOONMIN (8 days ago)
yall gotta add danielle cohn now
KAWAII TIME (8 days ago)
Mimy AB (8 days ago)
Add Danielle Cohn to this list
Katty Bøø (8 days ago)
Mom: *Whats your name* Boy: *Jason* Mom: *How old are you* Boy: *Jason* Mom: *NOOO how old are you?* Me: *WOMAN YOU HEARD HIS AGE!*
Katty Bøø (8 days ago)
Anyone else here after hearing that Danielle Cohn is pregnant? *IM SHOCKED AS FUCK*
•Ecliipse • (9 days ago)
Do the A&E family. The girl got pregnant at THIRTEEN
KAWAII TIME (8 days ago)
Renee's World (9 days ago)
So what age are you supposed to get a baby?
Xime Sapew (9 days ago)
U missed *The A&E Family* she got pregnant at 13 years old
Mia Dean (9 days ago)
What about Danielle Cohn 😟
Yasaman Khatir (9 days ago)
What about Allie broke and cam&fam????
Emiii A (9 days ago)
What about Maddie lambert, she was pregnant at 14
Kenzie Van Laningham (9 days ago)
you forgot about maddie lambert
Jewelia Aguilera (10 days ago)
What and cam and fam?’
Sofia Tirado (10 days ago)
I’m 12 and I’m a second mom/sister. I take care of my little brother, but my parents call me his second mother. I’m his sister though.
Meagan Flair (10 days ago)
Madeline and Eric are great, too
Kaylie Rae (10 days ago)
I was expecting cam&fam would be on here, I love them!❤
Taylor Wendling (10 days ago)
I'm being dead serious why would you put greyson in the intro of this video he has a great mom and he is Perfectly fine
Idk why I’m watching this...
Josianne Lacoste (10 days ago)
You forgot the best couple!!!! Madeline & Eric. They're amazing and they went though so much! Check them out, they deserve it a lot!! They're from Australia and they never cease to impress me!
Addy Addy (10 days ago)
My mom was 10 when she had me I’m 10 and she’s 20
Little Grey (10 days ago)
This is why sex education is important! I lost my virginity at 19 and we used condom. If I did it before I would also use condom because I NEVER wanted to risk that much
CIARA VELOSO (10 days ago)
there is even more cam and fam maddie lambert
Gucci Gucci (11 days ago)
Do you support teen pregnancy? Leave a comment down below if you view of it.
Jenny Alvarez (11 days ago)
This video was uploaded on my birthday
IamProvaxx (11 days ago)
Omg alex
Shelby Maupin (11 days ago)
u left out maddie lambert
Shelby Watson (11 days ago)
I'm 10 and I have a baby............. A baby sister!
Vlogtina Lovely (11 days ago)
Who is having sex at fourteen? I didn't even have a first kiss and I'm twelve.
Jaclyn CheyAnne (12 days ago)
alex (dear greyson) is no 35 weeks with her second baby boy!😍 maddie lambert was 14 and now 15 with a one year old and i love her and ev!! sophia Gonzalez was 15 (now 16) and she just has her twin boys, ezekiel (zeke) and luke!💗💗💗
Livi Plays (12 days ago)
What about A&E?
Sophia Alva (12 days ago)
You miss my two favourite teen mum's (mom's)
marea wallace (12 days ago)
My mum got pregnant at 16 and had me at 17
AJesus Women (13 days ago)
18 is not surprising to me I mean that’s an adult
Süpreme Bee (13 days ago)
I was just abt to comment that she forgot abt Maddie Lembert but this was posted before Everly was even born
strawberrythe kat (13 days ago)
did you even ask these youtubers for permission to use them
Melon Kitty (13 days ago)
All mistakes i can now fit in
Lady M (13 days ago)
Use condoms and still be careful xd
This Life (13 days ago)
0:11 and 0:16 That’s DearGreyson,!
Janai Alvarez (14 days ago)
My Neighbor Got Pregnant At 12!!
Kyle Mori (14 days ago)
Y'all act like being a teen mom is being irresponsible like bruh, if u think so, what about the fathers? The moms let their kids live and some of their baby daddies ran away. Now who is more irresponsible
Ashwin Sreenivasan (14 days ago)
I am 16 I haven't even kissed a girl yet .

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