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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl & Get Her To Chase You | Dating Tips

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How to start a conversation with a girl and get her to chase you... https://www.theattractiveman.co/attraction-training/yt/ma/QN94HBA75b4 ► Want us to train and mentor you? Apply here: https://www.theattractiveman.co/training/yt/ma/QN94HBA75b4 Want to train with us? See the Boot Camp Schedule Here: http://attractivemantraining.com/ww-boot-camps/ Guys always want to know, "what do I say to her?" Most guys never approach that sexy lady because they are too concerned about saying the right thing. The truth is that it really doesn't matter what you say to her. The most important thing is that you are being authentic and real. In this video you will learn the simplest way to approach a girl and start a conversation with her. He shows you how to create sexual tension just by the way you look at her. For training on how to approach a girl in any situation click the link below: https://www.theattractiveman.co/attraction-training/yt/ma/QN94HBA75b4 ⇨ Follow Matt on Social Media ⇦ www.Instagram.com/mattardisson www.FaceBook.com/matt.ardisson.page/ SnapChat: mattardisson
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Text Comments (159)
Ehsan Daryaee (12 days ago)
Balls 👍❤️👊
Andrew (26 days ago)
I want to hang out with this guy.
wesley alexander (29 days ago)
How you start a conversation with a woman over the phone,after you done get her number???
dan warren (1 month ago)
Ha pennyworth in background just noticed lol
William Canlas (1 month ago)
How to approach your crush in front of her friends
Manuel Degamo (2 months ago)
Nic3. I'm a Filipino and I'm watching your videos.
Drumming Earth (2 months ago)
Hi, I saw your arse from over there Can we cut the talking part.
OMGARIIIFAAANY (3 months ago)
I’ll ask my crush out wish me luck guys!
남민기Errol Flynn (3 months ago)
LOL. MLhuiller in the background. 😂😂😂 Ogie where are you. 😆
Hello I am Charlie (3 months ago)
nascam kaya sya sa mga night clubs sa malate 😂
Francisco Edeza (3 months ago)
4:40 "you dont need an excuse to aproach women, you are attracted to her thats your excuse" 🔥
The Attractive Man (3 months ago)
Thanks for the comment!
Anfernee Clark Dawal (3 months ago)
No gimmicks. No cheesy pick up lines and just being genuinely confident. I learned a lot from Matt out of all the dating coaches I had watched before. Keep it up Man. You're helping a lot of guys!
Kevin Anzora (4 months ago)
Can you record a video about how to keep the conversation going ?
Fred Ron (5 months ago)
Hey! Check it out man. I just wanted to say Thanks alot. I wonder how do actually Girls pick Guys?
Cody Melcher (5 months ago)
Without getting arrested you mean?
ohalete emmanuel (6 months ago)
Which way can someone approach a girl in some countries that is against the law to talk to a girl in porbleek, country like United Arab Emirates
Muhammad Abdullah (6 months ago)
says don't say."hi you are beautiful " does same at 3:56
Justin Sanvictores (6 months ago)
Matt? I need advice
Javier Cervantes (6 months ago)
You just have to keep practicing these skills over and over.
Wayne Campeau (6 months ago)
__ (7 months ago)
How you adoooooooinn ;D
SHIRAZ SHAHID (8 months ago)
What if she doesnt wants to talks to you?
PARAGON NC (9 months ago)
Hey guys at Attractive Man, ok so my plan is to build a channel, proving that your advice works, if you have any advice let me know. Thanks for all the videos and all the amazing advice. Matt and folks thanks you
xiaochicash (9 months ago)
How to start a conversation with a woman: have enough money to to travel to a foreign fucking country! - every pick up guru ever.
Jesiah Penny (9 months ago)
My name is jesiah
Dat Guy (9 months ago)
Also why are you in the middle of the road?????
Dat Guy (9 months ago)
Just gonna reteach myself to keep things fresh.
Green Roberts (9 months ago)
Hi matt, the cheat sheet is not coming through my email bro
The Attractive Man (9 months ago)
You got the right email. You can expect a reply within 24-48 hours! We address every inquiry and concern email, so don't worry.
The Attractive Man (9 months ago)
sorry sometimes it ends up in the spam folder
Green Roberts (9 months ago)
Danny Boy (9 months ago)
pinoy here. :)
Senpai Tsong (9 months ago)
Are you at Philippines? Lol
Mashi Q (9 months ago)
Ohh hes in the Ph i can tell by thar sign in the background
JZeELaNe (10 months ago)
Boy, this sh*t won't work here! 😂 Filipinos are sensitive, so even a little random conversation is awkward... She just talked to you because she doesn't wanna be an asshole, though afterwards, she WILL feel good and WILL also overthink of that random ass conversation 😂😂😂
Yvann Saculo (10 months ago)
So nice to watch your videos in the Philippines, my hometown.
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
Thanks man!
Kenneth Perlado (10 months ago)
3:46 LMAO the reason that it worked is that because you are a foreigner. Filipinos generally liked anyone who is white LOL
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
Kenneth Perlado true but this video isn’t about Filipinos. I just happened to be there when I filmed it. It works anywhere. That’s why most of our infield videos are not in Asia.
K C (10 months ago)
Darsky 981 (11 months ago)
Wow, I just found your channel just recently and I can't believe you've already been in my home country! Hope you'll be back and hopefully I could meet you someday. Thanks for all your tips bro, you inspire a lot of guys like me! Keep it up!
AthensTrainVideos (1 year ago)
Just yesterday I saw a man in Manastiraki Athens that was exactly, exactly! like you. He was riding a quad bike.. And I would like to ask you if that guy that I saw was you?
Parwinder Singh (1 year ago)
awesome brother
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
Thanks man!
D Rod (1 year ago)
4:08...People, please please dont ask a woman you just approached on the street to validate herself to you. Smh. If she has any dignity or self respect, she will tell you to kick rocks.
Apollo1981 (1 year ago)
I've noticed that your using girls in America as your reference point, will all that your teaching work with girls world wide? I know it's a stupid question, but I've noticed that girls in Dublin Ireland for example will react differently to girls in the states
Eyüpcan Mert Uslu (1 year ago)
Man you know what you're doing don't you Thank you so much for your great advices
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching man!
Mason (1 year ago)
well at least i know where the penny worth money changer is
Rahul Yadav (1 year ago)
I did it...I liked a girl in my workplace...I approached her..I have a date with her tomorrow😍😍...Thanks bro
Jason Ong (9 months ago)
Rahul Yadav how did your date go?
Dat Guy (9 months ago)
Did you get some???
Tiger 34146 (9 months ago)
You did it M8
The Dream Merchant (10 months ago)
How'd the date go fam?
mwsc (1 year ago)
Me luv u long time...
I'm kinda stutter, i think is hard for me but i need to practice anyways.
DGamer135 (1 year ago)
2:10 kid gets hit by a car
Vonder Gong (1 year ago)
So no fast... so slowly and with pauses... when talking?
Jan H (1 year ago)
What if they don’t say about interesting or care to be qualified
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
I recommend emailing Matt. Thanks man!
Michael Heron (1 year ago)
Filipino girls are the best in the world. You have to go there to believe it.
DapperSnap (1 year ago)
Are you kidding. This guy is actually a joke. Showing footage in the Philippines and saying your filming? This guy is really insecure about himself. No idea how he made it on tv or whatever that was.
afrikanboy123 (1 year ago)
“I hope u have some standards” Me: does she breath?
Diegylis Of Thrace (1 year ago)
But what if i say something like,, Hey, i've seing you for a while and i think youre absolutely adorable. I just couldn't not say hi.". Will this work( i know it's taken from your words, but i've seing that girl a lot of times and never had confidence to actualy talk to her...)?
Ranger Gains (1 year ago)
Diegylis Of Thrace I'm on the same page with you, but for me it's at the gym not sure what to do or say
I ran across you're video's, amazing advice and tips you give, love you're video's.
Kieran Murphy (1 year ago)
When u did the example u left like 3 seconds gaps between each word 😂 that would never work
Jhon John Jon Jon Doe (1 year ago)
I have success with out telling them how good they look. I smile and say something the I think is funny. Maybe I don't think it is funny but can come across as a joke. If she laughs at some of the Shit you say that is dumb you are good. I try not to speak to much but let her continue and I like to drop subtle cues that I am interested in her more then just a friend. That Imo works better then telling her the same Shit every guy tells them. If you can get her to flirt back as soon as it is at the climax I'll get her number and leave her wondering what happened.
Rudy casso (1 year ago)
How to start a conversation: Step 1 don't be ugly
Ahad Safedcher (1 year ago)
Thanks Dude
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
You're welcome man!
LuvvBurd (1 year ago)
But what if all you want to do is respect the whamen, and you can care less about the sex.
Chris Brown (1 year ago)
How to approach a girl in the middle of a busy street in Manila and hope you both don't get run over...lol
Zarth (1 year ago)
Sweep her off her feet by taking her shoes
P foxx (1 year ago)
Zarth . lol..
Aaronjhake TV (1 year ago)
Im a filipino and i know thats from Philippines😁🇵🇭
Lacy Proudhouse (1 year ago)
Hunting in the Philippines is like fishing with dynamite. Only take your worst students there. If you can't get laid in Manila you are packing a broken rod.
The Attractive Man (3 days ago)
How to start a conversation with a girl and get her to chase you... https://www.theattractiveman.co/attraction-training/yt/ma/QN94HBA75b4
Jay Lee (4 months ago)
The Attractive Man (7 months ago)
@green roberts Please check your spam folder or email us at [email protected] and we can manually send it again. Thanks.
Green Roberts (9 months ago)
I got IIT
Green Roberts (9 months ago)
Green Roberts (9 months ago)
Hi Matt the conversion cheat sheet is not going through my email
hey ph 😀🇵🇭🇵🇭
Johnny Fields (1 year ago)
How do you talk to a girl which is really, really stupid, Matt?
jo calibus (1 year ago)
The Attractive Man (10 months ago)
Thanks man!
specularhat pique (1 year ago)
At 3:00
specularhat pique (1 year ago)
john karls (1 year ago)
Just be yourself....!!!,,,It is simple and easy
ICET100 (1 year ago)
yeah thats all good But I have a Problem Approaching Woman Im Nervous to Approach them
john karls (1 year ago)
If you are a man and half way handsome which many men are (not all are) be in a situation where you can strike up a conversation that would last more than a few seconds. I guarantee women love to be flirted with and have nice cross back and forth banter that is sincere and not stupid or juvenile. Then say something like, "Hey, Maybe we could do something in the future together if you're not busy!" She will tell you yes or no or give you some kind of vibe positive or negative. If positive, you may have a future date; if negative she will be nice about hit because she will be attuned to not hurting your feelings. Either way you'll have fun doing it and she'll have had fun as well even if it leads to nothing.
ICET100 (1 year ago)
hi I just read Your Comment Ive Tried being myself it Doesn't Work
Damon Persona (1 year ago)
He sounded kinda robotic when he stopped and talked to that girl
Victor Oluponmile (11 months ago)
Damon Persona
"how to approach women...but not find love because you went thru the motions so you could fuck them...that's it." that should be the title
SirbuttocksPrime (1 year ago)
Does the "tell me one cool thing about you" actually work when confronting a girl randomly?
The Attractive Man (1 year ago)
Yes because if you only want her for her looks then she feels like a piece of meat. So have standards and see if she meets those standards.
telefoonboek2007 (1 year ago)
i will try to do what you say, whether i mention her attractiveness or not.  Finally i will try to say that i want to meet her.
TheOracle (1 year ago)
4:14 guy in the background is definitely not with a prostitute
Hello I am Charlie (3 months ago)
Parsa Jeihoun (1 year ago)
I was at Batumi, Georgia. Goergians are tough to date. I did that in turkey and it was more easier because they love a person who can speak english. Its easy in japan too. But in georgia is hard.
Parsa Jeihoun (1 year ago)
She escaped from me! I was confident but I know I was not good at eye contacting because she had sunglasses. I said all your words in your videos but that happened. She got a taxi and said sorry i should go. And she went. Whats the problem.
Dat Guy (9 months ago)
Can't win them all man, it happens. Just keep trying.
The Attractive Man (1 year ago)
Hey Parsa focus more on how you say the words and how you make her feel. That's more important than the actual words.
Chadi Al-Hajj (1 year ago)
Hi Matt Did you ever try to approach girls in Denmark, it a bit weird the girls mentality in Denmark when strange man approach them.
The Attractive Man (1 year ago)
Yeah we did a boot camp in Denmark and we didn't notice any difference approaching girls during the day. They seemed very open for it.
DuoDynamo (1 year ago)
0:21 Dat Commander Keen cameo tho
ee tt (1 year ago)
You explain approaching really well Matt. I've been using this approach since I've started watching your videos. I even did it yesterday to a girl who was really chatty and she was really flattered when I told her she was pretty. The only thing is, she refused to give me her number, so I just have to keep going. I do have a question though, what if you see an attractive girl you want to approach but she's with one of her girl friends? Like how far do you go when it comes to acknowledging her friend? Dylan
sunil Kumar (9 months ago)
Alex Alvarenga what do you mean brother
Alex Alvarenga (10 months ago)
Kleo Jesus dude. English.
sunil Kumar (10 months ago)
Dude don't get nervous then, first of all talk to her friend and make impress and then introduce himself to Ur crush saying sorry if she get ignore d
Kleo (1 year ago)
LukGaming waiting until shes alone. once you see her eith her friends if you dont approach her thay second with her friends. You will never see her again to even approach her again.
LukGaming (1 year ago)
It's very hard if she is with a friend, I recommend waiting until she is alone. And if you pursue a relationship with the girl then you should get to know their friends
John Cervantes (2 years ago)
How would I talk to a girl I know
trkoby (2 years ago)
I have a foot fetish, so every time I want to compliment it is something about her toenail polish color or something and that never works.
Machinedriver (2 months ago)
"I can smell your feets! It makes me wanna lick'em!" Just kidding.
OG ERIK (6 months ago)
No don’t do that
abhilash devarapalli (2 years ago)
The video was good but he just pushes you from one video to another by showing up suspense but what he says works I geuss
abhilash devarapalli (2 years ago)
It's good this is how it works 👌🏻👍🏻
DJ Shaddy Purppp (2 years ago)
If you start a conversation in a linear logic way, its....gonna sound like a job interview. If you start a conversation in a non-linear way...its gonna be hella random, but interesting cause it means you're non serious and spontaneous.
Acdragonrider Videos (5 months ago)
Shaddy Purpp Sorry but I am a serious guy in general? I am not inherently spontaneous in personality and like to live with discipline.
sts31 (2 years ago)
when approaching girls at a crowded place like this, how do you not think about what other people are thinking of you especially if they are watching you?
sts31 (2 years ago)
Eduardo Grunstein Torres What do you mean by insecure?
sts31 thats what an insecure person would think
wrands M (2 years ago)
In the Philippines if you are a foreigner they will absolutely chase you lol
WeiSS (3 days ago)
Same in China 😅
nonbeliever101 siege (9 months ago)
Unless you're ugly
Red Roses (1 year ago)
Jo Stevens older people know sex better
Jo Gauthier (1 year ago)
wow congrats. matching with a 32 years old. smh
M1KeHD (1 year ago)
wrands M Same in Indonesia. Was so easy there. As a 21 years old even a 32yo woman said "Thank you for matching me!" On tinder... and that was a beautiful "city-woman" , working in one of the biggest bars in Yogyakarta.
Number one tip is be confident and don't get nervous and stutter.
Dante Barnett (2 years ago)
beginning of the game (Difficulty set to easy) once game starts you enable cheat mode what do I mean by this? if you have Swave and you're light skinned and or handsome like this guy you are the MAN in the Philippines the pinays love people like this. and they're not difficult to start with
Doug Smith (2 years ago)
The best opener that instantly got results and got her laughing and later telling everybody she knew what had happened was. "Nice shoes, wanna fuck"
Moh Ayaan (2 years ago)
This probably wont work nowadays
Jeffrey T (1 year ago)
Bullshit it won’t work, perhaps you’re just a 3 trying to land a 10
Nice2347 (1 year ago)
Moh Ayaan lol if you’re attractive it’ll work
ankica milardovic (1 year ago)
Now a days I dont even Know How saying Hey is considered lame like I miss The good old days
Tre Ankokudzura (2 years ago)
And that's why we have "invisible game" 👀
Pun Jab I (2 years ago)
it never works on women of any value.
Joel Duran (3 years ago)
this mans kids r gonna be players!
nonbeliever101 siege (9 months ago)
Like father like son.. or daughter if anyone triggered..
Eyüpcan Mert Uslu (1 year ago)
I agree to that! :D
chovie23q (1 year ago)
picto ra Triggered much?
haskha45 (3 years ago)
You see you get the confidence while hearing him but it suddenly goes away once you talk to a girl
Andrew (26 days ago)
haskha45 that’s the key. Confidence.
sunil Kumar (10 months ago)
Dude talk to girl without any intension and hope , talk normally then u do not get nervous and most important thing make her realise that she would enjoy your company and how interesting person u are
SwissCheese (1 year ago)
haskha45 Well, you should replace you with an I
Eyüpcan Mert Uslu (1 year ago)
Not really but kinda goes away a little bit
Nice2347 (1 year ago)
haskha45 practice talking to anyone not just girls
Gautham C (3 years ago)
+The Attractive Man So much freaking Gold in this clip!  Attraction happens when you create the space for the girl to chase you! You've gotta let her do that by being a challenge! Thanks!!
The Attractive Man (3 years ago)
+Gautham Jain Hey Gautham thanks for the comment! Yeah it's all about balance: show some interest (in a powerful non-needy way) and then slightly take it away by being a challenge. Cheers my friend! -Matt
TianWangTuoTa (4 years ago)
doing coaching in the philippines?   I'm headed there for a few months
The Attractive Man (4 years ago)
Yeah we do coaching in the philippines.  Send us an email [email protected]

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