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Skyrim Mod: Legacy of the Dragonborn - Completionist (2/2)

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Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Support us on http://patreon.com/brodual Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/brodual Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/brodual Legacy of the Dragonborn http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52248/? SkyComplete: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICpQ87feN6U Intro/Outro Music: http://machinimasound.com/ CC BY 3.0 - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (539)
Aizec300 (21 days ago)
The reason I am not using this mod is because I find it stupid to leave the most powerful artifacts in Skyrim in one room where anyone could easily steal them. I know it's a "game" but I take roleplaying too far when it comes to things like these.
wildside316 (1 month ago)
With all the mods it supports via museum displays(and the required mods as well), how big the total gigabytes is it?
Anish Bhadani (20 days ago)
wildside316 1.9 gbs, not including patches
Lord of the ties (3 months ago)
Legacy has improved so much since 2014! It was cool to see what the gallery looked like in an earlier stage
lickthelockmrlippy 79 (7 months ago)
I did basically the same thing in Morrowind I just broke into the Telvanni vault and took every thing off display and put all my uniques and artifacts on display
Mohican Yandall (7 months ago)
every time you say plus it sounds like your saying puss
lXBlackWolfXl (8 months ago)
I'm wondering, can you use this as a player home or am I going to have to actually buy one like you normally have to?
A Konovalski (9 months ago)
I should know this by now but what’s the mod you have at the start of the vid where it looks like the iron armor is retextured?
Nerds Playhouse (11 months ago)
It adds a fucking flying Zepplin you forgot to mention. This is BY FAR the GREATEST most intricate mod ever made. By FAR. I’ve put a hundred hours into JUST THIS MOD ALONE so far. This guy DESERVES and NEEDS to be hired by Bethesda.
4:07 ...collected together and brought to the Darkmoon Faire.
Joe Meatballs (1 year ago)
How bad would this conflict with divine cities?
William_BroBrine (1 year ago)
This is a mod for me because I love the legacy that you leave on the game
Ashenmist (1 year ago)
all the most powerful artifacts in skyrim under one roof, humm, what could go wrong?
Is there an installation tutorial video out there for me? When I try to install it on the SE Nexus there is no NMM button so I have to do it manually
Alias (1 year ago)
I’d rather have a secret fortress with an armory then a museum. This just doesn’t show the Dragonbirns power not the power of the relics or artifacts.
UKG LYON (1 year ago)
Neodude Neo (1 year ago)
Try not talking so fast.
MsTrollis (1 year ago)
Is it on console/xbox one
PRINCE BOZXKii (1 year ago)
what armor mod is this 4:47
Blake Bauman (1 year ago)
The voice acting is.....Perfect. Just like the original Skyrim.
Gaming4Justice (1 year ago)
Well shit, I sold my elder scrolls
Johannes Faller (1 year ago)
Are they compatible together?
The Rageaholic (1 year ago)
Why have you not updated this?
Kieran B (1 year ago)
because.... its a ... two year video?.. maybe?.. jesus what an idiot
aidan atkinson (1 year ago)
hi douse anyone know if this mod will be ported to xbox one cos id love it cos im abit of a horder and would love to be able to desple my stuff
William Allison (1 year ago)
do you get paid to be a relic hunter? thats what i want to know.
Jutland Angel (1 year ago)
I'm usually just playing SSE now, but this mod may make me go back to oldrim. Since I can't seem to find a similar display mod for SSE.
The Doctor (1 year ago)
Does this house have a room with access to characters from other save games? I was told this mod had such a feature as seen in the Familiar Faces mod.
Scott Whelan (1 year ago)
1:02 "To the left, the library, where I do most of my work." *Looks towards empty library* Dragonborn: "Sooo... what do you work on exactly?"
Austin and Friends (1 year ago)
I have a question can you find Konahrik's Robes in there I really want them or it's a separate mod
theblindcritic (1 year ago)
LOL This mod is something else. Perfect for a hoarder like me who can't understand why anyone would take the time to place things on mannequins just for decorating your house and has thousands of items in that one drawer under the stairs of his Whiterun safe house. Now, my safe house can look awesome without me trying. :D
John Stark (1 year ago)
uhhhhh the building doesn't load for me
Ou7bR34k (2 years ago)
Ppl keep commenting on how u leave ur most powerfull items in a museum without security etc etc, did u even try the mod? Heres a spoiler u create a fucking guild on top of it, questline twats, next time play the mod and then leave the comment.
Magus Mxviil (2 years ago)
I'm really tempted to get into Skyrim again now, but SKSE64 is not out yet, and Mass Effect Andromeda is coming out soon, so I have to limit the number of distractions if I'm to have any hope of passing my exams.
Andrew D (2 years ago)
I usually roleplay the shit out of Skyrim with every character. I think I'm gonna start a playthrough to do 100% fc. Probably will find some way to rp it though.
Psychotic Muffin (2 years ago)
Mr. BeatsMachine (2 years ago)
Dovic (2 years ago)
This mod is shit. Sjal Blad castle is 10000000 times better
Ok rape you next week (2 years ago)
What retexture do they use in this video?
Adam Rached (2 years ago)
+wraith thats just not what he asked
aaron (2 years ago)
dont worry the mod should handle the textures
Phantom Assassin (2 years ago)
the things i hate from this mod is,it has no quest marks!!
.Mjau (2 years ago)
Uhhh... It does have quest markers.
TheJLAMAR23 (2 years ago)
What was those last 2 armors he showed?
Jeboon (2 years ago)
This doesn't seem like worth all the effort plus it's not compatible with FNIS for some strange reason. I just want a place to display all my daedric artifacts without them falling on the floor and getting lost. Looks like a beautiful mod but I can't take on any more performance taxing mods. Plus the mod requirements list is gigantic. I have most of them already but it requires Moonpath to Elswyr, Helgen Reborn, Undeath, Falskaar and many other DLC style mods just to name a few. I might just be reading that wrong but it looks like those are all required to even install the friggin museum.
Jeboon (2 years ago)
I ended up just downloading a different less fancy museum from the Steam Workshop and storing my Daedrics at the College of Winterhold.  Probably gonna have to get Jaxonz Positioner for stuff like the Black Star and the Ogna Infinium though.  I guess I was just confused by the wording on the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod page.  Made it seem like all that stuff was required.  Still can't use it though because I have the More Draconic Dragon Aspect mod that uses FNIS.
wenator Z (2 years ago)
Jeboon There is a mod which lets go place items in your home without it dissapearing.. but i have forgot what its called, ill try to find it
Stultus (2 years ago)
Moonpath comes with it, and the rest of those are optional
Zzarcon1 (2 years ago)
I love the idea of this mod, I really do. However for my next playthough I was thinking about doing something similar in that I'll be building my own museum from the ground up use construction mods. Actually it'll be more of a city than a museum on it's own.
PoisonShallEvanesce (2 years ago)
The voice actor for Auryen Morellus did a superb job. Very professionally created.
Nice Coments (2 years ago)
Is it compatebol with city overhaul srry for bad english
Ben Coombe (2 years ago)
So long as you do the load order correctly
The Legendary Mew (2 years ago)
I have to watch this multiple times to remind myself why I'm doing this to myself. Why I'm spending so much of myself to get this mod working.
Fahim Ahmed (2 years ago)
Why would anyone display Elder Scrolls in public? And also, why the artifacts of the Champion of Cyrodil?
PoisonShallEvanesce (2 years ago)
Well, it was called the Hall of Heros by Auryen. Perhaps he displays artifacts relating to more heros than just the Dragonborn?
Big Deano Plays (2 years ago)
Simple, you use your imagination to display the scrolls, they are magically sealed into the floor. Any and all relics added by this mod have been done in an immersive way, so the kotn armor was left there by the knights after they shipwrecked in Skyrim (which is hinted at off the coast next to winterhold). Theres a small quest to retrieve them.
Vincent Bédard (2 years ago)
Well this is cool but it doesn't make sense that you would display a DAEDRIC  ARTEFACT in public.
Master of Mundus (2 years ago)
Vincent Bédard Yeah, like everyone else said the curator does a damn good job. Magical wards to keep the artifacts from influencing the guests, a guard to keep the guests from influencing the artifacts, and replacing them with replicas later on.
MD Gaming (2 years ago)
That is actually something considered in the mod itself. Even the curator will mention it and you get a quest to replace them with replicas and hide the originals.
Vincent Bédard (2 years ago)
Well, you're right, it is a pretty commun name. The only way to be more obvious would be to be called Jean-Paul Dupont xD
+Vincent Bédard Eh xD Vincent is a pretty common name I suppose. And you know it's French if there's an accent on one of the letters! :P
Vincent Bédard (2 years ago)
Oh , is it that obvious ? I guess my name sold me :P
CobrusGaming (2 years ago)
This mod keeps crashing my PC and it's getting annoying.
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
It will have a little lightning bolt icon that shows up next to a mod in your load order with a Plus or Minus next to it indicating if it is overwriting a mod higher in your load order or BEING overwritten by a mod under it in your load order. Selecting the mod will highlight all mods that are affecting or being affected by it. You can then just freely move it up and down at will to change what will superceed what when you launch. For Legacy of the Dragonborn your gonna want to handle it like this: #1- Install the main mod from here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52248/? #2 - Right Click the mod in your Mod Organizer load order and chose "Open in Explorer", Extract the "V15.3.4 Update Pack" here, overwriting any files when asked. #3 - Install any supported mods for LotDB and place them AFTER it on the load order (I'd recommend some collection and quest mods like the various BadGremlin mods, Moon and Star, Falskaar, etc) You can get a fully list of supported mods in the LotDB nexus page. Most of these can still be installed mid playthrough, but I'd recommend having as many active as possible at the start of a new character so you don't have to backtrack. #4 - Get the LotDB Patcher from here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72921/ It should automatically detect and apply any patches your gonna need for the mods you installed in step 3. Make sure it's AFTER all of them in your load order so it overwrites anything it needs to in them. #5 - Goto the Plugins tab in Mod Organizer, make sure everything is checked off, then click "Sort" to run the built in Load Order OpTimizer (LOOT) program. This will further ensure that you don't have any crippling conflicts. That's pretty much it!
CobrusGaming (2 years ago)
+Timothy Graham will it inform me when there are incompatibilities? I'm sorry if I'm persistent but I'm new to the modding scene.
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
The beauty of Mod Organizer is that it doesn't actually alter your Skyrim install directory at all. It dynamically applies all of your mods in memory when you start it up. This also means that you can install mods in ANY order but still change your actual load order at ANY time to try and resolve conflicts.
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
It looks like it's available just fine to me. I was just able to re-download it as a test from here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1334/
CobrusGaming (2 years ago)
+Timothy Graham I've been trying to download Mod Organizer but it says that it is unavailable on the install page.
Ollie J Baker (2 years ago)
Does anyone know the proper texture for the replica workbench because for me it doesn't work
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
The workbench (and the whole preparation room) actually changes how it looks based on how many other compatible mods you install alongside this one. So if it doesn't look as filled out as it does in the video just check it's Nexus description and grab some of it's recommended mods.
Caleb Dion (3 years ago)
2:00 Anyone know what armor this is? Does it come with the mod, or is it spererate? If so, a link would be most appreciated.
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
Ya, It's the Knights of the Nine Armor set from Oblivion. The featured mod actually adds it into skyrim and a questline to find all of the pieces. It's not a story driven questline and doesn't actually have any map markers either so it does take some effort to track all the parts down, but you can find clues written in the book that starts the whole thing off. Or if you get frustrated you can just look them up in the Legacy of the Dragonborn wiki.
Master of Mundus (2 years ago)
+Caleb Dion Knights of the nine armor from Oblivion. There's been a few mods that put it in skyrim, but go to the only thing I know about it in this mod is a chest in the temple in solitude.
isaac (3 years ago)
Zach Hilliker (3 years ago)
Yo gotta love this voice acting tho
Ves Masina (3 years ago)
What's the outro song?
Mini Celeste (3 years ago)
Does anyone know if the customizable armour set that he talks about still exists? And if so, where do I find the guild to edit said set? I've looked through the mod page and haven't been able to find anything about it.
FelipeGames2000 (3 years ago)
dat blue Miraak ending dance... XD
Jared Shank (3 years ago)
I have this mod the only thing I don't have is the voices. This is a great mod. There is also a stand alone wiki page for this mod.
Midnight (3 years ago)
I would to use this...but the size is too damn large!
3GB yikes that won't be good on my dial up.
GokuMoto (3 years ago)
+Demo It is simple to install if you follow the instruction guide
Saint Nick (3 years ago)
3:15 - what mod makes Balgruuf's Greatsword and Amren's Family Sword look that unique?
+Gibbed Guy it's a steel greatsword.
+Gibbed Guy Balgruuf's greatsword is not a weapon he gives to you after you become his thane, it's a quest item given to you by adrianne avenicci.
Grand Heresiarch Dave (3 years ago)
+Saint Nick  Nothing, but they are unique nonetheless. Though I think there is a mod that makes Amren's Family Sword look Unique, but Balgruuf's (and the other Jarl weapons) are just random and leveled.
TheDarkHardish (3 years ago)
Can anyone tell me where is this ? xD sorry but i am so dumb and i don't know where is this. Please help :D
Walht (2 years ago)
Over there
LunarSummit (3 years ago)
This mod has come so far :D
blitzchika (3 years ago)
+TheTerraCat Thanks!
LunarSummit (2 years ago)
+blitzchika Yeah, the weapons are functional and they look pretty cool.
blitzchika (3 years ago)
Do you know whether you can use the new unique weapons that are in the gallery?
Panzer (3 years ago)
whats that dragonmail cuirass?I want it
It's not from vanilla Skyrim, that's as far as I know.
CaseyJames02 (3 years ago)
anyone else think that it wouldve taken ages to make as you have to put a space for every little thing
Wilbur Demitel (3 years ago)
McGuyMan (2 years ago)
That was Mercer's Gray Cowl Bust that you get while raiding his house
Wilbur Demitel (3 years ago)
+blitzchika Yes, you can use them
blitzchika (3 years ago)
+Wither Lord Do you know whether you can use the new unique weapons that are in the gallery?
Chiller Killer (3 years ago)
SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THESE THINGS i have no idea where to start lol
Wilbur Demitel (3 years ago)
+lmafo4utube The museum is about things you collect through your game, like the three elder scrolls, the mysterium xarxes page or the gray cowl of nocturnal. It would be recommendable make an collectionist class of some kind, because it seems that you have to reject the power of many unique items. An alternative would be using the console commands to spawn again the unique items.  Still, the mod is very unique and is worth downloading.
Chiller Killer (3 years ago)
+Wither Lord I have 400 hours clocked lol i found like 8 of these at most. some I feel from mods but don't know how to get
Wilbur Demitel (3 years ago)
+lmafo4utube Play the game. Solved
Mateo Lemes (3 years ago)
4:42 what armor is that one?
Walht (2 years ago)
Magic armour
Boarbaque (3 years ago)
Now I can play Skyrim AND animal crossing at the same time!
I see you dancing with miraaks mask halorious! 😄
eternal8song (3 years ago)
I love this mod!
Jonathan Irizarry (3 years ago)
What mods cannot work with this exactly?
Daniel Paterson (3 years ago)
Wish this was on Steam Workshop.
Lord Moose (3 years ago)
Steam Workshop is a terrible mess for most games to be modded from unless there's no other option. Thankfully, Nexus is just as free and has, by far, much higher quality than the Workshop does.
Walker Haskins (3 years ago)
+Daniel Paterson Indeed. Still, that just proves the point, that for Skyrim, it's worse.
Daniel Paterson (3 years ago)
Steam is the way it is because Steam Workshop limitations.
Walker Haskins (3 years ago)
+Daniel Paterson Why? I can't think of a single way Steam is superior- worse UI, lower quality mods, worse community,awful updating, less serious modders...
Connor Heilmann (3 years ago)
Can someone do a tutorial how to install it? my graphics doesnt load in the museum
Connor Heilmann (3 years ago)
+Connor Heilmann i figured out how to fix it you have to download the grapics
paul (3 years ago)
+Connor Heilmann Is it all coloured blue or something? Same thing is happening to me.
Donut :3 (3 years ago)
Handshake erased by a cybernetics the elites and I have a bug that caused the hell outta me to be there are a few things in the tree of life support for her and I tackle her a little lost my eye is that the bonfires and I'm getting ready to be there in the back of your head up
Andrew Markus (3 years ago)
Looks like a great mod, but over 2 gigs in size is fucking ridiculous. Also, why does it have to include other mods? Just let people download yours and decide if they want the others as well.
xXSKyRiMRoCKSXx (3 years ago)
TheCactuar124 (3 years ago)
I've got a problem that's making me hesitate to install this mod's files. I have two of the integrated mods already installed separately (specifically Moonpath and Book Covers), but it says to take them out of my load order. The problem is I'm in the middle of Moonpath to Elsweyr's questline, so if I deactivate the mod, it causes CTD. Do I have to start a new game with Moonpath (and Book Covers, but that isn't a problem) deactivated to get this mod to work?
Server Corgo (3 years ago)
There is nothing safer other then placing rare one of a kind artifacts in the open with millions of gold pieces where everyone can see and touch them.... With no security whatsoever 10/10 best museums evar
Lord of the ties (3 months ago)
Nathan Jolly idk if avram was in the mod yet back when op posted though
Nathan Jolly (3 months ago)
Actually the museum does get robbed at one point. There are a bunch of quests associated with this mod. Also, there is a security guard. Big Redguard guy.
Ahmet Yetmez (11 months ago)
Gabriel Garcia lol
Gabriel Garcia (2 years ago)
Jonathan Hsieh no no, no security whatsoever.. ah well except for that one guy who absorbs the soul of dragons, is leader of every guild/sidefaction in skyrim, walked into sovngarde and turned alduin into pretty fireworks, went into a daedric princes realm and murdered the said prince's champion who btw was a dragonborn also albiet a more powerful one, shutdown one of the strongest and oldest vampire in tamriel's history, also fucked his daughter.. then went onto to collect some of the most valuable, daring, and most dangerous artifacts in existence just cause he got fucking bored.. unless someone WANTED to become display for the dragonborns amusement, i highly doubt someone would steal from the dragonborn..
GokuMoto (3 years ago)
+Jonathan Hsieh well the Dragonborn is one of the main contributors so he/she can probably hunt anyone who steals from him/her down
Maiya Daniele (3 years ago)
The only downside to this, that I can see, is that my Hearthfire home is decked out with weapons I've gotten from quests and my armory is adorned with my most valuable armor. I wish we could get a duplicate of the item (without console commands) to keep at home as well.
sujay Barad (3 years ago)
Anyone know if its compatible with SkyRe? Cant find that info on the page.
sujay Barad (3 years ago)
Thanks. Yeah i missed reading that in the description. Woops.
Connor Heilmann (3 years ago)
+sujay Barad there is a patch when you install it
CrazyGamerDragon64 (3 years ago)
Does anyone know where I can find a walkthrough/playthrough of the Legacy of the Dragonborn/Shattered Legacy? I don't have Skyrim on PC and so I will often watch mod playthroughs here on YouTube, it sounds like an awesome mod/quest!
paul (3 years ago)
+CrazyGamerDragon64 Search up Zaric Zhakaron or something on YT. He's doing a relic hunter playthrough with this mod being his main focus.
Elder Eagle (3 years ago)
În my mod it doesnt show nordic secționare în lost empire wing
My name is Joe (3 years ago)
sounds cool, nice video btw :D
VokunKendovJosh (3 years ago)
Am I the only one reminded of Corvo Attano at 4:39? I know it's not his actual mask and outfit, but it looks very close.
AliceAttentionWhore (3 years ago)
BD is Creative Commons? Whaat. I hadn't noticed. I can now thumbs up.your vids with fully good concience.
Eryn Flynn (3 years ago)
Hey there! Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your approach to mod reviews. You give a lot of useful information in a reasonable amount of time, and you act professional and intellectual; unlike most reviewers who are more like, 'hur hur boobies'. Anyway, thanks for the great work!
David Hiserman (3 years ago)
How do I get this mod
Nathan Jolly (3 years ago)
This looks cool, and is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for... but I'm worried it's too big. Namely, the storage area with 50 mannequins. I'd love a completionist museum with only storage for every unique item and one copy of non-unique items (like books) but I don't really need much more than that. The quests, the curator, that all sounds great, though. Artifacts from previous games, I could take or leave. Definitely checking this out, though.
Nathan Jolly (3 months ago)
Follow-up: I finally started playing with this mod earlier this month. For anyone curious, the mod has come a long way since this video was uploaded, but it should be noted, I'm playing in Skyrim SE, which was not out yet when this video was first uploaded. So for one, the most obvious thing for me was that the library area is in its own world space. Also, there's a protective case around the three Elder Scrolls from Dawnguard and the MQ. The mod is fun and functions like a DLC, more integrated than the actual DLCs, but it is not without flaws. Quest items that are turned in to their proper owners cannot be displayed in the museum, ordinarily. You can create replicas of some things, but not others, so as often as not, you'll be spawning duplicates in with the console, on PC anyway. For example, I had to spawn in the Golden Claw and the Dragonstone, as I had already handed those in. Plus, the Thieves Guild bonus items as I did not want to take them from the Cistern. The mod does feature cheats, for those concerned with such things. They aren't game breaking per se, but for example you can leave all the crafting stuff behind, and at any point in the game, using a spell, you can send all your crafting supplies back to your safehouse, freeing up your storage. I don't like micromanaging storage in Bethesda games, so I just went and added 10k to my carry weight, and I'm typically carrying between 800 and 1500 units of equipment, and that's with the storage spell. Oh, and then you also have a crafting station that will combine lesser soul gems into greater ones (looks like a 2:1 ratio) and another that will remove player-added enchantments from items, I guess so you could apply a different one or just a more powerful one later. These aren't cheats, but they are outside of what Bethesda typically allows. Then again, I also installed the Levelers Tower just to get my trusty Levelers Bow of Death (elven bow that does 2477 damage), so you know, I'm not opposed to cheating. At all. In the least. I'm just saying — you might be. If there's one thing I wish the mod did differently, I almost wish there was a lite version that only displayed the items in Skyrim and no others. But I really do like some of the additions, especially those from other games. And then, where do you draw the line? So it's fine. I really wish the "coming soon" signs would tell me straight up what mod I need to install to unlock those areas. It's a great way to handle it, to show the user that they could display more things if they install more quest/item mods, but dammit, tell us which ones! I know Falskaar is one and Moonpath to Elsweyr is another — Moonpath is actually bundled with the Oldrim version, but not the SE version, so SE players will need to add Moonpath separately, and then the patch (LotD changes Moonpath in a few ways). All in all though, I'd say it's probably the best new-content mod for Skyrim.
Jarl Balgruuf (3 years ago)
Holy shit, I just estimated that with this mod and all the other dungeon/story mods I have installed, my next play through is going to be like 3000 hours O.o
So you have any of those Infernal mods? Actually, I have a better idea. Just get every single DLC-sized mod, and watch your game time extend to 9000 hours!
Jonathan Irizarry (3 years ago)
+Jarl Balgruuf ebony blade quest?
bravetherainbow (3 years ago)
+Jarl Balgruuf get Proventus to help you out, isn't that kind of his job?
Jarl Balgruuf (3 years ago)
+bravetherainbow 250 hours into playthrough, running out of food, send help. P.S. the sky is fucking pretty
bravetherainbow (3 years ago)
+Jarl Balgruuf have fun!
Trekergy (4 years ago)
Hey everyone, i recommend you not to download this mod right now, since it's beta, and you'll have to make a new save everytime the dev uploads it.  Keep an eye on it tho, i recently realized that and now i'll have to start over when the final version is up, but still my favorite mod this far.
Commanduf (3 years ago)
+Hukmoon ? Theres 2 versions and didin't the mod author say that only 13.3beta would not be upgradable? Pretty sure stable v13 is suppose to be upgradable :/
Kihra (4 years ago)
Aha ur lagging ;)
General Panty Slasher (4 years ago)
Is this mod compatible with unbound and requiem?
Jere Hoikka (3 years ago)
+CaptainDaring Why it wouldn't?
HolyMolyOllyPolly (4 years ago)
I can't help but think that, realistically, this museum is a *HUGE* liability. Like, let's say a group of bandits sneak past the guard under the guise of travellers or tourists. They could visit the museum and steal all the Daedric artifacts and armor sets and split them among each other to create some new crisis. Although that wouldn't be too bad of an update, would it?
Gravewalker 21 (6 months ago)
I doubt bandits would be that crazy...
Jonathan Irizarry (3 years ago)
Good thing that doesn't happen in game limitations.
LeetDragoon (3 years ago)
+OliverIcy loling so hard at your analysis
Youngerhampster (3 years ago)
+OliverIcy  Yeah, with a quest to hunt them down!
Joseph Stuart (4 years ago)
Is this in any form compatible with JKs series
Tim David (4 years ago)
Thats pretty cool
Still Ginger (4 years ago)
So I think this mod is awesome, in the fact that its basically a huge display case for all of my accomplishments in the game, but I really don't like all of the "extra" stuff that it adds. I'm talking about like the cards, paintings, weapons and armor bundled in. Is there any mod similar to this in the display department (or even a player home), that doesn't come with all of the extra "features"? Or is there a version of this mod that doesn't add that stuff?
la la (3 years ago)
+Still Ginger I know it's a while since you asked but in case you're still looking, take a look at Druid's Den - Collector's Edition. It's nowhere near as big as this but I personally really like it for collecting. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/34368/?
Criminal Scrub (4 years ago)
So, this is basically the museum from Animal Crossing..? You won't see me for the next 2 years. I have work to do.
4 years
Miguel Condado Olivar (2 months ago)
Did you get caught kicking trees for money? Say something, it's been 3 years already!
james misty (5 months ago)
it's been 3 years, some say it was imprisoned in riften for being criminally scrubbish, others speculate that it got indefinitely trapped in the realm known as Animal Crossing never to be seen again. No one will ever know, for these are just theories, scrub theories.
Guigui (6 months ago)
Still trying to have a stable game ?
Zahn Rad (11 months ago)
Have you finished those errands?
JPrime523 (4 years ago)
Oh man I absolutely love this mod. After playing on console, I got this for PC and got this mod right away because I loved collecting all the unique weapons and armor. This house has a display case for pretty much everything. THE ONLY THING I DONT LIKE is that some weapons/armor you can only put in one place. For example, for the daedric artifacts, you can only put Dawnbreaker at one place and nowhere else. Each weapon/armor set must be on a specific place in the house. I just wish that the maker of this mod can somehow release an update where we can customize WHERE we can display our stuff rather than in the same place the whole time.
Seal Over (4 years ago)
so you can only put uniques there.....i dont think there is an option while making mods where you can only put uniques on an armor rack , or only put daedric weapons in the daedric room etc...
JPrime523 (4 years ago)
+Seal Over no it's not finding them thats my problem. i meant that i wish that i don't have to put each item in the same place everytime. rather why can't we put them wherever we  want rather than the preset place the author set
Seal Over (4 years ago)
is it that hard finding them?? that is what the sorting system is for :P
Kain Copper (4 years ago)
MagBastard42 (4 years ago)
Whenever I hear the curator's voice-acting, I am automatically reminded of the Guild-master from Fable 1
Jayombi (4 years ago)
I wonder if its like Night at the Museum, where everything comes alive at night !  ><
Reun (4 years ago)
This mod is truly awesome, but I find myself wandering about the hallways for several minutes every time I get back to it (every three hours or so), just because I want to place every item individually but can't find where any of them goes. I almost always end up using the auto-sorting, which breaks my heart and makes me wander 10 more minutes to find where they went. I understand how much work all this represents, and I want to congratulate and thank the author, but I can't help thinking the global arrangement is confusing.
DavySprocketLegs (4 years ago)
Just glad to be able to have mods like this. They add such a good objective to the game.

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